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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

President Barack Obama and Republican nominee-to-be Mitt Romney had sharply contrasting reactions to Friday’s jobs report, which showed that the economy added a net 163,000 jobs.

That number outpaced the expectations of economists, who generally only expected the economy to add about 100,000 jobs. While private sector hiring went up in July — with 172,000 jobs created — the public sector continued to lag behind, losing 9,000 jobs.

Despite these solid numbers, the unemployment rate increased from 8.2% to 8.3%. This surprised economists, who expected it to hold steady. One explanation for how the unemployment rate could have gone up despite the solid job growth is that the two numbers are derived from different surveys; the jobs numbers come from the “establishment survey,” in which the Bureau of Labor Statistics polls businesses, while the unemployment numbers come from the “household survey,” in which it polls people.

Speaking at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, President Obama stressed that “we’ve now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months, and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year.”

“Those are our neighbors and family members finding work and the security that comes with work,” he added.

At the same time, the president also noted that the economy is still not as strong as it should be.

“We’ve got more work to do on their behalf, not only to reclaim all the jobs that were lost during the recession, but also to reclaim the kind of financial security that too many, Americans have felt was slipping away from them for too long,” Obama said.

Romney, on the other hand, told reporters in Las Vegas, Nevada that the jobs report was “another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of America.”

Despite the fact that the numbers were better than anticipated, Romney argued that “I think it’s an extraordinary failure of policy, a failure of leadership, and I think it’s a moral failure for a country as successful and prosperous as our own to go now four years in a mode which feels to many people like a recession.”

Romney used the opportunity to pitch his economic plan, which he claims would add 12 million jobs over 4 years. This number is difficult to fact check, however, given that — as with most of Romney’s plans — the one page “plan for a stronger middle class” is severely lacking in details.

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  • BozoMustgo2

    If I were part of the Obama campaign it would be fair game to compare Romney’s record of job creation as governor of MA year for year with the President’s record. I think we would see Romney lagging far behind and it would put to rest Willard’s political rhetoric. I would go so far as to compare Mitten’s record at Bain Capital of creating jobs while being a corporate raider on a year to year basis or gross to gross comparison.

  • Does anyone, yes anyone, believe what Romney says? I don’t think even his wife does…

    • Question should be Does anyone believe O Bomb Us

    • Romney Don’t Believe What Romney Say!! He’s A Big Flip Flopping Liar And A SOCIOPATH!!

  • jerrimyers

    In spite of the obstructionist tactics of the Republicans, the country is making progress. It would have been much faster had the President had cooperation in reaching the goals he has for America. Slowly and surely we are getting back what was lost during the Bush years and that is due to our President’s strong leadership and determination. Don’t forget this administration began with the promise from the Republicans to do whatever it takes to see that President Obama was a one-term president.

    • Apparently you don’t see what the rest of the country is seeing. Step away from the kool-aide and once it has worn off, open your eyes to reality. He’s got you snookered hook, line and sinker. Look at BO’s record. He can’t even run on it!

      • BDD1951

        Yes he can. He hasn’t murdered over 3,000 American men and women in Iraq and thousands of innocent civilians like Bush did. That war in Iraq was only to save Halliburton from bankruptcy. At least he went after the mastermind of 9/11 when Bush and his thugs thought it was unimportant. Let Romney win and we will have communism in America. What did we get out of that war? Widows and orphans.
        Bush and his thugs should all be in prison for treason.

        • JAR1958

          Nobody wins with war, and the goverment only can do so much for the economy,we need small business to take over and hire people cause big business and multinationals are taking care of billionares only!! so if your one of them vote for the Mit “fighter ” he will take care of them.

          • BDD1951

            I was talking about President Obama. I should have said that instead of just saying HE. If someone votes Republican, they vote against their own best interests.

        • Bush is gone. Has been gone 4 years, by now all that stuff shuld have been fixed! B.O. now has a war of his own, been there three years.

          • Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, just shows how little you know about the process. The previous presidents policies spill over to the next president and cause havoc for years. Go back to school and learn something about the way government works!!!

