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Friday, October 21, 2016

To mark 100 days since chairman Reince Priebus released the Republican National Committee’s much-hyped post-election “autopsy,” the Democratic National Committee has released a scathing new video slamming the GOP for still being the Same Old Party.

The video highlights Rep. Don Young’s (R-AK) use of the word “wetback,” Rep. Trent Franks’ (R-AZ) claim that the number of women who become pregnant as a result of rape is “very low,” and Rep. Phil Gingrey’s (R-GA) proposal to teach traditional gender roles in grade school, among the many other signs that the GOP has learned nothing from the 2012 election.

According to a recent Democracy Corps survey, the Republican Party’s damaged brand has left it in serious danger for the 2014 midterm elections. Barring a major and surprising change in tone from the GOP, expect to see a lot more ads like this over the next 16 months.

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  • Lynda Groom

    I believe the unintended self-mocking by the GOP is far more effective.

  • John Pigg

    Ouch, effective.

  • Mark Forsyth

    All we need to defeat them is for them to keep talking.They are correct on both counts.It ” It is What they say AND the way the say it” They do not like most Americans,especially republicans who belong to unions.Just ask the folks in Wisconsin and Michigan. The gop message is coming through loud and clear.By the way,union members are just the start of a long list of Americans the gop dislikes.Who needs ’em?

  • 788eddie

    Suggestion: Copy the URL of the ad above and email it to as many friends and associates as you can.

    Spread the word!

    • Elisabeth Gordon


  • TZToronto

    With any luck (or with a concerted effort by Democrats and progressives), some of the red states will turn blue as even Republicans at the state level reveal themselves to be pro-corporations and anti-people. Once the red states turn blue, some of the gerrymandering of House districts will get changed to something approaching reasonable borders. Once that happens, the popular votes for House seats will start to resemble the proportion of actual seats held by the two parties.

    • RobertCHastings

      As evidenced by the 2010 “midterm” election, the Democratic party will fail again if they do not get out and re-energize the young people. While study after study has shown that the political landscape becomes less conservative the younger the voters are, if they don’t vote their progressivism will not show up in the legislatures and governorships around the country the Democratic party lost in 2010.

      • TZToronto

        You are right (well, left actually), of course. While some on the left from the ’60s and ’70s have moved more to the center and the right, many from the left have stayed there, and others have moved from the right to the center and left as their consciousness has been raised. But we from the ’60s and ’70s cannot depend on ourselves alone. We need the young recognize the efforts of the right to disenfranchise them. They need to demand the vote–especially in the red states. And it’s perhaps even more important to get the young to vote in state elections to get the reactionaries out of the state legislatures.

        • RobertCHastings

          You make a very important point when you state “as their consciousness has been raised.” The vast majority of us on the left have, at one time or another, gone through some experience that made us look at things a little differently, especially with relation to our compassion for others and the recognition that that same concern is not held by others. Concern for others is something that differentiates progressives from conservatives. It is very apparent that those who consider themselves conservatives believe that those who are less fortunate are that way through their own choices. This is not the cant of progressives, who recognize that most of the misfortune that befalls others is a result of a failure of our social and political systems. Thus, the solution for most of the ills our society faces is in the government, either in changing it, making it more responsive to ALL people, or enhancing it and expanding it. ALL people benefit from a functioning government that is responsive to the needs of ALL of its citizens.

          • TZToronto

            Well said!

      • JSquercia

        Indeed it cost us plenty when so many of those responsible for Obama’s victory stayed home .The Red Tide swept in and used their power to gerrymander election districts , cut taxes on Corporations and the wealthy and of course rather than focusing on jobs , Jobs , jobs it has restricting Women’s Reproductive rights , even MORE restrictions on Women’s Reproductive Rights and FINALLY another dose restricting Women’s Rights . Oh and for good measure they are now restricting voting rights thanks to the Roberts Court nullifying the Voting Rights Act

        No sooner did the court decision come down when almost ALL of the changes the DOJ had stopped from becoming law were immediately passed .

        • RobertCHastings

          Perhaps the biggest mistake of the Democratic party and President Obama was not preparing adequately for the 2010 elections. The knew that this mid-term was more important than most because it allowed the winners to redistrict based upon the Census. This was perhaps the gravest consequence, because it secures Republicans in these redistricted voting districts at least until the next Census. The other consequence was, of course, loss of a majority in the House, which came with the rise of the Tea Party and the ineffectual leadership of John Boehner. Obama during his first two years TRIED to work with both parties, a promise he had made during his campaign. IF he gets a majority in the House next year, I hope he will not be so foolish as to try for bipartisanship again. It just won’t work.

  • howa4x

    Well the Georgia may have topped them all by trying to pass a law that your underwear can’t show above your pants line. That will really help them with the young vote! Soon they will have to rebrand themselves as the older white Christian party since they may be the only ones that vote for them,

  • jarheadgene

    YES……the P . O . S. G.O.P. still crazy after all these years !!!!

  • Lovefacts

    We need to start treating off-year elections as being as important as the presidential election. Once we do, Progressives will control the Senate and House. It’s up to all of us to vote and motivate others to do so also. It’s also time we took ownership of these important issues. Let’s show the difference between the two parties by making elections about individual freedom vs. corporate and governmental control.

  • Mary Ann Hoogeveen

    I Love the video!!!!!!!