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Monday, October 24, 2016

President Barack Obama delivered a measured response to the Supreme Court’s affirmation of his Health Care reform bill, declaring the 5-4 ruling “a victory for people all over this country whose lives are more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it.”

Obama resisted the urge to turn his response into a campaign speech, saying that “It should be pretty clear by now that I didn’t do this because it was good politics. I did it because I believed it was good for the country.” He then proceeded to rehash the benefits of the bill, including the much debated individual mandate.

“People who can afford to buy health insurance should take the responsibility to do so,” Obama said. He pointed out that the mandate has been supported in the past by many Republicans — including Mitt Romney, who he referred to as “the presumed Republican presidential nominee.”

“What we won’t do, what the country can’t afford to do, is refight the political battles of two years ago,” he added. “Now’s the time to keep our focus on the most urgent challenge of our time, putting people back to work.”

Here’s video of his speech:

Obama’s measured response stood in stark contrast to Romney, who confirmed that he was far more interested in the politics of the ruling than the policy.

“If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama,” Romney said. “What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president of the United States, and that is I will act to repeal Obamacare.”

“Help us defeat Obamacare,” he concluded before leaving the podium without taking questions. “Help us defeat the liberal agenda that makes government too big, too intrusive and is killing jobs across this country.” Here’s video of Romney’s response:

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Romney’s response was just the tip of the iceberg of partisan anger with regards to the Supreme Court’s ruling. The National Memo will have a full report on the right wing freakout later in the day.

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  • BDD1951

    Romney is so disgusting. Still the spoiled rich kid that never grew.
    Guess he’ll pout and fall on the floor and throw a fit. The man has no class at all. He’s running scared now.

  • dellmartin

    Romney is a disgrace. He will be defeated in November and I hope it’s a landslide. He does not have the slightest interest in helping the average American, and he is counting on misleading his base to get them riled up so they, like him, will object to everything our president is trying to do to improve the lives of Americans.

  • garyls

    if the affordable care act is bad, what is the suggestion, policy, program, of the mr. romney to insure kids on their parents’ policies to age 26, to eliminate the maximum benefit of health insurance, to insure those with pre existing conditions? the republicans had the opportunity to any of this since their president theodore roosevelt over 100 years ago. yet it did nothing. medicare, medicaid, social security are all democratic party programs. where are and were the republican programs?

    as to the argument that govt. is now between the people and the dr., i doubt it. what is now between me and my dr. is blue cross blue shield. the republicans have no solution to that.

    they had the congress and the presidency for four years under president george w. bush. all they did was pass the prescription drug plan for seniors and no way to pay for it. that is part of the deficit now. where was there health care plan then? the same place it is now. nonexistent.

  • bestofandy

    So ROmney claims to be smarter than the supreme court. This is clearly wrong as the supreme court judges that even Roberts concurred with the decision to pass the law. The American public should realize that Romney is a bumbling idiot, out for quick gain to win his race.

  • BDD1951

    I’m just waiting for more of Romneys non answers to what he would do to provide health care for Americans.

  • wgreer

    It is a total mystery to me how some people (the right) can be so duped as to support Romney. He is no less than a corrupt liar. Sadly, his rhetoric flies in the face of proven fact about his experience and background. With Citizens United (we need to deal with that, too) and the “super PAC’s”, it is naive to ignore that these entities will run the country, expecting payback for their mega-support!

    ALERT: we can not assume that Obama will win in November and, for that reason, fail to cast our votes! We need to get every voter, left, progressive or independent to vote!

  • the act is not perfect but it is better than any other . and there are NO DEATH pannels, the mandate has no teeth and cannot be enforced because dems added two provisions to the bill saying they cannot arrest you,sue you or jail you for not paying a penalty, the irs cannot make any leins against you to collect a penalty.

  • Fereshteh Garber

    Romney should go for a walk and get real…how is it the health care act in his state is good, but it is not good for the rest of the country??/ R U kidding me? SHAME ON YOU , MR. ROMNEY.

  • Conservatives, like Rmoney, are Sociopaths. Is there a provision in there to give them the mental care they so clearly need?

    • jimackermann

      I think a few year as President would help him alot, just like it would help the American people.