        • HJB

          Our leaving the Iraq War has nothing to do with our concern for the sanity of life. We are funding Planned Parenthood with no wish of a deductible to murder several times more than 3,000 babies in the name of abortion. And since when has the average abortion become healthcare?

      • TheSkalawag929

        What is apparent is the location of your head.
        There has been an increase in private sector jobs over the past 29 months. The only sector to continually lose jobs is in the public sector.
        I wonder if there is a direct correlation with the job losses in that sector with the states that have been taken over by republican legislatures. If there is it would seem to me that the republicans would be more to blame for the increase in the unemployment rate than the President.
        And the Kool-Aide line is passe’. Kind of like what the republican party is fast becoming.

      • How many times are people going to show there ignorance and act like children. No one asks you agree with anything either the facts instead of inventing them. If you have any training respectful disagreement does not cost you anything.
        Try it. You might also try and since you seem to speak for everyone, understanding this country’s problems were not made in 3 years and will not be fixed in three years. Try being a part of the solution instead of the problem.

      • shonti

        President Obama at least can remember his record. Does it occur to anyone that Romney has no short term memory?

    • A voice of reason, surely I must be dreaming. Thank you for making a rational non-biased comment.

      • Sweeeny

        It might be accurate but its not unbiased just because it agrees with your thinking.

    • ericrrr

      The Prez had his 1st two years having both the house and the senate and yet nothing really got done. In fact in spite of all the wild spending , things got worse.

      • DurdyDawg

        That’s because Dubya’s policies were still in effect.. You can not become president then wipe out any and all bills that the former president put into effect no matter what the Mittwit tells you.. His, “First thing I will do is get rid of Obamacare” BS is just that.. It STILL takes a super majority to even contemplate such actions. Go back and take social studies again nim nod.

    • I must disagree with your statement that “this administration began with the promise from the republicans to do whatever it takes to see that President Obama was a one term president”. When the Administration began there was a majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate. There still is in the Senate. For 2 years, the Administration worked solely on Health Care while the country was losing jobs left and right and the Economy was in freefall. Now, how can we blame it on the Republicans, please tell?? All of a sudden the Administration sees the LIGHT and wants to work on jobs. Well, believe what you want too, but you need to at least get your facts straight before you start your evaluations.

  • I suspect that most people have long ago realized nothing Romney says can be taken at face value. He is a serial liar prone to inventing fantazy scenarios that he hopes will sound good to his audience — many of whom have no interest in the truth anyway.

    • LOL Do u not listen to the great one on e TV news ,,, O bomb us,, He cant get anything rt. He and his staff need to go

      • TheSkalawag929

        ron r your problem is that you spend TOO much time in front of the TV. Between Faux Noise and the cartoon channel you are killing off all your little gray cells. Get out in the real world and see what is really going on.

    • “He is a serial liar” Romney is absolutely wrong for this country. So is the illegal in the oval office. BO is guilty of the same, lying through his horse teeth. Ask him about his identity theft issues (a felony), using an SSN that was not issued to him and can’t pass eVerify using his name.

      The SSN he’s using was originally assigned to a guy born in the late 1800s. Also ask him why his bogus “birth certificate” shows blatant fraud and tampering (also a felony), issued from a state he never lived in. He says he was born in Hawaii, but the numbers on his SSN# 042-68-4425 says Connecticut where he never lived in his life. The numbers 042 come from Connecticut, not Hawaii. Get a clue folks.

      Evidence is all over the place and yet you all are so blind to the truth. The guy is an illegal. When oh when will you guys wake up and realize you’ve been had?

      • TheSkalawag929

        betta you have spent to much time in the nether reigions of your lost world.
        Where do you come up with the guano that you are spreading around? I guess if you can’t come up with facts to back up your claims then making stuff up is the next best thing.

      • rustingdreams

        Dear Betta. Thank you for your posts! Your venomous statements are doing more to promote President Obama than all the others praising him combined. Keep up the good work!

