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Friday, October 28, 2016

President Barack Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney offered dueling responses to Friday’s mediocre jobs report, pivoting the presidential race back to the economy with four months to go until the election.

The Labor Department reported that the economy added 84,000 jobs in June, a slight increase over the 77,000 jobs which were added in May. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent.

To Romney, the number represented a “kick in the gut.”

“The president’s policies have not gotten America working again, and the president’s gonna have to stand up and take responsibility for it,” Romney told reporters gathered at a hardware store in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. “I know he’s been planning on going across the country and celebrating what he calls ‘Forward.’ Well, forward doesn’t look a lot like forward to the millions and millions of families that are struggling today in this great country.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way. America can do better, and this kick in the gut has got to end.”

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Obama, unsurprisingly, took a more optimistic view of the report. In a campaign speech in Poland, Ohio, the president called the jobs report “a step in the right direction,” but stressed that “we can’t be satisfied.”

“It’s still tough out there. We learned this morning that our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month. And that, overall, means that businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months, including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs,” Obama said.

“That’s a step in the right direction. But we can’t be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007,” he continued. “I want to get back to a time when middle-class families — and those working to get into the middle class — have some basic security. That’s our goal.”

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  • dellmartin

    Romney’s right, America can do better. And the way to start is to vote out the obstructionist congress. Let President Obama enact his job bills to put Americans back to work!

    • cuedos to you, their claim to fame is that they can do better and the best way to get there is by lying, deceit and obstruction. “Wake up America” give the president “FOUR MORE YEARS”

    • socaman

      I agree with you wholeheartedly dellmartin. Not only must we re-elect the President but we must vote the Democrats back in control of the House and strengthen the hold on the Senate. Anything short of this will be the continuing Republican obstructionism. WE NEED TO MOVE THIS GREAT COUNTRY FORWARD AGAIN (as we did before the crazy Tea Party extremists took control of the House in 2010)

  • montanabill

    Barack should total all the jobs he claims as saved or created over 3 years and use that number. It would be a much more impressive number than just the total for the last 28 months. Of course, you have to be sure not to reduce that number by subtracting jobs lost. If you are going to use B.S., use big B.S. In that vein, why aren’t we using the real unemployment rate of 18.2% instead of that wimpy 8.2% bogus number? I guess the President has to be careful where he puts his foot when taking that ‘step in the right direction’. Kinda like walking in a barnyard.

  • Screw Romney Him And His American Taliban Are The Ones Shipping American Jobs Overseas For Profits And The GOP/Tea Party Is Blocking All Recovery In Order To Make Obama A One Term President We The Smart People Out Here Are No Dummy We See Just Whats Going On!!! Romney And His 1% Thugs Just Want To Have Romney For Presdent In Order To Make More Money!! They Plan Is More Trickle Down Bullshit That Only Works For The Wealthy We Smart People Will Take Our Chances With Our POTUS Cause He For ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LIVES HERE NOT JUST THE 1% WEALTHY!!!

    • nanotica

      I agree. I cannot imagine what would have happened these years had Romney been President. It has been hard for President Obama, he stopped the snow ball of disaster that was rolling down the hill, he is still there keeping from continuing down the hill. The momentum was too great for him to stop it suddenly. But he is a hero in my eyes. Let us allow for him to continue doing what is needed, so the snow ball starts to go back uphill!!

    • socaman

      Fern Woodfork, I couldn’t have said it better myself…Thanks for being on point and you do have a way with words I may add.

      • Fern Woodfork Nanotica Socaman U all right hearing common sense from some of American smart, honest beautiful people make my heart sing.
        I never been so scare in my life, been biracial I never face anything like this.
        The Rich not just want to get rich they want to control America.
        They will buy your soul to get what they want in life.
        But I do know selling your soul is a debt you can never payoff.

        We the American people need to come together re-elect Obama and VOTE in a Congress they support he and the American people

      • LOL I Just Cut Thru The Crap And Lay It All Out!!LOL

    • chrio246

      i agree too that ass need to keep on shiting out the U S A

  • Romney is a serial liar! What a hypocrite.


  • bud2011

    Obozo never stopped campaigning, but never started leading. He is a disaster and needs to be replaced in November. Romney is a better choice.

    • Romney isn’t a good choice against Howdie Doodie.

  • adriancrutch

    Yahoo must have hired a bunch more idiot reporters!

