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Friday, October 21, 2016

Suddenly, the former Michigan governor is the topic of a lot discussion. The elder Romney was a popular two-term governor of Michigan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and a one-time frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president.

A long piece by Buzzfeed deconstructs the myth that Romney was less politically calculating than his son. George apparently didn’t walk out of the 1964 GOP National Convention because he was repulsed by nominee Barry Goldwater’s extremism. This was just a myth spread by Mitt Romney.

So would the Governor Romney of Michigan approve of the Governor Romney of Massachusstes’ campaign for president? A long-time advisor of George Romney says no.

“While it seems that Mitt would say and do anything to close a deal—or an election,” Walter De Vries, a former aide of George Romney’s, wrote in a nearly 700-word essay distributed to journalists. “George Romney’s strength as a politician and public officeholder was his ability and determination to develop and hold consistent policy positions over his life.”

“George would never have been seen with the likes of Sheldon Adelson or Donald Trump.”

De Vries will be voting for President Obama.

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  • bcarreiro

    ……we dont need another george in office.

    • Did you even–or ever–read the articles? George Romney is dead. Because he’s safely dead, his son Mitt makes up any story about his own father that he thinks will get him traction at being elected!

      • bcarreiro

        we dont need another friggin bush………………psych101

  • nobsartist

    george would have grounded the punk.

    willard is hiding his taxes because he is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    mccain figured it out, thats why he picked an idiot like palin.

  • And what I suspected is proven: Mitt Romney will baldface lie about his own father to get elected!!