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Saturday, October 22, 2016

What next?

That’s what should concern us now. When the nightly dance of angry protesters, opportunistic criminals, and inept police clashing over the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown finally ends, what steps should civic-minded people take to address the ongoing abuse of African-Americans by the criminal injustice system? Not just in Ferguson, Missouri, but in America?

There will be no shortage of good ideas: dashboard cameras, community policing, the hiring of more black cops, the removal of military hardware from police arsenals, sensitivity training. To these, I would add a suggestion that is admittedly less “sexy” than any of those, but which I think has greater potential to make fundamental change in the long term. In a word: education.

Beginning as early as the latter elementary years, schools should offer — no, require — age-appropriate cross-cultural studies that would, in effect, introduce us to us. Meaning not some airy-fairy curriculum of achievements and accomplishments designed to impart some vague intra-cultural pride, but a hard-headed, warts and all American history designed to impart understanding of who we are, where we’re from and the forces that have made us — inner-city black, Appalachian white, barrio Mexican, whatever.

You might consider this a utopian idea. Maybe it is. But I’ve never been able to shake a conviction that if you walk the proverbial mile in another man’s shoes, you inoculate yourself against your biases toward him. I believe empathy follows understanding.

Surely we could use some empathy just now. As America races toward a future in which no one race is numerically dominant, it remains largely a nation of cultural illiterates content to interpret various Others through lenses of stereotype and canard. If this has been a bonanza for certain politicians (“Elect me and I’ll keep you safe from the gays/the Mexicans/the blacks!”), let us never forget that this ignorance, these unconscious biases for and against, have real-world impact.

Michael Brown lying dead in the street is seemingly one image thereof. Here’s another:

Last Thursday at 2:30 in the morning, seven teenagers, ages 18 and 19, broke into the home of basketball star Ray Allen. Allen, who played last season for the Miami Heat, was not home, but his wife was. Waking to find strangers in her bedroom, she screamed and they ran.

Police say the teenagers, who had been at a party at a house near Allen’s in the tony South Florida suburb of Coral Gables, didn’t think anybody was home and simply wanted to see what it looked like inside. The kids were questioned and released. Authorities have thus far declined to prosecute, saying — incredibly — that under Florida law, there was no crime with which the group could be charged.

It ought not surprise you to learn that these kids were white Hispanics. And I challenge you — I double-dog dare you — to tell me seven black kids who invaded a home in a wealthy neighborhood in the middle of the night would have likewise gotten off with a good talking-to. Black kids are strangers to such lavish benefit of the doubt.

And we have been too sanguine for too long about such inequality of treatment in a nation whose birth certificate says, “all men are created equal.” We have only the one country. And we can either tear it apart or figure out a way we can all live in it in justice and thus, in peace.

To do that, we must stop being moral cowards, stop embracing the idea that somehow, our racial and cultural challenges will resolve themselves if we just don’t talk about them. Ignore it and it will go away. Take a good look at the carnage in Ferguson and ask yourself:

How’s that working out so far?

(Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Readers may contact him via email at [email protected])

AFP Photo/Scott Olson

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  • pmbalele

    I think TEA Party is engineering a civil war between Whites and Blacks in this Country. Ferguson is a product of hatred by TPs infused with KKKs. And these stupid TPs are harassing IRS for delaying processing their certifications. TPs are killers of Blacks. Never vote for TP candidates again. The whole world is watching America on brink of civil war started by TEA Party.

    • TZToronto

      I’m sure you’re right about some TP-ers,but I’m also pretty sure that a lot of others who support the TP are simply dupes who don’t know any better. Their prejudices have found a voice in the loudest of the loud “leaders” of the movement. And, in fact, even the supposed leaders of the movement are dupes of moneyed interests who simply want to take over the country and turn it into the Corporate States of America. But Bill Thompson (above) is right. It’s one thing to learn about diversity from a book; it’s another to live it and to realize that the “others” simply want to live a decent life and are not interested in killing you. On the other hand, it would be helpful for kids to learn how other people live. Yeah, “they” do things differently, “they” look different, “they” have different religious beliefs–but “they,” like “us,” have families that they want to protect, “they” have aspirations, and, probably, “they” have been persecuted for as long as anyone can remember–including since the time “they” arrived here.

