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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is officially President Obama’s choice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State for his second term. Kerry — who helped introduce Obama to the nation by choosing him to keynote the 2004 Democratic National Convention — currently serves as the chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee.

Kerry returned to the Senate after narrowly losing the 2004 presidential election to George W. Bush. There, his international prominence helped him take a lead role in reshaping America’s role in the world following the disastrous Iraq war, which Kerry initially supported and then spoke out against.

Kerry was initially mentioned as a potential replacement for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, along with UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who was slated to replace current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rice’s nomination was immediately attacked by senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who saw an opportunity to use the tragedy in Benghazi to destroy the ambassador’s bid. Rice eventually withdraw her name from consideration after the president’s fierce defense of her and her own attempts at soothing the controversy were rejected by Republicans.

Kerry faced his own character assassination during the 2004 campaign when a group calling itself “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” cast doubt on his military record of heroism, for which he earned five combat decorations. The group included one former Bush campaign official and was supported by prominent Republican donors. Failure to stand up to the aspersions is often cited as a crucial factor in Kerry’s eventual defeat.

President Obama said that he hopes Kerry will be quickly confirmed, and members of the “Swiftboat Veterans For Truth” appear to have no interest in challenging his nomination.

The president cited Kerry’s combat experience while announcing his pick.

“Having served with valor in Vietnam, he understands that we have a responsibility to use American power wisely, especially our military power,” Obama said of Kerry. “And he knows from personal experience that when we send our troops into harm’s way, we must give them a sound strategy, clear mission, and the resources that they need to get the job done.”

“John, I’m looking forward to working with you instead of debating you,” the president joked, alluding to Kerry’s role playing Mitt Romney during debate prep before the November election.

The president’s choice was praised by the current secretary Hillary Clinton.

“The son of a career Foreign Service Officer, diplomacy is in his blood,” Clinton said in a statement. “As a decorated veteran, he knows what it takes to defend our nation and our values. As a leader in the Senate, he understands how to build coalitions and craft compromises. As a statesman respected around the world, he will be able to sustain and extend America’s global leadership.”


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68 responses to “WATCH: President Obama Nominates John Kerry To Replace Hillary Clinton”

  1. AlfredSonny says:

    I am more concerned with the special election Massachusetts will have to replace Kerry. Will Scott Brown be elected again and continue the obstructionism by continuing to vote for record-breaking filibusters at the US Senate?

  2. Go for it Kerry! Make those Swiftboaters look like the absolute fools and liars they are

    • The Swiftboaters Are Members Of The American Taliban They All Earn Their Master Degrees In Lying And Chaos!!

    • Dan Dalton says:

      I did a song for Kerry when he was running for President. I, of course, had to do a lot of research to find out THE TRUTH, and of course, the Republicans had to stop him, so they got a lot of people telling lies about Kerry. They were THE SWIFT BOAT VETERANS FOR TRUTH! It seems like the Republicans wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it jumped up and bit them in the ass! (see Mitt)

      Kerry took his crew around with him and they told the same story as Kerry. That one of his guys fell off the boat, when they were being shot at, and Kerry turned around and reached down and picked him up, despite being shot in the arm. Kerry went after the shooter and killed him.

      After Kerry came home, he protested against one of the stupidest wars this country has ever fought in, THE VIETNAM WAR! Our college kids started this protest, and because of them, we finally got out. KERRY WAS 100% RIGHT ABOUT THE WAR! I’M GLAD THAT A GUY WHO ACTUALLY WAS THERE, LED A PROTEST AGAINS IT.
      I believe he got the BRONZ and SILVER STAR, and PURPLE HEART. As you probably all know, he was robbed of becoming President. CHECK ALL OF THIS OUT AND FIND OUT THE TRUTH! I’m not sure about his awards.


      By the way, I an now an INDEPENDENT,

      Dan Dalton

      • larzneilson says:

        The group calling themselves Swiftboat Veterans for Truth basically stole the identity of the actual Swiftboat Veterans. And what that Republican group was telling had no relation to the truth, none whatsoever.

