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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Since Scott Brown left the Senate, he has joined Nixon Peabody — a law firm that lobbies on behalf of big banks. He’s also become a contributor to Fox News — a “news” channel that lobbies on behalf of big banks. And in his spare time, he’s toyed with moving to New Hampshire — where he has a vacation home valued at around half a million dollars — to find a Senate seat he actually has a chance of winning.

This doesn’t leave him much time to drive around in his famous pickup truck.

But he was able to squeeze in a speaking engagement at the SALT Conference, brought to you by your friends at the hedge fund Skybridge Capital. There he’ll be speaking on one of his favorite topics: The consequences of over-regulating hedge funds.

If there’s one thing Scott Brown has never been guilty of, it’s over-regulation.

As he ran for re-election, Brown often touted his vote in favor of the financial reform known as Dodd-Frank. But he never mentioned that his chief accomplishment was watering it down by adding language written by — how’d you guess? — big banks. He also singlehandedly blocked a $19 billion fee on the nation’s largest financial institutions.

And because he was so effective in saving them $19 billion and preventing “over-regulation” or even any regulation that might eliminate the chances of a repeat of 2008’s financial crisis, Scott Brown will be a very rich man for the rest of his life –thanks to the big banks. A small price to pay to stay “too big to fail/jail.”

The woman who defeated Scott Brown, of course, is Elizabeth Warren — one of the first people who tried to warn the nation about the impending debt crisis, and the tenacious advocate for the middle class who created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Since Senator Warren took office and her seat on the banking committee, she has been relentless in doing the one thing the big banks fear — holding them and their regulators accountable. Instead of doing their bidding, she’s wondering why banks aren’t shut down when they get caught abetting drug trafficking, or why they get to decide for themselves which homeowners they illegally foreclosed on.

Senator Warren has also been willing to criticize her own party and her old boss President Obama when he proposes policies — like “Chained CPI” for Social Security — that she thinks hurt the middle class.

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101 responses to “What A Difference One Senator Makes: Scott Brown v. Elizabeth Warren”

  1. Liz Warren invented (lied) about an Indian heritage to get a professorship at Harvard Law School.
    Two stiffsfrom South Boston did this to get appointed to the Boston Fire Department. They both (brothers) were tried and convicted of fraud. The then served 6 months in jail. She should be in jail not the Senate.

    • And the only reason you pricks care about that is because she’s a Democrat.

      Yeah, who gives a crap that Scott Brown conned the U.S. out of billions of dollars. The real offense is that Warren didn’t ask for proof of heritage from her grandmother!

      • I don’t care about Brown.

        The grandmother never made the claim.

        This whole thing started with Lizzie. Three different Genealogy groups –including the New England Genealogy Society found nothing to support her claim. Once she got the Harvard gig she stopped making the claim and it come off of her resume.

        Research proved that she was lying while turning up the fact that a great great uncle of hers had shot an Indian during the forced march of Cherokees to Oklahoma later know as the trail of tears. A copy of the news article from that time appeared in the Boston papers.

        She is a fraud whose brother lives on $1,100 a month from SS while she has an admitted net worth of over $10,000,000.

        • Independent1 says:

          You’re wrong again – according to all of Elizabeth’s siblings, the grandmother did tell the kids they were part Native American. Here’s an excerpt from the Washington Post that did extensive research on Elizabeth’s claim:

          Warren explained how she learned about her Indian lineage for a profile in The New Yorker. The professor-turned-politician said her parents had eloped, and she had always wondered why. Over the years, she said, the story emerged that “my parents were very much in love, they wanted to get married, and my father’s mother and father said, ‘No. You cannot marry her, because she is part Cherokee and part Delaware.’”

          Warren’s siblings have all backed up the candidate’s statements. One brother told the Globe that his grandparents explained to him, after much pleading to get answers as a child, that “your grandfather is part Delaware, a little bitty bit, way back, and your grandmother is part Cherokee,”

          Undocumented claims of Native American ancestry, especially those based on family lore, are not uncommon in this country. That’s especially true in places like Oklahoma, which ranks second in the U.S. in number of Native American residents and third in percentage of population of that descent, according to U.S. Census data.

