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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Held aloft by the highest approval ratings of any governor in America, Andrew Cuomo scarcely seemed to worry about angering his state’s progressives, who were disappointed by his refusal to extend a state surtax on New York’s millionaires. But in what may come to be regarded as a watershed moment in his tenure, Cuomo now plans a sweeping tax reform that is expected to demand more, not less, from the state’s wealthiest while reducing the burden on the middle class — in the name of “fundamental fairness.”

Over the weekend, rumors of a shift in Cuomo’s anti-tax position began to circulate, confirmed on Monday morning when his office dispatched a short essay by the governor to newspaper editors around the state arguing that New York’s current tax code is “unfair” to the middle class and inhibits economic growth.

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12 responses to “Will Popular Cuomo's Reform Tax The 'One Percent'?”

  1. olafaux says:

    This is our take:
    The Governor of New York is a smart fellow. He is doing the right thing. Especially now, when the CRY is out, loud & clear from us, the poor, the Occupiers, the Middle Class, DEMANDING structural reforms to everything, EVERYTHGING that the t party & the GOP have distorted. Not only that, On January, 2017, the Governor of New York will be SWORN in as President of the United States of America. Hello?
    God bless America!

  2. bbarrett49 says:

    do what ill. did. big companies are moving out now. california same same. ny and california are usually the tax states and with this ny will again lead the exodus. states like florida and texas love that ny and other big tax states continue to raise taxes. it just makes those with low taxes and balanced budgets smile. talk about cutting your own throat. cuomo came to power and was so smart. exactly when did he get dumb?

  3. Loreto says:

    The comments with ref. to companies moving out of NY & CA and moving to Texas due to no taxes in Texas, may be true to some degree. And our Gov. brags about our balanced budget. True but our constituion mandates a balanced budget, the Gov. has no say so. But dr. lic. are up, tuition is up, fishing lic are up, publica school are falling apart, bridges are falling apart, we have the largest number of uninsured children in the nation, and among the lowest paid techers in the country; etc., etc., etc. We really don’t have much to brag about, surely not about our speechless governor.

  4. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Cuomo has risen to his highest level of incompetence. Throw him out of any public office, he is really just another career politician, sucking the blood out of every business he can, get rid of welfare in New York state, the whole state, let the parasites all move out, raze all the HUD and rent-controlled dwellings, have only warm-blooded americans in the state…..get rid of all government unions, have unions of only viable industries who can compete in the world market (I would surmise there are no unionized american industries that compete in a global market) and have all the new yorkers start savings acount for their grandchildren, whose money they have lived it up on, with a false and pretentious lifestyle. Guess what….the bill will be paid, like it or not. Throw Cuomo the hell out.

  5. Al says:

    This governor has obviously made a concession in is initial political views based on the needs of his constituents and economic plight of his state. This is exactly what the GOP needs to do if they are truly and honestly more concerned about failings and inequities of the present national tax system than they are about their pact to allow no new taxes. It is time for political agendas to be altered in favor of our countries needs regardless of the political party involvement.

  6. Totenkatz says:

    There is nothing fair about taxes. Let’s please remember the money you earn is your money not the governments at any level. But this is America and people have a right to move so CA and NY will soon be hope to a lot of poor liberals demanding more government assistance and no one left to tax to pay for all the “free” stuff.

  7. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    QUIT SPENDING other people’s money for what the loudest voices want. Let them spend their energy working, not crying, and encouraging government to steal all they can under the misguided contention of “social obligations”. “Social” means taking from the winner to give to the loser…..all this encourages is more losers, god knows america has enough of them now.

  8. paul moyer says:

    Sounds like Andrew Cuomo is on target following him from past years sounds like a solid guy who could end up as President in future. We certainly need someone
    Don’t have much to choose from today in fact on Repulican side it’s embarrassing

  9. mbet says:

    If you really listen and really see, you will see that not everyone who seeks fairness is a “loser” or a “deadbeat”. Most of these people would be grateful for a job. Most of these people were laid off from jobs, well paying jobs, jobs they had for years. Most of these people have been looking for jobs for well over 6 months. In all of my years (which are getting to be quite a few) I have never seen such a divide among the people of this country. Those who have want to hold onto it tightly and those who have not simply want the opportunity to get back their lives. People had houses and many have lost them. Yes, they should have been more careful in purchasing under such terms; and yes, the banks gave those loans “knowing” full well that the consequences would be. And, yes, many of those same people made $M’s of dollars in bonuses while the houses were forclosed upon. As the housing industry collapsed, the country followed. So, think again. These people are not crying and they are not “stealing”; they are asking for fairness, they simply want what you want only in a lesser degree. They want opportunity in what was the “land of opportunity”. They want to know that their children will have opportunity. So if you call yourself a “winner” and others “losers”…….well, I’ll just leave it there.

  10. dpaano says:

    You certainly don’t live up to your name because you aren’t really wise. I think what Governor Cuomo is doing is a step in the right direction….I wish they would do this in California!! You’re obviously living in a world of insanity and your comments show it. Governor Cuomo has the right idea and our Federal government ought to do the same thing!! As a note, NOT all poor people are parasites….many of them lost good jobs and have been unable to find suitable employment. Unfortunately, you must be one of the 1% or you wouldn’t be making the comments you’ve made!!

  11. gone says:

    In NY you are in the highest tax bracket whenyou earn poverty level wages . The brackets must have been set up in 1900 and never changed. Theyu need to be updated.

  12. tailback34 says:

    olderbutnotwiser doesn’t get it. Protesters and the average tax payer aren’t the “loudest voices”, corporate money has become the loudest voice in politics. Corporations are successful because of the 99% who perform the actual work, not because of the 2 or 3 top executives (who use money to influence legislation that often attacks every-day workers and their rights). Either you are very rich, or you are being manipulated by a political party (Republican) that is really taking advantage of you. You continue to blab the “socialist” talking points, so you being manipulated is very easy to see.

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