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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WATCH: McConnell Says That Insuring Americans ‘Is Not The Issue’

WATCH: McConnell Says That Insuring Americans ‘Is Not The Issue’

If Republicans are going to use “repeal and replace” as their stock answer for how to “solve” the health care crisis in America, then they should really stop admitting that they have no plan to insure Americans.

The latest Republican to acknowledge that there is no Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act is none other than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. During a Sunday morning interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, McConnell repeatedly dodged questions on what his party plans to do for the 30 million uninsured Americans after repealing President Obama’s health care reform — before finally snapping that “that is not the issue.”

Think Progress has a partial transcript of the interview:

WALLACE: One of the keys to ObamaCare is that it will extend insurance access to 30 million people who are now uninsured. In your replacement, how would you provide universal coverage?
MCCONNELL: Well first let me say the first single thing we can do for the American system is get rid of ObamaCare. … The single biggest direction we can take in terms of improving health care is to get rid of this monstrosity. […] WALLACE: But you’re talking about repealing and replace, how would you provide universal coverage?
MCCONNELL: I’ll get to it in a minute. […] WALLACE: I just want to ask, what specifically are you going to do to provide universal coverage to the 30 million people who are uninsured?
MCCONNELL: That is not the issue. The question is, how can you go step by step to improve the American health care system. … We’re not going to turn the American health care system into a Western European system.

Considering that McConnell’s stated goal as minority leader is to stop President Obama from being re-elected, it is not a surprise that he is far more interested in politics than in policy when it comes to health care reform. Still, to say so on television badly undercuts the Republican party’s primary talking point.

McConnell is not the first Republican to admit that there is no Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act; last Thursday, Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry flatly stated that his party has not yet come up with a plan.

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  • No surprise her folks. Unfortunately, there are still far too many of our fellow citizens who believe that this cretin and his party actually care about the wants and needs of the American people. Nothing could be further from truth. He represents those who are writing the checks to fund the status quo. Insuring Americans who are in great need of help is clearly not an issue for the man from Kentucky. Of course the remedy is for the good folks of his state to see through the bull and get ride both of their Senators. What do you suppose is the chance of that happening? My guess…zero my friends. Americans continue to vote against their own self-interest over and over again. The merry-go-round goes round and round and where and when it will stop is anybodies guess.

  • There you have it folks. This ancient fossil just informed you that the Rethugs don’t ever plan to have a health care plan for the millions that don’t have insurance. He just indicated they have no interest in creating a universal plan or any plan at all. He did say that little by little steps can be taken but the problem with that is he never says “when?” Obama said the American people can no longer wait. I agree. What are they waiting for? People “wake the hell up!” Get past your prejudice for that brown man in the White House. He cares even what happens to your silly arses. Vote Obama/Biden 2012 and clean out Congress this November by getting rid of the dead weight you put in there in 2012. They don’t plan on doing anything at all. The majority ran so they can get them and their families “free” government healthcare. It’s the truth!

    • karinursula

      Thank you, you said it all. I’m still waiting to see what plan Romney has. But just like Immigration he has none. People wake up, this is your future on the line

      • 101strac

        I have seen and heard enough over the last 3 1/2 years from this useless and hate fueled group that calls itself republican party. I,m 73 years old, and in all those years have never seen anything to equal the self serving activities of this selfish, mean spirited group of power hungry despots. I hope and pray, that the voters of this country, ( not only the Democrats, but maybe the disillusioned Republicans as well,) will turn out in record numbers to cast their ballot and put President Obama back in the White House for four more years. Maybe this time we can work hard to give him a Congress that will put country ahead of self interests, because the repubs in Congress sure as hell aren’t doing that now.

  • William Deutschlander

    McConnell is a disgrace to American Democracy, he lacks both wisdom and inteligence

  • howa4x

    McConnell was in the senate when the republicans controlled it, had a majority in the house and the presidency. At the time there were 32 million uninsured and they didn’t come up with any plan to deal with that. The individual mandate was a Republican idea and thought up by the Heritage foundation as an alternative to Hilliary Clintons HC plan. It is based on as Romney said when enacted by him, individual responsibility, which is a cornerstone of current republican philosophy in their rejection of the nanny state, which would be the public option in their mind.
    So if they are rejecting their own philosophy, what is the basis for their system when they talk about repeal and replace. They should be made to spell out the details.

    Since they are saying that they want to government out of healthcare I can only assume they want to go back to when the insurance companies were in complete control and could do anything they wanted to maintain a 20% profit, including denying coverage for pre existing conditions to adults and children, dropping high risk individuals, denying coverage to off spring after college on their parents policy, and like Ron Paul has said about the uninsured: let them die!

    • karinursula

      Thank you.

