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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WATCH: Obama, Boehner Make Opening Gambits On Fiscal Cliff

In his first public remarks since being re-elected, President Barack Obama called on Congressional Republicans to work with him to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff” — but warned that he would not accept any plan that does not ask top earners to pay more in taxes.

Speaking in the East Room of the White House, Obama explained that — while he is willing to compromise — he would reject efforts to reduce the deficit without placing any added burden on the wealthy.

“I’m not gonna ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit, while people like me making over $250,000 aren’t asked to pay a dime more in taxes,” the president said to applause from the audience arranged on stage behind him. “I’m just not going to do that.”

“This was a central question during the election. It was debated over and over again,” he continued. “And on Tuesday night we found out that the majority of Americans agree with my approach.”

Obama also reiterated his desire for Congress to immediately extend the Bush tax cuts for those making under $250,000, while simultaneously negotiating a broader deficit-reduction package. Congressional Republicans have thus far refused to cast such a vote unless the tax cuts for top earners are extended as well.

“All we need is action from the House. I’ve got the pen,” Obama declared, holding a pen before him at the podium. “I’m ready to sign the bill right away.”

The president’s remarks came about two hours after Speaker of the House John Boehner held a press conference about the fiscal cliff on Capitol Hill. Boehner reiterated that he would not vote to raise tax rates on the wealthiest Americans, claiming that doing so would immediately kill 700,000 jobs — a claim that Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler calls “simply absurd.”  Boehner did signal that he could accept a deal that increased revenue through closing loopholes and eliminating deductions, however.

“By lowering rates and cleaning up the tax code, we know that we’re going to get more economic growth,” Boehner said. “It’ll bring jobs back to America. It’ll bring more revenue. We also know that if we clean up the code and make it simpler, the tax code will be more efficient.”

If this plan sounds familiar, it’s because it is essentially the same proposal that Mitt Romney offered during the presidential campaign. Romney’s plan was doubted by nonpartisan economic reviews, and rejected by voters.

Perhaps because of his unsure footing within his own caucus — which memorably killed his and Obama’s “grand bargain” in July, 2011 — Boehner largely avoided specifics and left the onus on the president to drive a deal.

“I don’t want to box myself in,” the Speaker said. “I don’t want to box anybody else in. I think it’s important for us to come to an agreement with the president. But this is his opportunity to lead.”

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  • foolsdance

    I listened to this speech on NPR and was cheering Obama when he said he had the pen ready. Good for him – he put the onus on the house repbulicans right where it belongs. Obama’s win made it clear what the citizens of this nation want, now our representatives have to do their jobs for a change and represent US.

    • Boehman Orange Drunk Ass Better Start Up Dating His Resume Cause He Will Be Removed In 2014!! Obama All Ready Told His Stinky Butt He’s Not Going To Keep Those Tax Breaks For The Rich!!! That’s Why I Been Put Up Money Left And Right Cause We Might Have To Go Over The Cliff To Let These Thugs, Terrorists And Traitors Know That We VOTED FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND HE KNOWS WHAT WE WANT!!! Trickle Down Bullshit Got To GO!!!!!

  • If Boehner isn’t going to agree to let the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year he is more of a fool than I thought he was. This would be a good thing for our country and have no bad effects whatsoever. Are Republicans never going to learn that their ‘trickle down’ economics have never worked and never will?

    • WhutHeSaid

      The good thing is that no agreement from Boehner is required. The Bush tax cuts will expire automatically.

      • CAThinker

        Yup… So those guys (repubs) better getting talking fast… And if not – it’s on them. Who is going to blink first? Although he doesn’t say it, Obama has the capital… America agreed with him on his tax approach – if Boehner wants to play chicken, he’s going to be wearing the smell…

      • karinursula

        We have not seen any jobs trickle down when the wealthy got their tax breaks, what makes Boehner think it would happen now?

        • What Trickle Down Is Rich Men Pissing On Our Heads Telling Us It’s Raining While They Laugh And Hoard Money!!!

      • Say What!!! LOL I Been Posting That For A Long Time Now OBAMA DON’T HAVE TO DO NOT ONE DAMN THING BUT LET THE EXPIRE!!!! LOL

      • Keeping the tax cuts for the less than $250 thousand will encourage and enable the middles class to spend more in our hour of need!

  • JPM

    Speaker Boehner is NOT ready not ready to make any kind of deal, has jumped back into the bunker he was in since 2010 and will go down with the ship if necessary to protect the rich and hurt the POTUS

    As far as he is concerned Romney won and Obama is the empty suit

    What a mess

    2014 cannot come soon enough

    • karinursula

      JPM, what makes you think that the American people vote different in 2014? Congress approval rating under 10% and still they voted most of the people back in.

