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Thursday, October 27, 2016

This Week In Crazy: Malaysia Airlines Crash Just A Liberal Media Distraction, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

This Week In Crazy: Malaysia Airlines Crash Just A Liberal Media Distraction, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Larry Klayman

larry klayman

Most Republicans were excited by the news that the GOP would be holding its 2016 convention in Cleveland, Ohio, as they hope that it could help their party win the state’s 18 critical electoral votes. But right-wing activist Larry Klayman knows better.

Over the weekend, Klayman took a break from trying to overthrow the federal government to brand both the city and the GOP as “losers.”

Writing in — where else? — WorldNetDaily, Klayman gave five reasons:

  • Cleveland is “perhaps the most leftist major city in the United States,” so it won’t help Republicans win Ohio.
  • “[D]owntown Cleveland, where the convention will be held, has at most three decent eateries,” and even the best neighborhood is so dangerous that “the number of street people and beggars approximates the number of white- or blue-collar workers who frequent and live in the area.”
  • Cleveland is the third-fattest city in the United States, so naturally “the mood of the populace is depressing.”
  • During the summer, “Gnat-like disgusting creatures swarm the area” (he’s talking about flies, not the political operatives who will flock to the convention).
  • The city is so corrupt that the GOP will lose its moral high ground to attack “Obama and his comrades.”

“[F]or a political party that has lost the last two presidential elections to an incompetent and dishonest ‘Mullah in Chief,’ the future under any scenario does not bode well given its choice for the national convention, unless its new constituency is liberal fat people who have given up on life and enjoy seeing themselves as victims,” Klayman concludes. “Perhaps it is appropriate, as the GOP has metaphorically become fat, having fed at the trough of a dis-served American people that have few electoral choices to try to restore our beloved nation to the greatness of our Founding Fathers.”

It seems that GOP attempts to court to Ohio will go just about as well as the rest of the party’s outreach efforts.

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  • Daniel Jones

    Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush. Fuck. Rush.
    Oh. By the way.
    ..fuck Rush.

    • idamag

      Sorry, but I am a little discriminating and a vibrator looks better than buttcheeks.

    • neeceoooo

      I would rather not but thank you very much……..

  • Dominick Vila

    Reading and hearing the comments made by far right activists is funnier than the jokes in Comedy Central…and the entertainment is free! In any case, I don’t know how many eateries or Mullahs the Republican flock will find in Cleveland, but I bet they will not have trouble finding a place to snort…courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels!
    Seriously, the downing of two Malaysian Airlines within a 3 month span is perplexing, and open to conjecture. Is something going on in Malaysia that most of us are unaware of, and that would prompt something like this? I guess the latest incident has more to do with lack of common sense, flying over an area in turmoil, than an old fashioned terrorist attack, but the coincidence is hard to ignore.

    • Allan Richardson

      Probably incompetent airline management. In the first case, did their pilots train in Saudi Arabia? In the second, what part of “don’t fly over a war zone” didn’t they understand?

      • highpckts

        Sorry but I read that they were told it was safe fly zone!

    • The_Magic_M

      > the coincidence is hard to ignore

      Two incidents still aren’t a pattern. Especially since it seems settled that MH17 was shot down, not blown up by a terrorist attack. So unless you’re diving into tinfoil land, there simply is no “there” there.

  • Grannysmovin

    Larry Klayman: Having to have to walk the same streets as those hit by your trickle down economics, the mood of the Republican Party has nothing but negativity to offer so depressing is the perfect atmosphere, those gnat-like blood suckers are members of your party and please
    the GOP lost its moral high ground over a decade ago.

    Mark Levin: Your comment “I don’t trust Jews who change their names!” just proves how ignorant you are of your own heritage.

    Larry Pratt: “Look at the way this guy was formed,” Right back at ya!!!

    Rush Limbauh: . “… — I don’t want to appear to be callous here, folks, but…” too late the secrets out you are a callous, ignorant whale spewing your stupidity and hate from your blowhole.

    Larry Smith: An armchair psychiatrist with a Mohawk. Diagnosing that the President suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and this armchair
    psychiatrist diagnoses him as delusional.

