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Friday, October 28, 2016

Getting Real

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The big news today is that the President is now up 2% in Rasmussen Reports, the most conservative tracking poll. Rasmussen calls it a bump based on positive poll numbers but it represents a 6% swing toward from Romney in a week. If this holds until November, then even if the turnout resembles 2010 when Democrats in large numbers stayed home, the President would still win at least the popular vote.

But only Dick Morris has seen the ‘real’ poll numbers

Dick Morris has seen the battleground polls of an organization he trusts but won’t name. And he says it’s looking very good for Romney. Based on Dick Morris’ track record, Republicans should be very alarmed and Democrats reassured.

Obama still ahead of ’08 fundraising

Mitt Romney raised more money than the President for the second month, raking in over $100 million. Something to keep in mind is that the President has still raised over $600 million, about twice what Romney has raised, and is on pace to beat his 2008 total of $750 million. But you can still expect desperate fundraising emails each month from the Obama campaign, which relishes being seen as the underdog–at least by its supporters.

What’s going on in Ohio?

The Romney campaign over the weekend said the President’s campaign is trying to undermine military voters by opening early voting to all Ohioans, as it has been in the past. The President’s supporters call this a despicable lie and in turn charge the Romney campaign with trying to deny early voting to veterans. Even the conservative blog Hot Air sides with the President’s campaign on this one.

The Verdict: Until we see the numbers cited by Dick Morris, the fact that Rasmussen has swung dramatically toward the President give him the day.

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  • The fact that President Obama is ahead in most polls should not surprise anyone. He is the only candidate who can run on a record that includes the end of our worst enemy, keeping the country safe, adding 4.5 million jobs in spit of constant obstructionism, saving our economy from collapse, restoring our international credibility, pushing for legislation to prevent a repeat of the Wall Street abuses that contributed to our current problems, and passing legislation to protect the interests of ALL Americans. Most importantly, he is the only one who has provided a clear vision of the future. In contrast, Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachussetts is poison for the GOP and is to be avoided at all cost, his Olympic record is unimpressive, and his record at Bain is downright offensive to most Americans. While staffing and benefit reductions, and outsourcings, are an acceptable management tactic to guarantee high profits margins, business expansion, and increased productivity what most Americans are looking for is job creation and economic stability, not layoffs and plant closings. The biggest problem the GOP has this election year has nothing to do with political strategies or political platforms, their problem is the fact that they nominated a man that nobody likes.

    • bigspender7

      Its the age old republican dilemma. How to choose the republican candidate you hate the least.

  • bigspender7

    Just because a pollster is a conservative doesn’t make him a liar. In 2008 nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman said the republicans were the party of the stupid. I don’t think he meant that all republicans are stupid. Far from it. But if you are stupid, you’re probably a republican.

  • onedonewong

    Obama has been behind Romney since mid May and his lead grows each week

  • It is just unimaginable that America would be willing to put a Republican back into the White House after what Bush did to this country. The only reason the recovery isn’t further along now is because of the Republicans in Congress and the American people as a whole need to know this.