  • I think considering how bad the economy was when the president took office and how poor the performance has been with congress, he has done a good job. His hands has been tied mostly behind his back with a just say no congress.

    • Z

      Preach!… Competent Americans have more than 30 second attention spans.

    • 101strac

      The question has to be asked, out loud, and continuously, from now till election day. “which President could have done any better than President Obama, while saddled with the most obstructionist congress in our history? Keep in mind, this republican dominated congress is fully prepared to let this country be brought to its knees, and it is up to us, average, working class Americans. to make sure this doesn’t happen. Keep all of the republican lying, cheating, deceptive practices , fresh in your mind, right up until you cast your ballot.

    • cdubay

      I TOTALLY AGREE. I am soooooo relieved to know that more people feel the same as I do.

  • Peoples425

    What’s interesting in Romney’s perspective is that he was talking about removing positions from public sector positions even though those have been the most secure and more often than ones that are giving Americans jobs than the private sector.

    My hope is that we can expect more from President Obama by re-electing him and kicking out this congress that continues to provide obstacles to equality and economy.

    • johninPCFL

      The public sector job losses are huge right now, and offset those coming along in the private sector. Instead of celebrating shrinking government, which the GOP says they want, it’s just another talking point.

      • Peoples425

        The losses in the public sector haven’t been noticeably talked about as of late and thus it would asinine for me to speak about that topic as though I did, however from what I do know, the unemployment within the Public sector was far below that of the private sector, but I’d have to research that one to know for certain whether or not it’d be concrete to comment on at this point.

  • More criticism from Mitt Romney. No suggestions about a solution other than return to the policies of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that got us into a recession in the first place.

  • How in God’s name (Romney is Mormon Christian and claims that this is his religeous mission, so this is an appropriately worded question) can he blatantly lie like this?! One stands out, “Obama’s policies have not worked to get the economy a boost.” The very best policies were not passed yet, due to philibustering on Romney’s (GOP) part. His polices never took effect! Everything the President tried to accomplish passes a majoirity vote! Romney and GOP created a supermajority only situation.

    • Z


  • johnniel1

    That’s both interesting and amusing at the same time… I’m with you.

  • Corporations are sitting on piles of money they don’t want to spend on new hires. They get good production out of the staff they have so why add more. Plus some corporations are holding back hoping thereby that the economy won’t show gains improving Romney’s chances in November.

    • jarheadgene

      You are correct. They are holding almost 2 Trillion dollars in CASH assets….that is the big corporations, not small businesses….small businesses have been taking it dry from behind since GWB…but not the big boys like Halliburton/KBR; rather, they have been dishing it out that way, as they did employ some women that they raped in Iraq and got away with it. And don’t forget big oil companies…record profits since GWB and that DICK Cheney.

  • johnniel1

    I lived in Mass. while Romney was governor. What an A-Hole. He bought a house over the border in N.H. because he said he was tired of fighting the traffic inEastern Mass. That’s an example of how he solves problems…(for himself)

  • greghilbert

    A pox on both their houses.
    The murderous transfer of wealth from the many to the few continues unabated, and
    to say one has had a lesser hand in it is to say manslaughter is better than first-degree murder.

  • Romney TALKS a good show but he has NO answers. What is HIS policy, aside from FIRING people, deregulating protections and SENDING jobs to China? They haven’t stolen ANY jobs. He and his ilk are the ROOT cause of the problems we face! Giving his Pals MORE opportunities to destroy our Ecology while stripping people of the ability to have affordable Health Care is NOT a good plan. It’s ALL “double-speak” for giving ALL the advantages to his Rich cronies! Never, EVER vote ReTHUGlican! The People, UNITED, will NEVER be defeated!

    • ExPAVIC

      A New One


      Is that anything like an American Taliban Republican Plutocratic Anti-everything?

      I believe the leader of both parties is Mitt “Send your money and all available jobs overseas” RoMoney.

      I hope one of his lily-white sons brings his African-American girlfriend home for a Mormon Thanksgiving dinner of roasted crow.

  • As long as repugnican refuse to vote for Obama’s jobs’ bills, there cannot be great progress. It is the failure of the repugnican congressmen to act in the interests of the American people who are to blame. Get rid of them – stop sending jobs overseas, and invest in America. Romney won’t do that, anymore than he’ll keep his own money in his own country. He’s such a farce. Too bad the waters of Winnepsaukee are now polluted.

