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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Super PACs and the changed campaign finance terrain are all the rage this election season, and a national poll released Tuesday found a quarter of Americans — including large numbers of racial minorities and young voters, the essential components of Barack Obama’s electoral coalition — are less likely to vote as a result.

The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of NYU Law School’s Brennan Center For Justice, asked 1,000 voters nationwide about Super PACs, corruption, and voting. Fully a quarter of Americans — 26 percent — say they are less likely to vote because Super PACs and their donors are drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens, making their votes less important:

The poll reveals that nearly 70 percent of Americans believe Super PAC spending will lead to corruption and that three in four Americans believe limiting how much corporations, unions, and individuals can donate to Super PACs would curb corruption.  Of those who expressed an opinion, more than 80 percent believe that, compared with past elections, the money being spent by political groups this year is more likely to lead to corruption.  And, most alarmingly, the poll revealed that concerns about the influence Super PACs have over elected officials undermine Americans’ faith in democracy:  one in four respondents — and even larger numbers of low-income people, African Americans, and Latinos — reported that they are less likely to vote because big donors to Super PACs have so much more sway than average Americans.

But there is reason for skepticism.

“People love to say that there’s corruption and that politicians are bought and sold but it doesn’t seem to affect much their rates of turnout, especially because you very rarely believe the person you like is corrupt,” said Michael Franz, an expert on interest groups and money in politics at Bowdoin College. “Turnout rates haven’t changed much in recent years, and if anything they’ve gone up as the influence of soft money to parties, and big donors and issue advocacy campaigns [outside groups] have taken hold.”

Indeed, though Democrats could panic at the idea that a post-Citizens United world will depress their voters more than Republicans, personality tends to trump process issues in campaigns, and Barack Obama will likely recapture some of the magic of his 2008 bid as the contrast with Mitt Romney sharpens in the fall.

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83 responses to “Will Super PACs Depress Turnout In November?”

  1. Catskinner says:

    Obama’s personality captured the votes of the young and the foolish in 2008, but the public has come to know him now.

    • perplejado says:

      If the public doesn’t know President Obama, then it is because they are deaf or subscribing to propagandizing news reports. Osama is dead, GM and Chrysler are making money and cars again, the economy is slowing improving and even though my health insurance premium is going to increase slightly, my coverage is going to be expanded to cover all preventative care measures, a far cry from the health insurance scam that I paid for before. Mr. Obama has my vote and my admiration.

      • Catskinner says:

        The facts and the costs of Obamacare are just now coming to the surface. If it gets by the Supreme Court, it will bankrupt the country. GM and Chrysler are still paying $28.00 per hour for the same jobs Volkswagon and BMW are paying $10.00 down south–their days are numbered. The economy way showing signs of improvement earlier in the spring, but it’s going the other way now.

        A vote for Obama is a vote for nationwide poverty.

        • You need to do more research and also get your facts straight. Do you think it is good for people with families to make $10 per hour? There are ways to cut costs in business but cutting labor is stupid and costly. People can’t buy cars without jobs. We are a consumer nation and we have to make enough money to be able to buy. You have bought into the scare tactics and outright lies of the right wing. Don’t confuse propaganda with facts.

  2. @Catskinner The reason we are in this mess is 2 unpaid for wars, unpaid for tax reductions, and George W’s incessant need to increase defense spending to incredible amounts of $$. It would be to your benefit to remember the facts, not the spin created by an obstructionist Republican controlled House of Representatives and your Citizen United Super PACS.

    • Kenneth Bailey says:

      Sharon you are right on target. Add these Super Pacs to the mix and you have a deadly cocktail mix that will destroy democracy in this country as it was designed for, the people and not corporations that are not moral nor ethical entities. Corporations have no loyalty nor do they possess the ability to make rational decisions as do individuals have. Greed and control of this country has been taken from the People and handed over to corporations and the 1% Club. What next? It seems the Military Industrial Complex will continue to control our budget and most likely decisions to go to war to keep their coffers full until our country is bankrupt. This falls back to the standard economic theory of “Guns or Butter.” I prefer butter over guns as most sentient thinking things would.