  • nomaster

    Willard Mitt Romney, the rat man, is a hipocrit since Romney care of Massachusetts is the same as Obama care. What Obama should have passed was the public option instead of trying to get the Republicans to acquiese by appeasement. The Health Care Act was a good beginning that needs further review, to amend, clarify and better coverage and costs for all Americans. Time for us to catch up with the other part of the Western World.

    • rmarqua2921

      Not only the Western World, the Eastern World too! Go to Taiwan if you really want to see a system that works and is single payer! Makes us look stupid!

  • DukeDacat

    Hey, OMG. Iam just saying. Cayt got your tongue………………..

    Have a nice day, heh heh heh

  • Romney Is One Big Flip Flopping LYING Sociopath Who Never Should Ever Be President NEVER!!!

    • jimackermann

      Pretty much like our current President.

      • Our President Didn’t Lie He Just Being Block By The American Taliban That’s Running Loose In Congress!!!

        • jimackermann

          You are letting your emotions do your thinking for for you. In my mind, calling the right the “American Taliban” is a sign that you can’t back up what you are saying so you resort to name calling. Very inmature. If I were to put my mind to it, I could come up with all kinds of ugly names for the left. I choose not to.

          • Well Educated And Tried Of You And Your BULLSHIT!!

          • jimackermann

            I will take my “BULL****” to the polls in November. In the mean time, I hope you can learn to love.

          • That Just What The Hell You And They Are Nothing But Low Life TERRORISTS Terrorizing Your Own People!!

          • jimackermann

            It sounds like you need to seek some very serious help. I hope you get it. Poeple that sound like you scare me.

  • Oh My God!! Romney doesn’t want America Healthy! Just Sick and Stupid !
    I Don’t think he listened to what Is outlined in This Plan at all. If i remember correctly Obama said preexisting conditions are now covered!!! For years insurance companies have denied help to the ill due to people not having insurance this plan addresses this issue and fills the gap!!

    Does the Republican Party hate Humanity????

    • jimackermann

      The Republican Party is a tad more educated. They don’t walk around calling people “Sick and Stupid”. They tend to think and present ideas rather than just degrade someone. They are more sane.

      And we don’t hate humanity. We don’t hate those that call us names and degrade us for our thinking. We don’t even hate the left; in fact, we wish them well.

      Are there “nut jobs” on the right? Of course.

      Me thinks that the biggest difference between the left and the right is that the right wants to create what they have, rather than have the government dole it out to them. (An example would be birth control, in my family, if we want it, we pay for it just like a loaf of bread.)

      And Mz.B, I wish you the very best of days.


    • davia55

      Firstly, Romney is not the only person running against Obama. Secondly, Obamas government is not working.

      • And You Are Just Stupid!!

        • davia55

          Class Act Fern. Why don’t you do a bit of research before you open your mouth

    • I don’t feel the Republican Party hates Humanity. They just love money more !

    • Didn’t you hear Mitten’s (18 declarations of ‘Obamacare” in Thursdays speech).. He said once he gets in he will tear asunder this Obamabill but (for the ears of the pre-conditioned) said he would leave this in so these folks can get insured as well.. NOT telling anybody how much this “extra” coverage will cost and I say the cost will be as the insurance companies had treated them before Obamacare.. Also, as Mittens said during various speeches.. He will offer a plan for the Nation AFTER he becomes POTUS.. (what an ass hair).

  • I don’t understand Why we the American people can’t have the same coverage as Congress.
    We pay for there Health Care and family.

    Tell me GOP Congress is it easy being unfair or is it hard being Fair

    • Lets keep on reminding Congress that they work for us. Also what is good for the goose is good for the gander. We should get their healthcare and Congress should pay for ours. If they don’t like this , then she should pay for their own healthcare .

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Over the next few months we will really understand the impact of this decision on both State and Federal Government.

    First, the Federal Government can no longer lie to us that when a new program is pasted that there will be no Tax increases to pay for it. Affordable Care Act means greater taxes and insurance premiums.

    Second, it will not expand the coverage of healthcare to anyone accept those under 26 who stay on there parents plans. The Poor and Lower Middle Class lost in this ruling without the expansion of Medicaid by all States, how will they get insurance? The increasing cost of insurance will put even more families into this position. In addition States that expand Medicaid take a high risk of increased migration of poor and low income people from neighboring States as a result.

    Third, fifty percent of all employers are except from the law.

    Fourth, what will the impact of the increased tax burden on those who can not afford the type of polices required by the legislation and the 500 billion dollar tax on the Medical Device Industry have on the economy?