    • neeceoooo

      Whales are such wonderful creature, I hate to put Rush in the same category.

  • FT66

    Too much of that substance in Rush Limbaugh’s head. One doesn’t need to do any Research in order to know the reaction of it once used. Just listen to whatever Rush Limbaugh says every now and then.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Poor Rush is running out of new rhetoric. He keeps recycling the old stuff. Sigh—unfortunately, some people still believe that everything that goes wrong is Obama’s fault.

      • Mikey7a

        “Sigh—unfortunately, some people still believe that everything that goes wrong is Obama’s fault.”

        President Obama never had a chance with the very white, old, and wealthy, GOP leaders grandma. He could spin straw into Gold, and these bigots would insist he was trying to destroy the American Dollar!

    • idamag

      Can you take enough viagra to affect your brain?

      • FT66

        idamag, Is that what Rush Limbaugh takes that he is almost losing his brain completely. Mind you, his name is never missed in: This Week In Crazy!

      • neeceoooo

        It does affect the brain in his small head which is where he does most of his thinking.

        • idamag

          In other words, are you saying that if he unzips his pants his brains will fall out?

          • neeceoooo

            Yeah, I think that is what I am saying.

  • jointerjohn

    My profession has given me opportunity to visit many major U.S. cities in recent years. I loved Cleveland. The republicans don’t want to even see Cleveland because it is an indictment of their job-exportation and worker exploitation, plus it has just way too many of those brown-skinned people to suit them.

  • JDavidS

    I see the sale of thin foil hats to the right-wing loons is booming…I think Rushs’ is a little too tight, but in fairness, I imagine it’s hard to fit a head that fat.

    • brucelanc

      Do you get soros from all that koch you take?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The liberal media? As owned by ultra conservatives like Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerberg? Please…the CON know there’s not a single election they can hope to win unless they walk into the voting booths and pull that lever for us.

    The Republicans did this to themselves by exploiting puppets like Palin, Bachmannistan, Issa, Ryan, Inhofe, Cruz and Cantor. These are all white, middle aged Great Angry relics of their Daycare days when bonding with parents was at a minimum and learning to fight aggressively for attention amid the rest of their Daycare peers was the rule of their pathetic lives.

    As for Rush Limbaugh. Who’d even bother to pay attention to this closet druggie?

    • ps0rjl

      Don’t forget draft dodger.

      • iowasteve

        Funny – you should mention this – the majority of the Republican party are war mongers – and the majority of their supporters are draft dodgers – Rush – Nuggent – just examples. I think there is something like a scandal there to investigate – maybe the democrats should spend a few billion checking into this scandal on the GOPs part. What ya think?

        • DurdyDawg

          That’s just the thing that separates the right from the wrong.. The Dems don’t believe in fighting such fires because they know the water bill will be placed on the taxpayers while the Reps believe it’s their right to milk the cow dry to spread unproven accusations that only the extreme fringes embrace. These mouth breathers live within conspiracies while trying to convince us that Oswald was the lone shooter.. and this with a straight face.

          • Susan Dean

            Love the picture of Trump. You’d think that with all his money he could buy a better wig than that.

          • pszymeczek

            Thom Hartmann’s wife has seen Trump’s head up close (at the Correspondents’ dinner) and can report that that thing on his head is the result of really bad hair plugs

          • paganheart

            Figures. I always thought it was a small animal that crawled on top of his head and died.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        It’s that fine old plantation mentality…Send all the poor farm bois off to fight for rich men’s rights to keep free slave labor while the rich bois laugh up their sleeves at the fools they kill and maim in wars they always instigate over money.

  • idamag

    I wonder how long it is going to take for the whackos, these week in Crazy represent, to come on with their hate and name calling and whut about Benghazi?

  • idamag

    Anytime you feel that Israel is not doing their part to promote peace, you are a Jew hater. That is not true. Netanyahu is a hawk. One of his first statements, upon being elected, was that he would continue the settlements and the bulldozing fo Palestinian homes. In the United States, we are prejudiced against any religion that does not use the Bible, therefore: we continue to overlook Israel’s transgressions. The United States should stop all aid to Israel. The playing field will not be level, as Israel has 5 nuclear warheads. Our aid to them is what caused 9-11.

