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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

8 Responses to Watergate Prosecutors Believe Russia Collusion Evidence Exists

  1. Frankly, I think Mueller should get Kellyanne in the witness chair. After spending the first 30 minutes perjuring herself, she will flip and bring down the entire administration under threat of not being allowed to ever have a microphone or TV camera aimed at her for the rest of her life.

  2. The speculation here is not sterile, but relevant. Why? Given the history of the participants even if we assume on the easy side we have to assume lies and cover ups.
    This is their history. Well before the election last year and the behavior this year.

  3. Anyone who believes the same lunatic in the White House who demands “his” people take an oath of “loyalty” to him wouldn’t know what his “loyal” staff is doing is ludicrous.

    Trump plays his stupid boy act when it suits his purposes. That way he can say, “I didn’t know.” Then, behind closed doors, this rabid dog is the quintessential clone of Putin, giving orders, ranting and raving and barking out commands while his staff overload their Pampers in fear of him.

    Of course Trump was in on the Russian hacking. Does anyone for one second believe that his Donny Jr wouldn’t run to Daddy with ALL the details of those WikiLeaks emails?

  4. Why would Trump and his clan be expected to tell the truth about anything substantive to the investigation? Given their innate habit of lying, let’s just hope that Mueller will see the threads on his own, connecting Trump all the way down to the flunkies that enabled Putin to effortless waltz his way into American affairs. Anything that Trump, Sessions, etc., can be used as grounds for indictments on perjury charges. A since so many lies have already been offered, along with conveniently selective amnesia being advanced as reasons for “mistakes” made in testimony, there should be a wealth of material to work with. Somebodies in the Trump orbit need to be put in striped clothing.

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