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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox Obsession With ‘Muslim-Terrorist-Kennedy Assassin’ Bergdahl

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox Obsession With ‘Muslim-Terrorist-Kennedy Assassin’ Bergdahl

Jon Stewart weighed in on the right’s rapidly developed smear campaign against former POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl on Monday, noting that Fox News once again led the baseless rush to judgement.

“In just a few days, this guy Bowe Bergdahl went from ‘guy-who-left-base-without-permission’ to ‘Muslim-terrorist-Kennedy-assassin,'” Stewart joked.

The Daily Show host also poked fun at Fox’s fixation on Bergdahl’s father’s beard — which makes him “look like a Muslim,” according to Bill O’Reilly — pointing out that it makes him resemble a player for the Boston Red Sox as much as a terrorist.

Watch the whole segment below, via Comedy Central:

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    Isn’t it sad that a comedian makes more sense than may of our elected officials? It is also sad that so many Americans find anything anti – Obama is acceptable without critical examination.

    • jointerjohn

      We’re talking about a crowd here that doesn’t have a clue what “critical examination” is. They know down under it all that “critical examination” would unravel just about every one of their platform positions! These are people who condemn Bowe Bergdahl yet embrace Ted Nugent!!! Put your critical examination on that one and see what you get!
      They are destroying a young man’s reputation like a wild-eyed lynch mob. Hell, just yesterday they dumped the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor because he committed the new mortal sin punishable by death in the GOP……….He showed a weensie bit of compassion. Same sin President Obama committed when he freed this young man. In today’s GOP empathy and compassion are the most damnable traits.

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        • Jim Myers

          YOU SUCK!!!!!!

  • johninPCFL

    Perhaps they should begin by pointing out that Muslim terrorists are the Arab world’s far-right-wing nutjobs, and that they resemble Phil Robertson (who wears a hair covering and subjugates his family) far more than Bergdahl.

    • Allan Richardson

      Good point. The only difference between the Taliban and the American right wing is the labels on their products.

    • Jerry

      Yes, John, it is amazing how much the Far Right Fascists embrace Duck Dynasty and their cast with beards like those of Muslims, but conveniently seem to forget that they have beards that look like Muslims when the father of a prisoner of war sports one that makes him “looks suspiciously like a Muslim”? Haha These idiots never cease to amaze me in how they can spew hatred for something that they themselves are doing, but never mention, or maybe realize, that the rest of us are laughing at them because we do realize that they are talking about a good percentage of the people that they rely on, or treat as their heroes. Fox and right wing talk show hosts have so brainwashed so many Americans that they will believe anything said to them when it comes from those sources, but don’t realize how hypocritical they are being in doing so. ???? If anything in America is scary; that’s it. We have a large percentage of our population so brainwashed that the mere mention of Obama, or Democrat, liberal, Socialist, and assorted other labels make them instantly angry and against anything those people say w/o even listening to it. Meanwhile, if O’Reilly, Rush, Hannity, or the other Fox contributors say something, it has to be absolutely true because Fox is the only fair and unbiased network on the air??????? Get me a break; have you ever seen a more biased network than Fox? They even promote themselves to being the Conservative Network. It’s not like they are hiding anything about where their bias exists. It’s just that by saying they are unbiased, they have brainwashed their listeners and viewers enough to somehow make them believe that, rather than they are the conservative voice on the air–or even worse, that the two are the same. What’s even more ridiculous is that they convince their viewers that anyone who doesn’t believe them are the ones who are uninformed and stupid. What has our once great nation become?

  • ps0rjl

    So in the GOP/TP world taking a Duck Dynasty guy with a beard to the State of the Union speech is okay but Bowe Bergdahl dad is bad because he has a beard and looks like a Muslim. Didn’t the Duck Dynasty guy also have a beard and by the same logic he also looks like a Muslim. Of course in their and Fox News twisted minds there is no logic. Using their same logic, I think Bill O’Reilly is an idiot. Why is he an idiot? Well because I think so. End of discussion.

    • plc97477

      I think so also so, that makes it a consensus.