      • lovmaui

        You know not what your talking about. You are the one that’s blind to the truth

        I almost feel sorry for you, almost

      • BDD1951

        There were no SSNs until the 1930s. Jeez. Imposible for one to be assigned in the 1800s.

        • She’s Just One Of Many TROLLS Running Loose Around Here Begging For Attention!!

        • but, but, it has to be true, Fox News reported it, so it must be true!

      • Joseph Hemphill

        quick, wal-mart running a sale on tin foil protector hats and survivalist kits and the latest issue’s of kkk weekly.

      • bigspender7

        Hey betta. How can you be so stupid?

    • shonti

      I have spent months listening to Romney. His short term memory is no more. He cannot remember things that he said 10 minutes earlier. It is like Reagans’ second term when Nancy was handing her husband messages and whispering to him on stage to keep him on track. Romney never has had social skills and now with his 2 minute memory he is living in the past. He still doesn’t know that the United States and Russia are friends.

  • montanabill

    U6 (total unemployment) 15%. Look for the 163,000 number to be revised. Lately the trend has been to revise monthly numbers downward, but it might also be revised up. However, household surveys indicate a loss of 195,000 jobs, so that’s a pretty strong indication for downward revision.
    President Barack Obama said in February 2009 that his presidency would be “one-term proposition” if the economy did not recover in three years. Guess what?
    Even if you don’t believe Romney has more than a 10% chance of getting the economy moving again, that is 10% better than the chance that Obama will get it going.

    • johninPCFL

      So going from -750k jobs/mo to +163k jobs/mo isn’t enough?

      • montanabill

        I presume you are referring to the last part of the Bush Presidency when the Democrats controlled Congress to today. The answer is no.

    • rustingdreams

      Big sky. When he said that, he thought the congress would support his efforts. Considering what he’s had to deal with, he’s done all right. With a Democratic House behind him next term, and with what he’s learned about the loyal oposition, things will get turned around. I hope you’ll reconsider your position! Don’t put us back into the trickle down era. Thanks!

      • montanabill

        He had two years of getting anything and everything he wanted. Things quickly got worse. It’s the wrong solution. If you have a job or hope to get a job, it is or will be ‘trickle down’ economics. It always has been that way no matter what it was called. If you can define a way that bottom-up economics or middle-out economics works, I like to hear it.

        • rustingdreams

          Just got back from my usual 60 minute easy morning run and noticed your reply to my comment. Thanks for taking the time to reply and for not hurling insults as so many do. If more people would discuss things in a civil manner, issues might get resolved.

          I suspect there are things we agree on, as well as many we probably don’t. I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on issues and you can reply if you care to.

          We agree that the economy is not in good shape right? And we both want it to get better. How did it happen and how to best fix it?

          I maintain that this is not just America’s problem but rather is a global problem. When looked at it from that perspective, and when you compare unemployment and other economic factors with other industrialized nations, we don’t look so bad. Our economy is so intertwined with the rest of the world you must view it this way.

          I also think we are not, any time soon, going to return to the America our parents knew. We are much too impatient for a quick fix. You mentioned Obama’s first 2 years. Two years is nothing in today’s economy. The President made two mistakes early on, in my opinion. First he was way too focused on putting through his health care agenda. That drove a wedge between him and his opponents right away. He should have focused on the economy immediately and had he had success, would have rec’d more support on health care later. Secondly he was looking too much through rose colored glasses and thought the Republicans would back or at least compromise on his agenda. Big mistake.

          I agree somewhat with what you said about “trickle down”. It is true that very few jobs are created by poor people. Both small and large business are the engines that create jobs. Obama understands this, and is in fact, pro business. The reason I prefer him to Romney, is that he understands the plight of the little guy better. TIME magazine recently had a good article, stating that Romney was very good at taking a business and trimming it down to mean and lean, and yeilding excellent short term profits. But this is not what we need now. We need long term solutions. I’m afraid you’ll find a lot of suffering if his methods are used. My daughter works for Staples and she has told me how their success works for their employees. Not good!

