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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WATCH: Obama Ad Blasts Romney For Using Coal Miners As ‘Props’

Last month, Mitt Romney’s campaign released an ad slamming President Obama over his energy policies, while showing coal miners’ support for the Republican candidate. The clips used in the ad originate from a speech he gave in Beallsville, Ohio, outlining his energy plan.

As it turns out, many of those coal miners were forced to attend the campaign event — without pay — after being told their presence was “mandatory.” Several of the employees later explained how they were manipulated into an uncomfortable situation to WWVA radio host David Blomquist.

In response to Romney’s subterfuge, President Obama’s re-election campaign has released a new TV ad accusing Romney of using the miners as “props” to satisfy his political purposes. The ad features audio from Blomquist’s show, revealing how roll call was taken at the event, and how the miners “felt they would not have a job if they did not attend.”

Throughout this campaign, Romney has steadfastly expressed his support for the coal industry in Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. At the same time, he has railed against President Obama for regulations that hurt the industry — his “war on coal.” The message doesn’t seem to be resonating, however.

In Ohio, the likely target for this new ad, Obama is leading 49.0 to 43.5, as per the most recent Real Clear Politics average. In Virginia, Obama is ahead by a margin of 3.5 points, 47.8 to 44.5. He holds the biggest lead in Pennsylvania, where he is up by 8 points, 50.2 to 42.2. Overall, the consensus is that President Obama is ahead in most of the battleground states — the question is, why?

The number one issue on this campaign has been the economy’s slow recovery and lingering unemployment, two factors that Republicans counted on to unseat Obama. However, swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have benefited from a surge in oil drilling and manufacturing. Virginia, meanwhile, is in a good position due to its constant federal workforce and high concentration of defense contractors.


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  • stsintl

    Starting with my initial involvement in the coal mining industry going to back fifty years, I have the impression that most, if not all, coal mines in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky are operated by crime syndicates. The deaths due to black lung disease and careless operations of the mines seem to confirm my suspicion of their presence in this industry. No wonder, Mitt Romney and the Neo-Republicans have become champions of these coal mine operators. If one sees Senator Mitch McConnell at a podium speaking, one can tell who are his benefactors.

  • ayayaboy

    I am angry with Obama why he could not tell Romney to stop lying to the American people. .. Remind Romney of all his claims during the Republican primaries. We all know that Romney is a liar and a fraud but Obama needed to say it to his face. One day Romney will repeal Dodd-Frank, another time Romney would praise the good things in Dodd-frank. Romney will tell Tea party that he will repeal Obamney care before the cock crows thrice, romney would say that there are lots of good things in Obamacare. Romney will tell Republican audience that Hispanic illegals must self-deport but will on TV debate say “we cannot round up people on the street”, but Romney is a big supporter of Arizona hostility against Hispanics. Romney proposes voucher system but says it will kick in after our generation. Why can’t Obama tell Romney to say how to handle present and not things of 30th century. Why can’t Obama tell Romney in his face that he had opportunities to create jobs with Bain but he instead fired people and made money firing people; he shipped jobs overseas; sent out his money to offshore when America needed cashflow; he is not coming clear about his career at Bain Capital; he is yet to prove his trustworthiness and fiscal patriotism with his tax returns; ask Romney whether he also supports Planned Parenthood today since he seemed to talk liberalism on debate floor? Ask Romney that he today sounds like anti-Tea party and anti-Arizona governor. How about asking Romney if he really doesn’t want to be president of the 47% welfare victims who will vote Obama? With these, Obama would have won the election that wednesday night. I travelled to Europe and watched the debate in a Bar and the Europeans said Obama left his supporters biting their fingers … Is this Obama or someone else? Some said Obama missed an opportunity to call out Romney-the-liar; others said Obama allowed the liar lie his way through the debate. Some European poked fun at Obama’s performance saying “a Havard lawyer could not argue his case against a fake businessman.” Obama must step up to revealing the rhetoric fakeness of Romney.