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Saturday, February 23, 2019

President Obama may say that his position on gay marriage is “evolving,” but top members of his administration are coming out with full-throated support of what progressives now call “freedom to marry.”

First came yesterday’s admission by Vice President Joe Biden, when he said, “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights.”

Then, this morning, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan — an old Chicago basketball buddy — told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he supported gay marriage.

While activists and many on the left are frustrated that the President won’t totally support same-sex marriage, the issue is proving to be an even bigger minefield for Republicans as Mitt Romney tries to shift away from the social issues that ended up dominating the primary and towards the economic issues that would allow him to appeal to the center.

But the conservative base won’t let him move on. Tomorrow, North Carolina will vote for a constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions — the primary turnout is expected to be heavily Republican, and it comes a blot on the Republican record as Democrats prepare for this summer’s convention in Charlotte. Bill Clinton has already weighed in with an automated call, asking voters to stand up for gay rights, warning that a ban would hurt the swing state’s image and economy.

“What it will change is North Carolina’s ability to keep good businesses, attract new jobs, and attract and keep talented entrepreneurs,” he says. “If it passes, your ability to keep those businesses, get those jobs, and get those talented entrepreneurs will be weakened.”


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14 responses to “While Obama Evolves, Top Administration Officials Come Out For Gay Marriage”

  1. This is good. Humans are relaxing. The weight that humans had on their shoulders by the grace of God is lifting. Humans are judging themselves. Humans are giving joy receiving joy. This is a very good thing. Humans are being equal wanting love giving love.

  2. guest says:

    I can barely see civil unions between same sexes but a gay marriage is crossing the line. I just as soon see a marriage between a man and a ham sandwich.

    • Richie T says:

      A man and a ham sandwich. What about a woman, who would you like to see her married to?

    • Georgeie says:

      I am a strong believer of God but i doubt He would care about marriage between same sex people, rather how we would treat them as we would treat ourselves. They are human beings and should have equal rights as such. The more important thing to God is love, no matter who and what anyone is. On top of that, this is America and we have freedoms here that should be for all people.

    • Robert says:

      And your reason is? Don’t you think gays have the same rights as hetoros. Actually, I think no one should have special privileges because of whom they chose to love. So get rid of all the hertero tax breaks and privileges and then the gays have no gripe!

  3. 1alvagreene says:

    Shouldn’t we let the Lord throw the stones on this issue …. I doubt He would. We all fall short and need grace, daily. This issue is not helping the poor, caring for the homeless or any other hardship that Christ wants us to learn from His teaching and perform. God’s big enough to handle this issue and us humans should get on with problem solving the issues that will unite and show the so called the Christian Nation as being a cut above.

  4. Richie T says:

    In an article January 29, 2011, Gay marriage is legal in ten countries. The Netherlands, April 2011, Canada July 2005, gay couples can marry and legally adopt children. I’m not getting into my personal opinion. …
    This is The United States.. ..
    The 1st Amendment….
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
    The Government cannot support any particular religion, or deny any religion.
    IE; there can’t be any laws based on, influenced by, or that deny any religious belief.
    “Abridge” is old English for limit. That’s why it’s used in the Constitution so often.
    Everyone’s entitled to their own religious beliefs. There can’t be any laws based on them.

    • rome44 says:

      Amen Richie T
      I don’t know if I can agree that it includes homosexuality. But my take on this is; If you are opposed to the homo or lesbo lifestyle simply don’t engage in it. Mind your own dam business take care of yourself live and let live.
      People have a right to live any way they want as long as they don’t impose on anyone. Simple right then what the hell is all the fuss about. Let me have another shot of tequila.

  5. DON211 says:

    Since God created gays and lesbians, I for one will not judge His judgement, nor them.

  6. Walter Thompson III says:

    The Republican party is still behind the curve on on Gay Rights and marriage equality and this next election cycle will be an important test in how much this regression will cost in votes, particularly electoral college votes.

  7. God is the great judger of all….for surely we will all be judged on our good works and our good deeds…..not whats in your head but how you heal with your heart and your soul….

  8. Petro Muluha says:

    it is great as we watch the western world slowly destoying itself under the guise of being democratic (freedom no responsibility) and its so called pursuit for happy(i)ness (happiness where there is no joy in suffering).

    please … i beg you … keep it up, you will need us one day.

  9. God created man and woman to build society to make family, could you magin what will happen if there is not marriage between man and woman? This is all about politic, but they should think about others feeling not there desire only. Think about the majority not minority Obama_Biden or your time is over.

  10. SeemyJeep says:

    The government should stay out of marriage altogether. Marriage is from God not government.

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