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Friday, October 21, 2016

Conveniently ignoring the fact that his “Trump University” fake educational institution has been the subject of numerous investigations, sanctions and lawsuits for several years now, pompous windbag Donald Trump took to — where else — Fox and Friends to publicly accuse President Obama of orchestrating the suit filed on Saturday by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Noting that Obama and Schneiderman had met two days prior to the filing, Trump speculated that this incident could be a “mini-IRS,” to which the Fox bobbleheads replied, “The president hasn’t liked you for a while.”

No word on whether or not Greg Abbott, the very Republican attorney general of Texas who is currently running for governor of that state, was also at the meeting to scheme with Obama and Schneiderman. Abbott launched a probe into Trump’s “school” as well, after getting 30 complaints from the Better Business Bureau — who gave the scam outfit a D- — in 2008 and 2009.


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  • docb

    Of course, the President and the AGs are worried about the comb-over and his scam university..who has had thousands of complaints filed against it and him!. What an ugly old joke he is. He might contact Abbott in Texas who has filed some of the same.. a good birther bagger too!

  • Landsende

    Trump is reveling in the publicity of this lawsuit since it gives him another chance to go on Faux News touting his conspiracies involving the President and anyone else that sees him for the crook he is.

  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    Trump is delusional to believe that the President of the Unites States would waste a second thinking about Trump? Has Trump been tested lately for Dementia? One of the possible effects of Dementia is paranoia.