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Monday, April 23, 2018

10 Responses to Will Trump Fire Mueller?

    • Oh Fire, haven’t you heard that Trump’s tweets and public statements were made by surrogates, his legal team, the boogeyman, and impersonators?

  1. Well the simplest way to prevent Trump from firing Mueller is to impeach him post haste.
    That would mean the GOP would actually have to do something that benefits the country.

    • My money’s already down on firing Mueller before the end of February.

      Seriously Rich, do you have any reasonable expectation that Republicans in Congress will do anything that crosses Trump, regardless of whether such action benefits the country or not? If so, I know Nigerian Prince who needs help smuggling $38 million out of Nigeria.

      I’ve already have money on no impeachment. Period Paragraph. End of Story. Our friend, Thoughtopsy, has enumerated the reasons on another article. I incorporate by reference his arguments.

      • I am with you. And even if they impeach, which is unlikely, there will be no conviction. I don’t think it is a matter of conservatives liking Trump, I suspect they abhor him. The reason they support him and will not do anything against him is because he has managed to unite the party, and is delivering an agenda that has eluded them for decades, including Gorsuch’s nomination, the likelihood of at least two more SCOTUS appointments during the next couple of years, the dismantling of the regulatory system, and championing a tax reform bill reminiscent of what contributed to the Great Depression and the Great Recession. Add to that the distinct probability of dramatic MEDICARE cuts, and the Trump presidency is like a dream come true to most Republicans.

        • Guys, regardless, two states have investigations of criminal behavior ongoing. If Trump is impeached he can then be tried by those two states who have pretty solid evidence.
          And if he does indeed fire Mueller, the GOP just may realize, like they did back with Nixon, that if something is not done their current worsening situation will get terrible.
          I don’t know, maybe I am a bit of an optimist here. I feel that the majority of the people don’t want what has been going on to continue. And some of those that appear to be behind Don the Don, like those in Alabama, will come to realize Sherman’s march to the sea was child’s play compared to what can happen.
          Loyal Republican voters will get as screwed as the rest of us, but it will hurt more for them because of the betrayal.

          • I hate to sound too pessimistic, but I don’t have any faith in the integrity and/or courage of Republicans in elected office.

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