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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Very few politicians have provided as much villainous entertainment over the years as Newt Gingrich, who now assures everyone that he has “matured” since his brief and tumultuous reign on Capitol Hill. While the former speaker may at last have settled into a third marriage, there is no sign of improvement in his character. He is rising in current polls because Mitt Romney repels many Republicans and he is the last alternative. But Gingrich’s most recent debate performance revealed the same brazen dissembler whose flaws proved ruinous to him and — were he to win the nomination — would be disastrous for his party. On Nov. 9, with millions watching, he uttered a bald lie that revived memories of his most embarrassing moments in Washington.

The moment of truth — or more accurately, falsehood — came when CNBC’s John Harwood noted that back in 2006, Gingrich was paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac, the gigantic federally backed housing financier. “What did you do for that money?” asked Harwood, while attempting to suggest that Gingrich sought to “fend off” stricter regulation of Freddie Mac and its sister company, Fannie Mae, by officials in the Bush administration and the Federal Reserve worried about the firms’ inflated $5 trillion in mortgage securities.

56 Responses to Why The New 'Mature' Newt Is Just The Same Old Gingrich

  1. Hi Joe, Obviously you’ve chosen to go down with Obama. Oh well, at least we know why you slander Gingrich. After all, Gingrich is rising in the polls.

    But, really, Joe, you should reconsider your choice. Obama would destroy America if he could, and, incidentally, we’ve yet to prove he can’t do it in spite of everything we do to stop him.

    Anyway, Joe, Carry on, you flaming idiot.

  2. Our country is endangered by our refusal to listen to anyone whose information or opinion does not agree with out own.

  3. The piece on Newt Gingrich focuses on the reality of Newt Gingrich’s history. His personal and political career would be a source of humor if it were not so pathetic. The evil twin of the Pillsbury Doughboy personifies arrogance. However, he is my choice as a Republican nominee!

  4. Is a puffball of contradiction; he is a liar and a cheat. Anyone who would ask his wife for a divorce while she is undergoing cancer treatments is a no good rotten bum. He keeps divorcing wives and marrying his secretaries; does America want him in the White House, a liar and a cheat? No thank you, I cannot stand this cream puff of hyprocacy.

  5. For Gingrich to be rising in any polls indicates simply that Republicans are desperate. Conservatives are too bigoted to accept a Mormon so they thrash around for someone who lies to the press, was expelled from the house, lies to his many wives and switches his positions without any compunction at all. He is also a lousy historian if he thinks that our republic was based on Christian principles.

  6. And in the case of Newt Gingrich you don’t have to search very far. Keep up the good work on the reporting Joe, I look forward to hearing more from you. Ignore people like Dewd below who criticize without any substance.

  7. No – Newt received almost 2 million from Freddie Mac for his “Historical Perspective” – The BS never stops with this lot & other politicians. Bad news is that there’s no real cure for Sociopaths like Newt. He will continue making up his own facts & believe them & convince the nimwits out there.

  8. Freddie Mac officials don’t recall Newt telling them that their lending practices were causing “a bubble” which was “insane” and “impossible. Of course they don’t, why would they admit that they screwed the economy with their poor lending habits and besides they had the support of Barney Frank so they didn’t need Newt so Freddie was stupid for hiring him and you can’t fix stupid.

  9. A good old boy like Newt need not be troubled by consistency since he lives in a fact-free universe along with many of his fellow Replundercans. A well endowed Washington insider, he periodically grazes at the public trough while indulging in ludicrous hypocrisy. Oh well.

  10. Joe,
    You have always been valiant intelligent and insightful and I look forward to reading your articles. Barak Obama will need honest reporting to counteract the distortions and lies that will be the campaign the Republicans will wage

  11. It’s simply amazing The dumocrats will attack anything that contradicts the philosophy of the moron in the Whitehouse. Yet they will listen to the far left, the SEIU and any communist who opens his mouth.

  12. I think he is Ok and when you say he is self puffing well lets face it everyone up on the hill does that. This man knows more than the rest of the idiots running and the ones in office now. He knows foreign policy and could do a good job for this country and if he ever gets to debate that guy in office he will chew him up and spit him out.

  13. A mature Newt is a contradiction in terms. At least if he’s the nominee there’ll be no more talk about FAMILY VALUES. It would be worth his nomination!

