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Friday, October 28, 2016

The following is an excerpt from Bill Press’ new book, “The Obama Hate Machine,” published by Thomas Dunne Books.

The American landscape, unfortunately, is peppered with presidential libraries, most of which are not worth the time or money for a visit. Each president gets one.

But with Barack Obama, it’s going to be different. He will become the first former president to require two presidential libraries: one to house the personal papers and historical record of America’s first African-American president; the second to house the mountain of Obama hate books that have been published during his time in office.

Who says President Obama hasn’t helped grow the economy? Just ask conservative imprints Regnery Publishing or Encounter Books .

The Daily Beast‘s John Avlon was the first to track down the anti-Obama literature in detail. By his count, there were five books attacking Obama published even before he reached the White House. By year three of his presidency, a staggering sixty-seven books, at a minimum, had been published that demonized Barack Obama — far more than either Bill Clinton or George W. Bush had to contend with — and the number keeps growing.

Even though throwing mud at Bill Clinton was a favorite pastime of the far right, keeping Regnery and other publishers busy, only eleven anti-Clinton books had been published by his two-year anniversary.

George Bush got off even easier. According to Avlon, only five anti-Dubya books had hit the shelves by the same time in his presidency. Only in 2004, after his contentious reelection campaign, did the number of anti- Bush books reach forty-six.

Granted, some of these anti-Obama books can be dismissed as nutty screeds written by crazies nobody ever heard of and self- ublished through services like CreateSpace. But most were in fact released by mainstream publishing houses. And the list of authors includes a former attorney general of the United States, a former ambassador to the United Nations, a former Speaker of the House, a former Ohio secretary of state, prominent conservative commentators, and at least four top national radio and TV talk- show hosts: Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and Laura Ingraham.

Together, they command a broad audience. And together, in print as on the airwaves, they have decided that the only way to bring down President Obama is not to challenge his policies but to undermine his personal credibility. In their warped world, Obama is not just wrong on the economy; he is a Marxist-socialist Manchurian candidate channeling the radical, antiimperial politics of his father and grandfather.

With such a flood of hate literature— its lies duly repeated and promoted on radio, cable television, and online— it’s no surprise that so many Americans are willing to believe demonstrably false things about Barack Obama. As this book goes to print, 25 percent of all Americans, and 41 percent of all Republicans, believe Obama was not born in the United States. One of every five Americans still believes he is a Muslim, and a whopping 55 percent are convinced he’s a socialist. “I read it in a book, I saw it on television, so it must be true.”

But, as with all the other arms of the Hate Obama Machine, the hate Obama literature differs both in quantity and intensity. It’s not a handful; it’s an avalanche. It’s not thoughtful political dissent; it’s a wave of ugly personal attacks— as evidenced by even a quick glance through each of the anti- Obama titles.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to read them all. I’ve skimmed them for you. (Click here to see the list of 67 anti-Obama books in full, including six that take a more traditionally populist — and less right-wing — tone.)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorites:

10. Cullen, Mike. Whiny Little Bitch: The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama.
Publisher: Quite Right Books, June 2010.

Between the Covers: The title says it all. Don’t expect much from this book, and you won’t be disappointed. Even one sympathetic reviewer had to acknowledge that it’s no “in- depth” account of the Obama administration. It’s a thin book, full of thin and stale criticisms of Obama’s messianic complex, his slighting of allies, his being too hard on Wall Street, his surrounding himself with cronies, his race baiting, etc., etc. Cullen proves there’s an audience for any anti-Obama drivel, no matter how shallow.

18. Geller, Pamela and Robert Spencer. The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.
Publisher: Threshold Editions, July 2010.

Between the Covers: If you truly believe that Barack Obama is “the most radical individual ever to occupy the White House,” this is the book for you. Geller and Spencer sound yet another call to arms to Americans concerned about Obama’s plot to destroy our free- market system and nationalize major segments of our economy. Billed as “the true patriot’s handbook,” Geller’s book urges conservatives to rise up and stop Obama in his tracks, while there is still any America left to defend.

51. O’Leary, Brad. The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama’s War on American Values.
Publisher: WND Books, September 2008.