    Does the “Political Class” really think we are all this naive?

    • rmarqua2921

      Maybe you can help me with an explanation! All I hear from the Republicans is the Democrats are socialist and we now have to pay for all those “free loaders”, but I don’t see this in the Health Care Act! Many people in the USA have no insurance and show up at the ER and get care and don’t pay for it. After awhile they have to declare bankruptcy to get rid of all these medical bills! I want the Republicans to understand who pays for these bills of these “freeloaders”? THOSE OF US WHO PAY OUR BILLS AND HAVE INSURANCE! For me that is what the new mandate is mostly about! How can the Republicans be against this? This means all Americans have to take responsibility for their health care! WHY ARE THE REPUBLICANS AGAINST THIS?

      As far as new taxes are concerned, if you have insurance you will never have to pay a fine (tax)! What do the Republicans have against “free loaders” paying taxes? Do you think that any member of Congress or their rich friends are ever going to have to pay any fines because they do not have insurance? If you do I have a piece of land in Arizona you might be interested in!

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Here is the explanation I will offer to you, tell me what you think?

        Most of the individuals who currently use the use the ER for their Healthcare will continue to do so as they mostly can not afford or will not give up something the currently spend on in order to purchase Health Insurance. They most likely will not pay taxes nor the penalty as they have no tax liability. This bill does nothing to reduce the cost of Healthcare to make it more affordable. Therefore you and I will continue to pay for them only we will pay for them. However we will pay for them every month in our increased premiums.

        The individuals who will now be taxed are manly those under 40 years old who really don’t need Health Insurance of the nature required under this bill. If they are concerned about a major illness they would be best off buying a high deductible plan ($10,000) and if they take care of themselves probably don’t need this either. Example: I never visit a doctor between the age of 25 and 51. I then had a hernia surgery when I was 51 and paid $15,000 for it. I had determined that I saved almost $100,000 by this action.

        I again did not visit a doctor until 58 at which time I decided to carry a $10K deductible plan which cost my wife and I $548/month. This time with all the test run, I was required to pay out of pocket $3,500.00. If I were to have a plan as required under the bill, my cost will be $1500.00/month for just me and an additional $1000.00 for my wife (I Checked). Last year instead of costing us $10,076 it would have cost us $30,000. Is this fair? I would rather save this for my retirement.

        I do not care about Congress or their rich Friends. I care about me, my family and my community. I take responsibility for my health and my healthcare now. Why should I be required to take care of someone who does not take care of their health or their healthcare by paying almost $20,000 more per year?

  • cathy55

    I am so happy that the health care has been passed.Thanks to everyone who supported it, and remember we are all human beings and we equal health care.Thanks

  • jakegille1

    I must be a real left wing liberal without knowing it!! The president made a lot of sense and the “presumed republican candidate” was a TOTAL ANAL APERTURE!!!

  • Romney will say anything to get elected. He thought the mandate it was fine when he was gov of MA. I would rather have the government between me and my doctor than an insurance company.

  • Landsende

    Romney and all the teapublicans are bashing the SCOTUS decision and threatening to repeal it if Romney is elected. They are bashing the AHC plan but have not said what their alternative would be so we would know whether they are really serious about affordable health care for everyone. The AHC plan was modeled on Romneys plan when he was governor of Massachusetts which he is now saying is not good for the American people. I guess when it benefits him politically it’s a good plan but when it benefits the president it’s not. No wonder he’s called etch-a-sketch Romney the flip flopper. Unless you listen to the misinformation (lies) on Faux News almost everyone will benefit from the plan especially those with pre-existing conditions and those with serious illnesses that are near their lifetime max.

  • Let Romney ACTUALLY present a plan. Let’s hear what he proposes, rather than glittering generalities, vague threats, and doom and gloom. Any Asshole can rail against things. It takes a real person to propose a viable and atractive alternative . . . .

    • onedonewong

      It will start with a total overhaul of our Tort system, which enables Trial lawyers to pilfer $400B a year from the healthcare system

  • this guy( Romney ) is a joke hes not for people hes for his super pacs and his rich rich friends and he does that on our backs. I have a nephew who is going to benefit because of the the ruling today he was born with CF and now he will get the help he needs thank you MR President YOU HAVE MY VOTE IN 2012

    • davia55

      You Know!!!!!! Ron Paul is still in the race. It would be refreshing to have a dose of honesty. OR Brace yourself, Obama is going to come with his bag of promises…lol Tell me one promise he ever saw through from his “change change change” bull.