  14. It’s definitely a battle between the private sector and the government sector. The problem with govt jobs is Americans lose a little more of their freedom in exchange for being taken care of by unions and the easy govt paycheck. I know so many ex-govt workers that did not know how difficult being in the private sector was until they retired and experienced it. Having lawmakers on the govt paycheck doesn’t help since they are lining their pockets because they have little ethics.Sad situation.Obama has had 3 years and 2 years with the majority in the senate and congress. I would fire him due to “bad job performance” if he was in the real world of the private sector. He wouldn’t last any longer.If he was a professional or college coach,he and his staff would have been fired by now!!!!


  16. The guy was booted by his own party for his unethical actions, can he be president? He won’t get my vote and those morons that mouth the tea partys stupidities like idiot boy rush, paul ryan, mc connel, palin, bachman are too ignorant to be considered rational human beings

  17. Now that we have Newt on the firing line let us discuss the ultra clean, “all american” actions taken by our present leader! Do you think it is really okay for a president or any political leader of our country to call us lazy or apologize to our enemies or bow to the same religious group whose followers destroyed the World Trade Centers and attempted to destroy the Pentagon? How do you defend the actions who in time or real financial crisis is so totally devoted to campaigning for his re-election that he has no time to stay in Washington and address the critical issues facing our future? Do we really want another four years with a president more committed to favoring and encouraging the divisive issues between congress and senate and using that issue to promote his re-election instead of working to resolve problem? I’ll take any candidate over the current non-leadership of OBAMA!

  18. Excuse me, Dewd, but your calling Joe a socialist and an idiot is tremendously offensive. Those who lack an argument resort to namecalling and browbeating. And I frankly am getting tired of it. I am not a liberal, nor a socialist, nor a humanist, nor a communist just because I happen to support Obama (trust me, I do not agree with everything he does) and, more importantly, do not support any of the crazies passing for the Republican nominees these days. As many others, I happen to consider myself moderate, believing in human-caused global warming, evolution, public transportation, etc, but at the same time, I support the Keystone XL Pipeline, the increased use of Natural Gas, the death penalty (with a lot more competence in its application than currently exists, etc.) And I strongly believe in Church/State separation.

  19. Newt is who he is and why any even pays attention to him is beyond me. He should be in jail, but like many of Bush’s lackies, he got away with murder and made a great profit from it. Not matter what others want, the truth will eventually come out about all politicians. Newt is a disgrace to American voters.

  20. I’m not a huge fan of Newt,but, while Newt was defining what was going on in Fannie-Freddie; Obama was community organizing with the SEIU and friends.Newt has more experience!

  21. Democrats nor republicans can accuse the other’s candidates of being unethical. Each must first take the spec out of his/her eye in order to see the spec in the other’s eye. Since the author of this article chooses to think only Republicans have specs in their eyes, let me remind him of some recent Democrat specs, specifically from the Prez himself: Solary Energy Investment Scandal (e.g Solyndra),
    Fast & Furious Scandal, Lightsquared Scandal. And for those who think Cain is a bad person because of his womanizing, I’m curious to know what you thought of Clinton using his cigar on Monica Lewinsky. If I remember correctly, people forgave him because the economy was doing so well at the time. I think most people realized that that was a personal situation that the public shouldn’t judge him on it.
    So let’s forget about the ethics fighting because I don’t think we’ll find a totally ethical politician. Let’s not count how many divorces someone’s had; Let’s elect someone who can get our country back on it’s feet again.

  22. I prefer a “puff ball” – even if he’s the devil incarnate – to what we have. Newt knows this is the time to define a proud legacy, and overcome past mistakes. This is the time to make his grandchildren proud. This is HIS time. I don’t see ANY of the field as able to combat the current WH occupant, who will make this election a blood-bath, if possible.

    This time we need a savvy, articulate candidate. Romney may do well, but his stilted, obviously practiced replies just don’t cut it.

  23. You know, I couldn’t care less what happened 20 years ago…I’m a staunch Conservative, and I’d take even Clinton back, with all his moral failings, n a New York minute to get rid of what we have now, which is what you get when you vote for someone all pure smiles and radiant promises. An incompetent, narcissistic professor. Like someone said, we’re looking for a competent president…not a church elder.

  24. Newt Gingrich has changed his mind much too often, in both his public and private life, to be the Presient of the Unites States. If he became our President, I surely would like to know, between the election and the time he took office, who would be our First Lady.
    Ofcourse, if I happened to be up-wind of him,I might ask him to change his location for me. If he could’t, then I would surely change mine.