    • TheOldNorthChurch says:

      Sharon – you are partly correct.

      However, the Federal workforce has grow 7.7% since Obama was sworn in and overall spending has increased a Trillion dollars even while the war in Iraq has ended. So it appears that the Obama-Bush philosophy is quit similar – grow government at all cost and retain power. This is the real reason his coalition is shrinking.

      • From Politifact: “We thought we’d take a look at one of the cornerstones of Pawlenty’s column — his contention that the private sector lost nearly 8 million jobs while government added 590,000.

        Most of it — 559,000 new jobs from January 2009 through May – came entirely from the temporary buildup of Census workers. And many of those jobs have already disappeared. … Exclude all the Census workers hired from January 2009 through May 2010 and total federal hiring comes to only 34,000, not the 590,000 figure that LaTourette cited.”

        So I doubt your 7.7% as being accurate at all.

    • skypper says:

      @ Sharon – Remember Obama had both Houses the first 2 years — rammed Obamacare -GM Bail-out & Trillions to our National Debt — hummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!
      These are the facts & you can’t sweep them under the rug… just saying…

    • Catskinner says:

      I won’t defend Bush’s spending on wars and ect., but neither party is doint anything to help ordinary citizens. The US has to compete in the real world, paying public employees a lot more than private employees can make will only make things worse.

      • According to PolitiFact:

        So the fairer way to compare pay is by an apples-to-apples comparison of equivalent jobs. A widely referenced study by USA Today attempted to do this.

        The newspaper found that “overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 in 2008 for occupations that exist both in government and the private sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The average pay for the same mix of jobs in the private sector was $60,046 in 2008, the most recent data available.” Doing this calculation reduces the federal pay lead over the private sector even further, to $7,645.

        Hardly a “lot more”

        • Catskinner says:

          Yes, it’s a lot more when you figure in the benefits of public employees. And then when you consider paid-time-off, sick leave, vacation pay, family leave, all the holidays and the immunity from being fired, it’s a whole lot more.

          • William Deutschlander says:

            Please consider my comment above, public employees pay is critically skewed by the demise of the private sector employment, by the ultra conservative non-conservatives!

          • Catskinner says:

            Public employee pay will be skewed by the demise of private sector pay but it has little to do with American politics. It has to do with economics. It labor is cheaper someplace on the planet, and enterprise will find it. If ultra-conservative Americans don’t take advantage of it, somebody in Japan or Hong Kong will. Private sector pay comes down either way. Once private sector pay comes down, those workers will wonder why they’re paying taxes to the public sector that pays more money for the same work.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Funny. I know people who left public employment, and took comparable jobs in the private sector at in some cases, double the pay.

          • Catskinner says:

            That’s happened to a number of people who, a few months later found out their company was downsizing, moving off-shore, or filing for bankruptcy. That’s something that is just starting to happen now to public employees.

        • Robert says:

          Finally someone includes some facts! Some studies that have been done, otherwise it is only speculation and someones opinion. Now those are nice but hardly change the thinking of anyone without the facts! Bravo! RVN

      • William Deutschlander says:

        How did it come about that we are now paying public employees more than comparable private employees?
        The ultra conservatives, by virtue of GREED ON STEROIDS are piece by piece destroying private employment. Mitt Romney is a poster child for this destruction, open thine eyes!

        • Catskinner says:

          Actually, it’s because workers in the private sectors have to compete with workers all over the world. A union would do nothing for them, unless you want to go back to Big Bill Haywood and the IWW.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Depends on the job, Cat. In some cases the Unions can help. In certain areas, they are better off with out the Unions. I know one thing, our Republican Colleagues would love to banish the Unions all togrther. Tell me. Do you think that at that point Management would give them good salaries and benefits? That is why Unions were organized in the first place. Now, even those professions not Unionized have to compete with the Unionized ones. In my opinioin, neither the Democrats or the Republicans have done anything to prevent the wholesale take over of complete trades, etc. Each for their own reason. Dems because they see future voters. Republicans, because they are backing the big companies who hire these people.

