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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WATCH: Obama Calls On Congress To ‘Work Up The Political Courage’ For Immigration Reform

WATCH: Obama Calls On Congress To ‘Work Up The Political Courage’ For Immigration Reform

During a Monday morning naturalization ceremony at the White House, President Barack Obama urged Congress to advance a comprehensive immigration reform bill as soon as possible.

Speaking to 28 new citizens, 13 of whom are members of the military, Obama noted that “we’ve seen some real action in Congress” on reforming the system, and urged legislators “to work up the political courage to do what’s required to be done.” Obama suggested that Congress take up debate on an immigration bill in April, so he could sign it immediately.

“Immigration makes us stronger, keeps us vibrant, hungry, makes us prosperous,” the president said. “It is part of what makes this such a dynamic country. If we want to keep attracting the best and brightest the world has to offer, we need to do a better job of welcoming them.”

“We’ve known for years our immigration system is broken, that we’re not doing enough to harness the talent and ingenuity of those that want to work hard and find a place here in America,” Obama continued. “After avoiding the problem for years, the time has come to fix it once and for all. The time has come for a comprehensive, sensible immigration reform.”

The bipartisan Senate “gang of eight” — which includes senators Michael Bennet (D-CO), Richard Durbin (D-IL), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Charles Schumer (D-NY) — is reportedly close to introducing immigration reform legislation, which would include a 13-year path to citizenship, an increased number of available work visas, and increased border security, among other provisions.

“About 90 percent of the issues, including the path to citizenship, are settled,” Senator Schumer told reporters Thursday.

Still, despite the Republican National Committee’s suggestion that the party embrace a “path to citizenship,” reform advocates fear that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could scuttle a deal. If Congress fails to tackle the immigration issue in a timely manner, President Obama has vowed to introduce an immigration plan of his own.

Video of the naturalization ceremony is below, via NBC News:

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  • nobsartist

    So lets look at Obama’s priorities to date-

    1. health plan or jobs? Health plan
    2. Banks or jobs” Banks
    3. mortgage industry or jobs? mortgage industry
    4. gas prices or jobs? gas prices
    5. guns or jobs? Guns
    6. Immigration or jobs? Immigration

    So the jackass’s in washington are more concerned about immigrants jobs than Americans jobs? The jobless rate in America is still around 25%. The jackass’s in washington that gave away OUR jobs thru NAFTA, started wars as a jobs plan, and have done nothing to create any jobs unless it involves enriching campaign donors are more concerned about bringing more people to take away more of our jobs.

    Its tough to work in engineering or technology when you are competing against people from countries with a caste system that send their useless, over educated “experts” here to take our jobs working for half the pay.

    This “immigration” problem looks like another solution to be used by big business and washingtons bed mates to lower the wages of Americans.

    Want to solve the “immigration” problem? Close the borders to EVERYONE until we have FULL employment and apply the existing laws that seemed to work fine for the last 100 years.

    washington should be investigating how the 9/11 “terrorists” got into the country and how they were linked to the bush crime family. They should be investigating why bush let out 25 plane loads of saudis out of the country instead of investigating them for conspiring to over throw the government.

    They should be investigating the oil companies and wall street for price fixing gas prices and they should insist that Obama use the Sherman Act to break them up,

    • Kurt CPI

      You know, there’s not much substance in your post. I think the problem is with politics rather than logistics. You do point out some facts, such as the US has high unemployment. That’s not the result of immigration, it’s the result of a dying manufacturing sector. We can sustain immigration. What we can’t sustain is the growing flood of unskilled immigrants who really do come here to work, but never do because, as you point out, there are no jobs. The problem with politicians is three-fold. First, and most importantly, they simply do not understand economics. Having politicians handling economic policy makes about as much sense as having a plumber handling the legal aspects of your estate. Second, and nearly as important as the first, politicians will do anything for votes. In most cases they don’t know how to be anything but a politician – many have never been anything else. in order to win they’ll cowtow to any demographic that will provide votes. Thirdly, and this relates directly to unemployment, they think government is an industry and they treat it as such. They don’t get that industry is what fuels the economy, and although both democrats and republicans are equally guilty of riding the “favors for votes” train, democrats lost corporate sponsorship a log time ago and so are courting votes where they have the support. This is counter-intuitive to anyone who knows anything about economics. Immigration needs to be orderly, not helter-skelter. Jobs need to be created in the private sector, not government.

      • Inthenameofliberty

        VERY goo points. Kudos.

    • MOOSE4U2

      I agree !!! Obama is a illegal immigrant himself , maybe that’s probably why he’s trying to pass laws to help illegals to stay on American soil just in case people come to their senses & have him investigated .