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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Why are right-wing trolls already making their case against Hillary Clinton?

Watch the video above and try to think of any potential presidential candidate since Dwight Eisenhower who has been so beloved. Critics point out that in 2007, the former senator from New York also looked unstoppable. But that was before Mrs. Clinton bolstered her already impressive résumé with four years spent rebuilding America’s relationships around the world. She and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have never been so popular. And there doesn’t seem to be another Senator Barack Obama waiting the wings.

Despite the fact that several PACs — including one associated with Clinton-confidant James Carville — are already fundraising in support of her candidacy, 2016 is years away. On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton made her first public appearance since resigning as Secretary of State, at an evening honoring Melanne Verveer, her former Chief of Staff at the State Department. The Vital Voices Global Awards ceremony at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center honors female leaders from all over the world for improving the lives of their fellow women.

“I was determined to weave this perspective into the fabric of American foreign policy,” Clinton said.

Vice President Biden, the closest Clinton has to a 2016 rival, also attended the event, and remarked that there is “no woman like Hillary Clinton.”

The former First Lady will be making more public appearances in the coming weeks, no doubt sparking endless speculation — and trolling — wherever she goes.

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7 responses to “WATCH: Hillary Steps Back Into The Spotlight”

  1. republiCONsanddemsarebothsuck says:

    No one is going to elect a stroke victim as president.

  2. Simply put, the Clintons have been an embarrassment and a enduring blockade against the Republican agenda for almost two decades.

    Much like Barack Obama, the opposition to her is blatant and unreasonable. Not just the effort, mind you, the opposition as a collective is blatant and they are generally unreasonable!

  3. The reason Republicans are already undermining Hillary Clinton’s electability is because they know that, if she decides to run, she will be in the White House for 8 years and they will find themselves dealing with a President that will take no B.S. from them. Hillary has demonstrated time and again that she is not the kind of person you can push around. The only thing she must do to address medical concerns is to choose a well qualified and popular running mate.
    Clinton-Warren 2016

  4. angelsinca says:

    The reason Republicans want Hillary to run for president, especially with the native american imposter as running mate, is she represents an easy victory for the republlic, for which stands, one nation under God, once again. After Billy disgraced the office with the Lewinski affair and near impeachement, another Clinton occupation of the WH just isn’t going to happen. So please do prop up Hillary as your man.

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