          • Catskinner says:

            Yes, I agree, neither Democrats or Republicans have done anything to help the American people in this area. There must be other solutions. Much of the problem has to do, in my opinion, with the formation of international capital. Unions seem to be helpless to deal with this, and their presence in a local sense seems to pit one group against another.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            There has been a lot of Union Busting money spent by large corporations. Remember the Union is the people in it. And, if they do not police their paid employees, and support them when necessary, then there is no power. We then have Unions fighting each other for membership. Also, the Republicans have gutted laws that help the working man. I am sure they have started the “Public Employee” propaganda, to help their cause. The answer is not to pit one employee against another, but to look to the root cause. They like nothing better than to have one employee blaming the other. That way the real cause of the problem is hidden in the background.

          • Catskinner says:

            At this point, I’m not sure “union busting” is even necessary, at least in the private sector. For instance, when Bill Gates was unable to hire all the cheap immigrants he wanted from places like India and Singapore, he simple moved some of his facilities to Vancouver, BC. The Canadians were glad to have him.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            That is part of the Union busting strategy Catskinner. There are various tactics used by Companies. In fact, they now hire specialists to advise them on the process.

        • sonorasue1 says:

          Wrong. Sure those who have been in the public sector for years, earn a decent salary in most cases, but still not comparable to the same job in the private sector.

        • MyOpinions says:

          I agree William. I worked on both sides and found that most private companies pay less because those on the top are the ones milking the company. I hate when people hate on public employee’s everyone deserves to make a decent living. Maybe if these rich CEO stop paying themselves so much and giving themselves million dollar bonuses…they might have some money left over to pay their workers a decent living wage…for they are the ones making it possible for these companies stay in business

      • sonorasue1 says:

        That is where you are wrong. Public employees start out at much less than their peers in the private sector. it takes years for them to reach a decent salary. They are being used as scape goats. Even those at the top of the scale, can earn more in the private sector. And, their jobs are not as safe as they once were.

        • Catskinner says:

          I agree that used to be the case, and to some extent it is true now, but public employees advance up through the ranks today at a much faster rate than private employees. In fact, advancement for private employees has become pretty much a thing of the past.

      • sonorasue1 says:

        What ever happened to spending money on rebuilding our infrastructure? That would provide jobs. Germany has done it.

        • Catskinner says:

          Well, now you’re in my wheelhouse, sonorasue, as you can probably tell by my handle. It would make a lot of sense to do just what you suggest, but I had some experience with what the administration was calling “Shovel Ready” projects, and what I saw wasn’t very encouraging.

          In the first place, the only way something could be shovel ready is if all of the engineering, environmental studies, traffic flow studies, and etc. had already been completed. But the contracting agencies–state, counties, and cities–hadn’t wanted to go forward with that kind of thing unless, or until, they knew they had the financing. So in my neck of the woods–and I”m in Oregon so you can take the term “woods” literally–the only thing they could do without that preliminary work having been done, was to overlay streets with Asphalt Paving. And those activities must have been what was going on all over the country.

          For a living, I bid jobs for a heavy construction firm, so I was in on the ground floor of this. It got so bad we couldn’t even buy the shims you need to raise manholes and water valve boxes in the streets. In some cases we had to dig them up and replace them just to keep the paving crew going. At the end of the day, however, it didn’t do much to help the economy, at least not locally. Our big heavy iron–read that heavy equipment–stayed parked in the yard, and the only thing that was running were the paving machines and rollers. Two-thirds of our work force remained on unemployment compensation the whole time. And in the end, buying all of that asphalt oil to make the mix only served to raise the price of petroleum.