  • MEL

    Congress isn`t the problem, its the President who signed it ! Your both nuts if you believe Republicans are responsable, they just assuredGovernment would make the cuts, exactly where they are needed to help this country get the buget lower than it is now. Senate leader Reid also was a party to this agreement. So allow all the cuts to go forwardm even the fiscal cliff. This is all assuming your both fiscally responsable !

    • kanawah

      Mel, did you read what you wrote before you posted it.

      Your wording is a mess. what you are saying is off the wall.
      It is the REPUBLISKUNK’S fault. The trickle down crap does not work. The job creators are the middle class buying public. The money in the rich thieves bank account does nothing for anyone other than the rich thief.

      They pushed this piece of crap through, now let them sit in it.

    • oldtack

      In 2011 we were on the verge of defaulting on our National Debt. To pay we had to borrow money but to borrow the money we had to raise the National Debt limit.
      Initial proposals were so outrageous that they were blocked by the Senate. We were then downgraded and before we toppled off that fiscal cliff the Republican controlled House presented another Bill that made drastic cuts in other programs to make up for the increase in the Debt ceiling. At this time it was “Pass this Bill or we will block the increase and let this country default.

      The Bill was signed and the debt limit was increased with a provision from the President and the Senate. That provision was that a Super Committee be formed made up of 6 members from each party to go through this Bill and address some of the more severe cuts and amend the Bill to alleviate problems. This Committee failed to make any changes so the Original Bill remained as is to go into effect 1/1/2013.

      This is not a bi-partisan Bill this was a purely Partisan Republican Bill. They construed this Bill and held the President and Senate “hostage” to sign it or go into default.

      By law the President could let this Bill go into effect January 1 as it was written and presented by the Republican led House.

      Hopefully the President and the Speaker can come to a BIPARTISAN agreement. The Bill will go into effect regardless but hopefully cool heads can work within the parameters of the Bill and make changes to the cuts that will impact different levels and programs.

      Once more – the House and the Senate have to divorce themselves from this partisan deadlock and begin to have bi-partisan meaningful dialog to iron out and resolve the problems of this Nation if we are to survive.

  • Jack Wormer

    The GOP more than likely is wishing, right now, it never climbed in bed with Teabaggers and the likes of Rush, Ann, Michelle, Fox, Grover, and other politically unsavory characters – and all that just to get a numerical edge!

    It isn’t even true that a large number of “Blessed” Americans, those making $250,000 and up, way up, are “loath” to contribute a fair share in righting our fiscal ship.

    Of course, their REAL problem, in addition to trying and save face, is their desperate attempts to maintain the last of their DEAD GIPPER’S delusional dogmas of

    Wll, Mr.Speaker and followers, it is either NOW…..or 2014!

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yeah, there’s some real buyer’s remorse — no doubt about it. Especially the Tea Party: The GOP has woken up next to the likes of Michelle Bachmann and is now debating on whether to run like hell or just go ahead and jump off the nearest bridge.

      It’s very true that many people making over $250K are willing to see rates go up a bit. Responsible people understand the reasons why it should be done, but what really matters is that the general public gave their blessings.

      One thing is for certain: The GOP/Tea Party ‘lovers spat’ is going to get pretty nasty!

  • As usual the Speaker is reaching for staws to make his point. The job killing retort is just a sign of desperation and deceit. The Speaker is just not strong enough to deal with his own extreme caucas, and it shows in spades. He is lost in the political wilderness, fearful for his job and keeping an open eye over his shoulder. The Bush Tax Cuts were never intended to be forever. That is why they had a sunset clause in the first place. Elections do indeed have consequences and Boehner’s side lost…and big time at that. It is time to accept reality and reason. Pretending that cuts, and cuts only, are the answer is a sure sign of ignorance and dishonesty. The American people have spoken and it’s time for action. Big John has wasted two years already and that is more than enough. Get to work John and put aside agenda driven drivel and accomplish something that you can be proud of in years to come.

    • kanawah

      The speaker is reaching for another old fashion.

  • grandma_grapes

    Go back to the Eisenhower Years tax rates and be done with it. If that’s not the real GOP I do not know what is.

  • grandma_grapes

    Yep. 2014 is where we have to keep an eye on. Enough of this. Either play nice or you’re going home. There is a lot of important work to be done and no time for the obstructionists.

  • kanawah

    I would like to put him in a box and nail the top on.

  • karinursula

    here we go again

  • Whether we go over the fiscal cliff depends entirely on Obama. Will he finally address the real problems or continue to campaign on sound bites. Let’s see if he has the answers or will he continue to blame the Republican Party to the detriment of ALL Americans.

    • Yappy2

      If the shoe fits wear it.

