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Friday, October 21, 2016

WATCH: Democrats Play The Dressage Card In New Video

The DNC has released a new web video accusing Republican nominee-to-be Mitt Romney of “dancing around the issues” — just like his dressage horse, Rafalca.

According to the DNC, this is just “the first in a series of digital products highlighting Rafalca, Romney’s very own Olympic dancing horse.”

Although Romney will be in London during the Olympics, he will not be watching Rafalca perform. He claims that he will be too busy, and he also probably doesn’t want the headlines that would come along with his attendence. As Democratic consultant Tad Devine said in April, “Dressage sounds like a very upper class activity, and I think the campaign doesn’t want to do anything to remind people that he lives a life very different than most in this country.”

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  • Landsende

    Romney took a deduction on his taxes of $77,000 for dressage of his horses in 2011. So far this year I have spent close to $6000 for my little Shihtzu who has a collapsed trachea. What do you think the chances are I can take that as a deduction? Probably slim to none since corporations and the rich are the only ones that congress gives tax breaks to.