  25. President Obama is the man for the job. If we lose him, he wont be affected by the money and or jobs problems that people will have who dont make $250,000 a year. Dont let race play a factor in your vote because its been a factor for the last 3yrs. 2011 and people still hate because the color of skin. That hurts my soul. Republicans are not for the people, they are for the super rich. And if they get elected, People under 250,000 a year will suffer. POSTAL WORKERS, SOLDIERS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, PELL GRANTS, ELDERLY, SSI, AND 87% OF THE U.S.

  26. Good ol’ Joe’s article just illustrates again his thinly-veiled progressive-liberal leanings. Shines right through, though, doesn’t it?

  27. it is sad that america has such educated people to believe such a disguise of a person ,as in the end truth will prevail,and newt will go back to his dishonest farce,and greed that has left him with nothing but money,and that is all he truly has,so obama will be re-elected,and newt will go down as the guy that just could not sale his lies in the 21st yes,lets carry on,and leave newt behind.

  28. If you’re going to go there, then let’s not forget:
    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright (“God damn America”)
    Bill Ayers
    ACORN (aka Project Vote)

    There’s no point in name calling, witch hunts and retrospectives. None of the candidates or incumbants pass ANY of those tests. The question is: Which person can lead the Congress and Senate to improve the situation of the people of this country? Nothing else matters.

  29. yes we do need a savy articulate person in the white house,and he will be re-elected.BARACK OBAMA ,HERE AND NOW FOR 2012

  30. No, I don’t think so. I see we have people here who still think Newt is the answer. Even to the point of calling those who don’t think so “idiots.” They believe that Newt is rising in the polls because he is the savior of our country. No, he’s not. He’s the same egotistical, opportunistic jackass he has always been. Believe in the polls if you will, it will only lead to your disappointment. I don’t know that Obama is the answer, but I do know that I believe Newt absolutely is not!

  31. Who in their right mind, pick NEWT????? NEWT will sink America down the Toilet !!! I would vote for a “ONE EYE MONKEY” Before I vote for NEWT!!!!

  32. Maturity is a useless description for Newt and most current conservative minds. As exemplified by the Republican candidates (and some of the “conservative” comments on this site) lies, name-calling, red-baiting, clever talking-points, etc. are all they have and all they have ever had. They appear heartless, egocentric, sociopathic and ignorant–and PROUD of it! They live on a planet where only they matter and to hell with everyone else. What Obama has (and I don’t always agree with him)is a sense that he shares this world with others and has some responsibility for their well-being. I’ll take him over the phonies who inhabit the so-called “opposition.”

  33. When in the midst of the Clinton scandals, the paperwork of the House was specially delivered to the house in a media event covered acrosss the nation when the Newt officially handed the paperwork to the White House rep. It could have been sent by courier or even mail, but it wasn’t. Newt made a big thing of it. At the same time the Newt was sleeping with another of his concubines and made no comment on that. That truly was hypocricy in action. Wish nbcmsn would pick that one up and show it NOW. Newt is a scuzbucket 1st class.

  34. The DNC, the Administration, and Democrats everywhere sorely need to be more active, agressive, and BLUNT in de-bunking Republican propaganda, patently false accusations, and statements!! Scarcely a week goes by without news reports of harm/disaster regarding the envirionment, (air, food, water) FINANCIAL, HEALTH, and transportation safety to name just a few. Sadly, a very large percentage of closed-minded Americans are “buying the snake-oil” Republican sales pitch. “Let’s go slow” and/or de-regulate, because regulation causes unemployment and hurts the economy??

  35. I lived in Georgia for 25 years. Gingrich’s nickname was ‘Pig Newton”. He is political SLEAZE of the highest order. The evidence is all out there but, his right wingnut fans seek to divert attention from ‘newtie’s’ obscene candidacy by claiming that Obama somehow wishes to ‘destroy America’. You people who indulge in such ‘thinking’ should have your voter’s cards revoked. YOU are the anti-Americans and YOU make me sick. Robert Blankenship

  36. When the current scourge of America has to “move it on out” of the White House, and a new day dawns in this country. But, possibly, when they see all the improvements, and people again able to be proud of their country, with its credit rating restored, no more bowing to foreigners, and billions of dollars no longer going into the pockets of Obama’s big fund-raisers, they’ll feel a little better about it. Oh, yeah, and we will again have a First Lady…not a Queen mother.