    • FT66

      I think idamag I have to agree with you on this issue. US has exhausted all Peace Talks between these two states. What is left is to leave the talks aside and go to Plan B which will be: US must stop all aid to Israel unless & until Israel stops using it to attack its neighbour State. The AID wasn’t meant for that purpose at the first place.

      • DurdyDawg

        .. And I’m also in favor of re-evaluating aid to other countries as well.. While Americans have a moral right to see poverty vanish, it shouldn’t be through our taxes but our generosity.. anyway, most of this g’ment ‘aid’ is for leader’s salaries and war machines rather than as it was intended..

        • Mikey7a

          Yes Dawg, I must agree. No one is saying end all relief to foreign countries. I do feel we need to seriously look at reducing aid across the board. At least until our infrastructure, our poor, and our needy are attended to first. Charity begins at home.

    • angelsinca

      You seem to be confused about who the terrorists are. Israel is one our last dependable allies in the region. They are supported by the US so they can protect themselves. There is a HUGE difference between real estate disputes and murderous intent by the terrorists.

      • Mikey7a

        You might be right about Israel being our ally, only right up to the moment we insist they make a REAL attempt to a cease fire/compromise. Honestly, I believe it’s them that should be kissing our ass, not the other way around!

        • angelsinca

          Kissing ass has nothing to do with this. Try living there where your kids are kidnapped and murdered and used as human shields.If you are going to oppose Israel from your bleeding heart bubble, you are only supporting the murderous terrorists.

          • Mikey7a

            So Palestinian children do not count? You have two opposing religions, claiming the same piece of land, as their exclusive Holy Ground. Escalation, should never be the only answer to violence. It should only be a last resort.

          • angelsinca

            The civilians were warned by Israel to evacuate. The terrorists in Palestine used their own children as shields. They are evil.

      • Ford Truck

        What makes Israel our ally? Signing a piece of paper saying they are our ally means nothing. Israel has done nothing to help U.S. interests in the region, and have confounded every peace-making attempt U.S. has attempted in the Middle East.

        The one and only reason Americans see Israel as an ally is because of inane religious beliefs, and the idea that a non-existent god wants us to side with Israel over the muslims who believe in an equally inane and imaginary god.

        • angelsinca

          Can’t argue with an atheist. They don’t know, yet think they do.

    • Ford Truck

      I know I’m a bit late commenting on this, but I would like to know why you say “Israel has 5 nuclear warheads.”

      Israel initiated nuclear research soon after its founding in 1948 and with French support secretly began building a nuclear reactor and reprocessing plant in the late 1950s, and likely produced the first bomb in the mid-1960s..

      The BBC reported in 2008 that Israel has at least 150 nuclear warheads; U.S. intelligence has reported to Congress that the number is between 200 and 300; and the French government has claimed it may be as many as 400.

      Israel has publicly tested intermediate and long range missles capable of carrying nukes, and recently tested a nuclear-capable cruise missile launchable from a submarine.

      • idamag

        I guess my information was outdated. You are correct. However, you can see why the Mideast distrusts us.

  • stcroixcarp

    I thought the child refugee crisis was caused to divert media attention from Benghazi. Now this airplane thing is just too much. Can’t we just get back to Benghazi, Rush? I mean everyone knows that Obama blew up that plane.


    Every one knows Rush’o the Drug’o. There is no other explanation of the way he says things. Now the people who understand his yat! yat! yat! Think they understand him. But the only way to understand Rush’o is to be in the same condition of the Rush’o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • idamag

      Actually, he did get in trouble for oxycontin and, get this, smuggling viagra into this country.

  • old_blu

    KMA Rush Limbaugh you do too mean to be callous.

  • old_blu

    I think Adam Kwasman should have made the list for accusing YMCA campers of being illegal immigrants.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      Yes, Kwasman really stepped in it. He was so gung-ho going after the frightened children, he couldn’t run fast enough to get to the bus. He twisted his brain into a pretzel trying to get out of the muck.

