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Monday, March 25, 2019

Watchdog Group Files Request For Gingrich Ethics Records

This morning, Newt Gingrich encouraged Nancy Pelosi to come forward with any damaging information that she may have about his past. This afternoon, a legal watchdog group took steps to try and beat her to it.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) announced in a press release that they are filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the IRS and the Department of Justice. CREW is hoping to access documents which were turned over by the House Ethics Committee with regards to its investigation of Gingrich’s use of tax-exempt organizations for political purposes.

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11 responses to “Watchdog Group Files Request For Gingrich Ethics Records”

  1. oldtack2 says:

    If Gingrich is inocent as he alleges thne it would seem to be advantageous to his campaign if he volunteered this information. As it is – he clouds the issue and gives the impression to the public that he indeed has a lot to hide. Smells akin to limberger cheese in the hot Florida sun.

  2. kalanyosi says:

    If Mr.Gingrich is inocent, Romney is a Saint. I say this based on my notion about Mr. Historan Gingrich platform reveiled in the South Carolina primary where despite his ethics violation,(disgraceful expulsion from the Speaker of the House seat) he accused Romney with practicing “Vulture Capitalism.”
    As I see it, Vulture Capitalism pales when compared to the Speaker “Bigger and Better ideas of what the Capitalism should be. Having said this,I am inclined to believe that the flat footed professor idea of a better Capitalism would be a “Canibalist Capitalism”
    Gingrich, as president,would (ignore)overrule Supreme Court decision, eliminate taxes for moguls, and eat alive the 99% before they can take a bath.
    As a historian,Mr Gingrich is ignorant of the fact that Vulture Capitalism is a healtier form than “Canibalist Capitalism” because it goes only for carcases of the uncompetative busnises.
    Vultures, by eliminating contemination, maintains a heltier environment in which the rest of us (including the 1%)is not completely DOOMED.
    I learned from the GOP primaries, I am convinced that: neither of the front runners are angels. “A Devil will cannot be replaced by an Angel – It is time to reasses the values of Capitalism!

  3. hberndt says:

    January 26, 2012

    I am a democrat and it is unlikely that I will vote for whoever is chosen to represent the Republican Party, in the coming presidential election. But, more importantly, I am first an American citizen. As a citizen, I am sad and embarrassed by the demagoguery displayed by Newt Gingrich. I am eighty six years old and have lived during the administrations of fifteen presidents. And, although I often disagreed with their policies, I did not feel that any of them were morally unworthy to serve as president of our country. This is not true of my opinion of Mr. Gingrich.
    It is public knowledge that Mr. Gingrich left both his first wife and his second wife while having affairs with other women, but this alone does not necessarily constitute his unacceptability. It seems obvious that he used these women for support of his political career, and he cast them aside when they were in need of his support. This constitutes both lack of commitment to his wives and exploitation of them to further his career in politics. This indicates his unworthiness. But, there is more.
    Gingrich shows his arrogance and narcissism at every public appearance. He makes meaningless and unsupported statements in an authoritarian manner that leads the uninformed to cheer and offer support. It is not necessary for me to show many examples of his equivocation; one should suffice. “Obama is the greatest food-stamp president in American history,” and the poor should prefer a paycheck to food stamps. The nuance before a Southern audience is palpable. In his words and demeanor he is insulting to the President and therefore to the very office of the President. There is no excuse for his lack of respect, and his unwarranted attacks are unprecedented. Disrespect of our President makes him appear weak in the eyes of other world leaders.
    Governor Daniels reflected what real Republicans believe. “The status of ‘loyal opposition’ imposes on those out of power some serious responsibilities: to show respect for the Presidency and its occupant, to express agreement where it exists.” Gingrich does not stand in that tradition, or of that of the Republican Party and leaders such as Robert Taft (Mr. Republican), Everett Dirksen, Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford. As I stated, I am a Democrat, but I respect those who hold opposite views of government. One must also remember that the Republican Party once stood for civil rights and it was the Republican Party that first introduced the Equal Rights Amendment. To the real Republicans I say, please reject this counterfeit Republican, Newt Gingrich.
    Harry E. Berndt
    150 Parsons Ave.
    Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314-962-1749 email:

  4. freethinker says:

    I love it when CREW is called a ‘legal watchdog group’. It’s a political attack group made up of and funded by Democrats. Kind of like the Politburo is a non-partisan legal watchdog for the Communist Party.

  5. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Romney’s failure to release his tax return proved to be far more of a stumbling block than the heat he took after releasing it. Although it clearly shows that he pays very little in taxes on his millions in income compared to someone earning less than 1% of that, it also shows that he payed his legal share. Newt should do the same in regard to the ethics inquiry, or Romney will use the same tactic to destroy him in the debate and in ads.