Between the Covers: Lucky for Barack Obama I didn’t read this book before the 2008 election, or I would never have voted for him. How could anyone other than an outright Communist vote for him after Brad O’Leary told you what his real agenda was. No kidding. Few people realized that Barack Obama had these seven top goals: to raise the top tax rate to 60 percent; to grant citizenship to twelve million illegal immigrants; to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn the Second Amendment; to take 25 percent of farmland out of production; to transfer care of children under five from parents to government; to set up new government agency to decide which medical procedures seniors qualify for; and to make it easier for more Democrats to get elected by allowing felons to vote. Of course, that may have been a good way to scare people. But it didn’t work. And, needless to say, not one of O’Leary’s predictions has come true.



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  • arconnelly

    The issues driving the American public to ponder the fate of the country under Obama’s administration are driven by his bad decisions, untruths, arrogance, and his divisive politics. He has done little to improve the American way of life and much to harm it. For starters: (1) He signed a huge Health Care bill that the creators admittedly were not certain of all it contained and doing so under the guise that it would reduce health care cost in America when in fact it is raising the cost of health care for people and Medicare and further endangering the quality of care by cutting the fees to doctors who accept the Medicare payments. (2) He has hampered the enforcement of immigration laws and appears to be bent on keeping illegals in the country and providing free services paid for by tax paying citizens. (3) He continues to push for “green businesses” but has made bad decisions with our investments and under poor contracts that did not protect our interest in the event of business failure or bankruptcy. (4) He has foisted upon the public a “tax holiday” that actually further dilutes the funds for Social Security by cutting the employee contribution of FICA in half and has not been honest about the true effect of this cut to the people he is supposed to serve. (5) At a time when the country cries for leadership he has been non a re-election campaign and used his office to promote more separation between the two parties in an effort to retain office at all costs. (6) He has failed to take any meaningful action to cut our countries growing dependency on foreign investments and placing our country in a situation similar to what Egypt is presently facing. (7) His actions and his foreign policy have weakened America’s reputation and credibility internationally. (8) He has bypassed or ignored constitutional requirements on several issues, freedom of Religion not being the least, and bull dozed passage of actions not desired by the American public or endorsed by Congress. (9) His policies and practices have rewarded the Wall Street executives and Banking executives at the expense of the taxpayer with not return for the taxpayer. (10) He has taken actions that are focused on increasing the strength of unions in this country that mirror those taken by the Peron’s in Argentina and pushed to slant the NLRB by loading that group with more union friendly board members and has done this without congressional support or approval.

    I don’t know if he is the “monster” depicted in the books or if he is just naive and getting poor advice, but when you look at his advisors and their history you have to believe he knows that the actions he takes are definitely socialistic and harmful to the way of life that this country was famous for. He is ignoring or opposed to the proposal that people who work hard, save their money and invest it in American companies, and maintain a good social standing should be rewarded and appears to be intent on taking money from these taxpayers to pay the slackers of our society. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country. Al

  • freethinker

    The above response is more telling than Press’s nonsense about hating Barack Obama. The President has told us his life story. Raised by communists, associated with communists and leftist radicals, trained in socialist classes. We have never learned how he made it into the colleges and positions he had before becoming a community organizer. He governs as he was trained. What is the surprise? I don’t think anyone hates him. They are simply appalled that he could have ever gotten elected in the first place. Now, having to listen to his daily lies (and that’s what they are) and his underhanded governing in his attempt to move America to his socialist utopia (remember, that’s how he was brought up), it is no wonder that frustrated people denounce his administration. But denouncing his governing is a long way from hate for him as a person.

  • pedroan2

    Al has made the comment that I hear from those I love and trust and know they believe every word they say and so does Al. I TRULY DO NOT KNOW. because I don’t listen to the news nor to those whose livelihood depends on their commentary. I used to listen to Rush for years and thought he was absolutely right untill I begun to hear the fact that he was not unbiased and really looking for truth unless he perceived it as truth. I believe, with all my heart, that those like my loved ones and Al really and HONESTLY, see what they perceive as the truth about Obama to be THE TRUTH. I myself do not know nor can I say weather they are right or wrong, I don’t see what they see, is there anybody out there that can respond in a loving manner to the points Al makes?. If what he says is indeed true, and he must have an honest reson for saying it, then it is our duty to not vote for Obama but if he is mistaken, then we ought to be shown how and where he is wrong. Love in Christ Jesus,

  • Bootlegger

    Did these losers leaving comments write those books? What kind of deranged world do these radicals live in? This kind of vitriol is straight form the Saul Alinksky playbook.