  • closing loopholes and eliminating deductions are tax increases…

  • boehner, by using that kind of language, is siding with obama without the teaparty catching on…

    • What ever language he uses.. No matter if he goes with Obama all the way, once his masters stomp their feet he’ll back out like he did once before. You can’t trust a corporate puppet.

  • John Boehner, like all good “Conservatives”, signed a pledge to Grover Norquist that he will NEVER vote to increase taxes.

    That stance means that, even if it is for the good of the Nation, he pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist FIRST, then the Constitution and the general welfare of the Nation.

    NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS!!!! Matthew 6:24


    And, it is NOT the people of the United States.

    • grammyjill

      There is a petition on care2 to get rid of Grover.

      • Salil Karr

        Great! I don’t want to waste time. How and where do I sign the petition?

  • In Reply To Jack Wormer



  • axxan3

    Tax incress cut spending or we can ride over the cliff. Your party has had ocer 20 years no more time. Get rid of the debt.

  • The newest distraction to to keep people from seeing the real problems. “Look here!” “Don’t think about the other crap!”

  • Bruce Cramer

    So how is this for a compromise: make the Bush tax cuts permanent (this would or should satisfy the Republicans) AND reduce, or eliminate ALL tax deductions/exemptions otherwise granted on a sliding scale based on income (this would or should meet Obama’s promise to tax the wealthiest more than the middle and lower class). Regarding the latter, the lower income households would retain all deductions/exemptions presently available. Higher income entities would receive a percentage of the deduction/exemption benefits up to and including 0%, depending on how much income/profit is realized. These actions could easily be enacted immediately, before the end of the year by a lame duck Congress, making them a hero in the eyes of most of America and the rest of the world. A more comprehensive tax reform/deficit reduction program could then commence after the crisis is averted, with the luxury of time to get it done right, once and for all.

    • ralphkr

      OK, I agree that making the unconscionable Bush tax cuts permanent shall fly with the House BUT I am equally sure that your proposal of modification of exemptions shall only fly if a rather distinctive change is made. Your sliding scale shall have to be changed to reflect the true mentality of the Republicans and the various deduction/exemptions would INCREASE along with income. In other words, those making less than 30K are allowed absolutely NO deductions with allowances gradually increasing until at $300K you are allowed 100% and once you exceed $500K you are allowed 200% deductions/exemptions. This guarantees the absolute fairness in taxation that is sought by the Republicans by guaranteeing that the government is paid for by those in the middle class and below while the upper class continues to complain bitterly about paying even $1 in taxes.

  • Landsende

    Over 200 republican members of Congress have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist and his rich cronies to not raise taxes. If anyone breaks ranks and votes for a tax increase, Grover and his cronies will use all their resources to defeat them in the next election. Who is this man, and how did he obtain so much power? All these republicans that pledged their fealty to Norquist should be charged with treason since they are willing to let the economy go to hell rather than do what they were elected to do which is represent their constituents and the country.

  • Everyone needs to take a breath and stop the hyperbole about the so-called fiscal cliff. There a few things taking place simultaneously that are being treated as one in the same. They really aren’t. The debt ceiling question will come up again in a few months. The GOP will whine that the debt ceiling issue is a spending bill. It’s not.

    The seqester spending cuts will begin next year because the Congress kicked the can down the road with the hope that it would solve itself. It didn’t. This is the issue that demands the most attention from Congress. It is about time that they accomplish something and do the job they were elected to do. The current clown show is obviously not up to the task, so we have to wait until the next group takes their seats.

    Finally the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire,. and about time in my opinion. The issue is if and who will keep those rates and who will pay more. The American people have made their choice and it is those with the money who should see their tax move up.

    When we go off that cliff, or slope if you prefer, the immediate result will be that the 2% temporary tax relief will stop. The will have an effect upon the working men and women starting with their first pay check. The amount of money is minuscule compared to the size of the problems facing the country. Since that 2% cut was enacted the Social Security has been shorted revenue. Lets stop doing that in the name of stimulus. Temporary means temporary.

    When the Bush Tax Cuts are finally dropped the rates go back to what they were a decade ago. The country was doing pretty good when they were enacted. Let assume that the Congress and the President don’t have the guts to make an immediately change and fight the fiscal cliff. What happens? The taxes go up on everyone, but the taxes are not due until April of 2014. Does anyone believe that in the next 17 months an agreement can’t be reached?

  • Boehner needs to go to prison for keeping the American people hostage, with all his cronies like McConnell, Cantor, Ryan and the rest of the republican ass wipes of hell fuck them all for the bullshit they have played out on the people of the USA
    Die in prison you dogs of hell

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    If you review how the Republicans got their tax cut in 2009, you see it was through mass fearmongering and a threat to deny Americans who lost jobs from 2004 to 2008 an extension of unemployment. Isn’t this the same tactic Boehner and the GOP is using right now?

