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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason discussed the situation in Iraq and the return of the neoconservatives who made the original case for the war, during a Friday evening appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Video of the segment is below, via MSNBC:

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14 Responses to WATCH: Joe Conason Discusses Return Of The Neocons On ‘Hardball’

  1. It seems to me, the Sunni insurgents, ISSL, and the Neocons are agitating for the same thing here. A huge war in the Middle East. We can’t yet know, if this Sunni offshoot of Al Qaeda, will finally fulfill the dreams of the radical Islamist Fundamentalist, in Saudi Arabia, or the Zionist, and industrialists backed Neocons here, and spark the broiling cauldron that is the Mid-East ablaze. But it’s clear, and it’s been obvious to many around the World for many years, that this is no doubt one their long, and dearly held goals. To think otherwise, we must support those thoughts by listing other things the Iraqi War accomplished. Other than fanning to a white hot gradation the sectarian divide that has had the Muslim World at war with itself for over 1000 years. What else fully explains this warmongering outfit’s determination to push President Obama into a situation where the U.S. is backing Shia regimes in Iraq, and Iran. That will of course, by necessity, place us us in league with Assad in Syria, Putin in Russia, and is already proving to be a catalyst to energize the Sunni Clerics to call to arms their adherents, as the Shia Clerics had earlier this week. Now, the age old battle of the Sunni against the infidel Shia, aligned with the, “Great Satan!” The West, defenders of the Jew’s intolerable, and unholy occupation of Muslim Land. [Not my thoughts, theirs] My thoughts don’t matter. It could be that once again all that matters is religion, and war, and the profits large and monumental, to be gained by the few. While the losses are borne once again by the many. That the Iraqi War, itself a destructive bloody mess, was not the failure it appeared at all. But only the beginning. At least that looks as though to me, must be the plan.

    • War is, indeed, big business. The fact that thousands of lives are sacrificed to achieve the material goals of a few is of little consequence to those who instigate warfare for profit.
      The biggest problem in Iraq is that the ISSI insurgency enjoys widespread support from a large segment of the Iraqi population. The end result of our decisions, in the aftermath of the invasion, is that we now find ourselves pursuing the same goal and supporting the same thug that Iran is. After years of blaming Iran for all the violence in the Islamic world, accusing them of funding Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, we are now intent on achieving a common goal!
      An interesting facet of this conundrum is the fact that we are determined to keep Sunnis allied to Saudi Arabia – one of our greatest friends in the region and the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists, planners and financiers – out of power in Iraq. Could it be that we finally realized that we bet on the wrong horse?

      • Absolutely. To some in Congress, there are no two scarier words in the English language than, “peace dividend.” And with combat troops out of Iraq in 2011. And with the most constant proponent of the Afghanistan War, the President himself, committed to drawdown plans to end the Country’s longest hot war by the end of the year. It’s clear to many in those hallowed halls, something must be done to re-establish those revenue streams to the military contractors, and it must be done so quickly. Where is Eisenhower when we need him? Indeed, where are all the bean counters, and budget hawks, with their abacuses? Ready to run the U.S. into default over the proliferate pending, when the subject was healthcare, or jobs for the unemployed? They seem to dissolve into the ornate woodwork, if we’re talking about trillion dollar budgets, as far as the eye can see for the military. And with trillion dollar corporate tax cuts on the horizon, it’s clear who they expect to eventually pay the bill. You know, at this point I would except a cease fire with the corporations. That they’ll stand down, until the American people can stand up! But, we’re really not in any position to
        be dictating terms at this point. But here’s the deal. The military is already at record low readiness levels. In fact, I,m
        betting, it’s in little better shape after 14 years of war, than the VA. Recruitment numbers are reported to be dismal, with experienced personal on the wane. And irrespective of
        all that, Americans know instinctively, it’s time to come home. That Bush completely screwed up, and lost what little credibility the U.S. had on the Arab Street, and in the
        Middle East in general. That there was a reason that all previous administrations had tread lightly in that part of the
        World. And Bush didn’t, and the results are what they are.
        And now, there are no good solutions. That in all the problems that Bush created, and all those he made worse. That this is finally one mess, Obama can’t fix. None of us
        can fix it. We can only try to manage it as the situation allows. And, I think, hope for the best. And it would be nice
        if the loudmouths in the peanut gallery sat down, and let the
        grown ups deal with it. ( Just my opinion.)