  • pedroan2

    Freethinker does make a good point for it is true that those whome I love do not hate Obama, just his sociallistic administration. How, other than socialiced medicine, has he lead the nation intoo a Socialist-Comunist State? I really am asking because3 I have absolutely no idea about it. I live in a small town of Virginia and work as an X-Ray tech in the local hospital ( I have worked there since Sep 2003) and as a cashier in WalMart since Sep 2007, and I have not noticed the slightest change in the way of life or cultural imperatives having taken place.
    I do know why he was elected and by the way, I did vote for him, maybe that’s why I’m not appalled. I’m 68 years old and I have been a truck driver, a teacher, a dish washer, a Carpenter’s helper, a hyghway construction employ and have had several other occupation and because of this, I don’t consider myself as an idealist, which I was in my youth, I think I have my feet on the ground and that my head is not in the clouds. I am fully aware from having been in contact with some of them, that there are evil people in the worl, that there are liars and underhandeed ones. Is he really a liar? please help me by telling me how and where he has lied. if he really is a liar, then he does deserve to be voted out of office and to be shown as a liar to the nation. By the way, I was born in Spain in 1943 and lived there untill 1956. I went to school and was trained as a good Falangist and please believe me, I am totally against dictatorship of any kind, what I’m trying to say is that one does not neccessarily remain what one was trained as a child. It is very possible to change. Love in Christ Jesus, Antonio

  • John St. Clair

    I agree that conservatives like Al probably do believe what they say and sincerely believe they have the best interest of America in mind. However, I also sincerely believe that Obama has America’s best interests in mind and that Al’s 10 points are distorted views of reality. I don’t have time to respond to all 10 points but will respond to the one that irks me the most: “(9) His policies and practices have rewarded the Wall Street executives and Banking executives at the expense of the taxpayer with not return for the taxpayer.” This implies that Obama bailed out Wall Street when in fact the TARP program was signed by Bush on October 3, 2008. The Wall Street bailouts were done before Obama took office. Obama did appoint Elizabeth Warren to oversee the implementation of TARP and Wall Street hates her because she was so critical of the executive bonuses and pushing for regulations to prevent another financial collapse. Obama did decide to bailout GM and Chrysler and I would argue that was a good decision because they have rebounded nicely and we need to keep manufacturing in our country. It is the Republicans that support deregulation of Wall Street and have been fighting to stop the implementation of any regulations on the financial sector.

  • Ish

    (1) This bill had two “guises”—cost control and expanded coverage. Barring repeal, it is certainly a success wrt the latter. Wrt the former, there are two ways to think about it: the individual and the federal budget. It looks like premiums may go up a bit for everyone, though it’s difficult to find unbiased info on this. The CBO estimates that the legislation will reduce the federal deficit by 143billion over the next eight years. So, a little bit of a win, a little bit of a loss. I’ve talked to a lot of pissed off doctors and I’m not necessarily standing by the legislation, but what I generally hear from policy experts and medical professionals alike is that the bill doesn’t do much in the way of substantive reform (why and what such reform would/should look like is a much larger discussion).
    (2) According to Reuters Obama deported over 1 million immigrants in his first two and a half years, putting him on pace to deport more immigrants in one term than Bush did in two. Does he favor reforms like the Dream ACT (giving a pathway to citizenship to college grads and veterans), yes. Does he think laws like those in Arizona tread on people’s constitutional rights, yes (and so do most legal scholars). I think Obama generally thinks that hard working people willing to risk so much for a shot at the American dream should be afforded a pathway to citizenship within this nation of immigrants. Reasonable people can maybe disagree about whether that’s right or not (as soon as you hear someone start tossing around the word amnesty like a four letter word, though, run the other way).
    (3) The whole green business thing is tough and I don’t really know enough to comment. “Industrial policy” seems like an inherently ugly business to me, but there do seem to be some cases historically where governments have successfully intervened in particular industries to alter short-term incentives with an eye to long-term gain. No I do not mean communist governments. Is “green” energy such a case for the US in this particular moment, I don’t know. There’s a lot to read on this subject, stick to peer reviewed articles.
    (4) Just about everyone agrees that keeping taxes low during a recession is the right way to go, which makes the right’s position on this so difficult to understand. Obama takes a lot of flack from his left flank over extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, which he’s done, one can only assume, as a means of sustaining the economic recovery despite the long-term deficit consequences. More generally, we’ve got big-time entitlement problems that cuts in discretionary spending are never going to fix, so I’m not against tax increases as a form of revenue generation. But make the tax increases fair, and also probably don’t pass them in the middle of a recession.
    (5) This seems like straight-up slander. Does one really need to respond to this? He’s simultaneously leading us to socialism with a rash of radical policy shifts and also not a leader who isn’t interested in policy, just re-election? Choose one.
    (6) Not sure what is meant by foreign investments. China buying up our debt? Foreign direct investment in the US economy? For the wisdom of going protectionist in the face of a depression see the Smoot-Hawley Tariff (1930), an imperfect analogy but hey, the nature of import-export has changed. Anyway, again, you have to be conscious of the economic circumstances in 2009-10.
    (7) We’ve seen an absolutely MASSIVE bump in America’s approval ratings internationally. From a more realpolitik perspective, Obama has been brilliant in his handling of China, seems to be riding out the Arab spring fairly well (point your finger at Russia/China wrt Syria), and is winding down the messes he inherited in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is pretty tricky and I think there seems to be reason to be anxious there. We’ll see. Also, Osama Bin Laden.