      • pmbalele

        You made my day. I hope the following will read your posting: Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, the deposed Eric Cantor; The arrested Governor Perry; Bill O’rielly, Glen Beck; Monica Crowley and the FoxNews Fives. These have been the accelerators of hatred among races. They want to take us back to the 50s and 60s. I am telling them it’s too late now.

    • John Hayes

      is it the black TP’s killing black? or asian TP’s killing blacks? how about indians? please be specific and proof. a black male has a higher chance of being killed by another black male than any other race. how do blacks gain membership in the KKK? please be specific. or is it you that has the race problem?

      • JPHALL

        No, it is ignorant people killing others. The problem is that under educated people think that violence or the threat of violence gives them power over their situations. That is why so many feel the need for bigger and better weapons even when they cannot use them properly.
        Too many police share this problem. They think that the uniform and gun give the right to command respect from others.

      • pmbalele

        TPs and Repubs are responsible for the killing. You know
        Blacks are denied jobs all the time despite their qualifications. When laid off Blacks are likely not to be rehired than Whites. That creates chaos in Black families. And would you believe we have stupid federal judges who hate Blacks! A combination of all those throw people into chaos. But even Whites kill one another. I am now watching Forensic stories. You can’t believe how Whites kill one another. So the killing is not restricted for Blacks – It is in all races and creed.

    • I think engineering a civil war is part of the Emperors agenda. He has been dividing the country on all levels. We need to have an American in our White House.

      • pmbalele

        Please read what I have just posted – the story in Wisconsin . 2009-2012. It is funny.

        • You do realize that the KKK was started by democrats, and are still mostly dems? You may have drank way too much of the Emperors koolade. You can be cured. The brainwashing can be reversed. Just stop listening to all the liberal propaganda and just start thinking for yourself.

          • pmbalele

            Usually people who bully others are racists, stupid and lazy people. TPs and KKK are examples. These cannot compete in labor market are regular people. So they resort violence and in other criminal behavior. There was no reason for TPs to picket in DC – just because our President happened to be a racial minority. And where did these TPs find money to stay in DC without working? – Saving No. Their stay was funded by lazy Billionaires. After losing the 2012 presidential election, all billionaires abandoned TPs. TPs are not struggling to get money. That’s why they are e-mailing me for money. Is that not stupid?

          • I’m not sure there is any hope for you, but I will be rooting for you. Lazy? Are you referring to liberals who sit back and get government checks?

          • pmbalele

            Where were TPs getting their money for room and board when they were rallying in DC? From Billionaires. Where do billionaires get their money? -Mostly contracting with the federal and state governments – to build war ships, planes, highways, war trucks etc. They conspire to inflate their bids. The extra money they give to TPs to picket against the government which gives them money. I worked for the government and I know CEOs tricks. So TP actually indirectly got their entitlement from the federal government.

    • joe schmo

      Just who do you think is doing the race-baiting in this country? Have you seen any whites uprising, rioting or looting? Fat chance on that one.

      KKK’s were a terrorist leg of the Democratic party. Never were Conservatives. Remember Conservatives freed the slaves…. Hello! There are only 2000 to 5000 KKK members. (I looked it up) Nothing, just about dead if you ask me. I can guarantee you dude, that there are many more Black Panthers and their numbers are most likely growing.

      There is far more Black on Black crime (which is rarely reported) and Blacks attacking whites than the other way around. Do your math, idiot!

      If anyone is going to start a war it’s the narcissistic/violent Liberals.