  6. ToddN says:

    The entire ethics inquiry is available for anyone to look at any time they want. All the documnets are in the public domain, all 900 pages of them. So stop salivating there might be something there. All the charges were brought by Nancy Pelosi and her democrat colleagues. Not one of them stuck. Gingrich agreed to pay for the cost of the investigation because his lawyer misrepresented one sentence in a document dealing with a course Gingrich taught at a college. He stayed on in Congress for 2 more years. I still see Charley Rangel in congress who has committed felonies while in office, and noone on the left seems to think there is anything wrong with this. What is wrong with this picture?

  7. pmk says:

    Would love to know what the movers and shakers in the Republican party plan to do to stop Gingrich. They must all have collective panic attacks recognizing that this deeply flawed, immoral, self-promoter is going to deliver a second term to Obama.

    But even more importantly, what does it say of the average voter who buys into the Gingrich lies, massive distortions of his revised account of history, his criminality etc. etc.? How do you square this man’s significant flaws with voters who claim to be so deeply religious and, ostensibly, want a moral and principled person as their president? Perhaps the voters are the bigger problem in that they are unable or unwilling to see Gingrich for who he really is.

  8. Common Sense Patriot says:

    The previosu comment from hberndt is right on. I speak as an Independent who usually votes Republican. But if Gingrich becomes the nominee, I’ll be voiting for Obama. He at least has integrity. Gingrich is morally corrupt. I don’t care how he tries to dress it up or play it down, he was found guilty of ethics violations, which should be no surprise since he has no ethics. He has since made his millions by selling his access to and knowledge of Congress to private firms and even government entities like Freddie Mac, which are technically private but which we the taxpayers had to bail out and take over because of management malfeasance and government direction that was ill-advised and massive poor judgement, if not downright ocrruption. And he has the gall to point at Romney and characterize him as an uber-rich man with no caring for jobs? Romney did dismantle losing companies. What other choice is there if it can’t be turned around? The workers would have lost their jobs anyway. And he created thousands of jobs by saving and expanding companies like Domino’s and Staples. And while he has paid only a little less than 15% of his income last year in taxes, he did it all legally and is no different than any of the rest of us who seek to minimize their taxes. I certainly don’t pay one penny more than I have to. I think Romney is wrong on eliminating the estate tax – under present law that only benefits the super-rich. But he and Obama are on the same page when they talk about cutting corporate tax rates to about the same as the average paid in other countries, but closing the loopholes so they do pay those taxes, and don’t get subsidies that may have made sense when they were originally enacted but no longer are needed (ex. oil companies). We do need to simplify the tax code. Nearly all of them agree on that. So what is Romney guilty of? Not ethics violations. Gingrich is. Did Romney sell his insider contacts with government officials to make millions? No. Did he cheat on two wives and use them to further his political career and then abandon them? No, but Gingrich did. How can the Christian right (Evangelicals) even consider voting for Gingrich? They are violating the very principles they claim to stand for. Gingrich should never again be elected to public office. Otherwise it makes a mockery of ethics rules. And former politicians should not be allowed for at least 5 years to work for a lobbying firm in any capacity, nor “consult” or gather political intelligence, i.e. insider knowledge from their political contacts that help their client companies/clients make millions. It’s pure corruption. That anyone can even consider voting for a corrupt, morally bankrupt slimeball like Gingrich is pathethic.

  9. roger says:

    CREW is backed by largely liberal donors but it isn’t a Democratic Party front group or a pack of political stooges attacking Republicans. The organizations attacks fraud Republican or Democratic. That Republicans are more crooked is unquestionably accurate and so the bulk of the investigations that conduct focus on slime ball Republicans. CREW has no compunction investigating slime ball Democrats. The current Executive Director is a formed Assistant US Attorney under Democratic and Republican presidents. In fact, it’s a lot less partisan than comparable grounds funded by the right; groups that attack Democrats not for being crooked but for being Democrats. Anyone who doesn’t understand the difference deserves whatever happens to them.

  10. jimmyags says:

    If you seriously believe he paid 300k because of a typo i have some great beachfront property in kansas to sell you. Before you try to rewrite history, take into account whether or not the false story has a remote chance of sounding credible.No innocent person pays 300,000 dollars if they did nothing wrong. Especially someone as principled and morally strong as you seem to think he is.

  11. Howard McFann says:

    I notice a lot of your respondents say, “why wasn’t so and so prosecuted or brought up?” I could care less, I”m not talking about so and so (ancient history), I’m talking about today and a man who wants to be president of our country. His record should be clean and unblemished.

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