  37. I can’t beleive one comment about how Obama is trying to create division between the senate and the House. PLEASE!!! Republicans have always been and always will be
    about dividing Americans. They have to be, to keep us fighting over the crumbs while they continue to reap off the back of those who really do the hard work. As for name calling why is Liberal such a dirty word?, while Conservatism isn’t. They want to go back to days of States rights and segration,and deregualtion, as well as keeping education for those who can afford it. Imagine Obama is liking to Hitler for trying to make sure every American has health care.
    It is funny when Obama chose Biden over Hillary for Veep, the Republicans quickly
    got Sarah Palin thinking that Americans would take a cheap imitaion(not even close). Then we heard how she was going to be the next and first women President.
    Then came the Tea party ( when I studied American history in school I thought the Boston Tea Party was about taxation without reprensentation; not trying to make sure people could afford medical treatment).
    Then we had that Playmate from Mass. who took Kennedy’s seat his name escapes me
    whatever happen to him? Then we had Bachman, Perry(Bush wannabe), Herman Cain a black man running for President under the GOP banner( Reagan must be turning over in his grave). Frankly; I said if the man has a reputation as a womanizer then maybe the allegations are true. Until then is there any proof? It is his own party doing what they do best SMEAR TATICS. Now the new Newt didn’t he get kicked out or resigned as Speaker of the House in disgrace?
    As for Obama he is expected to clean up in 3 years what it took 12 years to make. Oh the Republicans say we can’t use that argument anymore this is his economy now; yet, they sit on their hands refusing to do anything to help get this economy moving all in the name of debt reduction concerns co-word KEEP THE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH. Didn’t Mitch McConnel say in 2009 they plan to do everything to help the Obama presidency fail? I do not count Obama out I beleive he will win, and if he doesn’t
    Lord have mercy on this country!!

  38. How sad he really is, the man couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.
    Just reading an above comment about how proud americans will be when Obama is out.
    well I have a different view of things. I see a man who had tried every way humanly possible to work with a congress who never had any intention of cooperating with the new pres. Letting the credit for the whole country get downgraded and leave million unemployed when Obama had the plan to put millions back to work. I see the congress completely at fault for ALL thats happened over the last few years. Obama has tried but as Mitch Mcconnel said, “they couldn’t give Obama the win.” Never mind the millions out of work.

  39. …American’s w/alot of hype, subterfuge, even outright lies. But some things just don’t – WON’T change. Take the “Newtster” for instance; claiming that he merely “advised” Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae, the “truth” reveals the same old Newtster, at his old tricks – hating government (regulation) & getting paid for it! As a former legislator, serial philanderer & habitual prevaricator, he’s unable to contain himself – even if it means being deceptive for the sake of ratings & STILL knowing “truth” is just a mouse-click away! Not unlike his performance as House Speaker during the cruxafiction of President Clinton, while himself, carrying on w/his soon-2-be 2nd wife, w/his first wife in the hospital, pointing accusing fingers & later, w/drawing, b/c of the potential bad publicity his hypocrisy would (eventually) garner, he continued brazenly onward, regardless. But as an indication of how savagely uncouth & just dumb he can be, on the trip back from Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral, knowing the deep relationship which developed over the course of the peace negotiations & the depth of loss felt as a result, the Newtster badgered the President incessantly about the pressing budget issues, until a grieving but patient President finally order his Secret Service detail to “detain” Gingrich for the remainder of the trip. W/this degree of selectively cruel malice, his nomination would surely be celebrated by Democrats, but indicative of the fact U can fool Conservative voters every time… should he their choice for the Republican nomination…

  40. Ben Bernanke, along with Barach Obama’s support. has destroyed the lives of the
    millions of senior citizens and other citizens in the United States of America who have invested their life savings in Treasury Instruments and other interest-bearing
    instruments as the direct means for survival in the United States of America.
    Bernanke’s Zero-Level Federal Funds Interest Rate Policy is the undisputable cause
    and effect for this destruction. As such it is therefore an unequivocal human crime
    against The People Of The United States warranting Absolute Legal Retaliation against
    Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Board Members therein who are the accomplises in
    this unconscionable crime. Therefore, under the Constitution, a Nationwide Class Action Action Lawsuit can indeed be positioned against Bernanke and those Federal
    Reserve Members therein who are the accomplises in Bernanke’s ongoing criminal offense. Newt Gingrich is the first one to effectively speak out against this blatant
    criminal who is destroying our country and thus, all the other countries on this planet. What Newt was, or what he is now-personally, is irrelevant. If he can speak
    out against Bernanke with all the nastiness and ill-will he has, he has my vote.
    This is the bottomline! Whether he sleeps with all his secretaries or not is just ignorant hypocricy on your part “ladies” and “gentlemen”.

