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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Daily Show
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For the last week, the right wing and Fox News in particular have been using The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart’s attack on the botched rollout of

“Even Jon Stewart!” they sang.

Now, even Jon Stewart is sick of it.

Jon Stewart

Noting that his jokes are ignored if Republicans don’t agree with them and have resulted in no policy changes, Stewart brought back his gospel choir to point out how impotent his jokes really are, though he objected  slightly to the soloist’s suggestion that he’s actually just “dulling the populace’s anger” that could bring about real change. Then he told Fox News what they can do with themselves.

Jon Stewart with Gospel Choir

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  • foundingprinciples

    Even Hitler has something to say about the ObamaCare Exchange:

    • Independent1

      You nincompoop trolls are so clueless you don’t even know when you’re wasting your time!!! If anything you nitwits are reinforcing our belief in Obamacare. But then again, you’re too stupid to realize the obvious!!!! Get a life dumcoff!!!!!!!

      • foundingprinciples

        “If anything you nitwits are reinforcing our belief in Obamacare.”

        Yes, I know: Liberalism is not a rational, logical, reasoned ideology. It requires faith, a “belief,” just as you say.

        • Independent1

          Same old tired reasoning people like you have been using since FDR pushed for Social Security – millions back then BELIEVED that SS would help America and today Millions are convinced of it. And the GOP even used this nonsense when LBJ pushed for Medicare, yet again millions BELIEVED that it would help the country and 50 years later it has proven to – proved by extending people’s lives over the past 50 years by more than 10 years because they’ve had healthcare in their older age.

          And it’s the same old tired reasoning even today – well millions of us BELIEVE that Obamacare will help America prosper by starting to get ahold of skyrocketing healthcare costs and although that has yet to be proven, just like with SS and Medicare, millions of us believing that it will work will make it so.

          And all the pooh poohing by idiots like yourself is not going to change that; and the more you try and put out the fire, like the idiot Ted Cruz and his nitwits, the more convinced the American people will be that IT WILL WORK!!! And recent polls of Americans have proven it, more Americans are positive about Obamacare today than before IDIOT CRUZ PULLED OFF HIS STUPID SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY TRICK!!!!

          • foundingprinciples

            “proved by extending people’s lives”

            Oh really? People are living longer because of Left-winger SS and Medicare? You sure about that?

            Well, lefty, let’s subject this to some HARD DATA, SOME FACTS!

            Social security started being COLLECTED in 1937, and hardly anyone lived on it until a decade after, at least not a significant number of people. Medicare started in 1966.

            You are claiming that because of SS and Medicare, THAT is why people lived longer. Oh, really? WANT TO DEAL WITH FACTS, LEFTY?

            OK, keep that in mind and look at the increases in longevity (I am limiting this to males from age 0):


            1850: 38
            1890: 42
            1900: 50
            1919: 56
            1929: 59
            1939: 63
            SS starts for a few:
            1949: 66
            1959: 67
            Now Medicare is added
            1969: 68
            1971: 71
            1990 (TWO DECADES LATER!): 72

            OK, note when the biggest increases in longevity were. Tell me now how SS and Medicare were so responsible. Go ahead!

          • Independent1

            So you’re running things out 15 years after Medicare was enacted and trying to sell me on the nonsense that it wasn’t Medicare, with help from Social Security WHICH MADE THE ADVANCEMENTS IN MEDICAL SCIENCE AFFORDABLE TO THOSE OVER 65 THAT RESULTED IN THE INCREASED LONGEVITY – WHAT CRAP!!

            Just HOW do you suppose that people who would be retiring with NO SOCIAL SECURITY and NO MONIES TO PAY FOR MEDICAL CARE would have been able to take advantage of the improvements of medical research????

            And I’m not sure I’m buying the longevity of 72 in 1990; Today it’s close to 80 and IT HAS NOT INCREASED 7 years over the past 20. Here’s evidence of that (despite all the GOP’s efforts to keep longevity down, all things considered, the average of all Americans is now over age 79):

            -Finally, all 15 of the states with the lowest life expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average, residents of blue states live 2 years longer than
            residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have
            longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii

          • foundingprinciples

            OK, you refuse to accept the data. You want to believe that SOCIALISM and Lefty-Lib programs are what has increased the life span, despite the FACTS and DATA that were shown. Ignore the data showing the change in the lifespan from only 45 – forget that and lie to yourself that the lifespan only increased since Left-winger programs came into place. Ignore the history, the facts, the proof. Heck, don’t even try to account for the dramatic increases in lifespan before the Liberal agenda came out.

          • old_blu

            One question for you.
            Why are you so angry? Geeze lighten up Francis.

          • foundingprinciples

            Not angry: Frustrated and worried.

            Frustrated at the usual from Liberals – Impervious to facts.

            Worried that Liberals will teach this garbage to our youth. Leftist dogma “sounds” appealing, but it is destructive. It promises free stuff, claims to be “compassionate.” It is anything but, and nothing in free, pal.