          I know you probably don’t agree with much of this, but I feel strongly that we’re headed in the right direction and that we need to get stronger, together, gradually. It’s not going to happen overnight. Thanks!

          • montanabill

            I agree that we are tied to a global economy, but there are a lot of things we could do right here at home to improve ourselves. I haven’t seen the President do a single thing to improve business conditions. It has been proven many times that Keynesian policies do not work when the country trying them is already in debt. Initially there was, in fact, some effort by the Republicans to work with the President but were repeated reminded that their ideas would not be included in Democrat bills and that it was his way or the highway. Being required to vote for something that includes none of the things you want, is not compromise. Then the health care bill simply amplified that position. We have tremendous energy resources that could easily lessen our dependence on foreign oil and create good paying jobs. This President has pledged to kill the coal industry, which now has to ship energy overseas. Thankfully, independent oil/gas producers are opening as much private reserves as they can with the constraints they under, but it would be extremely helpful for at least some public lands to be opened for exploration. We still have not build any new refineries. The XL pipeline is a point of contention. It could produce new jobs and continuing jobs. There are already pipelines in place, this was to be an addition. The existing pipelines are not a problem, so what is the real reason the President has to study this pipeline to death? I know the environmentalist are claiming we are poisoning the earth and creating global warming, but short of absolutely stopping the population bomb, nothing we do will have any effect.
            There are other articles on Bain capital that paint a different picture than the politicized TIME article. TIME is not a bastion of fair reporting. Bain doesn’t run Staples. They simply helped get it started so that people like your daughter would have a place to work, but she has a choice. If the conditions don’t suit her, she can find another job. If none are available, at least she is working. I started a new business just a few years ago. Compared to the ones I started in the 70’s, it was a regulation nightmare. It cost a year and millions more to get it going than it should have. Obama is not responsible for all the regulation and regulatory agencies, but he has made the problem many times worse for anyone trying to create a business today. Even during this economy, I have been able not only to create a new business, but expand my existing businesses. I have been hiring all along. It has been done with the capital I generate from those business, which are all S-Corps or LLC, and taxed at my individual (maximum) rate. If Obama is successful at raising taxes on me, that will be less expansion money and fewer new jobs. The Republican claims about this are not wrong.

          • rustingdreams

            You may find it hard to believe, but my wife and I are both registered Republicans. I do agree with some of the things you have said, but certainly not all. For example, I understand your feelings toward too many regulations, many of which are just busy work and sometimes overlaping. If we could somehow get rid of ones that are unnecessary,it would help everyone. I also have run 3 different businesses, and found many regulations troublesome, but not nearly to the extent you described. I wonder why?

            I agree also that the Congress has been worse than useless and are the main reason the economy has made little progress. But it’s funny how we view the lack of compromise from completely different perspectives. I abhor comments made by some congressmen/senators stating that their #1 goal is to see to it that the President is not reelected. I hope you agree that the main goal should be to improve the economy and the country in general. They can try to defeat him at election time.

            Also, I’m curious what you think about the fact that Grover Norquist has persuaded almost all Republicans to sign his pledge to never raise any taxes, no matter what. This problem alone has sealed the fate of all compromise. We’ll never be able pay down our debt without a balanced approach to it. All credible economists agree on this.

            And finally, both my wife and I, simply do not trust Gov. Romney. We have watched all the debates, and most of his speeches. We have no idea where he stands on most issues. Much of what he’s saying now is in direct contradiction to what he said in the debates. Also I would certainly like to see him release his back tax returns, so we can see how he handles his personal finances, because it will give us a better feeling what kind of a man he is. Our first choice from that poor crop of candidates would have been Huntsman.

            Bottom line here is we are two Republicans who will not be voting for Romney!

