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Saturday, October 22, 2016

When Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP on Wednesday, he was booed for promising to eliminate the “non-essential” Affordable Care Act that will provide 30 million Americans, including 8 million African Americans, with health care. Today, when Vice President Joe Biden took the stage, he was booed as well — for having to end his powerful speech. “Let me close, my friends,” Biden said, which was followed by the crowd’s shouts of “No!” —  a clear contrast to Wednesday’s Romney debacle.

Biden, a man known for his gaffes, was near flawless in an address that was interrupted again and again with loud cheers from the audience. While conservatives criticize Obama for not speaking at the annual convention himself, Biden proved to be a highly impressive spokesman. A lifelong NAACP member, the Vice President greeted his audience with nostalgia, saying “It’s good to be home,” and then had a couple of friendly shout-outs to his old friends, including “Mouse” who Biden says, “got my back a bunch of times.” Biden’s warm and easygoing personality shone through.

After enthusiastic greetings, he quickly transitioned to the subject of Obama, who “has the character of his convictions.” Biden recalled Obama’s major achievements: the Affordable Care Act, the auto industry bailout, the economic stimulus plan that rescued the financial system, and the decision to kill Osama bin Laden. But, Biden reminds the audience, these actions were unpopular or perilous — and yet Obama did them all because “he has put country first.”

Biden blasted the Republican party as obstructionists who did not “reach across the aisle to help” on any of Obama’s goals and policies. The Republicans’ plan, Biden condemned, was “not to get us out of this recession, not to promote jobs, not to do the things that needed to be done, but to make Barack Obama a one–term president.”

The majority of Biden’s speech was spent on outlining the differences of what an American future with Obama as President would be to an American future with Romney. Biden’s rebuttal to Romney’s remark to NAACP that “If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him,”  began with the issue of education. He emphasized the “massive cuts” that Romney’s budget plan called for while mocking Romney for believing that lowering class size may actually hurt students more than help: “Tell that to all those private schools. Tell that to all those parents.”

Biden also addresses the issues of energy, women rights, health care, and taxes, always explaining the danger of Romney’s policies while touting Obama’s policies.

He ended with civil rights in response to the Republican voter suppression laws. Biden prompted the audience to remember what NAACP’s original goal was when it first formed in 1909: “Remember what this at its core was all about, why this organization at its core was all about. It was about the franchise. It was about the right to vote,” his voice rising, “Because when you have the right to vote, you have the right to change things.”

“We see a future where those rights are expanded, not diminished; where racial profiling is a thing of the past; where access to the ballot is expanded, and unencumbered; where there are no distinctions made on the basis of race or gender in access to housing and lending…Did you think we’d be fighting these battles again?” Biden quietly responds to his own question: “I didn’t think we would be back,” as he reminisces about the time he worked with Republicans on The Motor Voter Act that sought to expand franchising through early voting and voting by mail, pointing out that some of these were Republican ideas. But now, Biden warns, Romney and the Republicans “see a different future, where voting is made harder, not easier.”

Biden exited to the tune of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and to a real standing ovation from a crowd that wholeheartedly appreciated his impassioned speech. And that, Mitt Romney, is how you address the NAACP.

Watch the full speech below:

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  • nancywang

    Yay Biden!!! Good man heard by good men and women! Now for the rest of America to hear the same thing. Truth. Hard to swallow for some. But nonetheless, truth must be told to counter the multiple lies out there. Sure no one can agree with everything someone does, but Obama is 1000% a better future than Romney and the state of the repugs at this time.

  • The NAACP appreciates Biden, as they know that he is the dumbest guy in the room as well as being a master freeloader.

    • LOL! That all you got? I’d love to pit your IQ against Biden’s! Any day… on the crack, with his frontal lobe tied behind his back! But it’s good to see he gets you all flustered. Awesome! XD

    • have you heard that old expression, “dumb like a fox”. he’s not dumb, you dummy

    • StephenMcDonald

      The NAACP appreciates Joe Biden because he relates to ordinary middle class people,minorities,women, etc. If you read the article Robert, you would see that he is a LIFELONG member of the NAACP. And if you do some research you would find that his membership predates his political ambitions. His love for all people comes from his heart.
      Mittens on the other had only identifies with rich white people, which because of his isolated upbringing he has no clue of what it is to be middle class or how to relate to anyone who is not white. This isn;t his fault but if you are to represent America you should know about the whole spectrum of America not just the 1%.
      Rich people like Bill Gates and Howard Schultz( CEO of Starbucks), both came from poor neighborhoods so they know what it is like. That,s why they give their money to poor minority schools and programs because they don,t forget where they came from. They care about the 99% not the 1% same as Joe Biden.

