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Saturday, October 22, 2016

WATCH: Obama Slams Romney As Outsourcing Pioneer In Ohio Speech

WATCH: Obama Slams Romney As Outsourcing Pioneer In Ohio Speech

President Barack Obama slammed Mitt Romney in a campaign speech in Maumee, Ohio, this afternoon, attacking Romney’s business record as he touted the achievements of his first term.

“Governor Romney’s experience has been in owning companies that were called ‘pioneers of outsourcing’ – that’s not my phrase – ‘pioneers of outsourcing,'” Obama declared, referencing a recent Washington Post article that explored Romney’s investments with companies that shipped jobs overseas. “My experience has been in saving the American auto industry.”

“Gov. Romney said we should just let Detroit go bankrupt,” Obama added. “I refused to turn my back on communities like this one.”

To underscore his point, Obama noted that his administration filed an unfair trade complaint with the World Trade Organization on Thursday, accusing China of abusing trade laws by imposing more than $3 billion in duties on U.S. automobile exports.

“Americans aren’t afraid to compete,” Obama told the cheering crowd. “As long as we’re competing on a fair playing field instead of an unfair playing field, we’re going to do just fine. We’re going to make sure that competition is fair.”

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  • Obama give them hell!

    • onedonewong

      He sure has 10% unemployment and $10 Trillion in new debt its lie the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse have been unleashed on this country

      • Hat to tell ya there Chooby, but the deficit was over 10 trillion when he took office, and his first year he had no control over the next trillion. You been watching too much Beck.

        • onedonewong

          Thanks Ski, but no the deficit was no where near $10T. Barak and the Dem’s added $10T to the deficit and for some reason Dem’s refuse to take credit for all the spending.
          You’ve been listening to Barak’s PR where Nothing has ever been his fault he’s the Messiah ya know

          • James70094

            Help me with math since your so good at it. On Dec 31, 2008 National Debt was $10.7trillion. Obama was sworn in on Jan 20, 2009. on Jun 30, 2012, national debt was $15.9trillion. How does 15.9-10.7=10? It doesn’t. Obama has increased our debt by $5.2trillion., not $10trillion. There are several different conservative sites that monitor and report our National debt on a regular basis. When you say “100% accurate with every post”, you must be talking about everyone else.

          • onedonewong

            I said that barak and the Dem’s which started in 2007

          • James70094

            And even if we back it up to Dec 31, 2006, National debt was still $8.7trillion. Your made up number of $10trillion still doesn’t hold water, like you. And you are the one ranting how it’s the President’s job to make the budget, so what would Congress have to do with it then? Or are you going back on that claim as well?

          • onedonewong

            id you look at the debt that the FED has piled on under barak??/ That’s also a debt that has to be repaid an that is well over $15 Trillion. Suggest you take a course on how to balance a checkbook and how to repay all of barak’s IOU’s

          • James70094

            Those numbers include the debt the Fed has piled on. You should take a basic accounting class, you have never posted anything with numbers correctly. all you are doing now is trying to make excuses and deflect from your lie.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry Jimmie WRONG again. S0 far this week your 0 for 5o which in obama terms is great neither of you understand math

          • James70094

            No Danni, you are wrong again. I posted actual facts, not made up fantasies and backed it up with references. You could do neither. All you could muster was a string of ebonics laden rants removed from reality. And since you think 129000X10=1000000, you have proven you lack all math skills along with grammar, English, logic and critical thinking skills.

          • onedonewong

            Anoter wothless posts make that 51 in a row this week

          • James70094

            So posts with facts are worthless to you? That figures. Especially since all of your posts are worthless to anyone with functioning brain cells.

          • onedonewong

            Makes 52, you’ve never made a post with a fact just useless dribble

          • James70094

            You have my posts confused with your own.

    • he already has given the whole country Hell …aren’t you paying attention ? Or do you work for the Govt ….” the Private sector is doing just fine ” hahahahahahahah

      • You are benighted.

        • davia55

          no he isnt…try reading some books on this man, other than the headline news. Quite enlightening

          • Man

            you have no brain, or you are just full of hate. for this president.

      • No he hasn’t? Get the hell out with that BS?

      • asIseeitnow

        FACTS Sir LOOK AT THE FACTS. Benighted just might be the correct term for your state of mind.

      • highpckts

        Nothing like totally taking a statment out of context and ramming it down everyone’s throat!! Rep. are good at that!!

  • BDD1951

    Thank you Mr. President!!! You’re are the best.

