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Saturday, October 22, 2016

While it’s hard to fathom right-wing nuttiness, it’s sure not hard to find these days.

We saw it bloom spectacularly recently, popping right out of the head of Todd Akin, the GOP’s Senate candidate in Missouri. The learned congressman gave America a twisted tutorial on the imaginary science of “legitimate rape,” including an astonishing assertion of his belief in medical mojo. Akin explained that raped women don’t get pregnant because — according to his grasp of reproductive science — the female body has ways “to shut that whole thing down.”

Whoa! Screamed Mitt Romney and the entire Republican hierarchy, as they rushed to declare Akin out-of-bounds, unacceptable and … well, nutty.

But wait. Guess who’s presently cosponsoring legislation with Akin to impose this theological witchcraft on America’s women? Why it’s Romney’s choice to hold the second-highest office in our nation, VP nominee Paul Ryan. Like his buddy Todd, Ryan has sponsored many bills to deny abortion to victims of rape.

Now, guess which party has just fully embraced Akin’s nuttiness by including his absolutist “no-abortion-even-in-the-case-of-rape” provision in its national platform? Yes, the Romney-Ryan Republicans. Yet, that same party’s panicked Poobahs have pronounced Akin’s views so extreme that he should withdraw from the Missouri Senate race. Excuse me, but — logically speaking — doesn’t that mean Ryan should also withdraw from his race?

Of course, in the fantasy universe of the far right, logic is an alien intruder, barred from interfering with either approved doctrine or political expediency. Indeed, here’s their idea of logic: Akin, a devout worshipper of junk science, is a member of the House Committee on Science. Go figure.

  • Akin has done the nation a great favor. All of the ugly underpinnings of Republican thinking are no longer in the shadows. For that I thank him. For exposing his party for what it has become we should give him somekind of appropriate reward. Another four years of a Democratic controlled White House comes to mind. Taking back the House and adding numbers to the Senate would also be welcomed. These radicals are now on full display in Tampa and I certainly hope the voting rubes are paying attention to the hyperbole and rhetoric being tossed about in the humidity and atmosphere of the venue. One can continue to hope.

  • What ever happened to the Republican Party of Bob Taft, Henry Cabot Lodge, Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller and company? Even Gerald Ford (considered a mental lightweight at the time, even though he was a Yale Law grad) has it hands down over this current crop of nincompoops! Half the tripe they are throwing around is rehashed stuff by the Thule Society from the 30s! The other half comes from Lord only knows where! When will the people these folks represent realize how much of laughing stock the rest of the country considers them for continuously reelecting these idjits!

  • educatedyes

    Hey I’ll help pay for contraceptives for women, just need a job first, thanks liberal think tanks for staying on the important topics of how to serve me me me. Why don’t you lobby your wealthy 1% Hollywood friends to raise more tax revenue instead of stifling middle class growth, and please read a political science book , be sure to read about Carters years…..HELLO