  • 13observer

    Do the 30 million include “illegal aliens”? It is a matter of “who” gets the coverage! Don’t tell me about the “emergency room” and that it is cheaper to just cover them all under Obamacare because it isn’t. Anything FREE to illegals will be abused just as they have disregarded our immigration laws. The key question to all this is what will Obama do to STOP illegal immigration? a huge cost to taxpayers and getting worse. These people demand citizenship and healthcare, what gives them the right? Obviously Obama is not going to enforce our immigration laws, so what stops the flow of POVERTY & DEPENDENCE to our country? They “outsource” their “ill gotten” money to the homeland and live off our welfare while creating their own “underground” economy that defeats ours. Be careful what you give away President Obama, your’e not the leader of Cuba remember.

    • SaneJane

      The illegal immigration problem is not getting worse and the “flow” you say needs to be stopped as reached negative net illegal immigration from Mexico. This is definitely not our most important problem. If you choose to remain mired in hate, untruths, misinformation and just plain ignorance you are only degrading your own life. Those who let propaganda fuel their misplaced rage are free to live in fear but the rest of America wants to move forward.

      • CPANY

        Dear SaneJane:

        Stop trying to be a philosopher Jane: it’s not going to get you any points. The presence of the illegal aliens is a legitimate problem and it’s getting worse. You say that the illegals are not our most important problem. What for you then is our most important problem?

    • Lisztman

      So, if I read you properly, 130observer, you contend that the 30 million uninsured are all “illegal aliens”? That, were the flow of illegal aliens brought to a complete stop today, and all illegals properly returned to their homelands, there would no longer be uninsureds in this country? Wake up, smell the coffee, and inject some reasonable fact into your discourse.

      No one (on the left) will argue that there are no illegals among those 30 million. But there are millions, and millions, of law-abiding CITIZENS, who a) can’t afford insurance, or b) could afford insurance, but have decided that they’d rather buy a new iPOD, or c) can’t find insurance because they’re already afflicted with something.

      The whole point of this particular portion of the ACA (which is FAR more than an insurance mandate — and, hence, 2700 pages) is to ensure that the insurance pool has everyone swimming in it. The larger the pool, the more equitably the costs are spread.

      The insurance companies should like it. They no longer need all those individuals who decide who gets coverage and who doesn’t. There’s now one individual, outsourced to somewhere in India, in the employ of all insurance companies.

      “Sanjiv, shall we insure this guy?”
      “Sanjiv, does this woman fit our qualifications?”

      • All the young uninsured people I have known through my 60 some year were home grown. I was one of them in my early 20’s. Off hand,I am thinking of at least 10, no problem right now!

    • Justin Napolitano

      Excuse me 13observer but have you been sleeping for the last 3.5 years? The Obama administration has deported more people than any other administration in history and has added 20,000 people to ICE. In fact net illegal immigration has reached zero; meaning that those that are coming in equals those being deported. The ACA also excludes undocumented people from coverage so your claims are nonsense.

  • tutidiez

    Mr McConnell is for sure the worst Character Liar and Disgusting individual this Country ever had, he was the first to claim that their main purpose the GOP had was to make sure Obama was not re elected, which by the way this is the only idea he has come up with since the first day Obama became President, besides this Idiot never have had the least positive suggestion about anything that coul benefit the American people, as you can see on this video this Retarded face individual wasn’t even able to answer the question by one of his own Obama’s haters, it is so embarrassing that we have in the United States Senators such Idiots as Mr McConnell

  • Mitch McConnell is a practicing necrophiliac. Look it up.

    • dtgraham

      Yeah, but it was with dead turtles though.

  • Melvin Chatman

    It’s a difficult issue to face when “YOUR” time has come ans passed and all that you have to cling to is HATE !
    So, to continue to seem needed, you sell yourself to “Corporate America” and become a Mouthpiece for their agenda, since yours is now in some Landfill rotting.
    Your presence becomes a joke and you seem so out of touch with reality because you think everybody else is as dumb as you have become, but you are a Modern Day Slave Politician.
    You’d like to just fade away with grace, but you owe so many CEOs who won’t let you do what YOU know you should do – just QUIT!!
    Pitiful describes your every speech and actually, your own Party which is just as CLUELESS as you are, don’t really listen to anything you say – Mitch, you seem so lost and unimportant now!
    You don’t even have a “Dumb Plan” to replace anything but yourself, but you blew that too!
    Do us all a favor and just retire to the Curb, you’re welcomed where I am!! MAYBE???

  • McConnell is a COMPLETE MORON!

  • McConnell is a COMPLETE MORON!