    • Rowdysheree56

      Yeah….funny. Romney can’t keep his money here but he’ll make it better for who?? And won’t even disclose his tax returns…..Obama has been an open book about his personal life…and is closer to understanding the working middle-class and working poor than the millionaires!! Who don’t and never will give a shit about anyone but thenselves!!

  • ChristoD

    So Mitt, TELL US, what are YOU going to do to create jobs other than to say you are a Republican and business likes Republicans better than Democrats and THAT is why you should be elected ? By running the way you are Mittster, THAT is exactly what you are saying. Ain’t gonna work Mr. Magic Man and trickle down and tax cuts ain’t gonna work either, sooooooo………TELL us what SPECFICALLY you are going to do to create jobs ? SPECIFICS MITTSTER SPECIFICS. Folks, the way specifics ain’t coming because his plan is ‘trickle down and tax brakes’ IS his plan and that AIN’T GONNA WORK, PERIOD !

  • bcarreiro

    Mitt get a grip, George W. Bush jr. is to blame for this countries downfall along with his fat ratt( republicans and Corp. CEO’s) Obama is making the changes that this country needs but Congress is the flip-flop. We the people need the power of veto. So Mitt, u (obviously) can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. May Obama REIGN on your sharade. All the wealthiest of men cant be considered a middle class citizen it could ruin your altered ego’s.

  • Giving President Obama the chance to continue his term will mean prosperity for all Americans. He is more adept in solving the problems of the nations including the
    unemployment. He is most qualified, better than any other candidate of this great country! Dom Robles

  • Has anyone noticed the tone of the speeches the two made? Romney sounds like theres a funeral going on. Gloomy and Dark. Is that who we want as a leader? not me

  • SJ

    obama keeps flapping his yapper. “I will bring jobs back” what the hell is he waiting for? Four more years to do nothing and blame others….He gotta go!
    PINK SLIP obama….LIAR!

  • SJ

    Our Country needs a Real President, not a clown and his 3 ring circus of liars.

    Shame on you for always lying to The American People…shame…shame…
    were not as STUPID as you look obozo….

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yes SJ, Obama is still black. Sorry ’bout your luck, but you’ll just have to deal.

  • johninPCFL

    Other then the 4.4MM jobs already brought back? Other than reversing the 750K jobs per month being lost when he took over?

    He hasn’t been waiting, you’re just too stupid to notice.

  • johninPCFL

    Leading like creating 4.4MM jobs? Leading like stopping the 750K jobs per month being lost when he was inugurated? Leading like filing twice as many WTO actions against China in three years as GWB did in 8?

  • johninPCFL

    You OK with public sector job losses? Smaller government?

  • Landsende

    Most of the jobs being lost are in the public sector. It’s a vicious cycle because of high unemployment state and local governments are not receiving enough taxes so they start cutting teachers, police, firefighters, clerks, etc. which adds to the unemployment numbers. Even though big companies and banks are sitting on billions of dollars they say they won’t hire employees until the economy improves but unless more jobs are created there’s nobody to buy their products and pay taxes which would help the economy to improve. The only way the president can jump start the economy is to raise taxes and a stimulus package which the teapublicans fight tooth and nail. Paul Ryan’s budget which Romney supports calls for cutting government and taxes which means more unemployed with no safety nets because he also would cut unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs to help struggling americans which in no way helps the economy. Romney has now said he would jump start the economy by signing a trade deal with South America. Every free trade deal that has been signed with other countries inevitably leads to more jobs being outsourced for cheaper labor. How will that help the economy and unemployment? Unless Romney and the teapublicans can come up with better solutions than cutting jobs, cutting tax rates for the wealthy and big corporations and sending jobs overseas my vote will be for President Obama.

  • Sandyjasski

    Amen to all the comments below!!!!!!

  • Let’s put things in a little bit of context, about job creation by the Private Sector during the past 10 years, shall we? BUSINESS WEEK, reported in July of 2010, that, for all practical purposes, the period from 1999 – 2009; was a, “Lost Jobs Decade.” Private Companies only created 1.1 Million jobs during that period. Further, BW indicates that the jobs created, were nearly non-existent, as the Public Sector helped the Private Sector create some of their jobs in farming out both products and services the Public’s couldn’t provide themselves.

    This, “Lost Jobs Decade,” produced the lowest number of Jobs, since the Post War (WWII), Period. And, here’s the dirty little secret; this horrible performance took place, for the most part, under George W. Bush. To add insult to injury, in the biggest transfer of Wealth in the Nation’s History, Bush give the Rich, one of the most generous Tax Cuts ever!

