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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • FT66

    Can anyone help me here. Is it ok to show the map or rather the architectual structure of the whole White House, while trying to show how far the intruder went? Rachel Maddow did it and I have seen this on some other News Outlets as well. That was giving more information than anyone needs to know. That was not thinking at all. We have more stupid people nowadays on News Outlets pretending they are giving News to People, while they are doing more damage due to their negligence.

    • Allan Richardson

      Only the already unclassified level of detail is shown, I’m sure. Many thousands (millions?) of Americans have toured the public areas of the White House, and it is not hard for an observant tourist to remember the layout of those areas without resorting to cameras or notes. And since the architectural drawing came FROM official sources, there may be some hidden critical errors in the map also.

      • FT66

        Allan, I was very upset of seeing this map because MSNBC is not seen only in the country, it is worldwide. Since Sept. 11 and now ISIS, no one who is thinking right should publicise this information. There is nothing of unclassifying the House Map. If it has 20 rooms they remain the same and they showed where they are located. Funny enough all rooms were labelled. I mean all rooms of the entire House.

        • DurdyDawg

          Well they published the entire route of President Kennedy’s Dallas tour several days in advance then when the route on main was altered to go one block north and onto Elm on that very day (supposedly for access onto Stemmon’s freeway as a better route to the Dallas trade mart where Kennedy was to give his speech) this too was reported an hour or so before they embarked off the plane from Fort Worth so it’s not like this is the media’s first major screw-up.

          • clcman

            Well, the Kennedy route was a public parade. Everyone was supposed to know what the route was. It would be pointless otherwise. It had been a long time since someone had tried to kill a president, they were lax. If anything, the open-roof car was a bigger mistake.
            As for the White House, anyone with an internet connection and the ability to read English can get a map of the public areas. They are a tourist attraction in a historic building. The president doesn’t live in those sections. Nobody is going to learn anything useful to an attack from watching these news reports that they couldn’t have easily gotten elsewhere (except maybe the compitency level of the Secret Service).

  • Ann Iston

    People are starting to recognize that Obama is a delusional marxist who intentionally causes chaos to advance his own destructive agenda.

    • Many have, but there are still the brain-dead diehard liberals that can not or will not see what is right in front of them. Go figure.