    Anyway, this could go on and on but I’ve got to go to work. (8) not sure what you mean, recess appointments? Yawn. (9) Agree he hasn’t done a good job with wall street reform, but I suppose he’d say the taxpayer reward is that your economic system didn’t implode. And also that the money is being paid back. (10) Not comparable to Argentina. Are democrats pro big labor, yes? It’s part of what the party does. Are you mad about the NLRB’s decision regarding Boeing? Is it un-American to support the rights of workers to assemble, strike and bargain collectively? Can reasonable people really disagree on that? I’m not sure.

    Full disclosure, I’m a disillusioned Obama supporter. This is a pretty good article on his presidency to date:

    Also, if you’ve got the time, Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men is a well-researched look at many of Obama’s mistakes in his first couple of years. I found it difficult to finish because it made me sad, which probably means it would make Al happy, and it has the added virtue of being based on facts.

  • Charles Higgins

    Their should be five times more anti GWB books.He gave us two tax cuts for the rich,two wars and medicare prescrip.plan B all unpaid for.He was far worse than Obama.These prognostacators of hate are the usual suspects-Fox news comentators,their analysts and wackado teabaggers.These far right radicals love to talk about the glory days of Reagan,but their nothing like Reagan.He raised taxes when he had to for the benefit of the country.These radical conservatives today are so entrenched in their beliefs that they would rather see Obama and the country fail than compromise.Now theres a book you can write about!

  • Ish

    ps, I feel your frustration in a big way. I just finished a PhD in political psych and always thought I’d go into politics in some capacity, but after studying what motivates people in the formation of their political attitudes and beliefs, I have to say I want no part of it. In brief, we can predict people’s political attitudes much more accurately by looking at their need to feel certain about things and their threat sensitivity (there are measures of both of these and levels vary systematically and consistently between individuals) than any framework you’re going to find in a public policy/economics/sociology/political philosophy class. And the best part, all of our research can be (and is) used just as easily to confuse people and distort reality as to help people come to a more rational view of their world. I want five years of my life back, and I’m heading to law school in the fall, where hopefully it won’t be about competing versions of crazy (though perhaps I’m being naive).

    — disillusioned (not so) young (anymore) person

  • scareygary

    I’m so tired of all this “Socialist” talk. Most of these haters don’t seem to have a clue what the word even MEANS. Frankly, even if taken to the extreme, I’d suggest that even if he WAS a Socialist, that’d mean he was taking us in the direction of Denmark, one of the more Socialist countries around, more so than our loyal allies like Canada, or Britain. On the other hand, the GOP, with its “Government is bad, taxes are bad, we need ‘freedom’ (except who we can marry, etc.) mentality, if taken to the extreme means they are wanting to drag us in the direction of Somalia. No government, taxes, nor any nasty ‘regulations’ there, folks. I’d much rather be in Denmark where polls show they are the happiest people on the planet. If you like extremes, chew on that idea.

