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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will Trump Steal The Spotlight At The Republican Convention?

Will Donald Trump deliver a keynote speech at this year’s Republican National Convention?

While the list of speakers for the August convention won’t be decided for weeks, Trump is clearly fishing for an opportunity to once again insert himself into the presidential race. On Tuesday afternoon, he made his case via Twitter:

A day earlier, Trump’s special counsel Micahel Cohen told The Daily Caller that “Mr. Trump’s massive popularity is just one of the many reasons he is being sought as a keynote speaker at the Tampa RNC Convention.”

Trump has served as a high profile surrogate for Mitt Romney after endorsing the former Massachusetts governor in February, and he has consistently proven that he can attract media attention every time that he opens his mouth. Still, Romney and the Republican Party would be playing with fire by allowing him to give a high profile convention speech.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star has endured a string of embarrassments throughout the presidential campaign. He had to cancel his planned debate after only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum would agree to attend, and his favorability ratings plummeted after his repeated suggestions that President Obama was not born in the U.S. were proven false. His continued refusal to give up his conspiracy theories about the president have led to charges of racism, and Obama himself skewered Trump during his recent White House Correspondents dinner.

Mitt Romney has claimed that he wants to keep his campaign’s focus on the economy, and away from distractions like birtherism. If that is the case, then he should keep Trump far away from the convention stage.

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  • Ibsyboy

    Does everyone who works for Trump jhave to use the word massive? What the hell does massive and Donald Trump have in common?

    • I thought ‘massive’ just referred to his hair…

    • It refers to his ego. But not to his brain.

    • DurdyDawg

      The difference in massive and the Don is, massive has more character (that’s why he’s drawn to it).


    Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

    Just what the American Taliban Party (Republicans) need and want is another white, billionaire, old guy over fifty, and personality-less spokesperson.

    I wouldn’t go across the street or miss a Big Bang Theory TV Show rerun to hear Trunpy bleat his mindlessly-guided lips together.

    Maybe Trumpkins paid Romney a few $ million for the opportunity seeing that the rambling Mormon is short on funds because fortunately there is a limited number of rich white Republican donors.

    TRUMP, you a-hole, you’re fired.

  • hlouise

    donald trump is an economic thief. in 1992 after one of his many bankruptcies, he borrowed soo much money that he drove up interest rates for everyone else. i bought a new jeep that year and had to pay 9 percent–yes 9 percent–interest on my car loan.
    i think he should make a speech at romney’s coronation as the nominee. it would be laugh out loud. one thief speaking at a convention coronating another thief.. how appropriate

    • You can’t be seriously saying that ONE PERSON borrowed so much that it caused all interest rates to go up-if so then you have NO concept of economics and just how large the US economy is! You probably had to pay so much because you a such a moron!

    • ChowT

      Both are doughnut but different branding. But taste the same, almost!

  • Kocolate

    I’ll watch if you promise to shave your Head!!

  • That’s what America wants to see. A billionaire who has filed for bankruptcy 4 times (costing creditors hundreds of millions of dollars) telling us what a great guy a multimillionaire (who made his money by throwing people out of their jobs) is and why he should be president. Donald Trump…The gift that keeps on giving.

    • Donald Trump has never filed for bankrupcy, no not even once, check your facts, don’t spew crap that’s not true. You might be referring to some of his company’s, but not him.

      • John Whitmore

        Bruce–type into Google, HOw many times has Donald Trump filed for bankrupcies and pick any source. Inform yourself before you state something that isn’t true.

        • ChowT

          The whole world knows except him!

      • Landsende

        Trump has filed for Chapter 11 five (5) times. Yes, it is his companies but he doesn’t invest his own money but leaves bond holders holding the bag. Anyone that has to file bankruptcy 5 times is a lousy businessman although he is smart enough to protect his own money. Anyone with any sense wouldn’t want to do business with him because they’ll be left holding the bag while he walks away untouched. He’s a megalomaniac that craves attention to feed his ego.

        • DurdyDawg

          Oooooohhhh.. That’s rough… I Like It..!!

        • DukeDacat

          I thought that Mitt said, “Corporations are people” so doesn’t that make the Donald’s Companies “people”?

