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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If the contours of the Republican presidential race remain fuzzy, the picture of the coming battle to control Congress is decidedly more clear: Democrats face a brutal uphill battle in retaining control of the Senate next fall, one that was only made more complicated this week when conservative Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson decided to retire rather than seek re-election.

The fundamentals are all wrong for the Democrats hoping to maintain their already-narrow 53-47 majority in the world’s most deliberative body. With 33 seats up for election, they have 23 of their own spots to defend to the Republicans’ 10. What’s more, Dems are suffering a litany of retirements in GOP-leaning states, and there are few ripe opportunities for them to snag seats currently held by the other party.

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  • jimackermann

    And why do you think the Democrats are at risk of loosing seats. Perhaps it’s because we sick the spending that is driving this country into bankruptcy. The Republicans aren’t much smarter, they just spend a little less.

  • SuzanneMiller

    I don’t buy this argument. Why would people vote for the party that has obstructed job bills and every other thing Obama has tried to do to help the nation, including appointments to critical jobs. The GOP is going to lose BIG in 2012.

  • Common Sense Patriot

    I don’t care what state you vote in or who the candidates are – the candidates won’t be worth a darn. Once more, voters will face that perennial “”lesser of two evils” choice. The reason there is such a dearth of good candidates in the Republican races this year is the same reason there has been such a poor crop of candidates in every election for the last 20 years – extremists have taken over the Democratic and Republican Parties – left wing ideologues and fanatics in the Democratic Party and right wing neo-Nazi, knee jerk ideologues and fanatics in the Republican Party.
    The reality of political elections is that you can’t get nominated if you don’t appeal to the extremists who control both party’s machinery. The Republican base doesn’t like Romney or any other moderate national, state or local candidate. The Republican base has been taken over by right wing extremists, composed of a loose network of tea party reactionaries, religious fundamentalists, one issue voters (abortion, immigration, etc.)and people so far to the right they make Nazi’s look like liberals.
    This is not just my opinion. Search the internet and you will find a clear plan by those right wing activists, especially when the Tea Party was organizing for the 2010 elections, that advises like minded nuts to become precinct chairs and delegates to the county, state, and national conventions. They quite correctly state that this is the way to power. And they succeeded, at least enough so that they have significant control of the party machinery which raises money, gets out the vote, distributes literature, and holds neighborhood meetings. Most importantly, they are the ones who select the candidates that will run in the primary.
    It works this way in both parties. I know. I was a political activist in the 70s who helped turn Texas into a solidly Republican state, wrenching control from the Democrats. I was a paid consultant and one thing I learned is that the average voter has no idea how politics really works. They complain about the candidates in the primaries and even more so when the general election comes about. They end up voting for the “lesser evil”. They feel they have done their duty by voting, but it is not enough. It’s like starting a race when the other runners have already completed the first lap.
    The same thing has happened in the Democratic Party, only it is controlled by left wing extremist radicals with virtually socialist agendas who despise capitalism and believe in big brother government handing out a never ending cornucopia of money to every hand that’s out to be filled with no thought about where the money comes from or that it will eventually, and nearly has, bankrupted the government (look at what’s happened to the socialist democratic governments of Europe and their financial crisis that is now forcing extreme austerity measures and causing riots).
    The right wing Republicans are just as bad, believing in no government regulation, unfettered capitalistic greed, extremist religious positions (a theocracy), destroying the environment in the name of profits and easy money, and most of all, the preservation and dominance of a politically corrupt uber rich upper class that controls the country. They are crafty idiots. All of them. On both sides.
    Things will not change with all the talk, opinions, protests, editorials, blogs, etc. They will only change when moderates get involved at the precinct level of politics and take back control of their respective parties.
    McCain was a moderate, frequently “crossing the aisle” to partner with Democrats on some legislation, including liberals like Ted Kennedy. That made him hated by the Republican base. He only won the Republican nomination because he started taking more right wing stances and slavishly courted the right wing Republican base. But even after the nomination, his support was lukewarm and he knew he couldn’t get out the party machinery in the general election, so he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, which at least gained him the support of the Republican base. But in the general election, independents and moderates blanched at the idea of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the Presidency, so he lost the election.
    Romney is now in the same position, flip flopping previously moderate and even some liberal views to gain support from the right wing party base. No candidate can win the Republican nomination without it. But once he gets in the general election, he will face the same problems as McCain. The same is true of candidates for the Senate or House, and for state candidates for Governor of state senate or house, even local races that are partisan for mayor, county commissioners and city councils.
    Obama and many Democrats may be unpopular, even with many in their own party, but they will vote for them because they don’t like what the Tea Party conservatives have done in Congress.
    This election is certainly about more than the Presidency. No President can get anything done without strong support in Congress. Nor can any governor without strong support in his/her state legislature. Since radical extremists control both party’s machinery, they will seek to nominate candidates in line with their respective extremist philosophies. Moderates and independents will again have only a choice of the “lesser of two evils.” No matter who wins what race, they are almost sure to be an extremist right or left winger. Today, there is not a single moderate member of Congress, so we deadlock and get nothing done.
    Wake up, America! Wake up moderates! Wake up independents! For that matter wake up if you are not an extremist liberal or conservative. Take back the party machinery. Get off your duffs and save the country from the control of the extremist fanatics!

  • John Riingen

    I agree with the comments of “Common Sense Patriot.” We need to rally all moderates and independents in order to win honest and dependable elected officials in Congress.I for one had been working with progressive groups like Credo and other moderate/independent local groups in our county for the last few years. It’s time to get rid of our dirty and greedy politicians who only remember us during election campaign time, and after that, they turn their backs on us and continue to work for the very rich, they who have contributed much money to fund their campaigns.

  • GoodGuyNY

    Really? It is the Democratically controlled Senate that has defeated or shot down every single bill that the Republican based House has attempted to get passed. Do not blame inaction on the Republican party. Harry Reid has said time and time again , “the bill is dead. We will not pass it”. And this is even before the Senate even sees any of them.
    The Republican Party will prevail in 2012. Everyone has seen that the Obama way is the only way that this administration apparently wants things to go. And that is NOT the American way.