  • exdemo55

    “The bear is loose!” President Obama has been saying, whenever he leaves the White House to visit Starbucks, or sandwich shops, or burger joints, or BBQ shacks, or neighborhood diners, in his increasingly rote and pathetic attempts to “connect” with “real people.” Obama, we have been told, is frustrated, “restless,” bored with the responsibilities and chores of office. He thinks of himself as the bear—intimidating, wild, untamed, roving—escaping his den. But he is flattering himself. Obama is not the bear. He is the cub: aimless, naïve, self-interested, self-indulgent, irresponsible, irresolute. The bear is in Moscow.

    One can trace a line from any global hotspot to Russia and its authoritarian ruler. Iran? Russia has assisted its nuclear program for decades. Syria? Russia is Bashar Assad’s arms dealer. Iraq? Russia is sending men and materiel to the central government. Afghanistan? Putin muscled nearby Kyrgyzstan into closing our air base there, crucial for transport, resupply, and reconnaissance in the war against the Taliban. The contretemps between the United States and Germany is the result of Edward Snowden’s breach of national security. Where is Snowden? In Russia, where he has just asked to have his visa renewed. I wonder if Vladimir Putin will say yes.

    Then there is Ukraine, where Putin has been driving events since March, when he illegally annexed Crimea. The West thought sanctions would intimidate Putin, would force him into retreat. For a time, he drew down his troops on the Ukrainian border, leaving the fighting in eastern Ukraine to separatists trained, armed, and led by Russian special forces. The West thought it could ignore the situation. A guerrilla war in the east, it was assumed, does not threaten democracy in Kiev. The Ukrainian economy returned to its lethargic equilibrium. The Ukrainians elected a president. President Obama, in his speech at West Point, trumpeted his Ukraine policy as an example of “our ability to shape world opinion” and “isolate Russia.”

    Some isolation. Even as Western attention turned to the Middle East, Russia continued to act unimpeded, and the Ukrainian war went on. Recently, when Poroshenko, the new Ukrainian president, retook the city of Sloviansk, Putin’s hand was forced. Russian soldiers reappeared along the border—more than 10,000 at last count. The weapons systems supplied by Russia to the insurgents became more sophisticated. Earlier this week, a rocket brought down a Ukrainian cargo plane. The rocket was fired from Russia. Thursday brought us only the latest unintended consequence of Russia’s war on Ukrainian independence: the destruction of a Malaysian airlines flight carrying 295 souls. The attack is revolting, the loss of life infuriating, but the downing of Flight MH17 is not the first unanticipated outcome of the war Vladimir Putin began in Ukraine. Nor will it be the last.

    “I think it was a brilliant stroke,” Hillary Clinton says of the “reset” policy the United States pursued toward Russia when she was secretary of State. She has an odd understanding of brilliance. The “reset” gave us a world where Georgia remains illegally occupied, where Poland and the Czech Republic lack missile defenses, where American parents cannot adopt Russian babies, where Russian bombers fly within 50 miles of the Pacific coast, where Ukraine is sundered, where the prospects for ground war in Eastern Europe are high, where Putin says U.S. sanctions against his cronies will take bilateral relations to a “dead end.”

    When I hear comments such as Clinton’s, when I listen to White House press secretary Josh Earnest say, in all seriousness, that his administration has “substantially improved the tranquility of the global community,” I feel as though they are lost in the postmodern funhouse of the Kremlin’s “non-linear war,” as though they, too, are casualties of Russian Maskirovka, of deception, concealment, propaganda, and disinformation.

    “Non-linear war is the means through which a geopolitical raider can leverage his relative weakness,” writes Peter Pomerantsev. “And this vision appeals to a very broad constituency across the world, to those full of resentment for the West and infused by the sense that the ‘global village’ model is a priori rigged.” Russian manipulation of narrative and image, of wishful thinking and gullibility, has been such a success that the Obama administration actually believes it has accomplished something. It hasn’t. On the contrary: President Obama has relinquished American standing, neglected America’s responsibilities as the guarantor of international security.