      • To initiate change, you’ve got to have the corporation from everybody for it to come about.. Not just a few while the others go around poisoning the airwaves with innuendos, lies and hate speech.. When Obama promised change, he was relying on a Nation who would back him up, not a declaration stating, “We will not pass any Democratic bill until Obama is out of this Office”.. Tell me what YOU could have accomplished with vindictive opposition all around you such as this? He’s done what he could with the resources given him. You say he’s evil like Satan so get rid of him NOW yet all the bottom feeders, sharks and crooks can stay until their time runs out.. Sounds like your picking on the man and not his position. I would like to see Ron Paul win myself, the GOP had their opportunity to really snatch the big top but look what they settled for.. Mittkins the goose greased parrot.. One of their own, a puppet among masters.

        • davia55

          Read the book Amateur

      • How Many Times Has Ron Paul Ran !!LOL RON PAUL IS A JOKE STOP Wasting Your Time DUMMY

        • davia55

          OMG there you go again Fern….is that like the plant…lol
          Anyways……….Ron Paul is brilliant. Listen to him. Oh Waite…you don’t listen….there is OBAMA he is the greatest….doesn’t matter he hasn’t done anything but dig a 16 trillion dollar debt….read some of the books out there on OBAMA…can u do that?

          • He Can Will And Have Done More Than Romney Lying Flip Flop Butt Will Ever Do!! Mr Strip And Ship Has Koch Brothers As His Handlers And Bush Old Staff Members In Mitt Staff You Are Just Plain Stupid And A Retard If You Think He Good For America!!! Blame You GOP/Tea Party American Taliban They Blocking Everything And Promise To Stop All Recovery!! Ron Paul Is Nothing But A Low Down KKK Member Screw Him And You!!

          • You Should Listen To Yourself You Are Just BRAINWASHED!!! I Never Will VOTE FOR NO KKK MEMBER!!

          • Man

            Shame on you, you are a disgrace.

    • davia55

      I hope all works out for your nephew

  • probic

    romney is good for the economy – he will see to it that your job will be sent to china along with your pay check and his bank account but he hasn’t considered what the chinese will do with the american dollar can you speak chinese better learn and learn to sleep in a container ( like the water lines ) should he get the position ( leader of the free world ) i have no doubt he will change his name and religion

    • You Tell Them probic!!!! But It’s Just A Waste Of Time They Are BRAIN DEAD!!!

  • Sweeeny

    Sorry but I see very little difference between what Obama said was in the plan and what Romney’s proposed replacement would be. He said pretty much the same except for the standard rhetoric at the end – higher taxes, big governement, killing jobs (no irony there then!)

  • onedonewong

    This is the largest tax increase in this countries history after SS. At least the SC identified what obamacare is and so much for the claim that “I will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250K” barak husname Obama

  • davia55

    This Obamacare is the fast track to make the country go bankrupt. Obama wants to push this through to stack the deck for election day, but hopefully people will have the god given sense to say to themselves “where is the money coming from for this!!!!!!!!)

    • jimackermann

      Amen. And just name one other program that the Federal Government has managed well.

  • Note that President Obama gave a reasoned and balanced response to the decision….absent any political “chest beating’, while mitt pander responded with his typical lame and vacuous comment.

  • People in Washington are elected to act on behalf of the people, unfortunately, some are there with their hidden agenda. Thank God for this President, Mr. Barrack Obama. He is for the people and with the people. This is a FORWARD move for us all and we thank God that the Supreme Court justices saw it fit to stand for us and not politicians. I love you Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama. God bless you Sir.

    • That’s What I Say Also!! He Cares About ALL The People Of The United States Not Just The WEALTHY!!!

  • ralphkr

    I am highly critical of ObamaCare but… it is so much superior to what was available before, namely: nothing. I am still glad that it was upheld since it guarantees that my great-grandchildren shall have access to health care. What is wrong with ObamaCare? Well, the personal mandate should be a $1800 for single and $2500 for families, the guaranteed huge profits for big pharmas and insurance companies should be eliminated, the paper shuffling overhead must be addressed (20% to 40% of our health care dollar goes to paper shuffling while Taiwan only spends 2% to 4%. It is a pity that we are not as smart as they are), the excessive cost of educating doctors must be addressed. Some parts of the US are addressing that problem by financing education in return for the promise from the future doctor that he shall practice in their locale for 10 years. Naturally the Republicans want our health care system for those who do not have private health insurance to be: “No insurance? Then stop bothering us and go away and die.”