  • onedonewong

    Has there ever been a more incompetent ever in this countries history??? I though Carter was the worst but its no question that Barak has assumed the mantle.
    He bailed out Chrysler ad GM to the tune of $80 Billion. And yet GM makes 7 out of 10 of their cars somewhere other than the US. With the taxpayer bailout GM has expanded their operations i China and now have 14 plants there producing cars some of them on their way here. GM is also sending most of their R&D operations to China as their CEO said earlier this year.
    Barak your the KING of outsourcing

  • greghilbert

    Here we are again. Yes, we know about Romney and the Repubs. Let’s go back to Dem Clinton, who gave us the NAFTA that has had us on the short end of the stick ever since. And then let’s look at Obama. Yes, the auto industry bail-out is to his credit. But he’s already added another free trade deal we’ll live to regret, and just a few weeks ago a whistle was blown over secret Obama-administration negotiations for another Pacific Rim deal that would give foreign-based corporations the right to skirt U.S. law. While U.S.-based international corporations have password access to the negotiation documents, our Congressmen and “we the people” do not. Our problem is not big government per se, but the combined Repub and Dem duplicity with its corporatization and service of a wealthy few at the expense of the many, IN EVERY REALM OF POLICY, from trade and defense to taxation, energy, and agriculture. At every turn, wealth inarguably accrues to the few, while the purported benefits to the many are at best arguable and often conspicuously negative. All the while these partisan exchanges distract us, the great wealth transfer continues unabated. The wealthy continue to enjoy enormous tax breaks proven to increase their wealth at the expense of the majority, and proven not to produce jobs.

  • joceandre

    President Obama told the truth . It’s about people, no matter who you are. He needs to remind the American people more of his accomplishments and what he can do with the next four years. The republican folks seemed to have amnesia , they forgot how Bush left us.


    • davia55

      can you please remind me of Obamas accomplishments

      • bigspender7

        As they say, if you have to ask…

        • You Tell Them!!LOL Just To Think That All He Has Gotten Done And Without One Little Help From The Other Side (the American Taliban) You Can Bet This Will Be Marked For The History Books, And Will Only Bring Shame On The GOP/Tea Party ‘s American Taliban In The Years To Come!! It Shows The Fact That They Don’t Care If This Country Go Down In Flames As Long As They Can Make All The Money They Can!!

          • You are delusionary if you think the TEA PARTY is your enemy all they want is smaller Govt Lower Taxes and Less Spending . If you are scared of that please move to one of those Socialist or Communist Nations as Greece is the Progressive Obama model .

      • joceandre

        Now that you have been blessed with health are find yourself a doctor to cure your amnesia.

      • More than yours! Actually when Romney ships your job out of the country. You are free to join them! Bye-Bye now! LOL!!!!!

        • davia55

          Why is it the end of the world when Romney makes a decision to pear down one company, in order for his others to prosper, people think he s the devil. Then Obama signs a free trade agreement sending millions of dollars and work outside the country, and they treat him like the second coming. Wake up people. Know what you are buying into, before blurting it on a gossip blog lol

      • ord

        If you don’t know, you have been hiding under a rock. Same wages for women as men, which was call the Ledbetter Act,Health Care Plan
        Repeal of Don’t , Don,t tell Act, Helping people remortgage their homes that were losing them, Children who were born in this country could continue
        their education and not be sent to Mexio plus other countries, and most of all, stopping the Republicans from marching into Iran, which will surely happen if Romney becomes President. And many more.

        Bringing Iraq soldiers home, capturing BinLauden,

        • davia55

          The same wages for men and women has been around since the 70’s. Yeah now the repeal on don’t ask don’t tell, then cut the military fund by 700 million. Nothing has been done about the illegals, gitmo isn’t closed, but he is giving it a 40 million dollar face lift. The reason people were losing their homes is because the banks gave money to people who shouldn’t have qualified for a mortgage in the first place. So….giving people a break on their mortgage, who couldn’t afford them in the first place…crazy! I am not hiding under a rock, I am dodging the rocks the government is tossing.

      • After 156 Post Just 75 Likes You Need To STFU!!! LOL

        • davia55

          This isn’t a popularity contest you idiot. I can’t believe you’re life is so borring you counted posts. I am not surprised people here don’t like me, this is the Democrats rah rah rah site. Why don’t you spend some time reading books about Obama, and not his autobigraphies. You just might learn something. LOL counting posts…(shaking head)

    • montanabill

      He tried to stop Barney and Dems from creating the bad mortgage lending which lead to the financial catastrophe. Did you somehow you miss that part?