    Wish this was the end of it for that Decade; but, no, not yet. Roughly, during that same period, the Government doled out a Trillion Dollars in Corporate Welfare. The Experts say that the Corporate Pigs, received about $100,000,000,000 ($100 Billion year, for ten years, when all of the special Perks that ordinary Tax Payers don’t received are all tallied up. Large sums of Cash; Tax Breaks for many; and subsidies for so many, like:

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Another disingenuous and outrageous statements by these same obstructionist Republicans celebrating that many Middle Class Americans can not find jobs!! Mr. Romney, Boehner, Cantor and Kevin McCarthy, our boy from Bakersfield, California, that based upon your recorded of legislative priorities, you haven’t noticed for the past for years there is a need for 12.5 Million unemployed American that are asking what happen to the President’s Job Bill that was introduced last September to Congress for action to create economic growth and more jobs for unemployed Americans that he introduced during his State of Union Speech to the Congress? Do you remember? THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH regarding another 84,000 low jobs report: Maybe you have forgotten because your supporters at the U.S CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (that should be called-The Communists China Chamber of Commerce) was the largest campaign contributor last year at $66.4 million dollars to create trade legislation to created so many jobs in Communists China and India, while displacing hundreds of thousands American workers in USA! According the data, over-all amount of pay-off to self serving corrupt politicians is $3.3 billion! And we wonder why there are NO new jobs being created in America? Mr. Romney, Boehner and Mr. McConnell, Middle Class Americans are more wise and will remember you in November, the fact that your republican’s obstructionists in the Senate decided voted a record 137 filibusters to do nothing for the past three years!

  • (continued)

    . . . subsidy and corporate welfare recepient’s like: Boeing, Archer Daniels Midland, Cabela’s and Pro Bass, Dell Computer, Xerox, IBM, Dow Chemical, G.E,, Motorola, Big Oil, Ethanol, and the list goes on and on. Farm Subsidies are pretty much of a joke, as most of the money has gone to Millionaire Farmers all over the Country. ((Oops! Must not forget the so-called, City Farmers as Well.)

    Concluding Shockers: The Nation’s largest corporations and richest citizens, received more Corporate Welfare Money than all of our Social Welfare Programs, during the period, discussed above. In fact, one OMB report in 2002, indicated that total spending for Corporate Welfare, per Taxpayer, amounted to about $1400; while the cost per Taxpayer in order to provide a Safety Net for Needy and Hungry, was only $400.

    All of this information is available; but it can be rather hard to find. You can do it! I certainly was able to. It is cleverly hidden, for obvious reasons – – don’t you know!

    Folks, can you see how the Neo-cons have framed the argument; by literally FRAMING and BLAMING the Poor, Unemployed, and the Unfortunates among us? These people – – including conservative talk radio, are using these lies as a distraction from the critical issues.

    These Predators have not only scammed Mom, Pop, and the Kids, with their Fraudulent Loans, and Exotic Phony Investments, but they have been robbing the Government for Years.

    Consider this, The Government is Broke! kept on Life Support, by printing Money; 90% of the American People really don’t have much, as their wages and wealth have been obliterated over the past 20 years. The Question is: Who has YOUR MONEY and THE GOVERNMENT’S? No Rocket Science needed here to figure this one out.


  • Republicans and the Tea Party have but one platform: to get President Obama out of the White House. It has been their agenda from day one. Everything President Obama has done has been for the American people and the forward movement of America. If the Republicans and Tea Party block the progression of America, they are traitors to America and the American people. Every state led by a Republican or Tea Party governor has suffered massive cuts to education, health care, mental health, and social aid programs for the homeless and jobless. The funds gained in these cuts are doled to industrialists and business people to out-source jobs for bigger profits and to encourage industry and business to not hire the people. industry and business are having a field day with this. The Labor departments of these Republican and Tea Party States are ordered to accept applications for unemployment benefits, but to find a way to disqualify applicants for them to reapply after three months. After the three months, they are disqualified again to reapply in three months and an applicant becomes so disgusted, they simply give up. This is why Republicans are using the “no jobs” attacks against President Obama because they know what they are talking about. They engineered it! Then they fan the flames of discontent among the people because indeed, there are many who are unemployed. The instigation of murder is worse than murder itself. Instead of having an honest bi-partisan effort to move America forward, Republicans and the Tea Party are hell bent on dividing and ruining America to finish the job started by Bush and Cheney. Talk about un-American! Patriots my ass!