      • pmbalele

        White people don’t riot! You should have come to Wisconsin in 2011 when Whites’ privileges were taken away by Scott Walker – their fellow White person. I could not believe how White people whine and riot. And these were state and municipal employees and therefore had money-they did not have to loot. But they deliberately peed and pooped in the Wisconsin Capital. It cost almost $1 mil to clean up after 3 weeks of rioting. They demonstrated with tractors, whistles, horses – Maan! It was chaos in Wisconsin. As pointed, these people had jobs. The Ferguson demonstrators have been denied jobs and housing etc. That is what you got. I am praying Scott Walker loses so that he can know what is to be without a job-an experience Blacks go through however qualified they may be.

  • oldgirl70

    Most decisions on prosecute or not prosecute is partially based on records. Did those Hispanic kids have a record or were they just kids who did something dumb? Didn’t include what the decision was based on or if the parties involved chose not to press charges. When and individual is involved in the justice system sentencing is based on past record. I will guarantee you if a subject of any race has a long history of offenses their sentencing will be harsher than those with no prior brushes with the law. The law does weed out wrong doers who made a first time mistake from those who repeatedly offend. We let all offenders walk first offense if it is minor. Some learn from their mistakes others are frequent flyers. Frequent flyers will one day pay. The guy in Ferguson was a frequent flyer. Had he managed to kill the cop you people would be whining about him being given pass after pass and still on the street to murder. Tell the whole story or none at all.

    • JPHALL

      You obviously know nothing about the US legal system. The police and DA makes that decision. If the police or DA is biased, then that decision is biased. That bias , not criminal past, is the deciding factor in all too many cases.

      I have worked in the criminal justice system so I know that the same thing applies in this case. All too often, the parents of the offender determines the treatment. If rich or influential, then a diversion program. If poor, jail.

  • AlfredSonny

    Lets start with the Republicans showing America that they can work with our current Black President.

    • joe schmo

      Let’s just have Republicans go in and do more connecting with the Black community. That will help tons. Only problem is…how receptive will the Black community be….? They seriously need to want to make changes in that community to be successful. They need to get real about the ‘Emancipation Proclamation,’ they need to realize slavery ended on New Years Day 1863 and get over it, and they need to realize that the Liberal rule no longer can keep them in those socialist chains that FDR enacted during his presidency. Don’t get me wrong we still need to have a program that helps the poor, disabled and single mother’s with children, but able bodied individuals need to work for the money they get or get schooling to help further their development. Otherwise they get no assistance.

      Trust me, they will have to work for what they get otherwise they get no money. Not only will it give them a sense of self worth, it will keep their minds off of committing crimes.

      This President is a lost cause…. We need to get past this part of history and move on.

      • Canistercook

        Typical Democrat – more blaming!

        • joe schmo

          If you are referring to me you are dead wrong. I am a true blue Constitutionalist Conservative…… You need to reread my post. I stated they need to actually work for their welfare check or they don’t get one, period. Otherwise they need to get a job like every other tax paying citizen in this country. I do not deny the disabled and single mother’s with children the opportunity to have some assistance. I wouldn’t want to see them on the street and starving… Get my drift?

          • Sand_Cat

            Sorry, but you fall well to the right of any kind of “Constitutionalist Conservative.”

    • mike

      It’s his policies not his color!! It’s his attitude that his way is the only way to go. Even Clinton had the brains to realize his left leaning agenda was not going to work without some compromising. Many thought Obama would go back closer to the center in his second term, but not Obama.
      Keep playing the race card but the majority of Americans have seen through the smoke screen.
      Look at his poll numbers, dismal performance.

      As to the article piling more on the teachers is not the best idea for many reasons, but one in particular, they can barely teach a subject now without all the other tasks forced on them. Get back to basics let them teach. This PC crap hasn’t been working and won’t in the future.
      How about putting emphasis back on the family unit, half the black men drop out of high school which has an impact on employment, high out wedlock births leave many children without strong guidance. In my city of 300k, 49% of the school children are of a single parent. 49%!!!
      The violence every night in Ferguson just adds to the racial fears.
      They will continue to be their own worst enemy.

