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Sunday, October 23, 2016


via Gage Skidmore

Until Mitt Romney, no major party has nominated a Mormon as their presidential candidate. And Americans are still a bit uneasy about his religion: Today a new Gallup poll shows that nearly 1 in 5 (18 percent) of Americans say they will not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate. Are Mormons disproportionately disliked? Is this kind of bias expected? Here’s how Americans feel about electing presidents from other minority groups (and women).

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  • clarenceswinney

    Why not? We got a Brain Dead Affable Dunce and an Uneducated Post Spoiled Alcoholic Dunce.. harsh but so true

  • progressiveandproud

    I fear a hardline, evangelical “Christian” the most.

    • CPANY

      With good reason. The history of religious extremists is rife with prejudicial behavior against those who don’t subscribe to their narrow way of looking at things.

  • howa4x

    Well there you have it White, Christian men will be our president for some time to come. Seeing that they have done such a grat job at it, but wait, what about black men?

  • gargray

    Yea most republicans would vote for a billy goat before they would vote for Obama, talk about idiots?


    We just elected a black. Why is it so hard to imagine that we’ll elect another “minority” or a woman?

    This is a silly question.

  • Just when a Hilary Clinton appears on the scene, we realize that a woman CAN make a good president. But then a Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman shows up and we’re forced to think otherwise.

  • The United States already elected a gay President. The 15th President, James Buchanan was said to be gay.

  • Attitudes are changing, and we could someday vote in any of them, IF the Republicans don’t bring America down first!

  • Landsende

    None of these groups are as scary as the so called evangelical christians who try to push their warped beliefs on everyone else.

    • DurdyDawg

      Their just frustrated.. Nobody in (yet) to bring their religious doomsday prophesies into reality. When the dead are risen from the grave, I’m gonna hunt down old Abe (lincoln) just to see what a six foot six zombie looks like.. Imagine coming across your grandma.. Think she’d recognize you? (whadda crock).

  • excavatoreddie

    If they elected Obama, they will elect anyone that the news media promotes.

  • How unfortunate Americans fear atheists. Or maybe it is more correct to say they fear atheism, and thus project that fear onto atheists who really don’t pose any real threat to them or their loved ones. The fact that they are more afraid of a group who has not done any wrong to the US populace compared to a religion that has sects so violent as to commit acts of terrorism against an entire nation is truly mind boggling.

  • Mormon and Athiest: oxymoron; Moron and Mormon are not.
    Marty G

  • Mormon and Atheist: oxymoran; Mormon and Moron are not.


  • DurdyDawg

    How many times must this be told? We don’t choose the candidate by his/her orientation.. We choose the candidate whom we later discover to be these things. Politics isn’t A.A., they don’t get up and say, “Hello, I’m gay and I want to be President”.. Honesty doesn’t flow through frozen veins.

  • onedonewong

    The fact that we have a Mooslim as president show that americans are very open minded

  • It isn’t the religious tradition I fear. It is Mitt Romney I fear.