    • davia55

      Where do you think the money will come from? Canada has the healthcare Obama is pushing for. Did you know people in Canada die waiting to get in to see a specilist! That’s right! My friend in Canada was diagnosed with a tumor on her pituitary ( brain tumor) almost 2 years ago. She is on the waiting list to see a team of neurologist which takes up to 2 – 2 1/2 years. It’s all fine as long as it is something minor like stitches or a broken bone. There s no such thing as a free lunch, this Obamacare is going to suck whatever life is left in the country financially. Before this crazy plan is put in place, there are bigger problems the country needs to tend to, like the trillions in debt. You can’t keep spending without a plan to repay. Think of the country like your own personal finances, if you kept spending, shrugging off your debts, what do you expect would happen!

      • Why Your Broke Ass Sucking Romney Butt He Not Going To Do A Damn Thing For You Nor For This Country Just More Trickle Down Bullshit Thats Only Works For The Wealthy!! Stop Sucking Koch brothers Butt And Go Get A Job!!! Or I Forgot Romney Shipped Them Overseas For Cheap Labor!!

        • davia55

          Romney did the shipping because OBAMA opened up the border for free trade. I am not going to respond to anymore of your ingnorant ass responses, you havn’t a clue. Go to the bar and pick up more gossip to blog. You havn’t a clue what you’re talking about.

          • Man

            See who is call someone else ignorant, you are a waste to the USA.

      • ralphkr

        Well, davia55, we spend far more per capita on health care than ANY country with universal health care (about double per person than the average for all civilized countries) under the system in place prior to ObamaCare. Of course, ObamaCare isn’t going to save much of the money that we waste because of the built in profits for insurance companies and big pharma but if it was set up properly every person could have health care and the overall cost would be less than it is now. Just changing the way bills and payments are handled would reduced the current waste age on paperwork from the current 20% (Kaiser) to 40% (non-self-insurers) to a manageable 2% to 4%. You are correct that there is no such thing as a free lunch but we are paying for a Maybach and getting a Tata Nano.

        I am so pleased that your friend shall be able to see a specialist so quickly in Canada (I bet if she had the cash in hand she could see a specialist within a few days) since if she was in the US and had no insurance or cash she would be waiting until the undertaker came for her. People die every day in the US because they do not have the cash available for medical care. I have met a number of Canadians who were complaining bitterly about having to come to the US for medical care because there were no beds available at home (their trip and care being paid for by Canada). Of course, their basic complaint was not so much about having to come here but that Canada would not pick up the tab to fly their family and friends to visit them. A lot of Canada’s medical problems are caused by their government busy cutting costs by closing hospitals and limiting class sizes in medical schools.

        By the way, davia55, the US was in debt when it came into being and has NEVER been out of debt (some economists claim that we had 2 years with no debt but that was because our national debt was under $1 million which I definitely consider a debt).

        • davia55

          Lets start from the end and move backwards…I million debt is still debt, but a far cry from seventeen trillion dollars…..agreed?
          Canadians can go to the states for medical treatment, but it is on their own dime. That is the reason the Canadians take out health insurance when traveling in the states. Only under extremely rare circumstances does the Canadian gov’t pitch n and pay the bill.
          If you really believe this new health system will save you money, then they really are master salespeople. Did you know there was only one doctor invited to assist putting this system together, and he wasn’t a general practitioner! That is like planning a golf course without knowing how to golf.
          By the way….keep calling it Obamacare…a narcissist needs that constant validation.