      Juan Williams have a good thought today. “The protest groups stay on the case in Ferguson and peacefully demand justice. Then they should go to Chicago and Baltimore and hold protests against forces feeding the racial fear of young black men among white people, black people and every one else-the drug dealers, the gang bangers, the corrupt unions defending bad schools(like in Ferguson), and the musicians and actors who glorify criminal behavior among black men. I don’t see it happening but it’s a great idea.

      • Sand_Cat

        Sorry, mike, but Obama’s agenda is well to the right of any self-respecting liberal’s, as was Clinton’s. They would almost certainly be moderate Republicans in a less polarized, paranoid society. And it may not be his race for many, but it seems to me that it is for many more of his opponents. If it’s his agenda, why does the GOP oppose GOP ideas when he proposes them? Which party was it that announced in the middle of an economic free-fall threatening to crash the whole world that their number-one priority was to destroy a president who hadn’t even taken office yet? It seems to me they have uncharacteristically stood by that promise without regard to its effect on human suffering and economic contraction in this country.
        I do have to take heart in your defense of teachers, though we would likely disagree on what things they’re required to do besides teach. Seems to me many of them are required to parent the kids and buy school supplies for them instead of concentrating on teaching, never mind the “PC” problems. Each side of the political debate has its own PC goals, and the teachers are caught in the middle, not to mention that they’re the favorite whipping boys of many politicians, who seem to believe – and successfully foster the belief in constituents – that teaching and all other government employment should be donated rather than paid (yes, that’s a rhetorical exaggeration).

        • mike

          Obama leaning to right of most liberals only in your eyes. His agenda is still way left of center.
          GOP opposes his policies because they are destroying this country economically. Massive regulations slowing growth and opportunities. Business aren’t growing because they have little confidence or trust in this president.
          Be specific what GOP ideas. Don’t use Obamacare because there is a vast differences. What others?
          Are you talking McConnell’s comment then you need to do some research. It was said in 2010 not before he took office. Show me the quote.
          Standby my comments on teachers. I know their frustrations having 3 members of my immediate family teaching.

    • Whatmeworry

      Lets start with Barak willing to work with republicans

  • Bill Thompson

    Mr. Pitts’s suggestion of education is sound but I do not believe this can happen in the classroom. As for myself this happened when I went into the real world. As a construction worker diversity was everywhere to be found racial, ethnic, religious, Gender and sexual orientation. Having grown up in a lily white neighborhood and having gone to school with only a few other black or Hispanic kids my entire life, I had pre-conceived notions that turned out to be false. What I found was the interaction with all the above Gave me a better understanding of other cultures religions and orientations. For the most part the bogeyman was nowhere to be found. What I did find is people came to work with the same reservations about lily white me. They also learned that we could coexist and treat each other in a respectable and work productively together. The greatest gift that we can give our kids is teaching them diversity and real interaction with other cultures. My children’s generation are a lot less judgmental then the generation I grew up with. Mostly because of the way my wife and I raise them.

    • Canistercook

      At 14 I got a job and in every job I did I learned something. Teaching children that they will need to work perhaps is needed. Life is not all soda and play!

      • mah101

        I think you missed the point.

        • Whatmeworry

          So true that point is lost on Blacks its supposed to be free

          • Sand_Cat

            Racism is certainly no problem here.

  • whodatbob

    1. Inter-cultural education: Sounds good, great idea maybe. Concept excellent, but will the bigots buy into it? Or do what bigots do with all new info? Use knowledge of cultural differences as another reason for hate.

    2. General education: It is imperative that a way be found to keep children in school through 12th grade. Quality public schools for all neighborhoods wealthy or poor. Ability levels run across the board in all cultures and income levels, so challenging programs need be available to all levels in every school.