          It’s an example of the people in Washington not knowing what to do–I submit, this is a problem President Eisenhower did not have. What they needed to do was to let out engineering contracts, and contracts for soils and geological studies, so they could have let projects–6 months to a year later–for bridges, sewer lines and treatment plants, water treatment plants, and storm drain systems.

          The same money would have done a lot more good and would have employed a lot more people.

          Just my opinion, of course.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            You are right about the beauracracy. They need some imput from the people in the trenches. But, it could be done. Remember Katrina, and the mess Washington made of that?

          • Catskinner says:

            Oh yeah, there’s no way to defend Katrina.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Well, I don’t know what to say for a change. Guess, just to say, hiring buddies that don’t know the job, can turn into a fiasco.

          • Catskinner says:

            Yes, the buddy business doesn’t work for presidential administrations. After I sent my last response I remembered “Brownie” down in New Orleans. Obama did that almost completely. Van Jones comes to mind. The only one who really worked out, it seems to me, was Arnie Duncan.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            I am ashamed to say that I do not know who Van Jones and Arnie Duncan are. I used to be involved with the Clinton Campaign.
            Certainly know who Brown is. Bush wanted Yes people. never mind their qualifications.

          • Catskinner says:

            Arnie Duncan is Obama’s secretary of Education, and Van Jones was appointed Czar for Green Jobs, or something like that by Obama, but he had to resign. It seems to me like, as bad as Bush was about cronyism, Obama is worse.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            I hope not. i beleive in appointing people you know are qualified for the job even if you know them. Unfortunately, sometimes they feel as though they have to pay back for help given.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Sorry i am not involved much here, now. I have my brother and his wife coming for a few days I just found out, and was in the middle of painting and decorating the guest room, and I have a mess. I am working until like 2am in the morning to get ready for their visit.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            By the way. I am in Northern CA. I moved here from No. VA, DC area in Dec. Big change. I used to live in So. CA. I retired, and have done had several careers.

          • Catskinner says:

            I did a job in DC a few years ago. They had us stay in a hotel in Virginia. I expect you could find quite a number of cat skinners in Northern CA.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Which hotel did you stay in?

          • Catskinner says:

            I don’t remember. It wasn’t really a hotel; it was one of those commercial extended stay things the company provided for us. We were doing a job for the Corps of Engineers, removing asbestos from inner city DC schools. To do that, we had to do a lot of remodeling. I was supposed to be in charge of quality control. It was hard to tell where the damaged areas began and the stuff we were supposed to leave started again. The restrooms would absolutely gag you. I couldn’t believe people expected children to go to school in buildings like that. It made me sick to my stomach and sick at heart.
            We had to work at night, and we couldn’t leave the building until the shift was over. A white man wouldn’t dare walk around on the streets after dark. I had to drive around from school to school checking on things and writing reports for the corps. I was very uncomfortable the entire time.
            One night–we were doing a library in a high school–and I went through some of their history books. It was all about what various black people did during the formation of the country. There was one-and-a-half pages dedicated to the Revolutionary War. There were two pages dedicated to some black farmer who made a success out of his enterprise in Connecticut.
            I couldn’t help but wonder how the students who took that history course would make out on one of those standardized tests.

          • sonorasue1 says:

            Iit sounds as though you were in schools in Southwest DC and North East DC? I really feel that one of the main places they take aim at when they make cuts is Education. It is a wonder we have any one qualified to work in this country.
            I like the idea Germany has, of having tradeschools for those who do not want College, or do not qualify.

      • james says:

        Where were you over the last 30 years? The line for decades was “the pay isn’t as good as the private sector but at least I have job security”. While you are bashing public employee pay consider whether it has grown that much or have private wages declined? The American workers has been reduced to slave wages so executives can get bigger bonuses.