          Warren contributed recipes to a Native American cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow,” published in 1984 by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, Okla. She signed her entries “Elizabeth Warren — Cherokee.”

          I’m back again – just like I said in another reply to you, why don’t you grow up (unlike Scott Brown) and focus on issues that matter. What in the world does whether or not Elizabeth is or isn’t Native Amerrican have to do with affecting her ability to do what’s right for her constintuents? The clear answer is: It has nothing to do with it!! So get a life!!!

          • angelsinca says:

            Well presented argument Independent1…thanks. Except for your last paragraph-that was unnecessary. Whether Warren is perceived as a liar IS pertinent, especially if she is to be the trending liberal savior for the democratic cause. ….not that unpleasant facts uncovered during vetting have any bearing on the democrat’s preferred choice of leadership. I wish her well and hope she continues grilling smarmy bureaucrats such as the counsel for the fed reserve. But the 1%-er really ought to share some of her 14+ millions with her dirt poor brother instead of USING him to promote her chained-cpi agenda.

          • Ya she,s been using the native American scam for years. At the University of Houston as well as at Rutgers. She simply continued to do so at Harvard. Bye the way those recipes were stolen from Ladies Home Journal published in the seventies. When Harvard hired her an article appeared in the Harvard Crimson highlighting a native American hire by the faculty at the Law School, You can look it up.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Independent1, a warning: angelsinca is a true piece of shit. It will start crying stalking and harassment when defeated in a debate. This type of loser degrades the Internet for everyone. Just thought I’d warn you before you learned the hard way.

          • angelsinca says:

            Nice whine, great vintage. Inpendent1 doesn’t need a warning- they are fully capable to filter out the horseshit when they see it.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Once again, I am telling you to stop stalking and harassing me. I’ve contacted The National Memo and will follow up with authorities in your locale.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            Call a waaambulance.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Who rattled your trailer door? If your sister has a headache today, that’s your problem — not mine. Find something useful to do with your redneck self.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            It’s apparent by your screeds that you are an angry, frustrated loser. Why the anger? Your messiah won, didn’t he? Did your obamaphone break, or did your disability check arrive late? Poor baby.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Look, I can tolerate the fact that you are a chicken f***ing, rooster licking redneck yahoo bigot, or even a whining, sniveling loser crying about getting whupped by a black man. But now you’ve committed the one unpardonable sin of online forums: You’ve become boring.

          • She has been claiming Indian heritage her whole life. The recipes you speak of were purloined from Ladies Home Journal from the seventies. — a fact uncovered by The New England Genealogy Society. She is a liar and thief of other people’s work. Why did she refuse to meet with the head of Cherokee Nation when all the BS started. ? She was subsequently condemned by them.

        • jgsoliveira says:

          Even if that were true, Good Dog, I’d still favored her over this other con. Now, why don’t you be a good dog and go bark somewhere else, like Fox News. They like to listen to crap like that.

        • I_Go_Pogo says:

          and imam obama’s brother lives in a hut in Kenya on $20 a year. Demoncraps- the party of brotherly love, and compassion.- The new church. With aborted fetuses as their sacrament.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Oh oh — looks like someone’s still smarting from getting their ass whupped by a black man. Sorry Goober — being a loser can be a painful experience — just ask Rush.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            You guys are just like the Nazis- You will kill millions before some righteous army comes along and grinds you into dust.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Oh oh — Godwin’s law kicking in once again. We all know that the Nazi’s were actually right-wing racists.