    • InsideEye says:

      He commiserated with the North Vietnamese and threw his medals away in protest , faked his Purple Heart and on and on a typical Mass . Ted kennedy type getting caught with his pants down, he is a disgrace

      • And just what was it you did in the Vietnam war? You can’t fake a Purple Heart, especially not two of them!

        • InsideEye says:

          If he can fake one he can fake two …. One is enough.

        • InsideEye says:

          No comments on above, I was in gulf 92 Kuwait, acquiescence of Iraq friendly incursion by Kuwait .those nasty Kuwaitees. Will anyone help us if we get invaded by Mexico, may be the liberals to protect our right to protest or have condoms, or have fuel to cultivate grain to feed our burrows that we have to use for defending the southern frontier. …then there is always surrender….hmmmm John Kerry may be right, why fight for anything….Really is there anything worthy to fight for…..Ok Name One…..fellow man?, right not to practice any religion, ? (Islam), right to have children( China).. Right to bear arms( olde Deutschland )?….yup surrender is easier. Or is it! fodder…oooops food for thought.

  3. ChristoD says:

    F— the Swiftboaters. They are what America is NOT about.

    • …and the idiot you call a president is.

      • Bill says:

        So President Obama is an idiot then what was “W”. You do know he was called W so that he would know how to spell his name though he sometimes got confused and spelt it “UU”.

        • ChristoD says:

          Bill, the UU is PRICELESS ! 😉 Old W (or UU) actually wasn’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination but he was an awful judge of character which became his undoing and unfortunately ours (re: Cheney and Rumsfeld and their merry bunch of neo-cons.). What I still don’t get is why thethree of them haven’t been tried for high crimes and misdemeanors (sp ?). Be that as it may, Ole Robert Knight and his band of ‘alternate reality’ don’t get it and I am wcertain never ill. Hate and ignorance makes people irrational.

      • ChristoD says:

        Yo Robert, you have your right to an opinion but PRESIDENT Obama is anything but an idiot. Welcome to your world of conservativism where folks like you HATE someone so much that you can’t come up with the correct description of a VERY intelligent man who they disagree with POLITICALLY so they demonize him and use a totally inapporpiate adjective. A suggestion: ‘good (or bad if you will) man, but I disagree with hispolitical policies’. Hits the nail on the head and speaks well of your intellect, which at this point points to you as the idiot.

      • InsideEye says:

        Do not call o’Bama an idiot, he is nowhere near that level, a soros – puppet more like it, he is not even all black, he must hate that, to be only part Kenyon . As Harry Reid said he is Ok doesnt look too black. Would Jesse Jackson be afraid of him if o’bama be walkin’ behind him on a dark street , we know ole Jesse Do not be scared of whiteys. Is Jesse racist in any way???????
        What a bunch of cow chips exist in politics all of them….. Long live stale-mate.

      • bobbyshobbies says:

        He’s smarter than most (99%) of the people in this country. You must not be very literate to use a word like “idiot”.

        Think Lindsey Graham, John McCain, etc.

  4. Beware! The Republicans only blocked Rice to get Kerry out of the Senate and replace him with Brown or another Republican until the next general election. Didn’t they see this coming?

    • In defense of the administration, and contrary to what the GOP claims, they are pragmatists and, I am sure, their decision was influenced strictly by the need to nominate the best person for the job. Kerry will do an outstanding job as Secretary of State.

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Glenn, you are absolutely right…I can’t believe they couldn’t see this coming and pick ANYONE but Kerry. Scott Brown is a shoo-in and here we go again. Obama gets rolled by the Greedy Old Pricks once more.

  5. Bob Williams says:

    I suspect that Kerry showed Obama his war wounds. You know – the ones where he got shot in the butt as he was running away.