  41. Any ideas from anyone with a brain here? Any legal people who want to be superstars?
    Or are you all a bunch of ignorant. hypocritical cowards talking about irrelevant BS?

  42. An alternative (to Public Financing) U.S. House of Representatives Finance Reform?

    A Constituency Based Finance Scheme

    L.F. Terango


    Can WV. State law (or any state) dictate the terms of campaign finance for their own U.S. House of Representative members? Can WV. force their own U.S. house representatives to only accept constituency monies from their own districts? Moreover, by doing so can we, the representative client, the simple citizen, actually be the lobbying influence foremost in our representatives mind. Perhaps, regaining the reins of power from wealthy out of state congressional interlopers; that most of the time has an agenda, running counter to our own interests. Then hopefully, the common American can reap the benefits of a more Jeffersonian form of representation.

    True U.S. congressional finance reform
    The U.S. Constitution states that the people may lobby their government for change and redress. So does limiting our representatives to only accept campaign funds from their constituency, really limit the “people” from lobbing their government? I believe the constitution says nothing of campaign money when any reference is made regarding to lobbying. Therefore, by default the Bill of Rights Tenth Amendment should allow States to regulate this shade of gray corrupting our “American Dream”; what was once a grand experiment of humanity, now gone horribly wrong.
    This and this alone, could defang the National Oligarchy. The diffuse number of votes would then be more valuable to those that live in the perspective districts. Our 1/435th congressional vote and our 2/100th senatorial vote(s) will truly wield some political power. It would then force all those lobbyists’ clients to come to our districts, to our communities, to open up shop to establish residency in some form or fashion and convince us the voters, that this is what I want my vote cast for. This would include any…any special interest group; banks, Wall Street, social interest groups, corporations, wealthy trusts of all kinds.
    Imagine the strength your small congressional vote would carry when they have to be physically in your district if they want to use money for (yours-or-theirs) influence upon your congressional representative or senator. The charity events, the community gifts such as parks, schools, other civic improvements, and maybe, just maybe corporations would actually be manipulated into opening business satellites in nowhere districts to be qualified to lobby our representative. Deny the powerful & wealthy lobbyists’ clients one stop shopping in Washington D.C. for working on a majority vote. Obviously, these clients would not invest in all 435 districts; however, they would have to lobby 220 or so districts to win legislation. The overlap in districts between these lobbying clients could go a long way to spread the wealth and influence around the country. Because they would be forbidden to contribute to campaigns in the central government setting, politics would have a chance to become local once again.
    Corruption will always be present in any money driven enterprise. However, when all contributions have to be personally presented within a representatives district, transparent-see will have a better chance to survive, because people would actually have a chance through proximity to “rub shoulders” with (and possibly confront) both the representative and campaign contributor. This would be especially so for the local oligarchic wealth, people would have a chance of knowing how these people are connected to affluence because they perhaps now know who they are.
    This system would still allow lobbyists, corporations and individuals to petition your representative or anyone else’s representative at the Capital in Washington D.C., thus allowing the people access to petition their national government as before. No one can deny these special interests access to anyone else’s representative or ours. It is just that lobbyists would have to sell their ideas and legislation, at the National level, and not be able to purchase, as they did before. Lobbyists could still wine/dine, luncheon, or have breakfast with representatives, it is just that they would have to contribute campaign monies physically in the representatives district and only if they qualified as a resident or business interest of said district.
    House Representatives would and should still “horse trade” votes with one another to form collations that would move legislation forward and I believe it would improve these congressional collations by house members, because it would probably lead to regional relationships vs. partisan relationships.
    This is the crux of my proposal…controlling the money locally used to influence and write law at the national level. But is this legal? I don’t know if it is for myself…cause I aint no constitutional scholar. The reason that I believe we can do this, is that all States exclusively conduct all elections; local or national. So, if we can do that, why can’t we control the occupational position we filled. Since we already have absolute control of the hiring at local levels, why can’t we have control of the representatives ethics and be able to fire them at any time the district uproar would dictate?
    If we could take that much control of our U.S. House Representative? Why not set the occupational policies that reflect what the majority of us are expected to comply with and have to endure? Let’s start with a 40 hr work week while in session. As our employee, it would not matter that congress is closed on Monday and Friday, our representative would be on the clock at his office working directly with his staff. If our representative worked IN THE CAPITOL BUILDING over 40 hours (verifiable by time a clock) then maybe we could let him have some comp time for long weekends at home. When Congress is not in session, then the representative would have to work 30 hours a week in his district office, being available to his constituents for lobbying and working with staff to craft legislation. We could also directly control our representatives’ ethics, with real penalties imposed through either public referendum or State laws that would be prosecutable in our state court system, not those corrupt, toothless, cronies, “Do Nothing” congressional and senatorial ethics committees.
    Furthermore, we could dictate how much the state and national political parties can contribute to our U.S. House of Representatives. Perhaps limiting political parties to only matching $0.50 to $1.00 of the locally contributed monies. We could also enact our own laws disclosing every penny given or used in all our elections. This would greatly reduce the obligation of our representatives to participate in fundraisers for the National Parties and Political Action Committees
    I think that a majority of Appalachians (or any regional citizen group) do not care if their representative look like a million dollars, this is not what we see when we look in the mirror. Other representatives might look like a million dollars, and that is ok if their district is full of millionaires, but not ours (we do have Jay Rockefeller, but he has been slumming it here for thirty years or more). One representative may look wealthy and the other look like a Hill Billy, but their vote has the same value; 1/435th or 1/100th of deciding an issue. So why do we allow BIG money to cheapen the value of our representative vote.
    Additionally, multi-national corporations, as with all corporations are legally individuals, endowed with all the rights of any citizen, and so they are entitled to representation and being able to lobby the government as we can. With district-controlled finances, the corporations would not be able to buy 10, 20, 40…218 congressional votes at one time. They too would be required to buy influence in the home districts of their legal residency and wielding the same 1/435th or 1/100th representative vote, the same as you or I. Bringing back the politically incorrect phrase “one man, one vote” could be said with a fair and equitable taste to be savored. Focusing that “free speech equals money” or “money equals free speech” argument into a whole another arena: the home district. Perhaps then, “We the People” would have a more level playing field and a greater voice in policies.

