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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ol’ Reliable, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), never lets us down. He can always be counted on to say something hideously, astoundingly stupid, ignorant and bigoted because — let’s face it — this is a man who once said his proudest moment as a lawmaker was voting “no” on a relief package for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

So it should surprise no one that earlier this week, the Iowa Republican took to the House floor to pooh-pooh the silly notion that cutting $20 billion out of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — better known as food stamps — might be noticed by the millions of American families who depend on it to make ends meet.

As King explains, “After all of that technical gibberish, the bottom line is a $20 billion cut is a $2.5 billion cut in the increase… $20 billion spread out over 10 years is not something that is going to be noticeable.”

Yeah, what’s $20 billion — with a b — among desperately needy friends, eh, Steve? BFD! That’s a measly $2 billion a year… it would hardly make a dent in the grocery budgets of millions of poor families. They won’t notice a thing.

Video of this typically cold-hearted display of insensitivity is below, courtesy of Think Progress:

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  • docb

    Do people really want to watch such inhumane and disgusting displays of the rabid right idiots? I can not see a bigger waste of time or energy…They are the scum of the earth! To be worked against and shunned..No ink and no airtime except to shame them!

    • Daniel Jones

      That. Does. Not. Work.
      Only by airing every bit of this will they BE shamed.
      It has to be impartial. It has to be constant. It has to be inescapable. It has to be unilateral.
      Airing their hogwash means that they can be caught when it’s shown to be just that–hogwash.

  • Lynda Groom

    This creature in Congress is not worth the time and effort in pointing out his idiotic comments. He does not care, nor is he moved by public outrage. He is a shill for a certain portion of the populace who believe his dropping serve a purpose. The man does not have the sense to come out of the rain of criticism and discuss his ideas in a rational manner. Certainly someone with a political ideology may or may not agree with the idea of public assistance and food for families, but to suggest that those families won’t notice is just plain stupid. You can’t fix stupid.

  • charleo1

    The only thing that makes any sense, is there must be a pill, or potion,
    that when taken, expands by multiple factors, the tolerance for all kinds
    of hypocrisy. Then, there’s is just the plain old, common, stinginess.
    They try to dress up in some kind of garb of fiscal conservatism. It’s not.
    It comes from the same place two year olds live, before they learned to
    share their toys. Then, there is the suspension of common sense.
    And the freedom that comes from that. To take at face value, anything
    one may want to be true. The internet is full of such juicy gossip.
    Why check? The Liberal press will never confirm it anyway. Go ahead.
    Just pass it along. Of course, this allows for all kinds of conspiracies.
    But, it also the kind of thing, that allows a majority of people, that
    describe themselves as Evangelical Christians, to believe Barack Obama,
    the President of the Country, is not telling the truth about his religion, or
    his birthplace. This is just a little harmless fun. Certainly no bigotry here!
    I mean what could be the harm? If it allows these Christians, who presumably
    read that Bible they carry around. To cloak themselves in the morality of their religion. And see no contradiction, in bearing false witness, or supporting those who agree with Congressman King, That food for the poor, is a wonderful way to save tax payer money. Besides, I heard, what they call poor today, is not really poor, anyway. They have refrigerators, and micro-wave ovens, and more than one T.V. set! Well, I heard it. And, who’s going to tell me, I can’t believe it, if I want to?

  • Why can’t they just sell a kidney or some other organ?
    Or eat bugs from under logs…YuMmY!