  • Folks, bear with me; I’m feeling it!

    If the Tea Party favorites get elected in November, one can expect many more job cuts from the Public Sector. During the past two years, over 500 000 jobs have been cut. Revenues have gone down, and and unemployment up; tensions are building; and there are few ordinary Americans (let’s call them the 90%; who, in many instances, are fast-tracking it, to becoming members of the new Wal-mart Nation.








  • Truthseeker61

    Not to mention Romney will owe people like Sheldon Adelson for contributing to his campaign. Make no mistake Adelson wants a war with Iran. Romney will owe Adelson a war and send other people’s children and grand children to war without a blink of an eye. Hey it ain’t no skin off his back its not his kids. Sure Iran has to be dealt with but I trust our President to make a decision that is in the best interest of the American people. Not because he owes someone a war. Romney gives me a stomach ache.

  • What make me so mad is the yes jobs been going oversea early 2000. But the product come back to USA like Maytag GE LG these product are not the same. Plus the company refused to honor the warranty on these product like they use to. Items like small appliance that use to last years ship back use cost more, but some go out in month some in 1 years.
    I purchase just a can opener I have replace 4 time until I stop to see where it was made.
    A stopper U put in the kitchen sink 1st time using must have been a disposable.
    Because the knob U pull up come off & the other part was stuck in my sink.
    I stop buying thing made in China or Mexico.
    If you got an old Maytag GE LG product keep them. Because if U have a new one check where it was manufacture in China or Mexico U maybe in trouble. Oversea manufacture don’t have to follow any Government regulation. I know I use to work for one of those company list and now they treat customer so bad they don’t honor good customer no more.

  • onedonewong

    The Keystone pipeline that Barak has refused to move on would have added more jobs than June’s and May’s combined. He won’t OK it for 1 reason it won’t take any taxpayer $$$. Unless it uses taxpayer $$ its just not democratic in his socialist mind.
    There are fewer americans working today than at anytime during W’s 2nd term. So it begs the question are you better off now than you were under W and the answer is a resounding NOooooo

    • ralphkr

      That pipeline would have added mostly skilled jobs which would have been filled by the nomadic pipeline workers who have completed their jobs on other pipelines in the US, Canada, Mexico, MiddleEast, Aftrica, etc. with a few unskilled labor jobs going to locals (most likely to illegals). The oil itself will go refineries in a free trade zone in Texas and then shipped to other countries. The whole scheme is set up so the oil companies shall not have to pay any taxes in Canada or the US on the oil they are pumping and their own studies brag that they shall be able to force a rise in crude oil prices in both Canada and the US with the Keystone pipeline.

      • onedonewong

        A US job is still a job. it would be far more beneficial than the Telstar jobs that the US taxpayers funded in Europe. The oil extraction would generate royalties to Canada and all the oil shipped from Texas would generate more revenue for the US. The pipeline deal has no provision for a “tax holiday” .
        And just how would adding more production raise oil prices?? You must be using Obama math,typical for a lib

        • ralphkr

          No, I was not using “Obama math” but I was using the reports published by the companies involved in extracting oil in Canada and shipping it to Texas. Neither the US nor Canada shall be taxing that oil because it is going to a free market zone in Texas so there is no “tax holiday” involved since there are no taxes to be levied in the first place. The Canadian oil producers were the ones bragging about how the pipeline shall cause an increase in crude prices in Canada and the US thereby increasing profits. By the way, the price of oil in the US is not defined by how much oil is produced in North America (Canada, US, Mexico) as long as the world market bids it up since that oil shall go to the highest bidder and demand in Asia is booming. No, “a US job is still a job” is not really true when you consider that the jobs in the US shall be very temporary, for unskilled labor, and involve hard work with low pay. In other words, the kind of jobs that are filled by illegal immigrants and not by US citizens.

