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Saturday, October 21, 2017

When It Comes To Mass Shootings, Nothing Is Black And White

When It Comes To Mass Shootings, Nothing Is Black And White

First, when these nitwits say “white male culture,” what they really mean is “rednecks,” “NRA members” or even “Republicans.” I’m not one of those.

Besides, I only look white, as the joke went in my youth; actually, I’m Irish. Every ugly stereotype ever applied to black Americans was used by their British overlords to describe my great-grandparents in County Cork. It can definitely affect your attitude. Or not. It’s pretty much up to you.

But I digress. My real objections to this appalling article are both professional and political. Professionally, I’m with online commentor “dwells3,” who asked: “How did an opinion piece full of easily refuted assertions, by authors who have no training or experience in the field on which they are commenting, whose prior writing appears limited to a book published by a vanity press, get through the editorial review process of an allegedly serious and respected newspaper?”

How, indeed? Specifically, the Childress sisters claim expertise in pharmacy, engineering, math, physics, and chemistry. None of which would disqualify them if their work met minimal standards of accuracy and logical argumentation, which it manifestly does not.

Over at The Daily Howler, my friend Bob Somerby has been wondering what on earth is going on at The Washington Post. Seemingly at the behest of the ubiquitous 28-year-old pundit Ezra Klein, there’s actually a 19-year-old college freshman posting meditations about the U.S. budget on the newspaper’s website. The lad plans to major in economics. Possibly the Childress article was edited by somebody who was in grade school during the “Beltway sniper” episode.

As a political matter, the sheer folly of writers on the cultural “left”—on their website the sisters also endorse “long walks, camping, commuting by bicycle/walking/bus, organic gardening…needlework, backpacking, and cuddling with beloved cats and dogs”—endorsing collective racial guilt, one of the most poisonous and destructive ideas in human history, simply cannot be exaggerated.

Race tells us nothing about these tragedies. Absolutely nothing.

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