            Listen, I know that God put rednecks on this Earth to give the rest of us somebody to slap around, and far be it from me to second guess God’s will, but other than that — what good are you really? Is there anything that you contribute to mankind at all other than endless whining about the black man in the White House? Just curious.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            Why, we support all of you parasites that expect the goodies without earning them. Capiche?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Bullshit. Everyone knows that redneck bigots are too stupid to hold a job. That’s why all of the so-called ‘red’ states slurp up all of the federal money from all of the so-called ‘blue’ states. Try again, Goober.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            You sure are fixated on rednecks, aren’t you? Did you have a troubling ‘Deliverance’ encounter with some back-woods troglodyte? Did he make you ‘squeal like a pig’? Did you secretly enjoy it?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I see that Ned Beatty is your hero — that figures. Personally, I’ve had many encounters with rednecks in my life. Yes, they get overly brave after humping their sisters, but they always end up squealing like a little girl when they receive their ass-whuppin’. After all, that’s why God put them on this Earth — they just aren’t much good for anything else.

          • I_Go_Pogo says:

            Well, it sure was exciting to stumble across this Zoo of Gormless Losers this weekend, but I have to get back to work. Have a great life. But please remember the cautionary tale of Ray McKigney, and try to exercise a little more self-control,yes?

      • jgsoliveira says:

        I just tell them to sit!

    • rustacus21 says:

      Give it a REST already!!! The 2 are miles apart, in terms of any type of associative impact. I feel for the firemen, but we STILL need more details in order to make any kindof qualified judgement. Conversely, Mrs Warren is making such a profoundly ‘affirmative’ (pun definately INTENDED!!!) impact, over that of Mr. Brown, given the option to advocate for underpaid firemen & police & teachers, increased funding for impoverished school districts in the region, improved health care for the over-charged & underserved in the region, or banks ejecting families from homes, suffering from the ‘fraud’ of criminal bank & mortgage conspirators, or a host of other acts of ‘purification’ he could be engaging in to redeem himself & his party. But NO – he opts for what… self-enrichment & empowering the 1% that don’t even need the EXTRA assistance from the likes of Brown?! God Bless Mrs Warren & if we can get a Congressional & increased Senate majority JUST LIKE HER, the nation will have it’s challenges solved immediately (or at least by ’15 & well on the way to saving our nation & the planet far faster than w/the weak, whimpy negotiating, compromising Dems now in Congress, selling out the American people)!!!

      • “Banks ejecting families…….” She was flipping foreclosed houses in her real home state of Oklahoma — this was even reported in The Huff. Post.
        The situation on the firemen was reported in the Boston papers. They claimed that their grandmother was black. It was as simple as that.

        • Independent1 says:

          Explain to me please, what does the fact that Elizabeth Warren purchased, upgraded and resold foreclosed homes in Oklahoma back in the 1990s have to do with her railing against banks that she saw using weak legislation to force people unfairly out of their homes in the latest downturn?? Are you trying to suggest that every foreclosure that’s been done over the past 100 years has been unfair? And that the hundreds of thousands of people in America that have done just that, purchased, upgraded and sold a home they purchased as a foreclosure are some kind of leeches? And by the way, that story you referenced wasn’t in the Huffington Post, they wouldn’t even include that in their paper – the Huffington Post only included a reference and link to the nefarious news article that was published in the right-wing wacko Boston Herald. A paper that’s published by right-wing nuts that do nothing but go out of their way to publish any garbage issues they can come up with to try and denigrate Democrats. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what Elizabeth Warren did in Oklahoma back in the 1990s; and unless the Herald researched each and every home Elizabeth was involved with to find out just how much money had to be put into these houses before they were resold, their claim that she made huge profits on these is nothing more than a wild claim they can’t substantiate – but of course that’s nothing new for the Boston Herald, their famous for publishing news that are lies and distortions just like Faux News, And the fact that she did that is probably why she was aware in 2008-12 that banks were in the downturn taking unfair advantage of millions of people by foreclosing on them. Get a life will you – and start listening to real news instead of filling your head with the garbage from the Boston Hearald, Faux News and Rush Limpbag.

          • jgsoliveira says:

            You must be a very nice person trying to instill some sense where there is none. I could not do that. It’s a waste of time. I just like to poke fun at them and apply some adjectives here and there.