    • How Bush left us ? 7.8 % unemployment ( and that was using the more accurate U6 method of calculation) . Obama 8.3 % and that is using the U3 method ( Most experts believe the true number is about 16% and the Huffington Post which is UBER LIBERAL say it’s possibly 40% ).. Bush 10 tril deficit Obama 16 tril…… Bush AAA credit rating Obama AA downgrade for the 1st time in American History . Obama has spent more in 3 yrs then the other 43 Presidents did combines . He now is granting back dorr amnesty to Criminals in our country in a naked attempt to pander to Hispanic Votes in an election year when he could’ve done a REAL immigration reform at any time of his 1st two years in Office . Not to mention Obamacare which has now become ObamaTAX . Remember when he said that if you make less them 250 K you wouldn’t see a TAX increase ? Well he lied . 77% of the TAXES collected to fund ObamaTAX will be collected from the middle class ( WSJ ) No we don’t have amnesia . Things were much better under BUSH … In the 68 yrs since D Day U. S . Presidents have not visited the shrine there on D Day only 3 times …2009 2010 2011 were those years .

      • joceandre

        With all your figures , I have proof now that you and Mitt Romney used to sell snake oil.

  • That’s funny Obozo invests our TAX dollars to reward his own bundlers and funraisers in companies that fail …Solyndra . He gives Gm our money so they can bail out the UAW pensions and build a car with TAX subsidies at 250,000 per car . Then GM takes our money and builds 4 plants in China . He gave GE money and they are helping the Chinese build a plant over there to bring jobs there . Romney succesfully invested his and other private investors money and helped save Staples and other businesses that brought private sevtor jobs that our Tax dollars didnt have to fund . Liberals are funny and dont understand economics or business if they buy Obozo’z lies

    • Jim Samson

      hahhaha Staples and Sports Authority were already healthy companies that a child could have run and made profitable. The other companies Baine gutted and sent the equipment to China. People lost their houses because of the effort of someone with 5 houses.

  • Overheard at the Whithouse 4th of July BBQ hosted by DEAR LEADER

    Marine …Do you smell what Barack is cooking ?
    Army guy …Hell yeah ..that smells good ..I wonder what breed it is ?
    Marine …Yeah me too …I hope it isn’t too tough ..

    • enclosed Visions

      I guess if you can’t find anything BAD to say you should just tell LIES or mischaracterizations that try to take the focus off what the presidential race is really about: “Leadership”, “Honor”, and “Direction”. Fox news and the like (Stoll) can try to distort the truth but the fact remains that the conservatives have a really problem. By opposing our presidents Leadership the conservatives are hurting real American households and doing more harm to the American way of life then any terrorist group. Take for example the looming debt ceiling vote. If the Republicans stall the vote again the US dollar will be globally devalued. That means that our US debt will grow purely based on our ability to repay. Wake-Up people. Why are we paying people that refuse to do their jobs?

      • He doesn’t know anything about leadership . If he did he wouldn’t have said ” If I had a son he would look like Trayvon ” What a self serving ass …A leader would’ve urged calm and told the nation to let the authroities down there do their jobs . He wouldn’t have tried to stir racial hatred and divisiveness just to take the focus off his own train wreck of a record . He divides this country like no other and doesn’t care what effect it has on us …as long as it helps him get reelected ..because after all the counbtry doesn’t matter ..just Obama’s reelection …Or how about dividing us based on classwarfare what end does it make sense to get lazy people who dont pay taxes hate and envy the people who pay 90% of the taxes in this country …Smart right ? Sheep they are that stupid

        • Did you use the word honor up there in ref to Obozo ? I wonder how Brian Terry’s family would feel about that ? It’s all good though as long as you can protect an Incompetent Racist who protects the Black Panthers and the cause of Voter fraud and intimidation… That kind of honor ? hahahahaha

    • This your idea of clever?


    The Silence is Deafening

    Waiting for MontanaBill and his buddy Obozo to put in their two cents worth based on some obscure American Taliban Republican plutocrat bit of wisdom or load of misinformation.

    Funny how we have to put up with their male bovine fecal matter advocating their weird form of governance, but when the truth is out they run off to play with the sheep.

    Looks like we may have to wait until Obama kicks Mitten’s butt in the debates before we have any real peace from these two RoMoney followers.

    • rockinthebayinFlorida

      Damn, I thought we were going to get by without those 2 in the conversation, but I see that has not happened…they’re back! Along with Mr. Stoll. Now, we have the fabulous 3 to contend with!