    American culture is a blended European culture adopted to fit the challenges of America. Blacks, Native Americans and Asians were not included therefore, each have developed their own American culture.

    Putting all these into a pot blend cook, end product new culture is not as easy as cooking a bunch of vegetables for a stew!

    • mah101

      We’ve always been more of a “salad” than a “melting pot”. I don’t see that changing, but then a salad is a great mix of lettuce, carrots, onions, and other vegetables often accompanied by meats and cheeses. Together, they make something special, but try eating the lettuce alone…

  • adler56

    It’s no longer a crime to break into someone’s house ? Does that only apply to Cubans living in Miami?

  • oldtack

    If a Class was held on how NOT to handle a potentially volatile situation then the Police department of Ferguson,Missouri would be a Prime example.
    1. A strong arm theft was committed at a store.
    2. An APB was sent out to all Patrolmen with a description of the perpetrators.
    3. Patrolman Wilson gets this call if he has his radio on as required.
    4. Wlson see two males walking in the street.
    5. He tells them to get out of the street.
    6. All hell breaks loose and ends with the death of a young man.
    7. Other Patrolmen arrive on the scene.
    What then Happened?
    From the videos of the scene the Patrolmen stand around with their fingers up their butts and do nothing until. finally someone covers the body and for an indeterminable length of time the body lies on the street in the hot sun. Anywhere from an hour up to four hours according to our great? news media..Why was not 911 called and the body removed a soon as possible? Why was not the crime scene secured and photos and diagrams made of the position of the body?
    At this point the Police Chief emulates a “red neck” reincarnation of Bull Connor and really does nothing. He did not make a statement to the Press. He did not contact the parents of the deceased. He did not begin an investigation. He was not open with the public at all.He did not talk to the Public. The rest is history. Instead of meeting with the Public with an appeal for restraint until a full investigation was conducted “Rambo” call out the Swat Team and all his Force with automatic weapons and tear gas. Wow! what intelligence from a “Leader”.of Ferguson Law enforcement.
    I wonder, is Ferguson a unique situation or is this the new mentality of the Old south? Is this a throwback to the mentality exhibited in Selma Alabama in the early years of the Civil Rights Movement?l.

  • charles king

    I am An All-American from the old school of thoughts and resoultions and I have learned over the years that Critical Thinking of the situation and of one-self. Mr. Pitts suggestion of education, about What? My problem is What? the hell is going on in America since 2000 When? the Bush adminstration was in charge that was When? I felt somthing was wrong on the way GORE gave up the presidence Why? How come nothing was done. n 2008 We have a Black President Who? has all kinds of conflicts. What? the hell is going on in America but When? President Obama is re-elected in 2012 that to me saw the awakening of the American People Who? believed in Democracy all their lives not knowing that there were others forces out there under the diskize called Plutocracy known as Commissioners but these forces once they are recognized for Who? they are and What? they are about and the People will remember What? Democracy is all about. OF, By, and For The People Not Some But All. The vote is still Supreme so VOTE the Misfits OUT OUT OUT. You know Who? they are so VOTE their sorry A**** OUT. Re claim your Democracy, MONIES dont mean S*** under a Democracy. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  • Canistercook

    Guess going to school to 18 isn’t long enough for some. Wonder how the U.K. did so well when most kids left school at 14! Blame the teachers I guess not the huge number of single young parents!

  • mah101

    Leonard, I’m an anthropologist and I’ve been saying for a long time that we are a nation of cultural and social illiterates. I don’t have the advantage of a national column to reach such a wide audience, but I do teach and that is a goal of all of my intro classes.

    In my experience, people are very open to learning these issues in one on one or classroom contexts. However, reaching the public at large is met often with derision from those who do not, and will not, understand as it doesn’t fit with their own established, and often simplistic, narrative. I wish you good luck.