    • oldtack says:


      Were you there? Were you in this fire fight? Are you a Veteran of any war? Where did you get your facts? From Limbaugh? From Beck? From Hannity?

      If you were not there and you were not in the fight then in actuality – you know nothing.

      • Bob Ridge says:

        Old tack you are full of what they call ignorance where i came from and turn coats like Kerry was not thought much of thanks Swift Boaters for keeping that piece of crap of the White House .

        • Mikey7a says:

          @Bob Ridge: I will bet my sweet bippy that you are a poor, white, trailer dweller, that NEVER served a day in our Armed Forces!

          God Bless you Mr. Kerry, and God Bless America!

          Michael Byerly

        • oldtack says:

          Did they teach basic sentence structure where you come from?

          Take a good look at your sentences. “Old tack you are full of what they call ignorance where i came from and turncoats like Kerry WAS not thought much of thanks Swift Boaters for keeping that piece of crap OF the White House.

          Admit it , Bob,you are not very intelligent are you.

          • RudyBlue says:

            Sounds like the man is writing in Ebonics. A black Republican?

          • InsideEye says:

            They is no black republicans, they be all uncle Tim’s
            You guys have to cut some slack here, on grammar and syntax…. typing in a moving vehicle, …plowing fields in S. Dakota , before heavier snows come…….I want to get grain harvested so you liberals can eat proper without meat. And a cow is a perfect vegetable….eats nothing but veggies. Where as grains and veggies are fertilized with protein waste from NYC….go “figger” dat out. Oooops sorry typos.?.must of hit a cow chip.

      • Bill says:

        Thanks for the good replies to these people who love to spread false rumors about Kerry. Kerry volunteered to join and go to Vietnam not once but twice. Bob Williams and “onedumbfcuk” above him can only put one sentence together before their attention span is distracted. Those two along with Robert Knight claimed somethuing as fact that is never backed by proof. As you can tell their sentence structure and spelling offers proof of their lack of any intelligent thought or insight.

    • InsideEye says:

      Ke rry should also show us his birth certificate and wounds/scars….LBJ did it …..he was not nashamed. , Clinton did it to show Monica that he was straight…or was he??? How hard is it to show these things anyway. I remember I had to show a falsified Birth certificate to join the Navy.

  6. Jackmack says:

    he is the man for this job don’t any of the Republicans stop you and a big fat Thank You to Clinton

  7. Jo6pK says:

    Senator Kerry’s nomination brought up the darkest episode of right-wing treason to veterans, that being reminded of the disloyal, anti-veteran posture of this glob of scumbags called the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, who’s only concern was how much the gop was willing to pay them to betray a brother crossed my memory. Swiftboat Veterans for Truth need to be highlighted as the paid backstabbers & gop henchmen, not veterans.

  8. 1bythebrooks2 says:

    Kerry is an excellent choice for the job! He is forthright, honest, and a true hero. Plus his knowledge of Foreighn affairs will do this country proud! And yes, F%$# the swiftboaters!

  9. Jo6pK says:

    Thanks for that swiftboaters rendition there Bob , teaching your children treason gop style, against real veterans already? How’s that working for ya swiftboater want-a ta-be? Going to make a guess your about 19, and not spent a second in the service of your country. So your not really qualified to talk about such adult, mature topics, without parental guidence. Find a subject you know something about Bob! Word to the wise, stop talking about mens asses, makes you sound like your are friends with boil on his buttocks Rush or something else! To bad their are so many clueless born looser right-wingers! Makes my country look weak and stupid Bob. lol

  10. ExPAVIC says:

    Chickens Home to Roost

    I hope Sen. Kerry takes the lying crap those phoney “Swiftboaters” dished out in 2004, rolls it into little balls and jams it into the appropriate orifices of those “boaters” who never saw the Mekong River and knew absolutely nothing about Swift Boats.

