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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart finally got a chance to address the comparison of the bungled rollout of to Hurricane Katrina that has been swirling since it was suggested in Friday’s New York Times.

Stewart took great pleasure in pointing out that among the offended were members of the Bush administration, who sought to point out that they were hindered by a lack of local cooperation — because that’s not happening at all with Obamacare, is it?

After showing a flurry of clips of Fox News personalities suggesting that the impact of Katrina only lasted a week, Stewart asked, “Are you out of your f*cking mind?”

He added, “Spike Lee’s documentary about Katrina lasted longer than a week.”

Daily Show Obamacare/Katrina

6 Responses to WATCH: Jon Stewart Destroys All Katrina/ Comparisons Forever

    • I think the MSM is hindered by a lack of knowledge of their subject. Many don’t do their homework. It reminds me of high school students who think that WWII happened in the ’60s, that women didn’t work outside the home until the ’80s, and who can’t believe that people used to have to actually purchase music in order to listen to it. I’m sure there are some who, if they watch movies from the ’80s, wonder why people are looking for phone booths in order to call someone. The result, for the MSM, is that they’re in no position to challenge the Katrina-ACA comparisons or to argue when some far-right wingnut claims that President Obama is just like Hitler or is a fascist-socialist-Muslim-Kenyan.

      • So you are saying all the History text books used in Texas are wrong? How could that be? Next thing you know you will be saying that Cavemen and Dinosaurs didn’t co-exist, when we all know that they did, otherwise “The Flintsones” wouldn’t have been real!

  1. If all the governors had done their job on Obamacare, each state would have had its own exchange and there would be NO national exchange. Even the State of Illinois (Democratic governor) did not set up its own exchange.

  2. Can you imagine a Country ever doing well without cooperation? If both parties were to work together irregardless of their difference in thinking. American’s need to stand as one to support the whole Country not just the parts of it.Demand you’re Congress to smarten up and let them all know we will not Vote for their party until they can show that they are there for all people not just the few…Its unbelievable what they have been doing sneaky is a good word and anyone who has doubts about their agenda just look how they closed the Govt down and adding more expense to the Country.

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