    Those who hate OB-1 are ignoring the facts that his policies, though fought by an entire opposition party, have led to a stock market that is up, unemployment that’s going down (albeit slower than most of us wish), one less war (Iraq), a reversal of the job losses which under Bush were reaching 750,000 per MONTH! Failed stimulus? That’s the biggest joke yet on the American people! I respect the fact that he’s taken on BIG MONEY by the oil industry in stopping the dangerous Keystone pipeline, and tried to do something to end some of the abuses by the insurance companies that would not cover anyone who was sick, or might become sick. My daughter now has insurance, thanks to the fact that ObamaCares…. Any party that decides that seeing a sitting president defeated is a higher priority than serving the citizens does not deserve my vote. While not perfect, I’m convinced this president is on the right track, and objective analysis would seem to support that opinion….. I cannot think of ONE economic reason to support the GOP, unless you’re still deluded into thinking that all that money going to the top will somehow start to “trickle down” to anyone but the Chinese. Good luck with that one! 🙂

  • wisconsin

    The comment right above mine quoting the facts about Bush and his two wars without funding were right on (when Americans asked what they could do when we went to war after 9/11, his reply was “go shopping”) Well they did and see what that has bought us. He didn’t even have the common sense to sell War Bonds like we did in World War II to fund the cost of the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. They weren’t even part of the US budget. I would greatly urge President Reagan admirers to revisit his administration’s accomplishments and what they have cost this country. His “voodoo economics” put the Social Security system (which was fully funded) into a tailspin by moving money from the SS fund into the general account in order to pay for his “Star Wars” initiative and to balance his budget. Read Fortune Magazine’s August 17, 2009 issue entitled “The Biggest Bailout Yet” by Allan Sloan. He explains how in 1983 President Reagan and Alan Greenspan (then chief of the Social Security Task Force “saved SS for upcoming generations” by moving SS Trust Funds from SS to the US general fund and left US Treasury IOUs as interest – the Treasury pays its interest tab with paper, not cash (page 73 of the Fortune article). “The trust fund has no financial significance” says David Walker, former head of the General Accountability Office and now president of the Peterson Foundation, which advocates fiscal responsibility. “IF YOU DID [BOOKKEEPING LIKE] THAT IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, YOU’D GO TO JAIL.” Every President since Reagan has transferred SS funds to balance their budget. Now the time to repay has arrived and the Government owes billions if not trillions of dollars that came due when the baby boomers started to retire and THEY CAN’T PAY IT BACK. To Obama haters, I ask what is worse – trying to protect all people through a national health plan or stealing their hard earned dollars from their hoped for retirements?

    I would remind everyone that the TARP bailout did indeed occur under George W. Bush. Those same 6 largest banks got billions in secret aid from the US Government while assuring investors that their firms were healthy. The nation’s largest banks took tens of billions of dollars in secret emergency loans. They were in such deep trouble that they required emergency loans of a combined $1.2 trillion on December 5, 2008. THIS MONEY WAS HANDED OUT BY THE HANDSFUL BY HENRY PAULSON, BUSH’S SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, WHO HAD BEEN A GOLDMAN SACHS EMPLOYEE BEFORE COMING TO BUSH’S ADMINISTRATION AND WHO, I UNDERSTAND, HAD A JOB WAITING FOR HIM WHEN HIS TERM ENDED IN 2008. Obama did not take office until January 2009.

    Those same 6 largest banks had an increase in assets of 39% to $9.5 trillion on September 30, 2011, from $6.8 trillion on the same day in 2006. Oh yes, when Ben Bernanke (Head of the Federal Reserve, a holdover from the Bush administration) keeps the prime rate (rate of interest charged by a bank loaning money to another bank) at 0.01%, common working people who are CD and savings account holders find that the banks are using their hard-earned money for next to nothing in interest. And conservatives and tea party members blame this administration??? Because of your lack of educating yourself as to what is really happening in this world, you find it easier to blame a President whose skin color is different than yours.