        • Catskinner says:

          You’re right, James, that was the line for thirty years. What has happened is, public wages continued to grow, while private wages remained stagnate. Now, there’s a major gap between them. Private wages have suffered due to foreign competition. I don’t defend executive bonuses, but if you took all the bonuses and distributed them out among the employees, it wouldn’t amount to much. Though I wouldn’t object to doing that.

          The problem we have now is private sector workers pay taxes to support public sector workers who make a much better living doing the same job. Private sector workers are unhappy with this arrangement. Collective bargaining wouldn’t do them much good. If they demand more money, their jobs will be done overseas.

    • sonorasue1 says:

      Good for you ‘Sharon!

  3. AlfredSonny says:

    Impeach Clarence Uncle Tom!

  4. AlfredSonny says:

    When will Clarence Uncle Tom be Clarence Thomas?

  5. Guys this is a post I sent to my loving sister! And I wanted to share it with you!

    Sue! If you are a “hate lover” or a “Bigot” Then you must be one of those people who loves the website “conservatives who hate liberals”! But I am your brother and know better! You want to see what is very interesting, about the Republican Clan!

    Sue! Truly President Obama understands the first principal of Capitalism! “It takes money too make money”! To protect and provide for the good and honest living! As he is demonized for this fundamental principal of the GOP! As he was perforce in bailing out Wall Street and the Banks! As they gave coarse and direction to another great depression! As Mr. Bush deregulated our economy and borrow money for the creation of Two Wars! Bring our nations nearly to its’ knees! As we see the “impediments and the demonizing of the tea party laid against Him! Wanting to be the Soul Importance as job creator! That is! The creation and the controlling of jobs growth on there “own terms”! Impeding Obama at every turn! Through the special interest and lobbing that bought a “Statesman”! As we see the corporations behind ALEX are undermining the fundamental rights of Statehood in the mean time! The “right to vote” and the “right to bargain”! The right of “Protest”! Laid against “We the People”! You and Me! For the very sake of out sourcing and profiteering! In the stealing and controlling of the Natural Resources! That belongs to all of Us! In the devaluation of our living standards! The well-being of the American Family! In the Philosophy “Who needs America! The good and honest living! When I can “Exploit the Whole World” on principal!
    As it is with several Corporations, so it is with the Republican Base! In what is defined as a “Good Intention”! I have always believed “ As it is with love! So it is with wisdom! They are truly worthy of their final merit and reward”! Better yet! Stupid is as stupid dose! In the egocentric of Self-serving justification! Laid against its Gift of Life and Essence”!
    In the simple truth of this entire matter! We can never say this is “The Providence of God”! Much less “The Revelation of Love for One Another! Only the course and direction of Anti-Christ and Anti-Family! You know! A self-fulfilling prophecy is only the good of what it came to love! In what we can call “The Agenda”! Laid against the common good and honest living of “We the People”!
    We as the followers of Christ are to separate our selves from demonizing and deformation! It has no truth whatsoever! Neither dose bigoted ideology as it is laid against Our President for political gain! Any one can make a video for their political point of view! But that doesn’t make demonizing and bigoted ideology! The Spirit Of Truth! After all Jesus did use his powers to heal the sick and broken hearted! As he loved and nurtured the poor and needy to a new beginning! Even I as can say! “That deformation and demonizing was laid against him”! Through the deceit of Bigoted Ideology!

  6. Ann Cassin says:

    Impeach John Roberts, too.
    He lied during his appointment hearing–
    he said he was not going to preside over
    an activist court.

    • 1guy2 says:

      The biggest liar of all is sitting there on his fat behind,knowing he does not belong there. The unethical,immoral Clarence Thomas,ramrodded in there,by republicans,even,as they destroyed Anita Hill reputation,knowing that she was telling the truth,when she was trying to tell them during his confirmation hearings what kind of man,he was,it didn’t matter,as long as the got another republican puppet on the bench

  7. Pity the “swing states” – they will be carpet-bombed with super-PAC-fueled ads! Glad I live in Mass. where they won’t waste the $$$ on a “spoken-for” state.