    I would take your suggestion a step farther. Not only are we grossly illiterate with regard to our own society, but we have even less awareness of the world outside the US. Not just some canard about some monolithic “China” or “Germany” but truly understanding the range of human conditions and realities around the world. Then, and only then, can we begin to understand ourselves.

    • mike

      An anthropologist that makes outlandish statements that he can not back up with proof. Tries to ignore his lies when asked for proof by saying “go do your own research”!! What a laugh!!!
      Talk about Intellectual Dishonesty! It sure fits you!!
      I pity your poor students. I can only imagine the lies you have filled their heads with. Not surprise though.

      • mah101

        Hi Mike, good to see you today. I hope you didn’t expect your teachers to do your homework for you. If you want to learn something about social sciences, go take some classes – I don’t have a spare 4.5 months to give you an introduction since I work for a living. Or, you could try going to “Google Scholar” (type that in your search bar, it’s a real thing…) and just search for some broad criteria such as sociology or anthropology, social mobility, or any other topic you want to learn more about.

        I’ll be happy to talk with you once you have some basic understandings. However, you currently appear to lack any foundation (I say that clinically, not as an ad hominem such as displayed in your comment).

        One suggestion: get rid of the anger and derision. There really are people who know more about these subjects than you. That, too, is a simple statement of fact and not an attack. Ignorance is a choice, and you can choose to learn but you won’t as long as you are angry and closed to the experience.

        I hope you take some of my suggestions, I really would like to have more intelligent conversations in this country regarding the many problems we face.

        I’ll look forward to talking about it with you in the future.

        • mike

          I love the post!!!
          Still can’t find all those exclusions, bias, ill treatment. Waiting for not belonging, you are bad, you can’t have that, we suspect you of everything, and other things. Such a canard!!!!

          BTW: you are still an intellectually dishonest person. Hell, lets make it official-an effete snob also fits.
          Ta Ta.

          • mah101

            Whatever floats your boat, Mike.

          • mike

            WOW!!! What a profound statement from NM resident pseudo-intellectual.
            Thanks for the chuckle.

        • joe schmo

          Honestly, ‘mah’ while in college I was very intrested in Cultural Anthropology. It was one area that I would have considered had I not been more talented in other areas. I found that studying different cultures and ethnic groups fascinating. I have my master’s and I also have taught at the college level.

          I agree with you when you state we are a nation of cultural and social illiterates, yet I have found it
          quite interesting to note that the characteristics found in each race are quite different from each other. Just as races are different, so
          too are individuals who reside in Europe, Asia, Africa etc… I have family in Europe so I am quite familiar with European culture and tradition as well.

          So what I am getting at is ‘characteristics.’
          Not only do we look racially different, we also act ethnically asymmetrical. Unfortunately, in our culture we have been brought up to
          be ‘equal’ in every way. This is apparent due to the secular humanism taught at the elementary and secondary levels of education. Since I am
          sure you are privy to knowing the difference in cultures and characteristics, you also must note that being ‘equal’ is an unfounded theory. This not only correlates to characteristics but also to talent and intelligence. No one person is the same, no one person has the same talent, no one person is as intelligent as some or dumber than others. I believe this has much to do with characteristics inately born into us through nationality. Of course it would be nice to think this is a perfect world full of collectives, but it is not. I would relate it to
          an intrinsic instinctive set of attributes contained within each ethnic group. It separates us in it’s distinctiveness. As a result, the only way humans will ever accept each other is if we get to the point of acceptance for both our ethnic characteristics and cultural differences. Then perhaps we can start talking about the tolerance you so desire. Right now the scales are tipped too far to the Left with the tables turned at ‘equality’ meaning everyone is the same. This is pure and utter nonsense and not scientifically possible. Even though many ethnic
          groups are now mixing the characteristics of one or the other parent is usually foreshadows the other. It’s just the law of nature.