      • ExPAVIC

        THEY’RE BACK

        Oh, I see the retarded citizens for Romney bus has just pulled in.

        Now what unintelligent conclusions will they come up with in response to Romney’s international monetary distribution tendencies and Bain Capital’s equally questionable international employment distribution.

        With all of his international connections, perhaps Romney should consider a position in the United Nations. I understand UNESCO is looking for a new school principal for Bombula, Uganda.

    • Please don’t encourage these two. Silence is golden.

      • I’m With You On That I Wish The Two Mr. Strip And Ship Lovers STFU!!

  • Obama 100% right he has been battle tested and deserve 4 more years

  • Pres. Obama must remind everyone that Bin Ladin is dead & GM & Chrysler is not only a live but going strong. Romney flip flops so often that we should be buying new flip flops that change daily.

    • ralphkr

      You can be sure that with Romney in office that we shall all be wearing flip-flops and they shall be made in China.

    • davia55

      Yeah…..they bailed out GE and bailed out Chrysler, and bailed put the banks. And the navy seals got Bin Ladin.

  • montanabill

    Since he doesn’t explain what would have really happened in a bankruptcy, you are left to assume (unless you are smarter than he gives you credit for) that bankruptcy would have eliminated General Motors and Chrysler. But no matter, it is good theater.
    Did he chide China? Again? Did they care?

    • ExPAVIC


      You’ve been hanging with the sheep too long. GM and Chrysler go and 57,000 people working there and at connected companies go too.

  • Wasn’t one of Obama’s Financial Advisors the Head man at GE. ?? Where did General electric move?? Obama and all the Politicians that are in office should be voted out and New People that are for the people (legal Citizens) put in office.

  • Go Forward Obama, go FORWARD!

    • davia55


  • Obama Is The People Of America President!! He’s Not In That Office For Just 1% People But For All The People That Live Here!!! Obama/Biden The Best Way To Vote For America And It’s People!! Obama Tells The Truth While Romney Flip Flops And LIES!!

  • davia55

    The should call this site…the democrat
    No mention of all the jobs Obama sent overseas with opening up the free trade to Asia.
    I wish I saw him talk, it would be entertaining hearing about all his ” accomplishments”

    • Man

      davia55, you are sick, you need help.

      • davia55

        dispute me with facts. quit the pathetic name calling. just shows a lack of knowledge and education

  • Some jokster wrote about the people who pay no taxes and who are envious of the 90% of the taxes…AAAH! Could that be the middle class that is bearing the brunt for the Bush years and the TP do nothing Congress? Who ever wrote this comment is a real example of stupidity in action. Hate drips from his comments like a vampires’ bloody mouth. He doesnt know kack about anything and it is too bad his emotions are getting in the way of clear thinking like most of the radical right out there….

  • ste


  • Liberals are killing this country,Obama spent way too much,it didn’t stimulate the economy,Talking about outsourcing.Who is building the oakland-san fran bridge.China that’s who.Obama is a liar.Who signed the China trade act…Clinton…who signed The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act ..Clinton…read up on this stuff before you vote.They are a big blame for the economy.Don’t go by what the news says..most of the time it’s a bunch of half truths and lies.Let illegal immigrants stay…and force the people born here to buy health insurance.What a joke.

    • dtgraham

      The entire financial system of the United States was on the brink of collapse in late 2008, as was GM and Chrysler. Obama had to do the classic Keynesian intervention to salvage the economy. Bush felt that he had to do something as well in late 2008 and did so with TARP. That spending didn’t officially show until 2009 but I’m not blaming Bush for that.

      Obama faced an utter disaster in Jan 2009 . Only FDR faced something worse. His stimulus was too small and was too loaded up with tax cuts, which provide the least bang for the buck in terms of stimulus. They have their place, but not at that time in my opinion. He also hasn’t fixed Wall Street either. He stabilized things but the recovery was too weak to provide him with the tax revenues needed to pay down much of his initial spending.

      The man has made mistakes. Not many dispute that but if Romney had been elected, doing what he now says that he would have done, the U.S. economy would resemble 1933 about now and would also be down to one car maker. The current world’s largest auto maker would be a memory.

  • Instead of HARRY, Give ’em hell BARRY!

  • davia55

    I believe it is more like 16 trillion. Justs think, he could have given every american a million bucks during his 4 crazy years in obamapower

    • Its just this kind of simplemindedness that keeps people on right so ignorant.

