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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Today Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) address the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. D.C. The event is a yearly celebration of conservatism, where the right’s political celebrities convene to express affection for balanced budget amendments, tax breaks and Ronald Reagan, while calling for perpetual war against “secular socialism.”

Already, former congressman Allen West has explained that liberals fear black conservatives, current congressman Steve King (R-IA) said there will not be a law mandating universal background checks for guns, and Louis Gohmert (R-TX) said the U.S. could have won the Vietnam war.

You can watch the event live above, without having to comply with the CPAC dress code.

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  • winnona

    Rand Paul, maybe if you idiot Rethuglifools in Congress would stop big oil subsidies, the POTUS could resume tours in the White House, too!

  • winnona

    Additionally, Mr. Paul, you will never be the party of “jobs & opportunity” as long as you remain known as the obstructionists of the POTUS’ jobs bills…

  • winnona

    You all want to whine about Benghazi now, but you same people voted down increased funding for security there (and not too long before it happened, too). So who’s REALLY to blame??

  • The far right has shown its hand for years, and it has not been pretty, but the reaction of some Tea Party advocates since the last election is nothing short of bizarre. Their insistence to push an agenda that was soundly rejected a few months ago is both a demonstration of ignorance and a manifestation of their inability to learn from their follies and accept the fact that the opinions of others must be respected.
    I don’t have a problem with the old fashioned conservatives that voiced their concerns, advanced their proposals, and at the end of the day found a way to find middle ground. It is now readily apparent that people like Ryan and Cantor could careless what we or anyone else wants. They are catering to their far right constituency and continue to insist on the pursuit of socio-economic strategies that have proven to be counter productive and unacceptable to a majority of Americans.
    The ony positive thing I can say about their attitude is that the more they circle the wagons the better our chances in 2014 and 2016. Their gray mass limitations may not have grasped this reality yet, but they lost last November, not because of their looks, but because most of us don’t like what we hear from them. If they continue to insist on reducing our budget deficits by sticking it to seniors, students, women, gays and lesbians, and ethnic minorities, all they have to do is keep up the good work, The deeper they dig the hole they are in the better.

    • alsoavietnamvet

      There’s evidence that the Republicans can change!! Look at Rob Portman; he’s CHANGED his stance on gay rights!! Why? Because his family is DIRECLY AFFECTED by his party’s “policy” about gay rights!! If only he, and his fellow conservatives were affected by their efforts to eliminate our “entitlement” (social security) that we were obligated to pay into since becoming employed, maybe there would be ANOTHER change of opinion in their party!!

  • charleo1

    Can I just say for the record, that I love the fact that I have a forum to express
    my heartfelt opinions, and be myself. Even if few, or none at all agree with me.
    They are my opinions, and I’m proud to have them. So there! C-Pac is kinda
    like that. And for traditional Republicans, it has become an annual source of
    embarrassment. I would be more sympathetic, if they hadn’t brought this on
    themselves. Now they’ve got this high profile event, with the participants
    calling themselves Conservatives, and Republicans, doing the equivalent
    of setting their hair on fire, and running naked down the proverbial center
    of town, as a good portion of the American public looks on. All I can say is,
    they ought to do this, at least three or four times a year! Don’t you agree?
    Oh, I forgot, that’s not supposed to matter.

    • july860

      Oh, I totally agree. I love the fact that they are circling the drain but don’t seem to know it. They are digging their own graves, but my only hope is that people smarten up by 2014 and VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT!!!! In the meantime, I would love to learn how to organize a march on Washington to let them know how angry and dissatisfied we are.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I’m puzzled. How is it that they are going to fight against “secular” socialism, yet Paul Ryan puts forth the most secular budget ever. There’s nothing even faintly Christian there. It even seems to ignore the secular preamble to the constitution. The reverse Robin Hood budget. Secular socialism vs secular capitalism. Where does the control of womens’ health and bodies occur in this? That doesn’t seem to fit in with the spirit of capitalism or libertarianism. Who was it in this forum that commented on Republicans using logic?.

    • The term “Christian” should not be part of the vocabulary of people who propose depriving senior citizens of their livelihood and the medical care they need to survive, it should not be used by people with a record of disenfranchising ethnic minorities, overt expressions of hatred, intolerance, greed, and putting forth anti-women policies. Could it be that they were actually talking about secular fascism?

      • charleo1

        The first thoughts of fascism occurred to me somewhere about midway
        into the debt ceiling debacle. I dismissed them, as I tend to get a little
        amped up. But, the more I watch these people, the more I’m convinced,
        they despise most everything about this Country. Most of the people,
        the government, even the vote. Could it be secular fascism? Can you
        recall at any time, people holding seats of responsibility within the Gov’t,
        acting in such an overt way, aganist the Country? Christians? Ayn Rand,
        their new God, was an atheist.

  • Wow. Cpac really went whole hog in their Ass Hole Awards. Pulling out a few women from their binders, an old man who had no idea where he was at,for got his NRA gun that he was awarded and all he could say “Tom. . . My name is Tom!”. But worse of it all, they scummed the song “Proud To Be An American” like gay marriage has scummed the sanctity of traditional marriage. I’ll never listen to that song in the same way again Shame on them.