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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says ‘Mitt Romney Is Not Going To Be President Of The United States’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke to CNN this week about the Democrats’ chances of regaining control of the House of Representatives. “We have been saying there are three important issues in this campaign and, in alphabetical order, they are Medicare, Medicare and Medicare,” she told State of the Union‘s Candy Crowley.

“On August 11, when Governor Romney chose Ryan, that was the pivotal day,” Pelosi said. “That was the day things really changed. We were on a path — I would have said we were dead even — and now the momentum is with us.”

Pelosi answered Crowley’s hypothetical question about the Republicans retaining control of the House along with a victory for President Obama in November with a warning. “It’s really important for the public to know that the obstruction of President Obama — and President Obama’s jobs bills and whatever he was advancing — their obstruction is their agenda.”

And when asked whether she could work with Mitt Romney if he were elected, Pelosi replied, “Mitt Romney is not going President of the United States.” Laughing, she added, “Everybody knows that, right?”

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37 responses to “WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says ‘Mitt Romney Is Not Going To Be President Of The United States’”

  1. I agree with Nancy’s conclusion and will add that what amazes me is how close the race remains. I guess there are certain things that are more persuasive, or worthy in the minds of some, than common sense…

    • ralphkr says:

      I definitely hope that Pelosi is correct but I greatly fear that if people take that attitude (Romney can’t win) that they will stay home and not vote thereby ensuring a victory for Romney being voted in by the “righteous” right. All those grey hair ones who depend upon Medicare and SS but vote conservative remind me of a cartoon about a guy trying out an electric chair and saying, “Not very comfortable. Now! Where is the switch?”

  2. bcarreiro says:

    i give a woman props for not retiring in bushs administration……….deterimination to help the country not bring it down.

  3. We will take back the house the real peoples are on the same wave link with the speaker

  4. Robert says:

    Mitt romney is a little rich kid looking for a BIGGER toy. he needs to go toys are us or walmart, its not the White House.

  5. Robert says:

    also he is becoming a real joke, ‘ if he was a joke would he be funny’?

  6. Robert says:

    Getting Omaba out of the White House is biggest race issue sense reconstruction, They are tring to do it by any means necsessary. you better get out vote people, and be ready for anything.

    • smittyray says:

      The race issue was created by Obama himself, but again lets play Obama and blame everybody else. He and Biden do not know the meaning of leadership or being successful.

  7. Jose T says:

    America is facing some serious issues created by Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld
    and the Neo-conservatives. It will take generations to fix the problems.

    This is not the time nor the place for On-The-Job Training for a new president.

    Meanwhile, we need a new Speaker Of The House–we need a leader not a whiner…
    complain, cry, complain, cry, complain and more crying.

    African America friends: If your pastors advise you not to vote, good. Just do not be
    complaining after the elections. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.

    • smittyray says:

      You are correct, what we need is a leader and not a blamer. If Obama wins, who the hell will he blamc the past four years on. He has completely made everything from unemployment and the national debt so out of reach; like I say, who WILL he blame if he wins. What a joke of a president.

      • CSenselogic says:

        I don’t think you understand how economics work my friend.

        • smittyray says:

          Get your head out of the sand or where ever you have it stuck. Do the math and look at our current national debt, total unemployment numbers and for the longest amount of time for any sitting president. What a record, wouldn’t you say my friend.

      • patuxant says:

        Do you not see who the real blamer and fraud is here, Smitty? Your pal Romney. Give the rest of rationally thinking people out here a break.

        • smittyray says:

          Remove thy head from the sand and see the light patuxant. First he killed somebodys wife, then he was a felon, then he did not pay his taxes for the past ten years, and yada yada yada. My goodness, how low in the gutter can the dems really go. Guess when you can’t run on your record, you gotta do what you gotta do, huh. I think that is what you are really saying about your Dem friends. If not, give the rest of rationally thinking people out here a real break and wake up.

      • Kokogene says:

        I would like to know where you studied economics? And if so what where your grades, because what just came from your fingers to your keyboard is just not right! Did you finish high school, because they did teach that in secondary education!!!!! Are as common folk call high school!!!!!

        • smittyray says:

          You make absolutely zero sense little Kokogene. You must be listening to MSNBC, you know; the lowest rated cable news network. Just keep your head in the sand and see what happens if your guys win.

      • Why are you whinning about the national debt, you were happy when Bush made it so large. You teabaggers refused to pass any job bills for this country because it would of proved that the royal rich don’t create jobs. Yes, I know, Mitt hired a couple of illegal aliens for less then legal wage to moe his lawn but I don’t think that should count.

      • Charly53 says:

        Too bad that treason cannot be levied against civilians. I would vote for that as a charge against you…

      • if he had a congress that worked with him. millions more would be working now. didn’t you get it when the repubs main goal was to beat obama,,,,,, not pass bills that would benefit the country. duh.