          • old_blu

            So do you think all the problems that America has is the Liberals fault?
            Because I kind of have the same worries, but not all because of the Liberals.
            I worry racist parents are going to raise their children to be racist, I worry uncaring people will raise their kids to be uncaring, I worry that people who think they need a gun to protect themselves all the time will raise their kids to be scared as well, I also worry that some people might teach their kids to not be open minded to everyone’s way of thinking.
            I’m the poster boy for what a Liberal is and I don’t get anything for free. I know that’s a real popular thing to say, “we all want free stuff”, but it’s simply not true.

          • foundingprinciples

            That is a ploy of the Left: State what someone writes in “absolutist” terms. Mention the free market, and the Liberal will say that there is no (perfect) free market, without even defining his terms.

            The tactic of absolutism is to malign the entire idea, claim it is completely useless and incorrect.

            “ALL” the problems are from Liberals? Never wrote that, of course.

            Liberals are obsessed with race, and they appeal to “caring about the children” in order to force their agenda on the American people, take rights from parents, and destroy our Second Amendment. Among other things, of course.

          • idamag

            You are good. I worry about the same things. I also worry that those, who would destroy our Democracy, will teach their children to hate, fear, and mistrust the government.

          • old_blu

            Hey Independent, good to see you my friend, the data is a little skewed because until 1970 they counted children deaths and after 1970 (?) they only counted people that had reached adulthood. I could be wrong on the year, but I think I’m close.
            I’m just saying so there is not really an accurate study to go by for either side.
            But I think common sense would tell us that they should be living longer, or at least they’re not eating cat food and they are living with some dignity in their golden years. I think that is pretty important.

          • Independent1

            Hi old_blu, I’m afraid I’m getting a bit frustrated with someone who is either MontanaBill with a new moniker (foundling) or is just another totally shortsighted troll on the NM. It doesn’t seem to me that it takes much common sense to understand just how beneficial programs like Soc. Sec. and Medicare have been to America. For people like Foundling to insist that they’re just worthless social programs is to me, the ultimate in shortsightedness. Hopefully I made some sense with my latest ramblings trying to explain why I feel SS & Medicare have certainly contributed to why American’s are living longer lives today despite the GOP’s every effort to do whatever it can to make people’s lives shorter by dropping people off of Medicaid and other social services that help them live healthier lives.

          • idamag

            Remember Alan Grayson’s description of the House of Representatives and the Republican plan for health care reform? The Republican plan: “Don’t get sick. If you do get sick, die quickly.”

        • amphiox

          The only “faith” that guides liberalism is this one:

          We should strive to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

          Hmm. Where have we heard that one before?

          • old_blu

            : ))

          • foundingprinciples

            Yes, then leave people alone and stop trying to make excuses and pretexts for confiscating the property of others. Stop advocating promiscuity, unborn baby killing, and immorality. Stop that “unto others.” Thanks.

          • Independent1

            That’s really cute coming from a worlshipper of the Devil’s Party.
            The Party that’s all about Money, even though Jesus denounced the rich and his brother James said: The love of money is the root of all evil. And all the GOP is about is MONEY!!
            And you’re whining about killing fetuses when the 11 of 12 states with the highest infant mortality rates: THAT’S BABIES DYING AT BIRTH AND BEFORE THEIR 1ST BIRTHDAY are ALL STATES THAT ARE DENOUNCING ABORTION!!
            WHAT A FARCE YOU ARE!!!!

          • foundingprinciples

            In a time of decreasing unborn baby killings, the Left-winger Planned Parenthood actually INCREASED its abortions, and broke its own record for unborn baby killings in 2011! In Florida, it is offering discounts!

          • Independent1

            Get it through your thick head – CONSERVATIVES ARE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!!!

            The definition of a Conserative is someone who is more concerned about how a decision they make will affect them than it will help someone else – exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught – and the opposite of Christian is Devil Worshipper.

            A clear example of wht the Devil is like is Mitt Romney. Someone who thinks about nothing but filling his life with everything he can of the world at the expense of other people!!
            5 houses, umpteen cars, every luxury he can think of at the expense of millions of Americans futures- that’s a Devil Worhipper!!

            God said, You cannot serve God and Mammon (Money!!!)
            So get it through your head YOU ARE NO CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!! STOP TRYING TO ACT LIKE ONE!!!!!!

          • foundingprinciples

            Not true. Didn’t you hear about the Leftist book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

            The Liberal says that he is puzzled because Conservatives actually often seem to vote AGAINST their “best interests.”

            But what the Liberal does not understand is that Conservatives often think of the country first before themselves. The Liberal appeals to the lowest common impulses and desires, to base emotions and instincts. That is why the Liberals appeal to the masses to confiscate the property of the successful people.

      • plc97477

        At least with Obamacare they can get some help with their insanity.

  • old_blu

    I watched this last night it was funny, it surprises me how much validity they put in what Jon Steward says when it fits their preconceived ideas.
    How many times have we heard “they must get their news from Comedy Central”. And now they’re using it against the Liberals. *Rolls Eyes*

    • neeceoooo

      It is the role of the republicans to take the words that are spoken (either humorous or serious) and construe them to fit their agenda.