          • montanabill

            I don’t know that I trust Romney either, but I trust the President less. Like too many politicians, he says whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear. The good news is, that in this day and age, you can easily look up everything he has said to find the innumerable contradictions and find that, mostly it has had no bearing on what he tries to do. Instead of trying to get anything done, he has been in campaign mode since the Republicans took back the House. When he has proposed something, it is so ludicrous that even the Democrats vote against it. I want the economy to come back and it will not do that while Obama is President. If Romney is elected, he won’t have to do anything but kill Obamacare and start a new health care initiative and the economy will come roaring back out of relief.
            I’m like many conservatives who remember the last time Democrats promised to cut spending if only the Republicans would agree to raise taxes. We got the taxes, but no spending cuts. Even the cuts they have offered since 2008 have been to proposed spending increases rather than real spending. If real, substantial spending cuts on irrevocably on the table, the Norquist pledge will be ignored as have all similar pledges in the past. However, it will probably come in the form of a complete overhaul of the tax code rather than more nips and tucks. It certainly can’t be just a tax increase on the top 10% because that will do more damage than good.

          • rustingdreams

            Montanabill, it looks like we’ll be checking different boxes in this November’s election, but I wanted to thank you for your opinions. I respect your thoughts and think we actually agree on quite a few things, except for the character and motives of the candidates.

  • Imagine what the job market would be like had Mitt “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” Romney had his way. This country would have been pushed over the edge into an abyss of a depressioncausing an economic tsunami not seen since the Great Depression of 1929!

  • The Congress, who’s members have thrown many political spitballs and given each other many political wedgies, has shown a movement toward sophomoric and adolescent behavior and are the envy of children all over the world. President Obama, the adult, has guided this country pretty well despite Congress. Think of what he could have done with even a little cooperation from Congress. Instead they get a gold in filibusters.

  • Romney used the opportunity to pitch his economic plan, which he claims would add 12 million jobs over 4 years. This number is difficult to fact check, however, given that — as with most of Romney’s plans — the one page “plan for a stronger middle class” is severely lacking in details./// for the anti-christ has no plan all he can do is knock others when he hasnt got a clue nor any type of plana he,s just an idiot

  • Hughes Hunt

    Tricky Mitt Romney thought his disastrous overseas tour would get the American voters’ minds off his taxes: Wrong. Fact is that Tricky Mitt comes out more each day as a deceitful flip-flopper than as a duplicitous, wimpy candidate who obsesses to takeover the oval office. When you are running for president, you should be an open book. Tricky Mitt is no different from Bernard Madoff and Tricky Dick (Pres. Richard Nixon). For 50 years (half a century since 1960) Madoff was not charged with $65 billion fraud because of power, influence, bribery= secretly known as not a lawbreaker like Tricky Mitt and Madoff would never have been caught had he not voluntarily confessed.Senator Harry Reid himself is standing by his statement in going for the jugular with his two evidence that Tricky Mitt did not pay taxes for 10 years which is why Sen. John McCain didn’t choose him for VP. Seriously, Tricky Mitt cannot wait to buy the Presidency. In fact, thirty-two billionaires who are spending big to put Mitt in the White House accordingly want big things in return. This tax-cheating flip-flopper cannot be trusted to run for President and does not even have the decency or integrity to admit mistakes even if all evidences are jumping out at him.


    Leave it to Shitty Mitty to put a negative spin on anything that might make Obama look good.

  • Romney is a Ding a ling!…..he can’t win…I am so afraid of him and I am not a democrat..his wife never worked …he outsourced his employees …he don’t want to show his taxes…meaning shyt aint right…with this guy

  • I remember back in 2009 when Obama said that if unemployment ever reached 8.3 percent, he would be a “one-term President”. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wish him well in his next job.

    Just because he failed in his current position, doesn’t mean that his professional future has to be all failures as well. With his fabulous job history, he can always go back to being a Community Organizer, or maybe team up with his buddies Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezco. What? Are you sure that they are both in prison? Well, maybe they need a cell mate.

    • samanthag

      and maybe your boy mittens should join them

    • rustingdreams

      I don’t think too many of the writers here are with you Bob!

  • Obama 2012!