    The heralds of the “post-American world” devote most of their songs to the wonders of the BRIC economies, the rise of a globally conscious, technologically savvy youth culture, the justice of a humbled America, the importance of institutions and conferences and stakeholders in resolving global conflict through diplomatic means. What they never get around to singing about, in any particular detail, is the day-to-day reality of the post-American world: the headlines one encounters when Vladimir Putin is unrestrained; the numbers of dead and wounded in civil wars fueled by Russian weapons and Russian assistance; the lies and conspiracies and anti-Americanism fueled by Russian information operations; and the unexpected events, the contingencies, the collateral damage of insurgency and strife. No secret why they leave all this out: such dissonant lyrics do not jibe with a placid, comforting melody of exhaustion, war weariness, senescence.

    Well, there is no getting around it now. “Obama contends with arc of instability unseen since ’70s,” says the Wall Street Journal. Militias and rogue generals in Libya, Hamas versus Israel, Hezbollah and Assad and Iran against Sunni rebels and the Caliphate, the prospect of an Iranian bomb, war in Ukraine, withdrawal from Afghanistan, China bullying its neighbors—such is the extent of global disorder today.

    “It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep,” Hillary Clinton’s campaign imagined in 2008. “But there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing.” Things are “happening” in a “dangerous” world. “Who do you want answering the phone?”

    Today we know the answer: The phone isn’t ringing in the White House. It’s ringing in the Kremlin. And the man answering it is Vladimir Putin.

    • ralphkr

      Your statement “where Russian bombers fly within 50 miles of the Pacific coast” reminded me of when I was stationed at an AF base near Anchorage, Alaska, in the mid-1950s. One day we noticed this sleek new bomber circling the base and we were all admiring this beautiful new aircraft the USAF had acquired from UK (Canberra) when someone asked, “When did we change from a white star to a red star on our new planes?” Yep, it was a Russian bomber circling our base low and slow. Our fighters were immediately scrambled but a complete waste of fuel because they only had 2/3 the speed of the Russian plane. The next day we were given the order to issue all rifles and sidearms (but I was ordered to make sure all ammo was locked up in the armory and all weapons were unloaded) and everyone was to be armed until further notice. Evidently we were to throw our weapons at the Russian plane if it returned which was probably as effective as our interceptors since the only way they could stop a Russian bomber would be if they were in the way as they came over..

    • Mikey7a

      If you are going to copy verbatim, an article/blog written by someone else, please have the decency to acknowledge the author. Although, on further reflection, I realize that decency and a Teabagger Rethuglican, are rarely, if ever related.

      FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, we must keep building our Military, sending our youth into harm’s way, where NO ONE there, wants us to be! Beat that drum exdemo, beat it loud, beat it proud!

      What a mindless, misinformed, Right Wing Nutbag you are sir!

      • exdemo55

        Is that all you can do? Call people names, then claim to be tolerant. You are so naive

        • Mikey7a

          No, I think I did a bit more, than just call names. Yes, you would be amazed at what I can tolerate. I will admit, although I want compromise, and unity within our House and Senate, you are correct in the fact that I am at the end of any tolerance toward the extreme, insane, far Right Wing.

          • idamag

            It is hard to tolerate that which is a threat to our Democracy.

          • exdemo55

            The cases before the Supreme Court this week have once again brought a focus on the idea of tolerance in our country. Tolerance is a funny thing in the political sphere and is increasingly used by the left to denigrate anyone who opposes them.
            If we were to open up the New Progressive’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, you would probably see the following definitions:

            Knuckledragger — a Christian Conservative.
            Racist — anyone that did not vote for Obama or even disagrees with an Obama administration policy.
            Bigot — everyone in the GOP; also every Christian
            Pro-life Conservative — codeword for justifiable misogyny
            Second Amendment Proponents — slack-jawed yokels who hate children.
            Intolerance — Anyone that believe something we do not.