  43. What planet are you from? You can’t possibly back up your Fox News-rendered statements with facts – not a single one of you!

    It’s a shame, when I talk with my friends who sputter like you two, that they must constantly buying into some RW rant, but can never come up with a tangible example.

    Go for it. We’re waiting.

  44. Gingrich patronizes the others on stage during the Republican debates. I see him as being fearful that they may start picking on him if he says anything derogatory about them. He reminds me of the little fat nerd who used to stand behind everyone on the school playground fearing someone would see him.
    Hats off to the lady from the panel who challenged him in the debates. Her question took him off balance and it took him a few minutes to come back with any response; then it had nothing to do with the question.
    Those who know him now and those who knew him before all agree – he created his own problems, was dismissed from his Congressional seat, has lost in two marriages (his current wife better hope she doesn’t get sick) and he has already been caught lying. And his comment about Egypt receiving $3 billion a year in foreign aid is wrong; it is only about half that amount.
    Hats off also to Mitt Romney who challenged Newt about his affiliation with Fanny May and in helping another organization develop portions of a draft national health care plan! Newt denied both until Mitt pushed him enough and Gingrich finally admitted to both!
    This man can not apologize for the past and say he has changed when he stands on the stage today and is caught lying!
    He still needs to find someone to stand behind!

  45. …B4 we can start a conversation about dismantling the FED. It’s this kind of mindless ranting that keeps up the necessary confusion for a divided electorate. FOX is all B.S. If anybody out there is watching them & bringing that feeble crap HERE, U need more education than U have life left to learn. The very 1st comment above proves the point. “Dewd” obviously can’t count, or he’d know the 1.3 trillion the “super committee” is trying to find was hidden in the tax cuts, which cost Middle Class tax payers 1.6 trillion over the last 10 years. By doing the math, “Dewd” would then understand the economy slid out from under the nation between 2002 & 2008. Then he can know who the culprits are – the very same Conservatives he’s allowed to cut his lifeline to prosperity & wealth these last 11 years (that Obama is having a hard time extracting the nation from – that is, Conservative policies still en force…). Get Smart, read (“Back To Work” by Clinton) & understand this country is Liberal at it’s core & Progressive in it’s soul…

  46. Watch this adulterer very close, you may see the same face every where he goes, you know he normally has one on the side while married.

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