          • jgsoliveira says:

            I did that, and believe me, only someone ignorant in these matters would suggest you make a lot of money. Every time you buy or sell a property, you pay a lot of fees. I bought a property for 205K and when they added all the fees, it went up to 224K. And that was a fixer upper. If I did sell it now, MAYBE I’d get close to 300K. But I spent over 25Kon materials, and did all the work myself. If I did hire someone to do the work for me, I’d have to had about 20K more. Do the math.

          • Independent1 says:

            Thanks for the confirmation! The Boston Hearald just loves to distort whatever news it can to mislead people in Mass and to make non issues into some big deal that it can trumpet.
            It boggles my mind that they’re are so many in Mass. that are hoodwinked by Scott Brown; to the point where it was actually somewhat of a horserace between him and Elizabeth. How clueless can many Mass. resiidents be that they’d even begin to believe that Scott would ever really focus on passing legislation truely beneficial to them. Where are these Mass. residents getting this wild notion?? Can’t they look across the country and see how the GOP is destroying one state after another? Virtually every red state is nothing more than a federal welfare haven because GOP legislators have cut budgets and state services during a downturn – intentionally tthrowing millions of red state residents onto the federal welfare just so these legislators can brag that they’ve balanced their state budget. They may have balanced the budget, but how? On the backs of millions of their state’s residents. Is that really what the people of Mass. want to be pushed themselves out of jobs and onto welfare? I doubt it!!!

          • It makes her a hypocrite. She speaks with forked tongue.

          • Independent1 says:

            Sorry, it’s quite clear to anyone with one ounce of common sense who’s speaking with a forked to tongue! It’s not Elizabeth, it’s YOU!! How can Elizabeth be speaking with a forked tongue when everyone of her siblings backs up her story about having been told when she was growing up that she had Native American blood in her?? You’re either clueless – or doing nothing but trying to make something out of nothing – which is what simple minded people generally do. Be careful – you’re really starting to get to tht point.

          • Ya sure– and tell me you would accept this kind of myth making from a conservative. Why did she refuse to meet with the head of the Cherokee Nation when he asked for a meeting. He later condemned her for her lies.

          • rustacus21 says:

            Thanx 4 calling these out these cranks who STILL fail to realize the gravity of what their conservatives votes have done in destroying the social, economic & political systems intricately connected to our democracy. We’re talking here about the PRESENT!!! & getting the ship of state back on even keel. W/no help from Republicans & T-baggers. In fact, lets talk about the fact Republican legislators steadily collect a check & still don’t have a budget to the President that he can honestly take seriously. Not that fictious, crazy stuff that has zero chance of even being considered for toilet paper no less…

        • jgsoliveira says:

          Please be more specific. What dates? What papers? Or are you making things up as you go along?

          • Go to the Harvard Crimson and look it up. They were touting her as a minority hire. I tried to post a connection but the Memo blocks connections

          • Independent1 says:

            You’re beating a dead horse! It’s already been established that if Elizabeth told Harvard that she had Native American heritage it’s because that’s what she was told when she was growing up – all of her siblings verify that. So the Harvard Crimson article proves absoluely nothing worth anyone knowing except for in the minds of simpletons.

          • Since Harvard is a Federal contractor they are required to ask for proof of minority status That means showing documentation of at least 25% minority blood.. They don’t have to show it to DOL but must satisfy themselves of it. At the time the school was being critiqued for lack of diversity of the Law School faculty and as such were happy to buy in to the myth as it served their purposes as well.

      • jgsoliveira says:

        Ventura and Rom Paul would be good candidates too.

    • Lynda Groom says:

      Apparently you’ve not heard the news. The staff of Harvard who actually hired her have already put this canard to rest. If she was, or was not, 1/32 native American had nothing to do with her getting job. Facts to matter.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      You are the liar here – not Elizabeth Warren. You have no qualification (other than drooling, slack-jawed, ass-scratching, beer-farting redneck tendencies) that allows you to be the judge of another person’s heritage. Further, Warren herself would likely whup your ass in a debate in the subject, and probably physically as well. Bigger bigots than you have already went up against this woman and failed.