        • The fact that some Republicans are criticizing President Obama’s decisions to deal with the hand he was dealt, as it pertains to Iraq, is not surprising. That is what they do on every issue. If Obama does one thing they criticize, and if he changes his mind and does the opposite, they criticize for changing his mind.
          What is absent from what for Republican “debate” is viable options, solutions to our problems, and a vision. With that in mind, what recourse do they have, other than criticize what others do? Let’s not forget that most Americans have never been too impressed with the Republican controlled do nothing Congresses

          • It,[the situation on the ground in Iraq,] mirrors the immigration problem playing out on the Southern Border. It was reported on the news, any expedient solution to the dispensation of the children now
            walking across the border, and simply sitting down, and waiting for authorities. Is hamstrung by laws, and or regulations enacted in 2002, listing out a specific set of actions in the cases of these very young children, that will most likely take years to fully carry out. Such as trying to locate parents in
            their Countries of origin, Which is hard to discern.
            Secondly, to locate any family here. Equally difficult,
            for many of the same reasons. And barring that, to
            find sponsors for them. I only hope, and pray, as a
            Country, we do the right thing by these innocents.
            In a related item, the UN reported, the World has more refugees, (over 50 million,) today, than at anytime since the Second Word War. Americans
            should be reminded, our actions in Iraq displaced
            millions to Countries throughout the Middle East.
            Who’s responsibilities it became, to feed, shelter, and provide livable conditions, and medical care.
            Which by, and large the various governments have
            done so, as best as their meager budgets have allowed. Jordan, for example, a Country of only 6 million, absorbed 700,000, people fleeing the Iraq
            War. Nearly an additional tenth of the entire population of this economically struggling Kingdom.
            Now, watch as Americans start bitching over the
            food bill at the border.

  2. All you have to do is follow the money to know why the Neocons are suddenly making multiple TV appearances at every opportunity. They all profit personally when we are at war. So like all unethical sales people they lie, twist the truth or say anything that will make the sale. Cris hit it on the nail head when he called them “used care salesmen,” only I would add the adjective “crooked” in front of the used.

  3. Actually I am going to amplify that…..could he be a bigger putz who won’t shut up, won’t stop interrupting and sputtering. Excruciating.

  4. I should note something:
    “..the greatest effect of this war (the previous Iraq war) was to greatly strengthen the position of Iran, our mortal enemy, right?”
    Keep in mind, Iran is our mortal enemy because the US wanted better trade deals, so it helped topple the blooming democracy in said country to prop up the Shah.. unsuccessfully.
    Every time the US pundits blathers about promoting democracy in the Middle East, I fucking cringe, because all they want is better deals for their financial backers, End Stop. And they keep advocating the same failed policies that simply *do* *not* **WORK**.

    • There are many who believe CIA agents murdered Mossadegh.
      The most fascinating part for me is the way so many of our foreign policy decisions backfire, compromise our economic and geo-political interests, and undermine our national security. Since our leaders, regardless of party affiliation, are far from being dumb, the only conclusion we can reach if that we create havoc and instability deliberately to use chaos as a justification to intervene in the internal affairs of other nations. Sadly, the ones that pay the price are our young men and women in uniform, who are often used as pawns in a high stakes chess game.

  5. The only justification for war is self defense. Having said that, a case to prevent the collapse of the regime headed by our puppet, al-Maliki, could be made by reminding the neocons who put him in power that allowing him to fall raises an obvious question: why were over 4,000 young Americans sacrificed in Iraq? Why were tens of thousands of young Americans put in a position that cost them limb and their sanity? Most importantly, why did we remove Saddam and the Sunnis from power and replaced them with Shiites aligned spiritually to Iran? The answer to those questions is simple: to distract the American people, to project the illusion that something was being done to retaliate against those responsible for 9/11 when, in fact, we gave them a pass and attacked someone else in exchange for lucrative contracts and purchases of U.S. Treasury Bonds by the Saudis. The invasion of Iraq was motivated by the need to turn a pathetic U.S. President into a war hero of sorts and ensure his re-election, to punish Saddam for rejecting the contract bids that Cheney and Rumsfeld submitted on behalf of Halliburton and Bechtel, and giving those contracts to Russian and French companies instead, and last, but not least, to engage in one of the largest re-distributions of wealth from the public to the private sector in U.S. history.
    As it happens to often, Democrats ended up holding the bag and are now paying the consequences for the myopic, immature, greedy and deceitful decisions made by the GOP. Sadly, Dems party strategists have demonstrated, time and again, that they don’t know how to expose the lies and crimes committed by the thugs responsible for so many deaths, for so much destruction, for engaging in two UNFUNDED wars, and for bringing the U.S. economy to its knees in late 2007.

      • Thanks for the link. I agree with the conclusions of these professors, if nothing else because a cursory analysis of the economic situation in the USA, and the decisions made by our government, including the Supreme Court, indicate that those who already own 2/3 of our national wealth are the ones who influence policy making, reject initiatives such as raising the minimum wage, demonize organized labor, and are often behind the decision to go to war. The rest of us get crumbs and the illusion that our vote counts and that our voices are being heard. When a U.S. President, and/or members of Congress, have the audacity to challenge the interests of the elite, they are demonized, voted out, and if that fails, a concerted effort is made to impede his/her ability to govern.
        Journalists, expected to expose situations like this, cannot do their jobs because if they do they are fired and replaced by people willing to tow the line for a few extra bucks.

  6. They destroyed Iraq, killed thousands of Americans , maimed tens of thousands of Americans & wrecked our economy all in the same breath. Yes you neocons built that

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