  • O Bomb Us has to go ,A lieing gutless well what ever

  • With about what , 50 million still unemployed…

    It is not my belief either side , nor the markets should get really over excited about this revelation …this boom in new hires..
    The seasonal and “temp to hire” jobs will end soon .

    We’ll see if the numbers of the now chronically unemployed has changed much at all without bringing back many many industries to America….maybe 10 years down the road.

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a DOD contract 🙁

  • Hyperbolic Mitt, there you go again! Hammer blow? Repeating the word ‘failure’ three times?Please. What’s that you say….you have a one page plan (that has no details)? Sure you do, Mittwit, sure you do.

  • That Goes To Show You Romney And His Rich 2% So Called Businessmen Are Still Shipping Jobs Overseas For The Cheap Labor!!!

  • Great News Even With The American Taliban Working Against Our Country There Was Till Over 100.000 New Jobs Added!!!

  • SunSet200054

    Our party has nothing to do with the numbers keep it real. Many Democrats are against Obama we are 6M and counting! Our party must and will change! Our party has forced me to VOTE Republican in November.

  • How About Showing Your Taxes So We Can See The Pain You Are Hiding!!

  • More Butt Kissing Of The Rich Men Will Not Happen Here!! Obama/Biden 2012!! I Will Never Vote For People Who Is Trying To Destroy This Country For Profit!!!

  • Its amazing how this guy keep trying to pull a trick out of the hat even when everybody is on to him.

  • onedonewong

    The private is doing fine, I’m doing fine not having to spend 1 nickle of my own $$$. Michelles mom and traveling companion are doing fine living in the WH and the taxpayers supporting them. my cousins are doing fine living in the WH while he finds work.
    The only people complaining out there are the dopes who pay taxes. So what that my secretary pays a higher tax rate than I do. All she has to do to fix that is get a quota degree and get welfare like I did

  • I’m with BDD1951
    Do many of you President Obamas HATERS remember the WAR that the BUSHE’s started from 1991-2012. And we’re still LOOKING for those WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION, that started this MESS…

    And the BILLIONS spent on the WAR and ALL the Soldiers that lost their lives and ALL the DISABLED VETERANS like me, that survived from the MESS they started…

    Let’s talk about that…Instead of cheering for the Repulicans, that HATE the fact that an AFRICAN AMERICAN is in the WHITE HOUSE…

    Why We ALL Can’t Just Get Along And Do What’s Right For The American People And The United States Of America…And Fight The FORCES Of EVIL…

    • Joseph Hemphill

      the forces of evil are the greedy old party, they want to subjugate women and minorities, continue wars of attrition, sacrificing the youth of the middle class and the poor, cut off all aid to the poor while enriching themselves, social engineer society with their skewed view of religion and keep the masses down with minimum wage jobs, all the while dangling the carrot of the American dream just out of reach to keep us all running the great hamster wheel of corporatism.

  • tntlimited

    Romney is a disgrace to American politics. His lies surpass any politician in recent memory! He has done a 180 degree reversal on everything he has said in the last
    10 years. He is the most untrustworthy candidate we have ever had for president,
    including Richard Nixon! Romney wants to return to the disasters of the Bush administration. He will double down on the Bush tax cuts, and the out of control spending on the military invasions that bankrupted this country. America cannot afford another 4 years of any Repu(g)lican in the white house!!!

  • desertdustoff

    mittens money romney is nothing but a koch whore who along with his tea bagging, american taliban obstructionist repugnicans will turn the USA into united serfs of america and a 3rd world country all to keep their mega (illegally) rich masters happy. GOP =greed over people.

  • Sweeeny

    It might be accurate but its not unbiased just because it agrees with your thinking.

  • Where is congress ,oh i’m sorry they just went on vacation while people are still looking for work. They deserve to they worked hard for 4 years saying no to jobs.

