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Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Occupy Wall Street Should Scare Republicans

Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) — In Florida this week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was asked about the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. “I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare,” he said.

Romney’s right. It may be dangerous — to his chances of being elected.

Occupy Wall Street, now almost three weeks old, isn’t like the anti-globalization demonstrations that disrupted summits in the 1990s or even the street actions at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, though some of the same characters are probably in attendance. With unemployed young protesters planning to camp out all winter in Zuccotti Park (with bathrooms available only at a nearby McDonald’s), it’s more like a cross between a Hooverville and Woodstock — the middle-class jobless of the 1930s and the hippie protesters of the 1960s.

With the help of unions and social networking, the movement has at least some chance of re-energizing Democrats in 2012 and pushing back against the phenomenal progress Republicans have made in suppressing voter turnout in several states.

Why? Because the tectonic plates of U.S. politics are shifting in ways we don’t yet fully understand. We don’t know whether Occupy Wall Street is a carnival party — a piece of left-wing street theater that gets old fast — or a nascent political party that revives a long-dormant tradition of class-based politics.

It’s possible that these demonstrations, which have now spread to about 150 cities and campuses, will be hijacked by extremists or dissipated by obnoxiousness; the American left has practice in committing suicide. The whole thing could fade as young people find a better way of hanging out offline.

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  • RMRiansares

    The protesters have now an unique opportunity to demand the civil prosecution, including jail sentences of all the CFO, Presidents, and Senior Vice-presidents from domestic and foreign banks, Investment bankers, Insurance companies, and Credit Agencies, responcibles for the Financial Crisis of 2008 and 2009. If they accomplish this, the rest of the population will fully support them, as a national movement.

  • Laura Stdenis

    This was a great article. All I have heard on the media is that this is just a bunch of people with nothing better to do. I’m proud of these people for speaking up for the people of this country. These rallies contain every walk of life, and it’s all about joining together peacefully to make this country better. It seems that the majority of the people there are against greed and selfishness. We all believe that our government needs to help because this country is falling apart. Thanks for supporting the cause.
    One final comment. This article was marked as a spam on my email, but lately I have been looking at spam because I heard that yahoo had been doing this. Wel they are. So if you have any power do report this to the main street media.
    sincerely Laura Stdenis RN California

  • Bruce_S78

    This movement is starting up and does remind people of the Vietnam anti-war protests. It should be remembered that we eventually left Vietnam partially as a result of those protests. The Vietnam and other protests in the late 60s and early 70s changed our country. Johnson was a 1 term President because of these types of protests. I hope these protests cause people to wake up and realize that the concentration of wealth in the country is as bad as before the Great Depression and getting worse. A lot of our economic problems are the result of the inability of that 1 percent to use, spend, and invest their money in the USA. They simply have no need for it and it sits there or they spend it overseas.
    No one is investing in this country. One of the things that increasing taxes on the wealthy would do is allow for the replacement of infrastructure. What does that do? It creates jobs. Lets get on with doing that across the country. We need to rebuild thousands of miles of interstate and secondary highways and bridges in this country. Construction workers spend most of their pay checks so that will create all sorts of secondary jobs.

  • peteserb

    These protests have nothing to do with patriotism. They are hooligans spurred on by the unions and bankrolled by rich “Progressives” who despise this nation.

  • GaryBeene

    Jonathan Alter’s article is the first I’ve seen that made even a passing reference to the similarities between the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the Bonus Army that occupied Anacostia Park in Washington, DC almost 80 years ago (…it’s more like a cross between a Hooverville and Woodstock — the middle-class jobless of the 1930s and the hippie protesters of the 1960s….). Hooverville was the tongue-in-cheek name the Bonus Army gave to their camp in Washington, DC in 1932.

    Research has incline me to believe that the similarities are, in fact, extraordinary. A detailed account of the Bonus Army and their occupation of Washington three years after the markets crashed in 1929 can be read in THE SEEDS WE SOW, KINDNESS THAT FED A HUNGRY WORLD. The entire 12th chapter of this book is dedicated to the telling of the Bonus Army story.
    (, Barnes&,, etc.)

  • Anne M. Shaw

    Look around you….The Bilderbergers etc. have you brainwashed or are you one of the rich CEOs making obscene amounts of money off of the average Joe working for wages?

  • mrv

    No one is bankrolling this movement not unlike your teabaggers that were bankrolled by the koch brothers and dick armey’s freedom works a real atsroturf movement with air-condition buses and catered food get your fact straight if you have any and by the way if you don’t like the nationalmemo don’t read it fool.