          • onedonewong

            If you were using their reports then you should have used the 100,000 job number because that was their number. It was barak who said that it wouldn’t produce but a handful of jobs. Oil is always taxed where ever its produced there are “NO” free market zone in the US for oil never has been.
            So again with the obama math. There is more oil being produced so oil prices will go up??? REALLY??? REALLY??? thank you Joe Economist for a worthless comment.
            Who’s fault is it if illegals hold those jobs??? Why Barak Hussain Obama hmmm hmm hmm

          • ralphkr

            According to the TransCanada (the company in charge of the XL line) first estimate there would be less than 13,000 temporary jobs. That 13,000 jobs was later reduced to 6,500 jobs according to TransCanada. The remaining 93,500 jobs are a figment of the Republican imagination. The contractor that is in charge of actually doing the work states that they shall need between 5,000 and 6,000 workers for 2 years (in other words, between 10K and 12K job years of work). You really should do a little research before repeating the Republican lies as there is a free foreign trade zone in Port Arthur, Texas, where the Canadian oil is headed and shall ALL be shipped to other countries,TAX FREE (that is what free foreign trade zone is).

            Another warning signal about the proposed pipeline is the fact that this shall be a high pressure line carrying very corrosive oil and the specs call for thinner pipeline walls than what is normal for US pipelines (steel coming from a Russian owned mill in Canada so no US jobs there). TransCanada and Valera both claim (brag) in their reports that the XL pipeline shall raise crude prices the most in Canada and shall raise profits in both US and Canada for producing companies. If it were true that the price of fuel shall go down when there is more oil being produced I suggest that you check current prices and consider that US oil production has increased and gasoline consumption has decreased since Obama took office yet pump prices have increased.

            Whose fault is it that illegals hold the tough low paying jobs? You must be correct that it is all Obama’s fault as they have been sneaking across the border to steal jobs from US citizens since the early 1950s and that demonstrates just how powerful Obama is since he wasn’t even born until 1961.

          • onedonewong

            US production has increased on PRIVATE land it’s Decreased on Federal lands under Barak. While our production is up we still import over 60% of our needs so gas prices are controlled by the Sores of the world. Who have never created a job.

            Illegals are able to obtain jobs because Barak and the Dem’s have refused to implement “real ID ‘ which is the law of the land. But what the hey law enforcement in this administration is optional.

            As for jobs its never about what the pipeline will use but all about all the ancillary jobs that will come about but because the pipeline won’t be using any Govt $$$ Barak refuses to count those ad the pipeline as jobs. They only count when the taxpayers fund them like the $250,000 Stimulus jobs or the $450,000 green jobs.

            As for the oil does it make sense to you that oil is sent here via tanker from the middle east and then in turn we are going to fill those tankers with Canadian oil and sent it some where else?? You must of went to Harvard School of economics with Barak

          • ralphkr

            True, it does not make sense for oil to come here by tanker from other countries (The majority of our oil comes from countries in North and South America) while we are exporting oil to other countries but, since the trade is not government controlled, that is what the oil companies are doing. It makes just as much sense as in my area where truckloads of wood chips are heading for Oregon paper mills and truckloads of wood chips are coming from Oregon to go to the Port Angeles, WA, paper mill or when I was driving on I-5 in California and meeting semis heading South full of tomatoes and passing semis heading north full of tomatoes. You would be amazed at how much oil and LNG is being exported from the US (especially from Alaska). These illogical things are just what happens when you live in a relatively free market that is run by businessmen. (We all saw what happened to the economy in Russia when it was completely controlled by “logical” government directives)

            The only place that has created a number of permanent ancillary jobs because of a pipeline was Alaska and that was not because of the pipeline itself but from the state distributing the royalties to native companies and to the citizens and there were a lot of royalties per citizen because of their being a lot of oil and LNG being shipped and relatively few citizens. Oh yeah, Alaska oil and LNG mostly goes to Asia. Tankers come across the Pacific, unload on US West Coast, go North to Valdez to load up and then head back across the Pacific.

            As far as enforcing the “Real ID” law you must admit that about the only thing both the Democrats and the Republicans agree upon is that they do not wish to enforce it in the labor market (only acceptable to enforce it for boarding airplanes) because they do not want to lose their nannies, gardeners, bus boys, etc. so a pox on both their houses.

            The overall production of oil has increased in the US while consumption has decreased since Obama took office but fuel prices have risen because we have also increased the EXPORTATION of oil. Once again proving that local production has nothing to do with retail prices (basically set by the pumpers and refiners) but everything to do with world prices. If you want low price fuel I suggest that you move to Chavez’s Paradise where fuel was $0.12 gallon after he nationalized all the production and refineries and used the profits from those entities to subsidize retail sales.

  • I read today that the economists do not expect recovery from this depression until at least 2016 no matter who is President. So, even if Romney were elected, he would be facing the same thing.