      • ChowT

        What is the difference? A doughnut is still a doughnut, wherever you have bought it!

      • Go read over your notes again , check the word involvement

        • Denysbury

          Joyce, ur comment truly cracked me up. Do you think Yosemite Sam knows what “word involvement” means? As a retired journalist this is going to be one of my favorite online quips of all-time. keep ’em coming.

      • Hes one of Americas biggest cheats…

      • viewfromtheleftcoast

        Bruce……but corporations are people…….

      • manny navarro

        are you donalds shoe shine boy?

      • He has bankrupted his companies four times….and thats ok?

      • Dabuzza

        And how in the hell do you not lay that at Donald Trump’s feet? Did he get a divorce from those companies, too?

    • ChowT

      Very in tune with Mitt Romney;s way of doing business!

    • And he is still a millionaire-where are you on the ” chart of asseta?” Lottery appeal?

  • jim adams

    At this point, it still could be an open convention. Romney doesn’t have the delegates … yet, tho it is probable that he will. Still ….? Trump? — no, but maybe Governor Christy…

    • DurdyDawg

      The atmosphere is reeking for a GOP Vice P and the donut mouth is giddy with anticipation. Like he WANTS to be…. Number Two (kee!).

  • Pat Brown

    I really hope the Republicans do bring in Trump. He’s sure to say something else to destroy little credibility he still has. He’s a self-important, egotistical fool

    • ChowT

      Everybody knows it is Entertainment!

  • Donald Trump, you sicken me! Why on earth would you think that I or any other true-blue American would watch you deliver a speech on behalf of the GOP. Hell…….I don’t even watch your TV show!

    • DurdyDawg

      .. And all this time I thought I was the only one not watching the donut hole mouth.

      • viewfromtheleftcoast

        just watching the ads for the show was enough to keep me away…….he would have the same effect as a speaker at the Repubs. convention

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    No! No! No! Republi-pricks in the White House… Don’t matter who gives the RNC speech because it will consist of the same ol bullsh*t just a different day. Between all those dumb a$$e$ maybe ya get half a brain…. Just vote vote vote Obama/BIDEN in Nov & the Repuli-prick Fat Cats can continue to talk out the sides of their necks… Sooner or l8r they’ll get the picture that nobody’ with intelligence is listening.

  • Trump is nothing short of a clown he loves to spew his psycho babble and get the medias attention as much as he can he always loves to have his 15 minutes of fame and then its gone hes a nobody who wants to be a somebody.

  • karinursula

    Of course he filed for Bankruptcy. I don’t know how many. I do remember there for a while
    he received an allowance. Probably more than I made in an year. He is really
    a Windbag.

    • Absolutely correct.
      He did file for bankrupcy and he did get an allowance, I believe it was $40.000 a month.
      The Plaza was in his wifes name, you know the one he divorced, just before he went bust.
      Sneaky.? Or just a coincidence…
      He will never be invited to my dinner table.
      Inflated ego, a total waste of space.
      Cheers to all.


    Maybe it’s a new GOP campaign tactic. Every 4 years come up with that candidate’s Sarah Palin. First qualification: be a certifiable idiot. TA DA!!! HHHHHHEEEEEERRRRRREEEEESSSS Donald. And all that hair is just to hide a secret recepticle large enough for when he tries to put BOTH feet in his mouth.

  • jackie820

    …SO WHAT….???????????????/

  • “Fire in the hole”!
    Trump is the laughing stock of Corporate America.
    His claim to fame.?
    A TV reality star, with a temper similar to any pampered Hollywood wannabee starlet.
    The GOP can do without further embarresment.

    I will stick to Barry and his team, who still believe in Main Street America.

  • The Republican Party claims to be the party of family values yet they have had a 2 time adulter, 3 time married candidate run to be their presidential candidate and now they have a man that has been married at least four or more times wanting to be the main speaker at their convention and who operates his busineess empire the same way Romney and Bain did. Their presidential candidate is man that bankrupt many businesses while walking away with millions including employees pension funds leaving thousands of family without a job and money because of the his and his partners business practices. These three men shows that the Republican party has no family values, if they did these men wouldn’t be the one’s that hold power in the Republican party some one like Jon Huntsland would.

