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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why 58 Representatives Who Voted For Hurricane Katrina Aid Voted Against Aid For Sandy

Why 58 Representatives Who Voted For Hurricane Katrina Aid Voted Against Aid For Sandy

by Theodoric Meyer ProPublica

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Congress passed two relief bills almost unanimously. But when it comes to Hurricane Sandy, some in Congress seem to have had a change of heart.

After Katrina, a $51.8 billion relief package passed the House of Representatives 410 to 11. Another bill, which allowed the National Flood Insurance Program to borrow more money, sailed through 416 to 0.

On Tuesday, the House passed a $50.7 billion relief package for Sandy. This time, 180 representatives voted against it — 179 Republicans, one Democrat — 56 of whom had voted for the similarly sized Katrina bill.

Another Sandy bill earlier this month also garnered opposition. That bill, almost identical to the one on the flood insurance program passed after Katrina, was opposed by 67 representatives, all Republicans.

In total, 58 representatives voted against bills this month similar to ones that they had supported after Katrina.

Here’s a breakdown of how each of them voted on the two Katrina bills and the two Sandy ones:

Robert B. Aderholt AL Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Mike D. Rogers AL Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Trent Franks AZ Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Ed Royce CA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Ken Calvert CA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Darrell Issa CA Rep. Yea Nay Didn’t Vote Yea
Gary G. Miller CA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Didn’t Vote
Dana Rohrabacher CA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
John L. Mica FL Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Jeff Miller FL Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Tom Price GA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Phil Gingrey GA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Mike Simpson ID Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Tom Latham IA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Dave Camp MI Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Candice S. Miller MI Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Fred Upton MI Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
John Kline MN Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Sam Graves MO Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Virginia Foxx NC Rep. Nay Nay Yea Nay
Howard Coble NC Rep Yea Nay Yea Yea
Walter B. Jones NC Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Patrick T. McHenry NC Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Steve Pearce NM Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Jeff Fortenberry NE Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Lee Terry NE Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Steve Chabot OH Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Pat Tiberi OH Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Greg Walden OR Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Tim Murphy PA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Joe Pitts PA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Bill Shuster PA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Joe Wilson SC Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Marsha Blackburn TN Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
John J. Duncan Jr. TN Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Jim Cooper TN Dem. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Louie Gohmert TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Kenny Marchant TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Randy Neugebauer TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
William M. Thornberry TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Michael C. Burgess TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
John Carter TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Kay Granger TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Ralph M. Hall TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Jeb Hensarling TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Sam Johnson TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Michael McCaul TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Ted Poe TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Pete Sessions TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Lamar Smith TX Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Rob Bishop UT Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Robert W. Goodlatte VA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
J. Randy Forbes VA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Doc Hastings WA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA Rep. Yea Nay Yea Yea
Tom Petri WI Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
Paul D. Ryan WI Rep. Yea Nay Yea Nay
F. James Sensenbrenner WI Rep. Nay Nay Yea Nay

Source: Clerk of the House of Representatives

What accounts for the legislators’ changed votes?

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31 Responses to Why 58 Representatives Who Voted For Hurricane Katrina Aid Voted Against Aid For Sandy

  1. Well, the next big weather or environmental disaster is just around the corner, more than likely in the south or the midwest. Revenge might be on the minds of many people.

  2. What a Congress? Our foefathers would have flipped out knowing this bunch would be drawing their pay and huge benefits, just to act the way they do, with “hard headedness”. Its not the American way but it is our system. God Bless America…

  3. Politics as usual, and “We, the People” again have to suffer those who want to take the ball home if they can’t have their way. The Northeast rarely gets storms of this magnitude, so needing relief is, on an annual basis, is rare. The southern states, however, get the hurricanes on a regular annual basis, and need the relief.

    Up until now, one would think that politics would not enter into taking care of disaster victims. It never stopped for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters in the “Storm Belt: before.

    Hopefully, this voting record will be kept fresh in the minds of the electorate in 2014 as the Republican representatives go up for a repurchase of their seats. They complain there is “pork” in the bills for relief; however, the only pork is in the butts of those who are getting revenge on the states that they could not carry in the Presidential election, whereever they can find it. And, kept in the minds of Congress this fall as hurricanes come into the Gulf of Mexico and the lower Atlantic coast, when THEY are begging again for relief funds. What will FEMA do then?