            That’s not to say conservatives are not guilty of similar arguments, but I’ve noticed recently that as the right is trying to reassess and address its problems, the left’s talking heads cynically dismiss the debate and reassert hateful stereotypes.
            When discussing the politics of hate, we must be careful that we are not simply using an ad hominem attack — attacking the character rather than the substance.
            Of course, political operatives know very well that they are making ad hominem attacks. The problem comes when the character assassinations are internalized by society to the detriment of honest debate.
            More than anything, I think the technology has led to the demise of intellectual discourse.
            Go on any comments section and it quickly becomes a flame war of insults and shouting. Hiding behind a computer means we don’t actually interact with those that disagree with us. Instead they are the “other,” an anonymous avatar representing everything we detest about those that disagree with us. Each combatant claims to hold the moral high ground of tolerance while admonishing the character of all that oppose their views.
            To truly proclaim oneself as the epitome of tolerance, one must be tolerant of all, refusing to judge any for their beliefs. That means the truly tolerant can never make a stand against hate, bigotry, abuse, etc. because, by their own belief system, they cannot openly judge the actions of others as right or wrong. Rather they must accept all.
            Obviously, few people are capable of truly pursuing this . . . “virtue.”
            And just as rare is the person that applies the tenant of tolerance objectively, rather than haphazardly using it as a subjective judgment.
            As noted, I tend to find that those most loudly decrying the virtue of tolerance tend to be practicing intolerance themselves, many times more so than those they rebuke. This is true on both sides of the political spectrum.
            Many conservatives today who happen to be black are insulted constantly as a race traitor, being called “Uncle Tom” and much, much worse.
            By labeling black conservatives with such slurs, dissenters are attempting to invalidate any opinion they hold rather than addressing their arguments on the merits.

            Is that tolerance?

            I must, however, admit that rarely do I personally experience these ad hominem attacks. The reason being is that our TV/radio shows and columns are heavily concentrated in these communities and many have gotten to respect and understand my reasoning.
            The attacks are more about the lack of understanding by many minorities that conservatives are principled in what they believe and are entitled to another school of thought. Freedom should never be restrained and always expressed. This is how any community grows authentic and makes substantial progress.
            In our current politically charged atmosphere, anyone that disagrees with the president is a racist. Anyone that objects to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is a bigot. Anyone that goes to church is a hate-filled Christian.
            Sometimes those accusations are correct, but unless you talk to and get to understand someone’s beliefs, the accusers are just as guilty of hate and intolerance.
            Perhaps their policy disagreement with the administration is just that — a policy disagreement. Maybe they disagree with Obamacare, not because it’s socialized healthcare, but because they believe it is a poor law, clumsily enacted and failing to address the issues it purports to solve.
            What if they think that same-sex marriage should be passed by the legislatures rather than through judicial fiat? For them this is a case about judicial certiorari.
            What if they take to heart Jesus’ teaching to love your neighbor with all your heart, regardless of your neighbor’s actions?

            Are those hate-filled sentiments?

            It does no good to simply point the finger. It is more helpful, more tolerant, more loving to try to “walk a mile in their shoes” and attempt to see things from another person’s perspective. When we do that, we open ourselves up to new ideas and understanding. If we truly believe that holding a nuance position is a virtue as well, then we must constantly guard against jumping to conclusions.
            The civil rights movement relied on people realizing that color made no difference. As more interracial friendships and relationships developed, it became harder for society to deny the institutional inequality that existed.
            This took people actually getting out and interacting with one another. This meant that both blacks and whites had to move past their preconceptions of each other and find a new path, together.
            In a healthy democratic society, the key is rational discourse rather than insults.
            Conservatives are legitimately evaluating themselves; but as long as the left continues to demagogue its opponents as less than human, we cannot come work together as a society to solve our problems.

          • The_Magic_M

            > Hiding behind a computer means we don’t actually interact with those that disagree with us. Instead they are the “other,” an anonymous avatar representing everything we detest about those that disagree with us. Each combatant claims to hold the moral high ground of tolerance while admonishing the character of all that oppose their views.

            Quite ironic, likely not written by you, or how do you reconcile such wise statements with your drivel like “the left continues to demagogue its opponents as less than human” (who is “the left” and when did they do that).

            If I think of a recent example, yes, I remember someone calling somebody else a “subhuman mongrel” – it was right-wing nutjob Ted Nugent referring to President Obama.