          Even though you have three months a year off plus holidays, of course you could not take the time to teach Mike a thing. If he were in your classroom and you knew he were a Conservative would you treat him differently than your other liberal students? Think about it. I sure hope to think you would treat all your students the same and accept them for who they are and not judge their belief system. I know I never did. Politics never came into my teaching……I treated each and every
          one of my students fairly and they loved me for it.

          Union people only work when they have to. Liberals never want to touch facts. Why should they. The government does that all for you.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    mah101 brings up several good points. Building off those is the role of the media in this country.
    Since it seems this country lets the media educate them about these matters, it’s up to the media to do their ACTUAL jobs, which is to get at and expose the truth. But, for the most part, the media has abdicated that responsibility.
    Instead, the GOP have direct or indirect control of nearly all of the media in this country, in adherence to a principle of Fascism simply known as “control of the mass media”.
    We already know that the GOP have control of the FRWNJ (Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job) media, such as Fox News, The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, etc. But, they also have indirect control of most of the so-called “Liberal” media via false equivalency/false balance. That’s because most Liberal media are owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their employees to employ false equivalency/false balance. The three major networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) regularly do this. Even MSNBC, which is considered “Liberal” media by the Fascist Christian Plutartheocrats (GOP, basically), have their false equivalency/false balance parrots, like Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough, Abby Huntsman, David Gregory (who was just replaced as host of “Meet the Press”, which is show on MSNBC late Sunday night), Chuck Todd (who replaces Gregory), Michael Steele, Nicole Wallace and several others. In fact, the only GOP commentator on that channel that mostly speaks the truth about the sad state of his party is Steve Schmidt.
    The National Memo and The Nation are two examples of the small number of media outlets that actually tell us the truth about matters.
    Sadly, most media are only concerned about one thing, and it’s not the truth, in most cases (unfortunately): money. Better ratings/higher circulation/more clicks generally mean more money, so most of the media do whatever they need to do to get that enhanced exposure. It’s a sad state of affairs that I hear the truth about all matters, especially political, by looking at my Facebook and Twitter feeds…that’s how bad it is right now. The media need to go back to doing their actual jobs…until that happens, we’ll see more of what Fox “News” and the GOP are doing because their Fascism, corruption, arrogance, elitism, hypocrisy, bigotry tend to drive ratings/clicks/circulation 🙁 ssmdh

  • pmbalele

    We have not heard any comments from TPs or Repubs on killing of Michael Brown. Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, John Boehner with mouth-piece FoxNews such Bill O’rielly and Glen Beck are hiding their tails. They know they have accomplished part of their mission- killing Black males. And I don’t know why people did not know TP’s mission. TP claimed were after cutting tax Bull! President Obama cut their tax. Still they rallied against him with effigies of monkeys. Now at least TPs have accomplished part of their goal-one Black male is dead. TP is here to divide Americans into racial lines. We have to resist that. Here is a solution. Please don’t vote for any TP or TP endorsed candidate in November.

    • Vote blue if you want to see this country further down the drain with more failed radical liberal policies.

      • pmbalele

        Yes, in Wisconsin we will vote Blue again for a Democratic
        governor. I hope we will get rid of self-delusional and pathological liar Paul Ryan who anti-Blacks, Anti-Veterans and anti-seniors.

        • Funny how you would mention pathological liar. Your Emperor is a pathological liar, who is anti American. How’s that working?

          • pmbalele

            You remember Paul Ryan lied during the 2012 presidential campaign that President Obama caused the closing of Janesville auto assembly
            plant in 2008. Ryan knew when puking such lies that in 2008 Obama was not the president. Ryan then said he did not wield Ryancare that cut funding for seniors’ Medicare. His own grandma was living on Ryan’s insurance in Florida. Just imagine a guy denying his own Ryancare before people. No doubt Romney/Ryan ticket lost in Wisconsin – Ryan own state.

