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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WATCH: Stevie Wonder May Buy A Gun To Mock ‘Crazy’ Lack Of Gun Control

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder says he may buy a gun to help illustrate the insanity of America’s ineffective gun laws.

Wonder, who has been blind since shortly after birth, told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Monday, “I was thinking, you know, because I saw you on the TV talking about the whole gun [control] thing, and I was talking to one of my friends and I said, ‘You know what? You should go get me a gun, or me go with you to get a gun and then show how easy it is for me to get a gun.”

“Imagine me with a gun. It’s just crazy,” he said.

“I think we have to do something about it and I’m hoping in these next four years with an idea that I’ve come up with that I can do something about how we can come up with a solution, because there’s a solution to any problem and I think we just have to get to it,” Wonder concluded.

Video of the exchange is below, via The Raw Story:

As The Raw Story’s David Edwards points out, “There is currently no federal law prohibiting seeing-impaired people from buying or owning guns.”

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  • stcroixcarp

    Stevie should buy an assault type semi-automatic gun. This could be the new NRA slogan: Murder so easy even a blind man can do it!

  • If Stevie Wonder can’t buy a gun through legitimate sources, he could always buy one at a trade show. Or, online.

    • jstsyn

      Those are also legitimate sources until ant-gun nuts talk congress into useless laws.

  • After he gets one, he should take lessons…learn to shoot using instinct and intuition.

  • Stevie Wonder! All right, outta sight!

  • onedonewong

    As long as the federal govt will provide guns to drug dealers are problem isn’t gun laws but a federal govt that is dysfunctional

  • Kirby Record

    We will soon be talking about the blind shooting the blind? As long as the NRA members, alright we me. That might be the only way anything rational hits the target.