  8. Louis Klugh says:

    Maybe I’m too old but I see the USA changing ever so gradually, both culturally and politically. People used to say that the middle class was the bulwark of our democracy lending it stability, and that the second amendment was about the ability to form an armed militia, and that too much money tended to corrupt politicians.

    Why would anyone want to enable the 1% to have all the power inherent in super pacs if they didn’t stand to benefit from such an arrangement.

    What happened to democracy??? I used to be a Republican. I didn’t leave them. They left me….

    From a recovering Republican

    • ProfG says:

      Louis, The Republicans need people like you to help them get back to where they were. The Democrats will never be what the Republicans once were and can still become.

  9. skypper says:



  10. skypper says:

    I feel so so sorry for your mis-guided Ideology……

  11. skypper says:

    @ Catskinner– You’ve got that right — only hope the voters will see the true before its too late ……..

  12. skypper says:

    @ perplejado – My how un-informed you are on the facts.. Maybe you’re get the facts right before its too late…….

  13. dardyl says:

    catskinner– You are correct. Blaming Bush is wearing thin. After all Obama said he needed four years to straighten out America. He had change in mind. We would be better off than four years ago. Well, he has spent even more money than Bush. He has not straightened out America, in fact he has sold her down the drain. We are not better off than four years ago. Now he tells us to elect him again. No telling what he would do then. He has had his chance and he lied so I will be voting against him this time. I will give someone else a chance like Obama got. (I didn’t vote for him.) If the next person lies and does no good, I’ll give someone else a chance. America is running out of time.

    • President Obama did not promise to fix this mess in four years. In fact he said it would take a lot more than that but he wanted to put programs in place that would turn the tide. I am better off than I was 4 years ago. I went from 3 years of unemployment to gainful employment and would probably have been homeless had the extentions to umemployment not been granted everytime it ran out. He spent money yes but it was on the hardworking people who don’t want to be on welfare and want to work. He fought to get our money back from those who got welfare (yes, that’s what those bail outs were!) and still had the nerve to pay bonuses to people who almost bankrupted the country! I don’t know about you but I don’t get a bonus when I fail to do my job well.

      • dardyl says:

        Yes he did say it would take four years to fix. And you are one job created but millions are out of work. Solendrya is hard working people? The bailouts were to large corporations and banks who practiced unethically and caused people to lose their homes and jobs. Why throw money at them? They just took it and paid their executives large bonuses or sat on it and did not lend it out as they were supposed to, but he had no accountability in place. He just gave it out. I must not be going to the same stores as you are. My dollar doesn’t even make it out of my front door to go with me to the store because it is so weak! Everything is so expensive. Gas is unbelievable. Groceries are sky high. I know going from having nothing to having a job is better. But, as one who has been pretty much on an even keel, I can compare how I was before and how I am now and it is a great deal worse. I cry for America because it has gone down drastically and I can’t see a way out. I realize both parties are to blame. They have shared power and neither has done justice to the job. Now I am willing to give someone else a chance. If one doesn’t do the job, try another. That is fair. (I didn’t always agree with Bush either.)

        • bush bailed out the banks before Obama was elected–look it up, dolt. You are just another dyed in the wool republican pretending to be open minded

          • dardyl says:

            I am an Independent and I did look it up. I also lived through it. Obama gave money to the banks among many others. I never said Bush didn’t do his share. BUT Bush didn’t spend in eight years what Obama has in four. America is in bad shape and I say Bush is out and Obama should be too because he traveled the path of Bush. Give another person a chance and if he doesn’t do better oust him. I am not open minded or pretending to be. I have very definate ideas and I am not interested in pretending anything. I’m too old for that. It sounds like you are too. Anyway, I know what I know. Sincerely, Dolt

  14. jerder says:

    Super PACS are nothing more than a vehicle by which huge corporations and the wealthiest investors and individuals, etc. work to buy votes. Super PACS back television and other ads that are full of misinformation or outright lies. Every time an add comes on I leave the room or pause the television for several minutes so I can then fast forward through the ad without having to listen to them. I would rather research candidates, party affiliations, congress etc. through non-partisan websites or my public library to find out how they have voted, who they have supported financially and politically, and what their goals are. Then, and only then, can I find the ‘real truths and agendas’ that cannot be hidden. As an indpendent this helps me determine who I want to vote for as I vote candidate, not party.