      • sunmusing says:

        Don’t feed the trolls…Liz is doing her job as advertized…period…One of the best things that could happen to this country is to rid ourselves of the Anti-American Corporations…which is most of them on wall street…

      • BDC_57 says:

        They can’t find anything on her so have bring up B.S. that fox fake news comes up with.

      • angelsinca says:

        Hey loose lips-do yourself a favor and look at one-percenter Warren’s wealth and then ask yourself why she uses her brother poverty-striken brother as a political tool for her supposed chained cpi argument. No shame whatsoever…none of you.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Listen, you piece of shit: I told you to stop stalking me. I do not want any further harassment or threats from you. I do not want you directing any of your posts to me. Since this is how you handle defeat in an online debate, I will reciprocate: The next post will be reported as harassment to the moderators and the appropriate authorities.

          • angelsinca says:


          • WhutHeSaid says:

            My posts directed at others are the business of me and them — not you. I do not want ANY communication from mentally unstable pieces of shit who like to play games. You have been told many times that I do not want any communication from you. Stop stalking and harassing me. Deleting your unwanted posts after the fact won’t help you — you’ve been thoroughly warned — what happens next is all on you.

          • angelsinca says:

            When you mention my name, especially in a derragatory manner, on a PUBLIC forum it is my business. bye.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            LEAVE ME ALONE.

        • Independent1 says:

          And based on what knowledge of the Warren family do you feel it’s right to question what Elisabeth has or hasn’t done to help her brother? What gives you the right to judge this? Has it occurred to you that maybe she’s offered help to her brother and he’s too proud to accept any? Or is it possible the two don’t get along? Just because they’re siblings doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d go out of their way to help each other. And it also doesn’t mean that either is obligated to help the other. I have friends with siblings that absolutely don’t get along, they don’t speak to each other; they wouldn’t give each other the right time of day. So I’d say you’re way over stepping your bounds in trying to criticize Elisabeth for not extending help to a brother living on Social Security. There has to be some reason for it. She does not seem like the type person that would not help her brother unless he wouldn’t welcome help.

          • angelsinca says:

            Anything is possible. Thanks for pointing it out, and yes, it did occur to me-I have seven siblings and the income disparity within the family never prevented any of us from treating each other with dignity and respect. We don’t use each for political purposes.

          • Independent1 says:

            Has it also occurred to you that maybe Elizabeth called her Brother and said:”Do you mind if I use your situation on Social Security in trying to make a case with Obama that he shouldn’t be pushing to change the Social Security Cola into a Chained CPI?” And maybe her brother said, “No, go ahead. Anything to help others on SS” Has her brother come out and said he has a problem being used as her example? I haven’t seen anything about it. And I’m sure if he had the Boston Hearald would have splashed it on the front page. Why are you and Silence Dogood trying to make issues out of non issues – actually something that is quite candidly: none of your or my business?? Is it because you have really nothing substantive to make an issue over?

          • angelsinca says:

            Yes, all these maybe’s did cross my mind. Something still stinks about it. I’m suprised you turn the other the way when doubts are presenrted. What’s with the ‘none of my business’?…you mean like what the Republicans or conservatives or catholics are doing is all your business? Ridiculous. You folks don’t care much for non-liberal opinion do you? We are (or at least I am)challenging some of the assertions made here. Especially the undeserved hateful tones toward republicans and consrvatives. Is this a wanky liberals-only site? When did it not become alright to question the status quo? The propensity to silence your critics with accusation, insult and intimidation is a great facist tradition. You seem smarter and less protrective of the closed mindedness than that, I1.

    • To “Silence” — Now that my vision has returned and the foaming at my mouth has ceased, I must just tell you, Dog ood, that you are indeed an authentic idiot and a true symbol of all that is wrong with America. Perhaps it would be wiser to follow the caution of your strange handle and indeed adopt “silence.”

    • repeating hearsay I see! Never stop a good lie is the GOP;s form!!