  • presiident obama needs 4 more years to get the country back on its feet, no help from the REPublican party ,

  • ReadTheFactsFirst

    In our local Red State Amarillo Newspaper, it doesn’t mention anything Obama does positive. Rather only on negative bias news, no one here knows about Bain and Romney’s role in tearing it down. I got banned from the Newspaper on commenting, because of the fact I bought it to light. If you want to stay on you have to bash Obama or say racist comments. The foolaid in this state is redder then any states, they probably thought Obama started WWI and WWII, and at church they thought Obama ate the apple instead of Adam to get us kick out of Eden.

  • All these Romeny ideas were the cause of our problems in the first place. Sorry it won’t work never has. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  • Jr132

    If you can look at the list of the president’s accomplishments after three years, and not be excited, you have a serious problem with perspective.


  • Here is something of logic. None of these individuals can bring the country back to where it was 20 years ago. Both Obama and Romney are poor choices in my opinion as leaders of this country, let alone the types that would leave their agendas behind for the love of the Republic. If you once think Obama is a strong leader, then you are far from reality. He has done nothing but fail regardless if the belief that the Republicans have caused some of that, as they would. A strong leader would be able to hone in the Republican Party to be a complete team on the hill and allowing forward progress. But knowing the agenda of Obama of trying to form the American Republic to a Socialized Country similar to our neighbors to the north, it justifies why the Republicans go against Obama. Obama is not the answer, neither is Romney for his distorted ideas on how to get America back on track. With the unemployment, its not the Republicans causing it to increase, its the fact undocumented workers are taking more work from the citizens. And when Obama opens more government jobs, that means the nation debt is increased. Not good, it turns around and lays those people off of work in a few months when the governement can’t afford those new jobs. Smoke and mirrors anybody. As for 911, it’s the real deal when you’re a troop. We didn’t go and fight in the sand box in vane. As for Bush, he didn’t fabricate the war, the extremist provoked it. The only thing Bush did is give Halliburton a way to save itself. And Linda, absolutely, w will not get anything accomplished with the group we have in the WH, Senate, and the House. They should all be excused and send home permanently and replaced with new faces abroad. Thus taking the name of “crook” out of politician for a while so that the real issues can be handled.

    In all, we are doomed with these two candidates for President. And can you believe forthe first time in American history that not one candidate had served in the military. So much for the title “Commander in Chief”.

  • Landsende

    As with so many things Romney is vague on details of his plan to create jobs except to cut taxes on the rich. If congress, who just went on a five week vacation, would pass the jobs bill it would put more Americans to work and help our aging infrastructure and the states. They figure if they stall long enough the unemployment figures and economy will worsen and they can blame it on the President. Congress should not be taking any time off or get paid until they pass a jobs bill and straighten out the mess they have created by refusing to work together for the good of the country. No wonder it’s called a do nothing congress with ratings in the teens.

  • No republican has ever had a detailed plan. With romney it’s the samr old BS.

  • DurdyDawg

    ” Romney used the opportunity to pitch his economic plan, which he claims would add 12 million jobs over 4 years. This number is difficult to fact check, however, given that — as with most of Romney’s plans — the one page “plan for a stronger middle class” is severely lacking in details.”

    That’s because he’s not POTUS yet, didn’t you read his lips? He said he’d reveal those tidbits AFTER he gets elected.. (whatta maroon).

    [click pic to enlarge]

  • msmonie

    Jerrimyers thank you for your truthful comment. The nation has to be reminded that the Republican opposition has killed more than three jobs bills.

  • Oh yea, but hope and change was a good idea

    • Just think, we could have had McCain and Palin! He doesn’t know how to send an e-mail, can’t say for sure how many houses he owns, and Palin can see Russia from her porch! What a missed opportunity! We could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

  • 4.5 million jabs @ just over 3 Million $ per job. WOW.

  • HJB

    What specifically has this administration done the past 90 days to help the currently unemployed americans find employment? The president and his administration approves of same-sex marriages. The president and his administration are in the process legalizing some 1.76 million illegal immigrants who will be issued work permits upon approval. Neither of these actions will enhance the currently unemployed to find jobs.