  • ((McConnell )) he has to be one of the biggest RICKHEADS from the GOP party he shouldnt be voted back in to office . why have an idiot like him a hater that say the only thing he is going to do is all the work he can just to make sure OBAMA dosent get a 2nd term . is that the job he was voted into office to do ? get thaty hatting fool out of office . put some one in there that will work for the country and the ppl. not one that just show how much he hate,s black ppl. he,s a big jack-butt idiot

    • CPANY

      You’re wasting your breath 1vory69690. McConnell is re-elected by the people of Kentucky and they like him. He is one of them: an ignorant redneck.

  • McConnell a Poor excuse for a ‘ man ” Cantor Boehner Ditto

  • This is the T Bagger led Congress in action Anti worker anti womens rights anti equal decent pay Billionaire / Corp lovers / suck ups

  • The Republicans have no intention of doing anything about health care. Presidents have been trying to get universal health care in America since Teddy Roosevelt & the Republicans have repeatedly stonewalled it throughout the decades. Now we have it & they want to destroy it & put nothing in its place. Their ‘repeal & replace’ is nothing but a sham.’ I have to say that I am impressed that, of all places, Fox News got the truth out of McConnell. Chris Wallace must be one of the few real journalists there.

  • lmallak99

    Is it possible that the Right is so out of touch with middle-class America that they believe Health Care Reform is not an issue we will fight for? This is another reason why the legislature needs to be on the same insurance plan as the rest of the public sector. Then watch how quickly they stop letting the fat-cat health insurance lobbyists by their votes.

  • dragons3

    Mitch McConnell just may be the “missing Link” they hope to never find in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Mind you it’s a commonwealth, with no wealth, or common health insurance. But be not dismayed, he is exactly what the voters in Kentucky deserve. They even have a “musuem of Creationism”… bet their hard-pressed when it comes to Dinos bones!

  • Shlomo Shunn

    Let’s give our representatives the same insurance the poorest Americans get. That should be a bracing introduction to reality for the “Let them eat cake!” crowd.

  • nomaster

    The republicans need to stop pointless criticism and come up with the mystical solution they claim as the placebo to cure all and present a plan. They citicize but do not recount that they had the house and senate and presidency all to themselves once and never thought about health care then. The same sorry mess, the democrats had. The democrats had the house, senate and president when Obama came in with all his political capital. What? Where did it all go? He should have stuck with what the people elected him for; the single payer public option. Oops, how they all seem the same. Trying to court and appease the republicans got him squat, diddly, what! McConnell with his homely little frog face has the nerve to stand up and criticize. All these so called fine, dedicated perciverant politicians arrive in Washington and wash themselves clean of their beliefs and take on the air of self serviant prostitute.

  • While the dim witted GOP refuses to accept Obamacare with nothing feasible to replace it, blatantly defying the supreme court, the same stiff I might add that they obeyed in ever decision that agreed with them.. meanwhile, the pubs are pissed because the poor are sucking them dry with handouts, not paying attention to the political and militarial welfare states, bailout for big corps. and tax breaks for the wealthy.. Most can’t work because of bad health so in a Publess world, logic would dictate that a good medical plan for all would eliminate most of the welfare recipients once the employment problem is taken care of.. But let’s consider the Pubs and it’s god, the GOP.. If they could just eliminate everyone not associated with their ilk then this would be the perfect Nation.. No more hand-outs, no more slackers, no more druggies.. hippies and degenerates.. Elimination of communism as the pubs view it.. Nothing more to bitch about.. Only wars and rumors of war that fills the monger’s pockets.. All hail the Pubs!! (mock)..

  • That’s because he had to clean house left by the former administration.. When you go into the work place the first thing you do in order to get your house together is to deal with what the last employee left for you.. In obama’s case, his house was filled with obligations that he just couldn’t shake an etch-a-sketch at and make it go away.. It was part of the ‘need to do now’ garbage that by the time he was getting it halfway under control, new neighbors moved into the outhouse with the focus on NOT passing anything Obama presented.. How would you have contended with such BS? Me? I’d have friggin’ quit and searched for a REAL job. This time around, the people will discover who the real slackers are and I’m hoping that it’ll hit so hard at home that 2016 will not be a GOP opportunity.. Their too intent on getting their way to worry about the peons of this Nation. The last good Pub president was Ike and dammit, I was too young to realize he would be the last.

  • Well 130, your right about that and I’m certain the majority of Dems would agree but what is the alternative? Deny medical care for every American for the (possibility) that every illegal will cash in on the freebie? These illegals are people too with morals and determination to make it in a new Country.. Your talking a small percentage that wants to screw up a good thing just as it is in the welfare system.. Don’t wait for Obama or anyone else to decide what to do with illegal immigration, become active and TELL them what to do or else vote their asses out.. This g’ment, from the beginning, has always operated in extremes. It’s not an Obama thing nor a Bush thing, it’s g’ment.. This immigration is no different. With logical and intelligent thoughts and action we can create a middle ground between the extremes.. Am I expecting too much from either party? No doubt about it.