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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Colbert Report
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In a hearing about the Affordable Care Act last week, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) asked Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, “To the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby?”

Sick burn.

Ellmers was arguing that women should pay more for health insurance, as being female is actually a pre-existing condition that can lead to maternity, with the help of a man.

The congresswoman brought “her ‘A’ game,” noted Joel B. Pollack of “The ensuing exchange should be studied by Republicans for future reference,” Pollack added.

This week, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) answered the question Ellmers posed:

Why should I have to have a policy that covers maternity care?” I got to thinking about that. I thought, you know what? Maybe because my wife and I do not have any more children and they are grown up, maybe I should not have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools. Huh? Why should I worry about it? Maybe only people who have kids going to the public school should pay for it. We are better than that in this country. We are talking about being part of our society.

But Fox Business’ John Stossel, Fox News’ Dr. David Samadi and Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert aren’t buying it. If women weren’t meant to pay more for health care, what’s with all that… stuff down there?

“As long as men are footing the bill, we should demand pap smears,” Colbert said on his show Monday night.


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  • Dominick Vila

    Maybe we should build new incubators for human fertilized eggs. Think of how much money we could save from such a contraction. The fact that those incubators may not be able to provide us with sustenance, care and love is probably immaterial for those who are determined to save every dime they earn to be able to buy the latest cell phone or iPAD Made in China.

  • ThomasBonsell

    And those of us who do not approve of the GOP’s war making have to pay for their wars–eventually.

    • Independent1

      Good idea! How about modifying the tax code so we’re allowed to select which government expenses that we are willing to pay taxes to cover (just like itemizing deductions – we could have a checklist of major govt expenditures that we could check if we disapprove of the expenditures). For example, since I don’t approve of the GOP passing legislation every chance they get to provide Billions in subsides to Big Oil and Big Agri-Business, I should be able to insist that my taxes should be lower because I don’t want to be funding those giveaways. And as you pointed out, I don’t want to be taxed for the GOP starting unwarranted wars based on lies, or even the run up in our debt due to Bush passing two unfunded tax cuts and so on. Hey, if GOPers don’t want generalized healthcare policies between the sexes, then taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay taxes for money the GOP spends on initiatives we don’t want to fund.

  • Allan Richardson

    Is there any city in the US where property taxes that pay the police and fire departments go up for people who have suffered fires or been victims of robbery? Of course not; people whose property is well built in order to reduce the risk of fires, and has security systems (or is located in secured areas) to reduce the risk of crime, pay MORE, because that property is worth more! Yes, the private insurance to recover the cost of rebuilding or repairing after a fire or replace property stolen by a burglar may go up, but not the taxes that pay for those public services. That’s because they are PUBLIC services! They are paid for on the “socialist” model and that is how we want them.

    • Lola Johnson

      True, taxes don’t go up after such an incident. However, those who install sprinkler systems or burglar alarms usually get a break on the cost of their insurance. And those who make healthy life-style changes often get a break on their health insurance premiums, or some other incentive. Prudent consumers do what they can to reduce their risk of financial loss. This is what insurance does. People are so confused between public and private costs. They don’t seem to realize that we all pay, one way or another, for those who are unable or refuse to pay for themselves.

  • The every woman should demand a rectal digital finger prostate exam.
    And men should get abortions.

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  • dana becker

    Wow, let’s make it even harder for women by making them pay more for healthcare. We already get paid less now it should cost us more just because we were born females? Like it was a choice. These people really are just too dangerous to give them power over us.