    I advise you to watch Public Television (yes the same one Republicans want to stop funding through the government). Watch “The Ascent of Money” which shows how the elite money class has manipulated everything from loans to mortgages to interest rates through the US banking system and now through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It has affected the working class in the US, Argentina, and other countries throughout the world. Their “conservative” money machine has stolen people’s homes, money, and lives while crowing about how “deregulation” and less government controls will make the economy grow. Even Alan Greenspan (former head of the Federal Reserve before Bernanke) has admitted he thought the free market would police itself and how he “was sadly mistaken because he didn’t take into account ‘greed’.”

    Oh yes, the Bush cuts during his term were supposed to create jobs by the “trickle down method”. Well, as spoken above, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month under Bush at the end of 2008. And the unemployment rate that his administration said was in the 8-9% realm was actually 11-12%. And you expect President Obama to perform miracles in three years. It took the Republicans 8 years to create that whole mess. And mind you, in the last 12 of 14 years, Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Oh yes, Senator John McCain found out how bad the “fundamentally sound” US economy was and made numerous moves so he would lose the election for becoming the next President of the US. When he found out the truth just before the election in 2008, he did not want the presidency.

  • PatriciaStrohm

    With all you people who are SO small minded. That is why this country is in the shape it is in. I am sad that you are all mentors for someones child. Grow up yourselfs. You wouldn’t give Obama a chance if he was 100% right and could make this country in the best shape ever. You all did the same when Clinton was in office and had to get us out of debt that old man Bush put us in and when Clinton was done America was in the black. Give a chance where a chance is due. NOT with Romeny or others like him. They have told you nothing about what they would do.

  • Dave DiDo

    As far as I’m concerned the Obama haters have advanced their bigoted hatred to the level of treason. They all seem to consider themselves as patriots, but they are no such thing. It is one thing to have a different political view than the President, but when one resorts to encouraging others to “overthrow” the President or to do everything in their power to defeat him, it is an entirely different matter.”Obamacare” was a courageous act by a man who wants to help the millions of Americans who have been disenfranchized from our health care system.It would have been much easier for him and more politically expedient to just ignore the problem as his predecessor did so well.I’m here to tell you that, if you do away with “Obamacare”, the problems in our health care system will worsen and the number of those disenfranchised will grow.I have sold insurance for 32 years and I’ve watched as premiums continued to climb and more and more people dropped out of the insurance pool as coverage became unaffordable. I’ve seen many people pay a lot of money for their insurance only to have their claims denied as “pre-existing conditions”.”Obamacare addresses this and other critical issues. Most people,including many of its critics, don’t even know what’s in “Obamacare”, don’t know or don’t care that the reforms it initiates will be good for millions of Americans. Maybe not good for insurance executives,highly compensated healthcare administrators,doctors, lawyers and lobbyists and yes, even insurance agents like me. Obama haters should not be so stupid- at least recognize it when someone sticks their neck out to help you.

  • ChuckL8

    After watching what little intelligence and promise this nation once held quickly vanish, beginning with the Nixon administration and culminating with the insane “hate Obama” atmosphere, I’ve come to the conclusion that this country is no longer worth saving.

    As someone once said, America is a nation of perpetual adolescence. The Grand Experiment has finally failed, and even a president with Obama’s intelligence and far-reaching wisdom can’t save it.

  • ChuckL8

    I forgot to add that all these books have one thing in common … they are guaranteed to be 100% correct, since when none of their dire, and ridiculous, predictions about Obama’s dark plans come true, the authors can all claim that their published warnings were what saved the day … GOP-think, 101

  • philcbowler

    I agree with Dave DiDo’s comments. I would go further to state that those in Congress who’s main mission was to thwart this President’s initiatives, so that he’s a one term President, ARE TRAITORS and should at the very least, be thrown out of office. They ought to be prosecuted for treason! Next, your comment on so few of us knowing what “Obamacare” really affords us, is right on target. It is much easier to believe what one hears from opinion proffers whom spout beliefs their listeners want to hear in the first place, than to look up the information online to fact check what they proffer. For those who dare, visit this site: for another point of view. You can fact check this information as well, if you want to get closer to the truth about “Obamacare” and how it benefits most of us. Also, to this I say: “Obama haters should not be so stupid- at least recognize it when someone sticks their neck out to help you.” – hate and prejudice do produce blindness and, as once written, in part, by Patrick Henry: ” “There are none so blind as those who will not see….” I couldn’t state it any better.
    Last, to ChuckL8 – hang in there! There is hope. When the Presidential debates take place and our fellow Americans can hear in what direction each candidate wants to lead our country, and all the fact checks have been done by those on both sides, and “we the people” can access what this President has accomplish in his first term alone that has been beneficial to our country, I think the sane choice will be to keep this President in office.