    As facts were outed, turns out the “boaters” were a figure of Karl Rove’s extensive imagination the purpose of which was to bring discredit where none existed. Sound familiar? Recall similar efforts to discredit POTUS Obama during this past election. Strange the extent to which the GOP Party will reach in its effort to save this old, old, used up and dying political party rapidly approaching its demise.

  11. onedonewong says:

    He reshaped the US prominence in the world?? Great job John “french speaking” Kerry we are now the laughing stock of the world where even Venezuela threatens us and NKorea thinks we are a paper tiger

  12. Michelle Rose says:

    He’s going to make a great Secretary of State.

    • InsideEye says:

      He should!!!!! he knows the enemy quite well as his anti American activities with North Vietnamese, and then there is Bill Syres , his bomb making wife , the Weather UNderground, yep he is the man who can easily relate to these types. Love it!!!!!

  13. oldtack says:

    Bob Ridge
    I asked you a simple question. I expected a civil answer. Instead I get this blustering bullshit. I don’t know where you’re from and I really don’t care but if everyone there is a dumb ass like you appear to be then you must be from one of our welfare states. Should I call you Bob or Bubba? As for intelligence – you don’t know anything about the Swift Boat situation other than what you have lapped up from various media sources. Were you there?
    Did you participate in the action? If you weren’t there then you don’t know a damned thing about the Swift Boat action.

    I don’t care for John McCain but I respect his Military Service as I do John Kerry. I have respect for any person that raised their hand a put their life on the line to defend this country. I am a Veteran and I served with pride. Have you ever served in the Military forces of this Country? Or are you a George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton type?

  14. Ever heard Uncomon Valor…Kerry certainly deserved honorable mention Philip Wiggle. I for one was gunnersmate during the era. Now one of his medals was for wounds received when he fired a .50 cal into a shale bank along the river and the shale came back and hit him and almost sunk the boat. Yea real stupid hero wiggle you and him both…I bet you wiggled your way out of Vietnam.

    • InsideEye says:

      Common Cowardice, to shoot at cat fish buried in the banks of clay, he had to empty the magazine before coming ashore. Did not want to engage Viets with ammo since he befrienede them so often at protest rallies. . But this does not seems to matter to some. Would you want to be with him in a fire fight, watch out for friendy fire and a quick surrender.

  15. oldtack says:

    No I don’t think so. Most Black people I know -Republican, Democrat- whatever are much more intelligent than Bob the Bubba.

    Have a good Christmas RudyBlue.

  16. AlfredSonny says:

    In 1968, Massachusetts was proud to claim the only state that did not elect Richard Nixon.
    In 2010, Massachusetts was embarrassed to claim the responsibility of causing record-breaking filibusters by electing Scott Brown.
    In 2013, will Massachusetts be proud or embarrassed?

  17. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Face facts. No matter what this president does, it will never be approved by the GOP. Maybe, the common denominator in this country’s problems IS the GOP?

    No one wants to see an end to the GOP. But, we simply cannot tolerate anymore of their imposing hardship on the 99% while they work solely to protect the wealth of the 1%. How can any country survive and remain a super power when those who should be creating jobs and hiring take tax dollars for that purpose as in 2001 and then use that funding for everything but hiring and creating jobs? How is that not misappropriation of public funds?

    Yet, year after year, the GOP squeezes and squeezes tax dollars out of programs deducted every pay period from our paychecks to create another round of surpluses to be used for tax cuts, breaks, loopholes and cash fund subsidies.

    The GOP just doesn’t get it and has no intention of changing their back room agenda. It’s up to we, the people, to make sure the GOP gets it….there’s a difference between representing the people of this country in a government than running a for profit corporation. That’s the only bottom line the GOP cares about. It’s time they got off those too high horses and faced facts. Destroy labor in a country and the country is no longer a super power.

  18. These assholes who called themselve shiftboaters should be held accountable for all the lying they did to assisinate John Kerry. They were the people that were bought by georgie. I hoped it cost alot of money and they had to return every single penny of it. Who were these cowards who stood behing georgie. I would like to see their records during the service.