  15. ULTIMATELY, it is universally compelling that we DISMANTLE all institutions whose POWER is disproportionate to their INTELLIGENCE. This is no easy task, is never complete, requires constant vigilance, and must originate from the independent thoughts of individuals.

  16. ProfG says:

    Sharon, You surely know that Obama also has Super Pacs. It is not just a Republican thing. You make good points but things have gotten worse under Obama: employment, jobs, economy, massive five trillion dollar increase in the deficit…and that in just three years, not eight!!

  17. Pomonaute says:

    I still can’t believe the courts let this happen…everyone’s worried about Socialism when this is straight up Fascism!

  18. dardyl says:

    Yes, this is another area that needs attention. The courts try to legislate and that isn’t their job.

  19. William Deutschlander says:

    The “supreme court”, so called, has spread the cancer of mortality of the USA with the benign “citizens united” doctrine.

    The Russian and Chinese notables that have postulated for years, are ever more near to fulfilling their prophesy that the USA will destroy itself from within, with Republican assistance!

  20. William Deutschlander says:

    Citizens United and Super PACS are cancer on steroids!


  22. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    Check the article by Tom Curry of MSNBC in November 2011. The numbers do not include census workers and are accurate. The Federal workforce has grown by 12% since the start of the downturn in the economy.

    The truth will set you free.

  23. viewfromtheleftcoast says:

    Constitutional Amendment to overturn one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in recent history!

    New election laws I’d suggest:

    Public Financing only (no donations, no personal wealth used) Public airwaves open in equal time slots, shorten the primary season to 51 days…then convention, shorten time from convention to election 51 days..

    Term limits for House and Senate, by which I mean, one term of 6 years for each house……and pension proportional to the time “working” in congress..

    NO lobbying for at least 12 years after serving their country, not themselves..

    • Jimh77 says:

      No Pension, they have to get their retirement from their full time job that will be there when they serve their duty, but since politics are only a part time job, they can do both.
      They can keep their same employer insurance plan as well.

  24. dardyl says:

    viewfromtheleftcoast, I like your ideas! Politics should not be a career choice.

  25. sonorasue1 says:

    The polorized Supreme Court, that is totally politicized allowed the super packs. They historically favor the Republicans.
    A large number of individuals will beleive anything they read, or hear. Especially, when it is what they want to believe.

  26. viewfromtheleftcoast says:

    I’d expect my representatives to work full-time and they should expect full-time benefits…….

    We have a part-time congress now, because they start fund raising the day after they are sworn in to their office….

  27. viewfromtheleftcoast says:

    We don’t want only the super rich to run for office, therefore we need to treat them with fairness….

    Only the wealthy would be able to afford second housing in D.C. or surrounding area

  28. charmjharm says:

    This horrible Citizens United decision is all the more reason for people to turn out and vote. It should be called Corporations United and the people must fight back!!

  29. sonorasue1 says:

    That is our Supreme Court for You. Allowed the Super-pac Trash!

  30. Rew007 says:

    Until the senile tea party lovers on the supreme court retire or die of old age, we will have to suffer through big business and wall street conivers stealing the rights of the people to elect our government leaders. Super pacs are almost all republican donors and business leaders determined to keep the republican house members in place. This election is not just about keeping our President in place, but to oust the fanatic members in the House and bring back a congress and Senate that are balanced and willing to work together.

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