  • davia55

    John, your google finger isn’t working well. The deficit in 2008 was just over 400 billion. Blame this debt on OBAMA not BUSH. Your great great great grandchildren will still be paying the debt this administration has piled on everyone.

  • Man

    You were a fool, you are a fool, and you will always be a fool.

  • davia55

    hey…just because people think Obama is an awful president, doesn’t mean they think Romney walks on water. Give your head a shake.

  • Man

    Another fool

  • Huh! Just like a radical, religious, republican!

  • Republicans are so damn afraid that you & I are going to have a piece of the pie &they will have to share… be VERY careful what you believe from them… I know… I used to be one! Now, I am a republican… GONE DEMOCRATIC!!!!!!! ONE FOR ALL ALL FOR ONE… UNITED WE ALL STAND OR DIVIDED WE ALL WILL FALL! WHAT’S FAIR, RIGHT & JUST FOR AAAAAALL MANKIND!

  • bigspender7

    Romney is the proverbial empty suit. Delve just below the surface and you find there’s nothing there.

  • Mr. President please tell the American people the difference between you and Romney, by asking them who cares about American people if Romney is saving his money outside of the United Sates that means does he care or trust our government? and you Mr. President have all your investment in this country. Show the people who truly loves America. I believe that this statement will give us victory over Romney and his so-call friends .

  • nikkiboone

    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!! With all the road blocks he received from congress how could he get anything accomplished.

  • Mr. Romney and his Republicans stand for fanaticism at its worst: they have no scruples about sabotaging the economy,pushing unemployment higher and plunging the States into chaos on the hope of discrediting the President!!
    Destruction not reconstruction is their guiding motto.

    • davia55

      Guess what…we are in a state of hopelessness. We need an administration who can mend the country, not just write a check and hope for the best. Our check book is quickly running out of checks, we are in big time over draft

  • this about class warfare we is good at that this lib commie can’t run on his record he get about 20% of the vore

    • Ever learn to speak English? That would help.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Davia…I can…How about recovery from a massive Bush/Cheney inspired and manipulated September 2008 Financial Meltdown? How about as Commander-in-Chief, making the sole decision to take out al Qaeda? How about the unemployment numbers are slowly decreasing from the 8 million Bush left behind in 2008? How about you Obama bashers stop the addiction to the nastiness you’ve been doing since the election was called in his favor in 2008? How about the number of new companies and oh let’s not forget the biggest of his accomplishments…Finally, get American hostages out of the grip of greedy HMOs?

    And before you even bother to go there, please do explain how any neoconartist dares to want to continue healthcare that forces others to pay for those who are uninsured? How is that in any way, not a “Nanny State” and “wasteful spending” of our hard earned paychecks. The neoconartists griping the loudest about this president fall into 3 categories…the ultra rich who swindled their way to 1% wealth status, the Dogpatch Lil Abners and Daisy Maes who as neoconartists freebie their way into our paychecks and the Corporate Welfare Staters who want 99% of our tax dollars to be funneled into their corporations and by association Wall Street high risk investments. Sorry, time for these people to make it without help from the Middle Class.

    President Obama is ALL about change. Change some recidivists can’t stand because they have to break a sweat instead of sitting back with their hands out or swindling consumers, taxpayers and employees day after day. Gravy Train ride is over. Change is HERE to stay.

    • davia55

      Yeah some of us have been seeing the Change. Oh well, the history books will tell the truth and your grandchildren will be saying ” what were they thinking!” Words will not bring on change. When he is doing his motivational “blah blah bah” make him respond on How and What he will be doing differently. What he is doing now, is not working. He is now giving illegals special consideration for schooling, what about the people from this country! He is treating illegals like they are citizens, then we wonder where our jobs went. I could go on, but if this is who you want….then make this administration accountable….that s all I am saying

  • Thanks Joceandra, that’s so right about what you said about the way Bush left us .President Obama had so much work too do when he came into office. Let him have his four more years. American people work with him.I know that I will. FOUR MORE YEARS.

    • davia55

      Yeah that damn Bush had two wars and 911 to do with, and he left the country with a 400 billion debt. Not like wonderful Obama ho has the debt at 16 trillion, massive unemployment and an lost non existent middle class. Yeh Obama…lol

  • Mitt Romney, was born rich, if you are born rich you will never know what poor people goes though in life. If you are born poor you don’t how rick people go though life.President Obama knows what is it to be poor. He had to work hard for everything he had.When you are born on a silver platter like Bush and Mitt you don’t even think about the poor people. That’s why OBAMA cares for all the people of the USA.OBAMA CARE is to help the poor and middle class.Obama has a kind heart he had hard times like most normal Americans that want to better themselves. He did and that’s why he is the best President we ever had.PLEASE VOTE FOR OBAMA….