          • ralphkr

            Is it really all that much more? In my lifetime the federal debt was highest during Truman’s tour (aftermath of WW2) when it hit 117% of GDP but had dropped to 93% of GDP by 1949. By 1965 debt had dropped to under 40% and kept dropping until it hit low 30% by the time Reagan took over. Reagan’s brilliant leadership quickly raised the debt to over 50%, Bush to over 65%, Clinton dropped it to under 58%, Bush II jumped it to over 74%, and Obama is the first Democrat to increase the national debt to the present 99% level and still climbing. Just look at modern history: Republican presidents (Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush) all increased debt while Democratic presidents (Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton) all reduced the national debt compared to GDP (the true measure of debt). Obama is struggling with trying to clean up the mess he inherited (low GDP which did go up in 2010 & 2011 combined with high demand for gov’t spending). It was soundly proven that bad economic times MUST be combated by increased gov’t spending. Looking back to Hoover who epitomizes the current conservative thinking that bad times calls for drastic cuts in government spending (we all know how well that worked) and then Roosevelt who took over and had us out of the depression within 2 years by spending vast sums of borrowed money on infrastructure (much better use of funds than Obama or Bush who spent most of the money helping the rich instead of on funding jobs. The latter two seem to believe in “trickle down” economics and ignore the fact that the economy shall not be healthy until the majority of the populace has money available to make purchases.

            The Canadians I have met in the US have all been here on the Canadian dime, in one case the woman was sent here to give birth because the Canadian gov’t was busy shutting down local obstetrical units. I have heard of some Canadians and other foreigners coming to the US for hospitalization but that is because over here they can get concierge service (hospital suite with catered meals and private nurses) which is not available in their home countries but is available to anyone here who wishes to spend the big bucks.

            I do not believe that Obamacare shall save me money BUT do I know that true universal health care would save the US a vast sum of money currently wasted by us and result in longer life spans and get our infant mortality rate out of the third world category. Of course, there is the possibility that Americans ARE dumber than any other people on earth and shall be unable to come to world wide standards.

          • Man

            Do we call it Romneycare? If you have n othing to say, just go to bed.

  • Romney is not only a joke, he is a big danger to ordinary Americans. Romney group just hacked into Obama’s speech in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Watch obama video above and see for yourself. America will soon know the real dangerous Romney.

  • Romney , Mr Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Is What Is Ruining This Country With Their Never Ending Money Hoarding!!! Striping Companies And Shipping Jobs Overseas For Cheap Labor!!

    • davia55

      Time for you to read more than headlines

      • Time For You To STFU Talking To Me !! Butt Sucker!!

        • And Time For You To Go Suck Some More Rich People Butts!!! Talking To You davia55 GO SUCK MORE BUTT ELSEWHERE!!!

      • Man

        No, it is time you go to bed.

  • Ted

    romney is not only a joke but also there is evil in him, he is rich can afford health care insurance, he has the money to buy the most expensive health care, does not work for middle income americans, he wants to cut taxes for the rich, he should pay more. President Obama is in the palm of God, the president will succeed more for God is guiding him.

    • davia55

      Don’t hate someone because they are rich. Means they were a good business man, plus he was raised in a family of generations of business people. Think of the country like a business, who would you want to run it? A community activist, or someone with proven experience. Don’t forget, Mitt isn’t the only one still in the running. I think it is time to get someone in there who can do more than blow smoke up your a$$

      • Man

        A community activist is a person with a soul, somebody who brings out his time to help others. I wont think of this country as a business. business has no soul. I wish you will just stop writing. A fool will always be one.

  • Pres. Obama cares ;Mr. Romney does not .Sound mind is in sound body and the sound judgement is with the President!

    • davia55

      Cares?? He can give a great speech, very charming, but his promises are empty words.

      • Man

        You are nothing but a Gop fool. shame on you once again.

  • Kocolate

    Romney clearly does not measure up to the President. He does not have the intelligence, charisma, wit, class and depth that envelops Obama. Romney is a rich man (so what) without any personality or knowledge of working with people of all cultures and classes. He needs to stick with the corporations (who are people to him) and deal with his rich buddies. Go Away!!

    • davia55

      Are you for real! Charisma, wit, class….he isn’t running for freakin prom king, What is needed is some who can manage the country, someone qualified to hold the most powerful position in the world. I don’t give a rats ass if he plays nice in the freakin sandbox. I don’t think we have ever had a less qualified person run the country. He went from community activist to president. Now that takes one hell of a salesman, but all he has accomplished is learning how to do stand up comedy, deliver a good line.

      • Man

        @ davia55
        you are sick, and i believe you need this obamacare more than anyone. Are you comparing Romney to Obama? Shame on you.

  • Hey ( Romney ) that a girl..

  • After playing both clips, one would have to be an idiot to vote for Romney.
    I must have counted 6 lies he told????
    There is no choice in the next Presidential vote – Vote for the standing President (STANDING TALL)