          • exdemo55

            One of the tried and true tactics of the radical leftist is always accuse the enemy of the very same crimes they themselves are committing. One might call it projection as well–“a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people.” Additionally, projection is closely related to one of the Eighth Wonders of the World–human denial. A number of folks from the left-side of the political spectrum have railed against the owners of Chick-fil-A for allegedly engaging in hate and intolerance. Apparently “hate” is defined by the left as anything that goes against their precious social agenda. Apparently, holding a contrary opinion is classified as “hate” to the left. Let’s just run with that logic … so using the logic of the left, any business that does not support my views on traditional marriage is engaging in “intolerance” and “hate.” That’s why I have proposed that heterosexuals conduct a kiss-in at your locally gay-owned or liberal-owned establishment. Why not? Two can play this game! Maybe we should spray-paint graffiti all over their store fronts too. Maybe the right could visit a gay-owned or liberal-owned business and read the store clerk the riot act for engaging in “intolerance” and “hate.” Just sayin’. Now, let’s just look at reality in this whole Chick-fil-A affair . Below are four videos that clearly show the total intolerance and hate the left has for anybody that deviates from their oppressive sociopolitical agenda. It’s all dripping with venom, vitriol and hate. – See more at:

          • Mikey7a

            Posted on 05 Aug 2012 @ 16:57 by Brent P.

            Here you go exdemo, I’ll credit the author of your post for you. See how easy that was, as opposed to folks like you, who do not possess one singular original thought? I will say, that you copy and paste with the best of them, good for you.

            As to this kiss-in idea, if it were my liberal establishment, I would more than likely, shake my head, and laugh my fool head off. Defacing(graffiti) someone else’s property for any reason, is not just wrong, but I believe it is illegal.

            When you’ve been discriminated against, called horrible names, cast out by the people who were supposed to love you unconditionally, publicly belittled, been beaten, bloodied, and yes, even sometimes killed, all because of your sexual orientation? Well yeah, I can see where some might get angry, and possibly carry a good idea, a bit too far. Crazy that an old white, anglo, hetero, male, can see how these folks could be fed up, and just want to be treated equally huh?

            Anyway, we will have to pick another day to carry on our debate, I’m off for today.

          • The_Magic_M

            > One of the tried and true tactics of the radical leftist is always accuse the enemy of the very same crimes they themselves are committing.

            No, that’s actually the other way around – if you want to see what RWNJ’s want, look at what they accuse others of.

            RWNJ’s saying “Obama is thrashing the Constitution”, yet in their next article fantasize about how they would expel all US citizens (!) they consider “Socialists” from the country, once they are in power.
            RWNJ’s saying “Obama stifling free speech”, yet in their next article gloat how they would jail anyone who supported the “evil socialists”, if only by voting for or failing to criticize them, once they are in power.

            Projection, yes, but only on your part.

          • exdemo55

            No, pretty much all you did was call names and demonize good people foe standing up for what they believe.

          • Mikey7a

            Demonize good people? Did you bother to read any of these pages?
            Klayman-Insults an entire City
            Levin-Hates his “own” people
            Pratt-Just hahahahaha, is all I got
            Rush-Drug addled fool, that barely coherent
            Smith-Everything is Obama’s fault. He was supposed to personally go down to Central America, and tell every child, “STOP, do NOT try to come to America.”

            These people need no help demonizing themselves, and if they truly believe the garbage they spew, then they are mentally challenged. The truth of the matter is they are only trying to rile up the dim witted Base, to which they pander to for votes!

          • exdemo55

            You’re projecting

      • idamag

        Have you noticed, he never addresses anything written in the article? He just uses any space to spew his radical right wing anti-government hate.

        • Mikey7a

          They aren’t even his own ideas, he simply copy’s other people’s work. I would at least give him respect, if he would say something from the heart. Pasting all this Tea Party garbage, as he does, just makes me want to gag!

          • idamag

            None of the things these trolls say are original. They have been programmed. The tea party is dangerous to Democracy. You can tell by what they send to Washington. I doubt if any of them have a triple-digit I.Q. and they are easy marks for the ones who want to destroy our government.

    • highpckts

      Wow! Who did you copy that from? I feel bad for you that your only idol is PUTIN!!! I am sure they would love to have you reside in Russia along with Snowden!