  • bcarreiro

    you go joe, tell them like it is

  • Joe Bite Me would do anything to get votes. I am a Democrat and have tried to be supportive of this entire administration but I feel like the majority of America, nobody can trust or believe anything any of them do or say, and they sieze every opportunity to literally ‘buy’ their votes. So his antics of speaking behind Romney is no surprise to anyone.

    • AdamMos

      You are no Democrat! Give me a break.

      • joujou228

        I second that comment!

    • Yep…another repube-bought-and-paid-for troll trying to sow confusion and detract from an important reminder of what’s at stake and how much of a struggle progress can be…Ironic this talk of buying votes too…when the Repubes are…and will continue to be…spending much more, multiple times (if not an order of magnitude) more, than the Dems…right up until the November elections. Did I get that figure of one BILLION dollars for the Repubes…just from the Koch brothers…correct, Michael? …P.S. You mis-spelled ‘seize’ playa. I smell Teabaggery here.

    • ppopples

      I would take his speech over Romney’s any day.

    • Michael,
      I do remember Obama said he will end the war in Iraq: Done
      He promise healthcare: Done
      He promise equal rigth for all men and women in uniform to be able to serve the country they love (don’t ask don’t tell): Done
      Reduce the number of troops in Afgan and draw it down: Almost done.
      Reduce taxs for middle class: Done several times.
      He promise to reform immigration:Came up with an idea to start something towards reform.
      I can go on and on. I am not saying the president is a saint but I can say he is trying to do as much as he can without a single help from the GOP’s.
      Finally, I will like to let you know that Obama promise to have government option as part of healthcare and the republicans say they want individual mandate and the president compromise for the sake of nation building and the republicans turn around and say no.
      Please, come home and vote Barak again. He said it that the road will be wrough, but we as a nation will prevail.

    • michael you sound like Mitt Romney who U going to be tomorrow a pig with red lipstick



    So let’s have the asinine comments from the American Taliban Republican Plutocratic Obstructionists, anti-everything, bigoted white guys.

    • bigoted OLD white guys. in favor of small government as long as it does not prohibit them from controlling the bedroom and women’s rights.

  • The way to go Joe, everything you said is true. The repulican has done nothing to support the President of the United States in none of his sugestion, they went a whole year without passing one bill, so that the president could do nothing, not once did they come out and say Mr. President we are behind you, no they were against him in every thing that he tried to do. It has been a real good show with out script. Showed them walking up the hall way to the chambers yesterday to be against something again, I do not remember what it was but it was a mockery to what the President of the United States was going to do. I do not know about the rest of you people but I am ashamed of those who would tear down our country for there private gain in politics and money and power. I served in the Miltary US ARMY AND US AIR FORCE to be a free and proud country, to build it up not to tear it down. We are a proud and a free country and I want to keep it that way. GOD Bless America.

  • ppopples

    Great speech.

  • I Celebrate America in the 21st Century

    Many racial sub groups
    Many ethnic groups
    Many religions
    Diverse life styles and choices
    Diverse political points of view
    A country where each person is free to live as they choose so long as they do not interfere with others right to do the same
    A magnet for those seeking freedom, prosperity and creative possibility

    This is the country I love and am privileged to be a part of

    May we embrace the present as it is and move forward to the best possible future for all people!

    Skip West

  • If you are a Democrat then I am a Martian which makes us about even

  • Dang!… Go Biden…you the Man!..Way to give it to them and tell them how it is. Never have I see a specific group of people trying to destroy the President and our Country, just so others can say…See, we told you so…Go Barack Obama…Go Joe Biden!

  • overpaidCS

    The only reason why Joe Biteeme is VP is barak needed someone that he could look smarter than

  • Romney’s untrustworthiness is no surprise to us in Massachussetts. Why ever listen to Romney who will always not tell the truth about his dealings?