  • merman

    You Wont read about it in the mainstream press, but Barack Obama has already survived more assassination attempts in his 3+ years in office than any other President in the history of the USA. Many of them he himself is not even aware of because they have been intercepted early on at the source. Many of the haters who advocate hate and worse against Obama are in league with Lucifer knowingly or not. Lucifer likes them because they court thew weak-minded pawns including Republicans, John Birchers, NeoNazis, White Supremacists, and haters of every stripe who are inspired to hate and spread divisiveness, greed, chaos, poverty, corruption, misery, sickness throughout the USA by propagating such lies, hate through paid internet bloggers and these published books. Lucifer also likes these book writers and their followers because it keeps him bust with a steady stream of prominent haters sent to hell/Lucifer by God and forced to go through the misery they their hate and their policies have inflicited upon fathers, mothers, children, the elderly, and the unemployed in the USA who continue to starve to death with almost zero coverage by the media.

  • glorking360

    All these right wing Obama blasters are all nuts!!! I hope Obama wins big because I can see by these blogs that there are a lot more Obama backers than these right wingers think! Obama the greatest president in the last 20 yrs at least. George W. Bush was the worst President than I can remember and I am 70 yrs young.

    • Most people become wiser with age but you seem to be the exception.

  • glorking360

    I have in front of me 8 books written by liberals against JWB and right wingers: You have to read Fortunate Son by J. H.G. Hatfield about the Bush family, It’s Still the Economy, Stupid by Paul Begala, The Bush Dyslexicon by Mark Crispin Miller, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell them by Al Franken, Shrub by Molly Ivins and Lou Duboise, Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot by Al Franken and What Liberal Media by Eric Alterman. These are just a few that s/b read by everyone!

  • glorking360

    Have 2 more must read books The Betrayal of American (How the Supreme court undermined the constitution and chose our president by Vincent Bugliosi and Dreaming War (Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta by Gore Vidal!

  • charliewatkins

    Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception
    Norway 1912
    Single Payer
    New Zealand 1938
    Two Tier
    Japan 1938
    Single Payer
    Germany 1941
    Insurance Mandate
    Belgium 1945
    Insurance Mandate
    United Kingdom 1948
    Single Payer
    Kuwait 1950
    Single Payer
    Sweden 1955
    Single Payer
    Bahrain 1957
    Single Payer
    Brunei 1958
    Single Payer
    Canada 1966
    Single Payer
    Netherlands 1966
    Austria 1967
    Insurance Mandate
    United Arab Emirates 1971
    Single Payer
    Finland 1972
    Single Payer
    Slovenia 1972
    Single Payer
    Denmark 1973
    Luxembourg 1973
    Insurance Mandate
    France 1974
    Australia 1975
    Two Tier
    Ireland 1977
    Italy 1978
    Single Payer
    Portugal 1979
    Single Payer
    Cyprus 1980
    Single Payer
    Greece 1983
    Insurance Mandate
    Spain 1986
    Single Payer
    South Korea 1988
    Insurance Mandate
    Iceland 1990
    Single Payer
    Hong Kong 1993
    Singapore 1993
    Switzerland 1994
    Insurance Mandate
    Israel 1995

    I find it difficult to believe that 32 out of the 33 industrialized nations of the world are WRONG. When “Obamacare” becomes law ,the United States will join the rest of the world in taking care of ALL of it’s citizens. Not just the ones with money.

  • There is a lot to say about a President that hates his own country.

  • ericlipps

    Actually, why not raise the top tax rate to 60 percent? It reached 91 percent under the Communist tyrant Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the country remembers his vicious totalitarian regime fondly.

  • Louis Allen

    I agree with Bill Press (Bill Press Obama Sycophant) that Obama is going to need (at least) two (2) presidential libraries; that’s how many buildings will be needed to house all his LIES.
    …. and that’s only the ones that we found out.