    • bhaggen

      Unlike Obama, Holder, & the rest of you lynch-mob racists, they’ve refrained from comments until all the evidence comes in. What’s this? Just coming in on the news-wire!
      “Dorian Johnson has now admitted that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson and attempted to take his gun.”
      Better to remain silent & be thought a fool, then to speak out & remove all doubt…..Abraham Lincoln
      There!…..Now go get your monkey off the street

  • joe schmo

    You’ve got to be kidding, ‘the removal of military hardware from police arsenals, sensitivity training.’ (This will make matters worse)

    “You might consider this a utopian idea. Maybe it is. But I’ve never been
    able to shake a conviction that if you walk the proverbial mile in
    another man’s shoes, you inoculate yourself against your biases toward
    him. I believe empathy follows understanding.”

    This is pure bullhockey. Utopian crap….in your dreams. Huh, walk in another man’s shoes….LOL I went to a very diverse HS. Many Blacks attended this school and we had our share of riots that were instigated by Blacks. I was also bullied by them. If you stand up to them, they gang together and taunt you. I can just imagine how this officer felt. Why doesn’t the author put himself in the policeman’s shoes?

    This is merely a typical reaction to an unfounded truth by you, the Liberals. Why don’t you see both sides for a change, not just one. This young man was no angel and the officer should have maybe had a taser on hand and tased him instead of shooting him. Both at fault here. What was the officer to do when Brown tried to grab his gun? What was the officer to do when Brown charged him? Wouldn’t you do the same if you were an officer and someone tried to grab your weapon or would you just let the perpetrator kill you?

    You people don’t deduce the situation enough and you tend to clench on to a one sided horse. Baden was not given Brown’s clothes when he did the autopsy. So many missing pieces that he was not ALLOWED to have. Doesn’t that sound just a wee bit fishy. When you do an investigation EVERYTHING should be included. Could it be that someone did not want Baden to see what happened to the powder residue?

    Of course to resolve all this I propose that every officer have a camera on their person and/or another officer in the car with them. Then their would be no question as to what had occurred. Unfortunately, the law is no longer allowed to do their jobs because the all rights go to the less than innocent victim or the criminal no matter how much carnage was involved.

  • Whatmeworry

    Pitts blacks have 1 problem its called a family. They don’t have 1 and haven’t had 1 since the great society. Todays colored are brought up to be thugs and criminals and then blame it on whitey. They have no shame, and no desire to achieve anything

  • Stuart

    What would happen if we took the NRA’s advice and armed everyone in Ferguson with AR-15s?

    • Most likely there would be LESS violence, LESS crime. Brown would not have bullied the store clerk the way he did. Opportunists and thugs like easy targets. An armed individual is not an easy target. Only really hardened criminals would chance getting killed , and very few of them. An armed society is a polite society.

    • Dan-Air National Guard Vet

      Pitts blacks have 1 problem its called a family. They don’t have 1 and
      haven’t had 1 since the great society. Todays colored are brought up to be thugs and criminals and then blame it on whitey. They have no shame, and no desire to achieve anything

      • bhaggen

        While watching interviews with Brown’s family I suddenly noticed something. His mother, brother, her “husband”, his aunt, & her kids ALL had different last names. Where are the fathers? On the streets? Too many boys, not enough men. On one night a small group of older men got sick & tired of all the thugs throwing crap at the police & took it upon themselves to physically get into some of these punks. I saw one BIG man yell at some baggy pants punk, “I got kids, and I don’t need this fu##in s##t! Then he grabbed him by the collar and carried his sorry butt back to the curb! Ferguson is obviously infested with thugs and Brown was one of ’em.

        • Dan-Air National Guard Vet

          Must not read newspapers where you live

  • pm1

    First of all; white Hispanics? You are a racist ass looking for excuses. What a joke!

    Secondly; Tell me of any “white-white” that just robbed a store, got into an altercation with a cop, was shot and was then crowned as some sort of National hero, with rioting and looting. Having his funeral shown on national, nay, world-wide TV. No, you can’t. That only happens for black hero ‘victims’ in America.