  19. Charles says:


  20. oldtack says:

    Thanks Bill
    There are a lot of these right wing distortion spreaders on this forum. We need to challenge them for documentation to support their allegations and call them into account for their twisted diatribes..

    • InsideEye says:

      No one gave Comments on anything to the contrary just anger from you red necks it seems. Bull you must be anti lesbian, is that not against liberal philosophy? LOL who is the bigot here you guys?…are laughable .

    • InsideEye says:

      I am eager to help if you can give me a distortion or two…only one

  21. Jo6pK says:

    So insideeye must be one angry wench! You talk like one of those dumber then dirt fix-news rednecks! Think it so cool they let you girls out of the asylum once in awhile, but think you should curb talking about veterans, not something redneck girls know much about. What with all those tattoos you have to get and bailing their bull friends out of the local jails! lol Happy to see so many of you north american Taliban loosing your tempers, this veteran is enjoying it, can hardly wait for the gop congress to make more enemies by forcing higher taxes on the middle class. Tell all my friends to say little, just watch the greed and stupidity of the gop end it’s party, without a single move by anyone else! Rage on little Ms. insideeye, you are making millions of Democrats laugh!

    • InsideEye says:

      Red neck girls know plenty about Veterans, they love manly heroes, not cowards. Bull friends…you call lesbian counterpoints….you are a true liberal bigot….got you there!….you probably are against gayLeb marriage too…..!

  22. hfassihi says:

    The existance of Foriegn relation committe is for USA to do better job and be successful in Foriegn affairs. Senator Kerry was there and knows all about it. In his time as Secretary of State we will be witnessing big changes a success in managing world political affairs. He will help president Obama in Foriegn affairs and the president will have more time to deal with other issues. He was almost elected as president of the United States after all! Last month I have expressed my view in National Memo about why Mr. Kerry is the best choice. Between him and ambassador Rice US Foriegn relation will witness Better days .

  23. InsideEye says:

    He is a smart manipulator….or perhaps manipulated by the Soros non menti

  24. InsideEye says:

    As stated previously, he should get along with the enemy since he is so fond of the a la Vietnam Nam commiserating , as you may recall.

  25. InsideEye says:

    Kept simple for simple minds, no need to have many words that just try and obfuscate.

  26. InsideEye says:

    Is you be serious, that be olde English form, none is you be familiar with Shakespeare ?

  27. InsideEye says:

    America will need a lot of blessings from God…is that that allowable to say god in this liberal format, you all.

  28. InsideEye says:

    Which welfare state? California, New York, Massachussettes?

  29. InsideEye says:

    Most business are run with the employee in mind, unlike GE, that paly no taxes, because they are reinvesting in future research and payment of obligations to bond holders and union pensions..oooops did I say something wrong here….they also utsource to Ireland and have these people also be victimized by having to work for wages so then they can buy US goods or Chinese goods or …..,Gosh I am brainwashed am. Wrong again…..back to Columbia for economics. Oh Vay.

  30. oldtack says:

    ??? Bull you must be anti-lesbian, is that not against liberal policy???? That sentence doesn’t make much sense. Bull you …?

    And what does anti-lesbian have to do with my original statement? There was nothing there about Lesbians. I am acquainted with many homosexuals . My Realtor is a male homosexual and also the best and highest rated Realtor in this City. My neighbor across the alley is a single female Lesbian and she is also a top flight Intensive Care Nurse – and a good neighbor. Their sexual orientation is totally opposite than mine but I judge them for the individuals they are and not by something as trivial as sexual preference. What does your statement have to do with your allegation?

    I didn’t exhibit anger I just asked for documentation for the persons allegations. Information without documentation is not worth the paper it was never written on.
    For documentation this person offered …”I read it on 5 different web sites! Web sites??? That’s not documentation.

    If a person is going to make a personal statement then clarify it by “I think” or “in my opinion”. If one makes a definite statement or accusation then that person needs documented facts to back up the claim.

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