  • exdemo55

    Hillary’s $2,777 PER MINUTE speaking contracts demand a ‘presidential’ teleprompter, let her cancel ‘for any reason whatsoever’ and she’s the only one allowed on stage

    Speaking contracts covered August 2013 speech at SUNY Buffalo and upcoming August 2014 appearance at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    The two events together pulled in $500,000 for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation – but reporters were shut out

    Angry UNLV students have asked Clinton to return her speaking fee since their tuition has tripled in the last decade

    One contract demanded a ‘presidential’ teleprompter; another one required a $1,250 stenographer; both insist that only a hand-picked moderator – never audience members – can ask her questions

    At an event that drew 6,500 people, Clinton allowed a photographer to take just 50 photos of her with VIP well-wishers

    Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who is preparing to run for president on a populist platform of fighting income inequality, demanded $2,777 per minute for two university speaking engagements and insisted on contracts that cut off reporters’ access to her and limited the number of photos she would take with well-wishers.

    The Harry Walker Agency drew up legal agreements for Clinton’s speeches at the State University of New York at Buffalo in August 2013 and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas next month.

    Combined, the two gigs netted the Clintons’ family foundation $500,000 for three hours’ work, and allowed her to cancel or reschedule the events ‘for any reason whatsoever.’

    The once-and-maybe-future White House resident is routinely granted iron-grip control over the circumstances surrounding her speeches.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      So what? They will never make as much as Mitt who stole jobs here and sent them overseas to children paid near slave wages.

      • exdemo55

        Just wanted you to see the type of person she really is. A hypocrite that buys votes and loyalty with other peoples money not hers. Believe me, she wishes she had Mitt’s money.

        • highpckts

          NO ONE is jealous of Mittens!! Find out how much other famous speakers get and how in control they are! You are cherry picking!! Nice try!

    • highpckts

      And your point????

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Insanity is one of the 10 Tenets of the GOP, and they prove it multiple times per week, hence, the TWIC feature by the National Memo…

  • howa4x

    This is the right wing, long on outrage shore on ideas. Never hear them have a reasonable solution for any problem, just fist pounding fools.

  • plc97477

    To Larry Klayman: You have to be pretty low to see a high ground in the gotp. And that explains the rest of the crazies.

  • highpckts

    I am so amazed! I had no idea that there were so many crazies in our government and all the crazies that want to be part of the government!! It is sooooo depressing that the only thing we sane people have at our disposal is the vote! We ought have some legal way of committing these people now! Good Lord! They are all loony tunes!!

  • pszymeczek

    Cleveland is the third-fattest city? Well the drug-addled gasbag should feel right at home.

  • pszymeczek

    Wonder how Mark Levin feels about Michael “Savage,” whose real last name is Weiner.

  • The two Larrys amuse me the most, as usual.

    Klayman’s barely-concealed problem is that he considers only rich white Christian Southerners to be real people, and the real reason he doesn’t want the convention in Cleveland is because it would create temp. jobs that non-people might acquire and would involve spending money that might eventually find its way into the hands of non-people.

    So my advice to the G.O.P. is to just ignore Klayman, as he won’t be happy unless the G.O.P. decides to hold their convention in the middle of an onion field in Oklahoma.

    Pratt, meanwhile, demonstrates just how much the tea-baggers are committed to hating Obama. So much so that they have literally willed themselves to believe that it is possible for a man to have two fathers, that way Obama can be a Kenyan usurper AND a Marxist heir.

    If you haven’t ever heard of Martha Trowbridge before, check her out. She tried to work around the Stanley Ann Dunham = citizenship dilemma by insisting that Obama’s real mother was Elizabeth Ann Duke, completely heedless of the fact that she also was an American citizen.

    Reality is literally the enemy to these people. They know in advance that the facts do not back them up, but expect that they can change the facts if they only scream loud enough and for long enough.

    • The_Magic_M

      > by insisting that Obama’s real mother was Elizabeth Ann Duke

      … after previously claiming the “real mom” was Jo Ann(e) Newman. Probably next year she’ll claim his mother was Eva Braun.