    Once you understand how the GOP party works at the base, you see they will do anything, especially now that so many billonaires lost so much moolah betting on Romney, to keep the wealth of corporations and 1% growing. So yes. They will in fact put programs we all already paid for with our payroll deductions on the chopping. What have they got to lose? They save billionaires from paying more taxes. Taxes they haven’t paid since 2004 when they got their 1st tax cut, 2008 when they got the 2nd and 2009 when they held unemployed Americans hostage for that 3rd tax cut.

    This is deja vu all over again. Get wise people. If you want to work to keep billionaires filthy rich, that’s exactly what the GOP will allow every man, woman and child in this country to do.

    Stop enabling CEOs to plunder their corporations, worry-free of any corporation failures, loss of their jobs or stagnating salaries and all because we, the taxpayers are their safety nets.

  • Everyone who has signed Norquist’s book should be brought up on charges of treason and only representing the interest of one man instead of the people who elected them. Also there needs to be a new instigation of Norquist regarding his actions when he was a lobbyist working with Jack Abraham who did go to prison for illegal lobbying. Norquist has not been elected by anyone yet has as much power as the President when it comes to the Republican members of Congress and his no tax increase book. There has got to be some law in the law code that prohibits actions like his no tax increase book. If there is nothing else he should be charged with blackmail for that is what he doing to the dummies that signed that book. The President is still going to have a trouble with the Republicans, some of them won’t comprise on anything even if the building was falling on them.

  • evon23

    I think we need to forewarn the tea partiers in Congress that if the next two years are a repetition of the previous four, Election 1214 is just around the corner! As citizens concerned for the good of ALL Americans we need to weed out those in Congress who have specific agendas and who don’t know how to compromise for the good of the country – not just special interests! When lawmakers can’t agree and don’t know how to compromise THEY GOTTA GO!

    • ExPAVIC


      Exactly, you don’t play nice and you will be gone.

  • President Obama’s comments are just common SENSE ! We need the rich to help us out with some more revenue in this, our hour of need! They uused to pay far more in taxes! We even had a 90% top bracket!


    The Real Truth

    Boehner’s butt is against the wall. If he doesn’t play, Obama will sweep him out with the rest of the old, old, used up GOP wants and wishes.

    All American Taliban Republican politicians should be careful since they may find credible opposition for their offices in the next elections two years from now and that includes Boehner himself.

  • Mr Boehner should by now have realised that his party manifesto of cutting taxes for the rich was rejected by the evoters. Boehner and his party should also realise and appreciate the fact that President Obama was re-elected on his manifesto which clearly spelled out that, there will be tax increases for the rich to bring extra revenue and at the same time cut spending in areas the president has identified. Boehner and the GOP republicans can not therefore arm twist the President into implementing their agenda which was clearly rejected by the voters. Boehner should stop using obsolete and irrelevant arguments to obstruct the President from implementing his plans to bring the deficit down and to create jobs for people who are suffering and who desperately need those jobs right now. Boehner’s assertion that increasing taxes will destroy more than 700,000 jobs is scare mongering and counter-productive. That argument was eloquently put to the voters by Mitt Romney but the voters rejected it. So Boehner should stop propagating a case that was presented to the voters who were the judges in this matter and who made their views and decision clear and known last Tuesday. Boehner is not speaking for the majority of the voters, the President is! So please Mr. Boehner you better accept that your views do not reflect the will of the people and give way. Support the President in whatever plans he wants to implement, your obstructionist approach only makes things worse for your party. The President campaigned on the platform of increasing taxes for the rich and implementing the Affordable Healthcare among other things. So give way so that the president can get on with what he promised the voters. You, Boehner and your GOP republicans will not be the ones to blame if the President doesn’t fulfil his promise to the voters as you clearly saw during the campaign period. What language will make you republicans understand the messages from the electorate? Your Party and presidential candidate Mitt Romney could not stop the President from being re-elected as you had vowed. There won’t be another term for the president so that you can work to block his re-election again. So get out of his way and let him fulfil his promises to the people who bought his argument and elected him for a second term. Your obstructionist approach disregards the will of the people and makes the people you represent and who voted for you suffer even more by your irresponsible and mindless ascerbatic stances. You do not seem to take other peoples plight into account when you remain intrasgent and obstructionist in the way you appear to be. You are only interested in posturing and your psychotic ego and nothing more.

  • In 2014, the people will get these wealthy unamerican a-holes of of congress. Just wait and see. We the people have had enough. Obama / Biden forward.