  • DurdyDawg

    NO! Bring him on.. America needs the laugh.

  • This man is not short of thrashy behavior, neither is he short of filing for BANKRUPTCIES. Try as he may he cant reinvent himself. Buffonery is not in short supply in the USA

  • I will watch him because I find him irritatingly comical…like Don Rickles.
    Then, I will vote Democratic.

  • If Trump really “is being sought as a keynote speaker at the Tampa RNC Convention”, then the RNC has sunk to a new low — even for republicans. What’s dumber than a birther? Answer: a small pile of tiny flat worms, and very little else.

    • majong13

      No, the worms are smarter

  • Yes,yes,yes a million times yes…Please let Trump make a complete fool of himself in front of the whole world..mano’ man..I would pay to see that. And please let him be so arrogant as to try it without a teleprompter…Dear GOD, please let it happen…

    • While I have absolutely ZERO interest in anything the GO(T)P has to say any more, I might just tune in to a Trump speech. I need a good laugh, and watching this ignorant buffoon make a complete fool of himself might be worth the effort.

  • Yes Trump has filed many times for bankrupticy and hes being sued by ‘DOZONS’ of people who have done business with him.

  • manny navarro

    people with money think they know better than any one else. money and intelligence are not equal. this man would have the US at war for the next 100 years.he has no diplomacy in his character. he has no compassion for the downtrodden of the world.

  • Carey Mumford

    He’s more like a suckergate than a surrogate. It must be fun to be blinded by one’s own self-importance that’s based on dollars claimed to be intellectual brilliance.

  • Why not at the CPAC Convention this year they would not allow any representatives of the Gay and Lesbian community to speak, but were extremely pleased to have members of White Supremacists groups speak. So Trump should fit right in.

  • pennione2

    Puh=leez. Well liked?? Mr. Trump, I live in Florida, my daughter is a Firefighter/paramedic in Tampa and we used to live in Tampa too. I also lived in NYC for a long time, a long time ago.
    Here is my thought- if you actually were a speaker, what room would they give you big enough to hold you and your EGO, not all the people you imagine would be interested in anything you had to say. Give it up for once in your life.

  • If you ignore this crap then it will be nothing–look, this election is all about removing King Socialist Obama–this is not about ego’s and Trump..Do not be fooled by stuf like this, seeing Obama can not run on his record, he has instructed his bought and paid for media to create diversions like this, all the while there are no jobs, the economy is in the tnak, gas is well over 4.00 per gallon and we have not seen the summer prices yet, nopt to mention the inflation we are also paying for food..Get rid of Obama and the country at least gets back on the right track..

  • There is a difference between Democrats and Socialists–at least with many I have talked to..If your a good American and your a Demorat doesn’t mean your a socialist, and it also doesn’t mean you must support Obama..He is an anti-American that really hates this country..Do not vote for Obama just because he hides behind the democratic party–he is a pure Socialist and by all rights should be running on a Socialist platform..I am an American first and party is not the issue of this election..We need to get this country back on track and Obama is the last person to vote for if you agree..Vote for Obama and your voting for leas freedom, huge Government, a one class Euro-trash Socialist society–that is what Kinbg Obama wants–When Obama and his associaltes start to lead by example–or throw away there message–don’t do as I do–do as I say-then we can debate who would make a better president..Send a message–we live in the United States of America, one nation under God….not one world under Obama..

    • bentley7042

      Bobby, the contraction for you is you’re. I was in school in the 50s and 60s. They taught things like that then. Obama is far from a socialist. He’s to the right of Nixon. Nixon was going to propose universal health care but he got mired in Watergate. The plan that O finally got through is nothing but more insurance.

  • DukeDacat

    I often wonder, why is it that all the Pompous, most Pretentious, Publicly Ostentatious and uber Self-important, types end up as a GOP mouthpiece,

  • ord

    Well, we might need a good laugh. Will you for God sake go and emerge your head and your
    hair in a hole. I wouldn’t use my electricity on you.

  • flamingorose

    It’s true, Trump has filed for bankruptcy more than once. He’s just another pompous egotistical millionaire who we don’t need in politics who likes to hear himself talk!!!!!!!

  • Makes me wonder…….how do idiots like Trump become billionaires?

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