    The only way for this economy to get going is for people to spend money; that will encourage businesses to manufacture more and hire more people. I don’t mean go out and spend money if you don’t have it, but there are a lot of people in this country who are not hurting at all and who could help get this economy going. When I am out and about, it certainly doesn’t look like a lot of people are hurting, given the number of new vehicles I see on the streets. The amount of money spent on fireworks for the 4th of July is unreal, so people are spending money on things they want to.

  • I don’t care if he wins by 5 votes, the president will win. I shudder to think that America is stupid enough to elect this lunatic moron to ruin our country.

  • Ibsyboy

    The Fox wants into the hen house, with the promise he will not eat the Chickens, Bush made that same promise. Obama is not interested in the chickens he wants the Farmers to live a better life. That way the chickens get taken care of. The GOPers are just greedy short sighted people. They have convinced innocent people that the big problem facing America is the Deficit, a bogus claim. We have a revenue problem, not a deficit problem. This whole GOPer thing is a big scam to eliminate the social contract with America. They fail to follow the advice of Jesus, which appears on just about every page of the New Testament. Be responsible for the poor, reach out and help the less fortunate. The people Jesus speaks of have been demonized by the GOP, they have been accused of being the very element of why our society is in ruins. This demonetization, has turn Americans against Americans. The under class are the root of all that is wrong with the USA. It is not that simple. This is an insidious plan to rid Americans of any compassion towards those less fortunate. They think they can starve the poor out of poverty. To the GOPers, the poor enjoy being poor. They get everything for free. The best food, the best education for their children, the best health care, the best protection under the law. Yep, what a great life it is being poor in America. Every American’s dream. The GOP is so cold heart-ed, it’s hard to believe they even have a heart. They have induced people into hating the poor, to get votes to further their crusade of ridding America of the poor. Or the need to care for the poor, is more like it. Jesus is not real happy with this crusade against his children.
    The Corporal Works of Mercy:
    1 Feed the Hungry
    2 Give drink to the thirsty
    3 Clothe the naked
    4 Shelter the homeless
    5 Comfort the imprisoned
    6 Visit the sick
    7 Bury the dead

  • Rowdysheree56

    I must say that the younger generation today is much more “in tune” to what’s going on with our government!! And they care about what happens and want to make changes….that’s refreshing to know since our future is in their hands! And their future is in the government’s hands! Obama can’t do anything with his hands tied! Who do you think understands the working middle class and the working poor in this country? It isn’t that guy who hides his tax returns, outsources jobs to other countries and hides his wealth from America!

  • Obama is entirely right! The present situation was NOT created by Obama, but by Republican Presidents and their greedy corporate friends, like Cheney, Rumsfeld and Romney. It’s time to keep the initiative going to get America back on track! Bravo, President Obama!

  • J

    First they complained that Obama made a grave mistake by bailing out the automotive industry, but once they saw it worked and saved millions of jobs they wanted to act as if they came up with it and were always in agreement.
    They talk about health care reform is not good, but they sponsored their own, the only problem is that they work for big Pharmaceutical companies that pay for their vacation and family retreats and since it was not what they wanted, they don’t like it.

    Republicans had two terms and a surplus to change the economy and all they did was destroy our country. They made us fight in two wars and Iraq just because he was mad at Saddam. He lied and made stories, and did all they wanted to convince and scare America to war. Bush had two terms to locate Bin Laden, but never seemed to have a clue, what more do they want.

    If they ever get an opportunity to win we will be left with nothing but Them and Us meaning the super wealthy and the poor because the middle class will be gone just as all the money bush vanished during his time in office.

    It is time we vote for someone who is looking after the people he works for and not the interest of companies who fill their pockets and those of their families with coin. It is time people think for themselves and stop the heard mentality of following what the party tells them to do regardless of what their own thought are.

    Vote for those that try to improve our country and not for those that change their story every week trying to tell you want they think you want to hear.

    I think Obama is doing a find job and he needs to continue in office. Good things take time and it is harder to build than it is to destroy, ask Bush he knows, the destroy part that is.

  • Does anyone else Wonder where We would be IF.. Mc Cain/ Palin had won the election ? I Shutter to even Think About That..

  • Making sure China doesn’t steal our jobs, unfairly? What does that mean ? Those jobs should not be in China !

  • Tell Romney And His 1% Thugs They Been Stripping Companies And Shipping Jobs Over Seas For Years Now!!!