  • robertlee1941

    What is the thinking behind the NO party’s stalling the raising of the national debt ceiling and inacting the American Jobs Act? I am an independent voter and I question the validity of each and every candidate and policy that is put to the voters. The Bush administration took the surpluses from the Clinton administration and spent all of the surpluses plus ran up debt into the trillions of dollars and then they decided to give the rich bankers, wall streeters and the average ole billionaire several billions of taxpayer dollars. They GAVE!!! billions of dollars to these poor wretched billionaires with no strings attached– no method for paying the money back–no recourse for the taxpayer at all!! As a result of all this free money being just handed to them, these ingrates decided to give the executives of all these institutions billions in inflated bonuses for doing such a good job of almost bankrupting this country. I really believe that all these executives should have been fired.
    Now the same politicians want us to vote for them and their party in a presidential election so that they can finish the unprecedented largess to the rich 1% of this country????
    Do they think that the majority of the American people are fools?? The big banks that were saved from bankruptcy by taking the taxpayer bailout in turn decided to foreclose on the American Dream of owning a house and having a job. Now they want to kill the Obama health care plan and gut medicare and social security so they can give billions more to the 1%. Similar treachery in the past led to the American revolution, the French revolution and the Russian revolution. The phrase “LET THEM EAT CAKE” seems to sum up their attitude–haughty, indifferent and sadly UNAMERICAN. The Republican party had best change their direction immediately or there will be severe consequences. WE THE PEOPLE will not endure this kind of out right and flagrant attacks on our great nation for long–there is going to be an accounting and the judges will be the very people that the Ruplicans despise–us!! Their 1% buddies will have allready bailed out and left them holding the collective bag. I’m not a happy camper.

  • dmcrane

    I am not starving, nor living on the street, but my humanity allows me to see those who are struggling to survive instead of ignoring them like the Republican Faux Christians manage to do. I’m not a kid, and I used to be a Republican long ago when they had a heart, but they have lost any shred of decency as far as I can see. They have become oil whores, war-profiteers, and money-changers in the Temple of the United States of America. They are a cautionary tale of greed and pride and selfishness wrapping itself in the thinnest veneer of fake Christianity and fake Patriotism while pillaging the country I love. They behave like pigs at the trough who can’t stuff themselves fast enough with our resources and gold. They have practiced anarchy on our populace and are trying to take everything this country has cherished about our hopeful, optimistic, and rising middle class. They are closing down our libraries, schools, and national parks by refusing to pay their fair share of tax. They are allowing the infrastructure of the country to disintegrate and privatizing everything they can get their greedy hands on, like prisons and schools. Their schools are planned to dumb us down and the prisons to control us, and we have become soylent green cannon fodder for their never ending wars, which are nothing more than money-making opportunities for their corporations. If they could make money selling our bones ground to dust, I have no doubt they would be setting up grinding machines and privatizing funeral parlors, as soon as they have ceased all environmental protections and poisoned our food and water enough to kill us in droves. They make me sick and I will not be shut out or shut up about it. I am old, but I will Occupy my country.

  • ezbuddy

    dmcrane: You said it like I’ve meant it and bless you for saying it better than I could. You are SO right about our country being hijacked by the greedy, but it has been going on beginning with Tricky Dick Nixon & the war profiteers then.

    Each republican in office since then has gotten more & more out of control, yet so many don’t see it right under their nose!

  • robertlee1941

    I just saw President Obama’s remarks about the NO-Republicans having to leave town if they don’t help to pass the American Jobs Act and I completely agree. I just saw remarks on the news by the female Republican candidate Bauchman where she stated “THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IS DUE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’S POLOICIES” Ms. Bauchman(and I’m not sure of the spelling of her name!!)who do you think you are giving press conferences for?? FOOLS!! Your partiy’s president George Bush and his administration got us into this mess by 8 years of mismangement and GREED. wHATEVER THE RICH WANTED ole George made it happen for them. If this country falls into having less than third world country’s economy, who is going to be blamed? It is not going to be a president that is trying to make changes and uplift the country out of the morass created by the greedy rich Republicans. The Republican party reminds of the kid on the playground that had the only ball and would not let anybody touch if he couldn;t be the leader of the game. He would instead take his ball and go home!!
    We the American people hear your loud voice saying to us that YOU COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY AND IF THE COUNTRY FALLS APART THEN SO BE IT!!! But Your’e going to have your way or you’ll go home! I have news for you I don’t think you will have a home to go to if you and your party destroys this great nation. I guarantee you that you will not have any positive votes from all of my family (there are 8 of us) nor from any of my friends.
    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES before it is too late!! Help pass the American Jobs Act!!