    • davia55

      Grow up….lol We don’t need someone to empathize with the poor, we need a good business man and leader to get the country working. Obama s great at giving speeches, he gets everyone charged up, but his words are empty. This country needs more than a motivational speaker.

  • highpckts

    Gee sounds like the Rep. about Bush!! It wasn’t his fault we are in a war and in Trillions of dollars debt!! Gee whiz, I wonder who did that when Obama wasn’t in office!!

  • highpckts

    Romney can’t answer one question in a straightforward manner. Never have I heard anything but brief one-liners on what he will do and, most importantly, how he will do that particular thing!! Does he want to be dictator? Because that’s the only way he’s going to be able to do everything he says!!

    • davia55

      What do you think you have now? You have a dictator in sheepskin clothing. And why not, most of his fans are sheep. They believe everything he says without question. You are being told exactly what you want to hear, and in the end being sold a bill of goods. You do not make any of them accountable,but the first in line to say ” I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”. Stop blaming Bush, and start making this administration, and every administration accountable.

  • highpckts

    And how much do you think the war alone is still costing??? Nothin gets done without the approval of the rich investors!!

  • highpckts

    Huh?? Could you translate your remark!!

  • nomaster

    I was not an Obama fan however to his credit he has done quite a lot with the crap that was left over to him from the Bush administration. Willard the Rat Man and his bag of rats will be disaster for this country and wonderful for himself and the rest of his aristocratic friends.

  • ord

    President Obama’s letting people know just what is going on and telling it in simple terms that all of Americans can understand. I like that.

    • davia55

      He will say whatever it takes to get elected. He never lived up to his past campaign promises, and nobody cared. He will promise you the world, you will feel like you’re in Disneyland. You know that warm fuzzy feeling, safe and sound…lol. How does that saying go? Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me

  • Obama gave money to the auto industy but the CEO ran OFF with the money he (obama)did nothing. I live in jansville, the auto bussiness is out of bussiness!!! left lot of famileswith out jobs dont trust him.!!!!!!! GM look at the oil money he just gave to brazil! billions of dollars to drill but not in wisconsin ????dont trust him!!!!

  • the president has accomplished morem than other presidents almost alone. we put him in office but did not put the right onesd in to help him he has done it almost all by himself

    • davia55

      Oh the poor poor president. Mary, do you have any idea how the government works? It is Obama who decides who is advisors are, he chooses who he listens to, but here is the thing…he is a control freak and seldom listens to anyone!

  • you must be of the 1%. I hope you are because if things go the opposite way you may be suffering just like the rest of us

  • to joceandre..How Bush left us ? 7.8 % unemployment ( and that was using the more accurate U6 method of calculation) . Obama 8.3 % and that is using the U3 method ( Most experts believe the true number is about 16% and the Huffington Post which is UBER LIBERAL say it’s possibly 40% ).. Bush 10 tril deficit Obama 16 tril…… Bush AAA credit rating Obama AA downgrade for the 1st time in American History . Obama has spent more in 3 yrs then the other 43 Presidents did combines . He now is granting back dorr amnesty to Criminals in our country in a naked attempt to pander to Hispanic Votes in an election year when he could’ve done a REAL immigration reform at any time of his 1st two years in Office . Not to mention Obamacare which has now become ObamaTAX . Remember when he said that if you make less them 250 K you wouldn’t see a TAX increase ? Well he lied . 77% of the TAXES collected to fund ObamaTAX will be collected from the middle class ( WSJ ) No we don’t have amnesia . Things were much better under BUSH … In the 68 yrs since D Day U. S . Presidents have not visited the shrine there on D Day only 3 times …2009 2010 2011 were those years .

    • Congress got the downgrade, not the president.

  • davia55

    Here is the one question everyone needs to ask themselves. Are you better off now then you were 4 years ago? No matter what your income level is, the newer will be NO. Enough said!

    • davia55

      Not newer lol. Answer! Damn spell check

    • dtgraham

      No matter how disappointed some are in the performance of the economy, you’re still better off than 4 years ago. The thing is, that’s not saying a whole lot because Obama inherited a disaster 4 years ago. Banks and the car industry collapsing, double digit unemployment, etc…