  • Did you hear about MITT ROMNEY’S National public education initiative ? It is known as “NO ROTHSCHILD LEFT BEHIND”

  • I love Joe Biden…….he has class which is severely lacking in some in Washington.


  • WHY do people keep talking about voting as a “right”? Shouldn’t voting be referred to as “Our DUTY, as Americans”. Sure, I have missed a couple of elections, myself, but this was due to moving, at the wrong time (moving my home that is).

    “Our DUTY, in 2012, is to show our ENDORSEMENT, of our president, by getting our lazy A**es off the couch, stop complaining, and GO to the POLLS!

    That is, for those of us who are, in fact TRUE Americans. For those who just want to “play” American, while sitting back, and taking life easy, remember this: Every vote NOT cast is the exact same thing as a vote, for the opposition!

  • Hooray for Joe, a real person! Nothing phony about Joe, love him!

  • Amazing.

    If President Obama had attended, you just *know* these conservatards would be screaming how he played the race card.

    They’re just mad he didn’t.
    Joe, on the other hand?

    Face facts; after getting fairly ignored then handwaved aside afterward by Mitt, having the whitest guy in Obama’s immediate vicinity actually talk to, listen to, and make common cause with the NAACP, they are likely very strongly pro-Obama, and it’s no frigging wonder.

  • mrGoody

    You tell’em Joe….We gotta keep the Super Rich out of our Policy making and tell Romney that he’s got to go back to Mass!

  • This man is an idiot, and anyone who listens, to anything he says, is an idiot! Dumbest VP ever!

  • In order to follow the GOP and Tea Party agenda, we should pay attention to what the local governors, who are closer to the people, are doing. When these governors cut their budgets, the first areas they cut are social programs that help the helpless and the homeless. They cut education, health care(Medicaid), mental health, and social aid programs. In place of these programs, they privatize education, health care, mental health, social programs, and prisoners. many of the investors and CEO’s of this privatization are Republicans and Tea Party, and the savings gained from cutting their budgets are given to the private investors and CEO’s are tax breaks and funding for bringing in business to their States. In turn, these investors and CEO’s kick back those breaks in the guise as campaign donations. Quid pro quo. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEING HAD! One of the reasons Miss Romney went to the NAACP Convention was to test the waters to see whether the GOP and Tea Party strategy of sending Herman Cain, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Robert Johnson— the types of treacherous negroes Jemmy, Denmark Vessey, Gabriel Prosser, Charles Deslonde, Nat Turner, and Malcolm X warned us about. The GOP and Tea Party sent them out to provoke African sentiment against President Obama by saying “What about us? African Americans are suffering too?” It almost worked anytime the Congressinal Black Caucus called out President Obama. So when Miss Romney went to the NAACP Convention, he expected the African audience to be kissing his ass the way Cain, Smiley, West, Johnson, etc. did, and even brought along a bus-load of his own Uncle Toms and Mammies. He found out it didn’t work. If Romney were to get into office, he would finish what Bush/Cheney started, and his first move would be to privatize education, health care, mental health, prisons, and social programs, get rid of unions, and pay the American people subsistence wages while he and his investor and CEO friends get richer and richer. That is why Romney never speaks directly of a plan, but continue to play on the naivete, partisanism, and fears of white America by blaming everything on President Obama.

    • newhaven

      The New Mexico Las Cruces Tea Party group flies the Confederate Flag. At least this Tea Party is honest. This Tea Party has shown what this nation’s, Tea Party stands for.

    • joceandre

      Well said.

    • catball

      You are absolutely right! I live in Kansas, and Sam Brownback is the worst. He is killing this state . Our schools are a train wreck, he is trying to close the post offices,kill medicaid, he has closed all of our plan parent hoods (we had 4). We now have the highest sales tax in the entire U.S. This has always been a pub state, but it wasn’t bad until this t-party nut got in office. Has anyone got any ideas other than moving.

  • Biden, you are so right,like Nancy said and i agree with her.President Obama is 1000% a better future than Romney.Americans will have a great future with President Obama.

  • cpercifield

    Soooo inspiring – Go Biden!!!!!!