    • Well put Wesley, I know how to straighten this out, just no one vote ever again for a Republican whether it be a congressman or Senator or even President. Let the Reps who voted ney lets throw them to the streets and have them pay for their health care, have them go out and get a job then rely on their fellow dick heads for relief like Disability or Social Security to help them. Just start petitions calling for dismissal of their service. Let them go do not vote for a Republican anymore.

  4. Obdurate intransigence and ignorant republican prejudice against the NE…Short sighted and without compassion..Kharma will be swift and cruel come Hurricane season in the South for decades!

    So be it!

  5. With Paul Ryan leading the pack…..
    The spoon-fed brat needs a major reality check. The most amazing thing about the man is that he seems to live even without a heart? If he doesn’t start representing the people karma will bite him in the a _ _!

  6. Republican is the party of biased people, during KATRINA crisis of course they are in favor of funding the aid for the victims because the President during is belong to Republican, it means this party are politicizing the life of people who are suffering.

  7. I guess I do not understand the problem here since these people had no problem giving a blank check to Bush II for his wars and for Medicare part D which were all unfunded using BORROWED money to pay for them. The logic of doing that versus helping American people hurt by a natural disaster is incomprehensible to me. ok to go to war to hurt and kill people but not ok is they are hurt by a disaster. Unbelievable the depths we have sunk to here in only 40 years.

    • Where will the money come from for universal background checks and all the new gun control laws??? It is going to be in the millions and millions. I’ve got it, raise TAXES on the middle class. Can’t raise them on the wealthy or corporations. Better yet, do what was done to cigarettes, just rob anyone who wants one.

  8. Pretty to see why not the bill had over $20 BILLION in pork in it and is rewarding people who declined to take out subsidized insurance

    • So you will be against Federal help to people that live where tornados level towns or the larger rivers flood towns, or forest fires burn down housing communities or towns that are destroyed by earthquakes or any other type of natural disasters that occur in our country. Glad to see your great charitable side. I bet you are a devout religious man. Your empathy for people is so UNDERwhelming.

      • If they don’t have insurance you bet…Why should my taxes go to reward people who don’t want to take care of themselves??
        Typical lib your so charitable when it comes to giving away other people’s $$$ how much did you donate to the Sandy victims?? I noticed that bloomberg, Christy and Cumo didn’t give 1 dam dime

        • Onedone–did your schooling stop short on spelling? I notice a lot of that from Tea Partiers. Actually, I sort of agree with your stand on those who did not purchase insurance, but the bigger problem is that we even HAVE insurance for those in low-lying areas subject to flooding. There were people where Sandy destroyed entire neighborhoods, but people insisted on rebuilding. Obviously, more money than brains.

  9. At the risk of sounding vindictive,what should the compassionate people up north do when the time comes to vote for disaster relief for the Confederate States of America?

  10. The fiscal state of the country? That’s their excuse? BS ! When you are talking about helping your OWN country you do the right thing. If it had been those southern states in need of aid they would not have accepted a weak excuse like this.

  11. I hate these dumb Republicans who vote Ney for the relief from Super Storm Sandy. How can we as Americans allow such BS from these aholes. I am not surprised to see this, again these idiots who voted against the aid should be forced to live in the devastated area and lets see how it would affect them. These Republicans are just playing like a stubborn jackass, they will vote against anything Obama has asked. Innocent children, retired people and people who live off of certain machines to keep them alive would have nothing. It really is time to get rid of the 2 party system, plus Obama should use is power and just go around these stubborn Republicans. How can these assholes be allowed to even serve anymore? Where does it end for the Republicans to show that they care? I hate these Stupid people who call themselves “Representatives” for us and then turn their backs on people. How. You want to start impeachment process against Obama, lets start by getting rid of Boehner and Sen Mitch McConnell they are the leading dick heads here and just so evil now. why don’t they join the KKK or some white supremacists so this way we as citizens can go after them and take care of them once and for all. To the Republicans who voted against it drop dead.

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