    • jgsoliveira says:

      Good Dog!

  2. Sotzume says:

    Scott Brown is a fraud…Elizabeth Warren is authentic…Scott Brown is a fake…Elizabeth Warren is not. Anybody who supports the fraud Scott Brown is an idiot.

  3. hjs3 says:

    Quite amusing here this morning and just a guess but right down party lines although my conservative brethren true to form never seem to allow the facts to ruin a good “story.”
    One undeniable fact remains and that is that the majority of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be better and more fairly represented by her presence in the U.S. Senate than her former opponent, Mr. Brown.

  4. docb says:

    Thank you Mass voters…The repub bagger house members and senate hacks that blocked her at CFPA are ruing the day..and shivering in their boots! Go Senator Warren GO!

    • The repubs didn’t block her. BO never even nominated her because Tim “tax cheat” Geithner didn’t want her to have the job. Try paying attention and stop acting like one of the sheep.

        • No they didn’t. She wasn’t even nominated. She had the job for a brief time until someone was named on a permanent basis. BO never intended to give it to her because of Timmy.

          • Independent1 says:

            See, you’re lying again!! The GOP did block Warren’s appointment: here’s an excerpt from PoliticalUSA covering that:

            Back in May of 2011, Senate Republicans blocked adjournment over Memorial Day weekend in order to prevent President Obama from making any recess appointments. One of the appointments that Obama was not able to make was that of Elizabeth Warren to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 44 Republican senators sent a letter to Obama vowing to block any nominee to the CFPB, “We write to express our concerns about the lack of accountability in the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As presently organized, far too much power will be vested in the CFPB director without any effective checks and balances. Accordingly, we will not support the consideration of any nominee, regardless of party affiliation, to be the CFPB director until the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is reformed.” So, after John Kerry’s Secretary of State confirmation, she is now the senior senator from Massachusetts.

          • Yes — they wanted to junk the whole thing and rightfully so. These clowns coulnd’nt run a lemonade stand. The CFPB will be a joke.

          • docb says:

            They blocked seem niot to be able to read and the replacement was Cordray her second in command who the repub baggers have continued to block…Get your head out of the sand or are you just willfully ignorant, like the rest of the denial truth vacuous of the right!

      • jgsoliveira says:


      • docb says:

        Rueters 17/01/2010

        “The banking industry and Republicans are fighting hard to block or weaken the CFPA and spending millions of dollars, which would regulate credit cards, mortgages, payday loans and other financial products, posing a threat to the profits of many financial services businesses.

        Opponents have said the agency would stifle financial innovation and burden businesses with another layer of bureaucracy and costs, while supporters say it is badly needed to shield consumers from sharp practices by financial firms.”

        Same at cnn, fdl, moneymag, businessinsider..You are way behind the learning curve or willfully ignorant and lying to yourself..Dog!

        • RobertCHastings says:

          And just what do you think opponents would say? You are extremely naive if you think they would have said otherwise. Those who are likely to suffer the most are the first to cry “Wolf”! And those who WILL suffer the most are those most complicit in the events of 2007 -2008 thatcaused the Great Recession.

  5. JDavidS says:

    Brown sold his soul, and his ass, to big banks and their interests. It would be hard to name anything lower than that sleaze bag.

  6. Bill Croke says:

    GO GIRL!!!!!! Give ‘EM HELL!!

  7. jgsoliveira says:

    Did you noticed how bias this interview was?

  8. killer3000ad says:

    Republictards sees Liz Warren doing her job and sticking it to the banks unlike her predecessor, what to do they? Bring up claims about her Native American heritage as if it has any sort of damn bearing on her job.

  9. I_Go_Pogo says:

    Wow, judging from the comments here, this must be obamaroid central.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Along with the rest of America, which re-elected Obama by over 5 million votes. Sorry ’bout your luck, but you always have your Rush blow-up doll to comfort you. Cheers.

  10. drewtwotwo says:

    “Elizabeth Warren is authentic”, yes an authentic fraud!

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