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Friday, October 21, 2016

Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan, released a new ad on Tuesday pushing back against Democrats’ accusation that she is complicit in the “war on women.”

“Congressman Gary Peters and his buddies want you to believe I’m waging a war on women. Really? Think about that for a moment,” Land says in the ad. She then pauses to sip from a cup of coffee, check her watch, and shake her head, before declaring “I’m Terri Lynn Land and I approve this message, because as a woman I might know a little more about women than Gary Peters.”

Land, who served as Michigan’s secretary of state from 2003-2011, is the latest in a long series of Republicans to take issue with Democrats’ “war on women” rhetoric. Land has a particularly urgent incentive to neutralize the attacks; her likely Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, has repeatedly criticized her on the topic.

Land has taken particular heat for refusing to take a position on Michigan’s controversial “rape insurance” law, and for claiming that women prioritize job flexibility over making a good salary.

“Well, we all like to be paid more and that’s great, but the reality is that women have a different lifestyle,” Land said in a 2010 speech. “They have kids, they have to take them to get dentist appointments, doctors’ appointments, all those kinds of things, and they’re more interested in flexibility in a job than pay.”

Those comments, which a Democratic SuperPAC revealed on Equal Pay Day, drew condemnation from both Peters and President Obama.

Polls suggest that Michigan’s Senate race is one of the closest in the nation; Peters leads Land by just over 1 percent, according to the Huffington Post’s polling average.

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  • Sand_Cat

    Strange as it may seem, it appears many GOP women don’t know more about women than men.

  • itsfun

    Her opponent pays women staffers 67 cents for every dollar he pays men.

    • ps0rjl

      Please provide some sort of proof for saying that or we will have to believe you are some GOP plant. Also make sure that you are comparing men and women in the same job category. Proof please.

      • Paul Bass

        itsfun IS a right wing plant. Click on their icon to see. And YES he/she does just make up numbers…

        • itsfun

          What icon? The numbers are a matter of public record.

          • Paul Bass

            Hi itsfun,
            Sorry I was referring to YOUR icon! On yours, mine, and all of these little icons of us posters you can bring up a list of your posts. Sorry for my unclear language!

      • itsfun

        Its all public knowledge. You just have to check public records. I have and do, but am tired of doing the home work for every liberal on this site.

        • ps0rjl

          No, you made the statement so it’s up to you to prove the truth of your statement.

  • ps0rjl

    I would be interested to know if MS. Land is getting 2/3 the pay of congressional male counterparts. My suspicion is no. GOP women talking on women’s issues is like chickenhawks/neocons talking about war. Both are clueless.

    • Paul Bass

      All congresspersons are paid $174,000 a year. Senators, leadership and the VP get more. So, yes, SHE gets as much as her male counterparts, so she isn’t worried about this issue!

    • voice_reason

      All female elected officials should get the same percentage of pay that other women get within their home state. Maybe that will help “open” their eyes.

  • 5612jean

    Typical Republican, politician first, a woman second. Why would she care what the average American woman is going through since it doesn’t apply to her. Anything that comes out of her coffee drinking pie hole is more than likely a lie.

  • jointerjohn

    The arrogance of privilege cuts across all gender, race and ethnic lines. Those who have it made and feel entitled who choose to look down on others will even kick their own. She is just another classist in a growingly elitist political party.

  • Sharon Isern

    If any woman vote falls for that ad, she deserves less pay and second-class citizenship.

    • Independent1

      The premise of the ad is kind of stupid (but then that’s typical of most of what the GOP puts out these days). The fact she’s a woman, is no indication she’s sensitive to the problems facing other women who are not walking in her shoes. But then that’s too obvious for clueless folks like the GOP to understand which unfortunately means the stupidity of it may go right over the heads of a lot of women who would tend to vote Republican – and they’ll vote for her anyway even though that would be against their own best interest..

  • pjbthree

    This is just preaching to the choir. It’s not going to convince anyone to switch their vote to her

  • [email protected]

    It may be well to note that Ms. Land inherited a vast fortune from her parents so she probably has no idea of anyone, either man or woman, working for a living.

  • Timothy D Little

    she stands behind it so well she turned off comments.

  • booker25

    The women in the GOP have ear plugs in, blinders on, that is the only way they can stay in the party, that and a IQ of 60.

  • Gene Roberts

    I think she has a point.