        • smittyray says:

          Hey Duh, listen to the entire comments made about the repubs main goal. It included he needs to be more like Clinton and work with both sides. Duh, plus look at the first two years when Obummer had the Senate and Congress, and did nothing with it. Duh- And look at the Dem in the Senate, nothing passed and they don’t even vote for what Obummer tries to get through, duh!! Come on Allen, do your homework.

      • lee050 says:

        Tax cut, two unpaid for wars, expansion of medicare. A built in trillion dollar deficit. All at the hand of the republicans. Now they want to start more wars. Of course Romney was a draft dodger who stated his kid will never fight for this country.
        What a party, full of draft dodgers, Cheeney,Trump, Rush, etc.

  8. Romney this offshore animal will never be elected on anything!he is beyond Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos crooks.

  9. Joe Narusiewicz says:

    Romney is over.. now the democrats need to hold the Senate and win back the house. Romney has hurt the entire republican cause he is just an inept candidate and the intellects of his own party know it.

  10. timeforchange321 says:

    It is evidently clear that Robme has not the skills or the desire to be the president of the USA..he is shameful and if I were on the GOP I would be very, very, embarrassed. Obama/Biden GET OUT AND VOTE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND USE THE INTERNET..POLLS SHOW THAT THE INTERNET WILL PUSH YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE.

    • smittyray says:

      Are you saying Obama and Biden do not embarrass the hell out of you. Obama is a liar and supports the lies coming from his campaign and Biden is just an idiot who has no clue what century it is, where he is, who is still alive, or what university campus he is campaigning at. He is a joke and an embarrassment to the whole world. I am a Democrat and I am ashamed of the Dems. campaign style of lies and making accusations that are not true, and to have to listen to Debbie W. Shultz, alias Big Pathological Liar, what more do you want for embarrassment.

      • DownriverDem says:

        Bullshit. You are no Dem. You are just an angry white guy smittyray.
        No, Obama/Biden do not embarrass me. Folks like you do. You will not accept who we are as a nation. Get over it.
        Obama is fighting for all I believe and hold dear. Rmoney/LyingRyan will destroy Social Security, Medicare and birth control.
        What the hell century do you live in smittyray?

        GOP = STALE PALE & MALE Prove me wrong!!

        • smittyray says:

          You sound like a real downriver ANGRY dem. And a racial angry dem I may add. Wake up and take a good look at what your buddies are doing to our country. It really is not a good thing. And maybe you should enroll in some anger management classes from the sounds of your email.

  11. There are poeople who will vote for Mitt Romeny becuase they have Always voted Republican. Others can not stand to see a black man in the White House. We can do nothing for or about those people.

    I am concerned that the massive lies and money to disseminate them will convince some people that Romney would actually be good for this country. Part of this lies at the feet of our media – not Fox News, the other, real media who do not tackle the lies and the false equivalences.

    • DownriverDem says:

      Those folks will watch the first debate and that should do it for them.

    • goshabum says:

      Joan, Do you want your country to be American or given away to the Muslins, who want our schools change to Muslin schools, muslin prayer/worship, muslin this and that…at least AMERICAN’s give you the opportunity to have whatever religion you want and certainly doesn’t say “death to the infidels”? AND any PRAYER IS BETTER THAN NONE. I believe most American’s could care less what color he is, why do people like you want to keep the RACE thing up? Remember HE’S 1/2 WHITE TOO, OR DO YOU PEOPLE FORGET THAT…(guess his mother being white and her carring his ass for 9 months didn’t mean a freaking thing)! What i care about is his beliefs and what I see…and I do mean SEE HIM DO. Screw the news… My thing is is he for American’s or against us? Thus far….I’ve not seen awhole lot for the general American! Mitt might be RICH but what do you think OBAMA is but rich? Come on…..your comment is stupid….”others can not stand to see a black man in the White House”. GEEZ! He’s already there…why would anyone care if he stayed or not if he cared about OUR country!

      • smittyray says:

        AMEN!!! You hit it right on with all of your comments. We honestly cannot see one thing that we want to see continued for the next four years, and that is his plan if he wins. And if Biden being second in command doesn’t just scare the living hell right out of everybody, somebody has their head in the sand big time. He is the biggest idiot ever.

  12. S-3 says:

    … I’ll believe all this when I see it – either way, things will need to get a bit worse, beofre gaalvinization by the people to make them better occurs!

  13. ARepublicanNorthlandGrad says:

    Thats fine with me, but Pleaaase don’t make Pelosi Leader of the House again.

  14. Juventino says:

    N. Pelosi is right. Mitt (the bully) by trimming other student’s hair, he (Mitt) was trimming away his chances to be our president. There is no place for a bully, like him, in the W.H.

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