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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) famously said about Obamacare, “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘Constitutional’ does not make it so.”

Except that’s exactly how the Constitution works.

Paul, as a leader of the Tea Party movement, exemplifies the spirit of self-proclaimed Constitution-lovers whom The Onion parodied with the headline “Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be.”

The Department of Health and Human Services recently extended the deadline for governors to decide if they will start their own health insurance exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act. If they don’t decide to do so by December 14, the federal government will do it for them. Tea Party groups across the country have been pressuring Republican governors not to set up the exchanges, forcing what we would have to call a “federal government takeover.” But a group of Tea Partiers in Wisconsin wants to go a step further.

Nine Wisconsin legislators are backing a bill that would call for the arrest of any official who tries to implement Obamacare — this would presumably include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), who has not yet declared if he intends to start up his own exchange.

The  legislators support the agenda of the Campaign for Liberty, which also is proposing laws that would make Wisconsin — the birthplace of the progressive movement — a “right to work” state, prohibiting businesses that have workforces that are entirely unionized. Other bills on the agenda would would deem TSA pat-downs as sexual assault and legalize the sale of raw milk.

The Campaign for Liberty is a “Tenther” organization that believes states should be allowed to nullify any laws they don’t agree with. According to its website, the group was founded “to highlight the neglected but common-sense principles we champion and reinsert them into the American political conversation.”

Apparently one of the “common-sense” principles missing was a doctrine that slave states and segregationists used to prevent African-Americans from enjoying freedom and equality.

Despite whatever they believe, nullification of federal laws and arresting those who carry them out are definitely not Constitutional — unless the Supreme Court says they are.


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  • In short…get a life folks. This crap has got to stop so the country can move forward on the issues of our time.

  • Salleyanne

    Rand Paul is as delusional as his dad. Don’t you just love how as long as the Supreme Court goes their way they’re happy but let it not go their way and they want to “arrest” people who are actually upholding the law. Hypocrites thy name is Teabagger.

    • I Agree And The GOP Keep Listening To The Tea Party And Soon Their Whole GOP Party Will Not Be Around To Much Longer!! We Will Unite Every Time And Vote Their Asses Out Of Office Then As Time Go By They Will Fade Out Of The History Books!!! Sort Of Like The Whig Party!!!

  • Mimi2kool

    I said it before and I will say it again. The Tea Party is named after the Mad Hatter’s party and not the Boston Tea Party. They are as mad as a hatter, and I mean that in both senses of the word. Delusional thinking runs amuck in this group.

    • Dol5

      Good remark about the Mad Hatter,s party. Keep up the good work Mimi2kool!

    • The Tea party (per say) has been hijacked by the fringe element of the population, and of course that’s the part that gets the news print and air time. Not to say that those individuals in power doing these stupid time and money wasting issues need to be highlighted and voted out of power as soon as possible.

      • “Tea party has been hijacked by the fringe,” ….? That implies that they , at one time or another, were reasonable. Not at all! They have always been the lunatic, quasi-militant fringe of the libertarians. They’re just another easily pandered to group that Rove etal thought they could manipulate. Trouble is the plan backfired on the GOP and the teabaggers inserted their own candidates. It’s the GOP that has been hijacked, and it cost them the 2012 election.

  • nobsartist

    First off, what can you say about a political party that names themselves after a sex act and is too stupid to realize it? I guess that says it all.

    Why does the media make a story about what these idiots want? who cares?

    • jvaljon1

      Oh God! Educate me please! “A political party that names themselves after a sex act and is too stupid to realize it?” WHAT SEX ACT DO YOU KNOW THAT IS NAMED “TEA PARTY” OR “REPUBLICAN”???? Ummm…..I don’t want to STAY STUPID! LOL! ROTFLMAO!!!!

      • nobsartist

        hey dummy- they called themselves “tea baggers”

        thanks for the input, moron.

      • northroader1775

        at an orgy when more than one couple is teabagging…it’s called a tea party.

        there ya go now yer edjumacated

        • jvaljon1

          Thank you! Always something new to learn each and every day, hah?!  Teabagging! Bless you for edjumacating me!

        • jvaljon1

          Hmmm… think THEY know about that? Oh LOL! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

  • truther4u

    The Tea Party Wisconsin Guy needs to go to Disney. Understand they are employing people as Imaginary-ists. Sounds like he is going to have problem as an, Obstructionist. Where do all of these, “Goof-Balls,” come from? The GOP lost Wisconsin in the recent Election. Shows how Genuine, Voters thought their, Fair-haired, Boy was.

    • commserver

      My sister just quit from Disney in Florida. The workers aren’t really treated too well. Not too many people make it a career. If you look you will see that the workers are either young or old.

      The Tea Party wouldn’t last too long since they have too many ideas and want to make too much ado about nothing.

      • Ed

        Yeah, Disney has a reputation of treating it’s worlkers like s–t!

  • I think the best we could do on this issue is allow states that do not want to implement Obamacare to do so, as long as stringent regulation is put in place to ensure citizens of those states are not allowed to move to progressive states and take advantage of ACA when they get sick and the only thing available to them is the local ER. If that happens, we should also make sure that the ER costs in those states remain there and do not contribute to escalating medical costs in states that adopt Obamacare. If they want to live like the naenderthals or go back to medieval practices like obtuse Islamic fanatics do, let them do it.

    • F R

      That is the same way I feel about Texas. You the people of Texas want to become independent from the rest of us,go for it!! We will be closing all the bases and NASA and anything else that belongs to the US Government.
      And when Mexico comes calling to reclaim what was once theirs, don’t come calling on us…………………

      • TZToronto

        Actually, you’re part right. The Federal government would probably be able to take all but Texas’ share of anything federal (based on population). That includes the national debt. So Texas would be left with its share of the things it wants PLUS their share of the $16 trillion debt (about $1.8 trillion). They wouldn’t be able to pick and choose only the good things. They’d have to take the bad as well. . . . One might expect the Mexican drug lords to set up shop in Texas since Texas alone wouldn’t be able to keep them out.

        • jvaljon1

          Yeah, but the RedState Retard Movement doesn’t quite see things logically like the rest of us do. I live here (in TX) and I was rolling on the floor when Obama won. I also picked up quite a bit of cash—say what you like about Texans, they’re individually always honorable people, who always DO pay their bets. The day/night BEFORE the election, in some bars in my area, Romney was given 10-to-1 odds of beating Obama—in others, they were laying 50/1 AGAINST Obama!

          Easy for me, I was part of the ground game, so I spent Election Night Eve, tripping around the bars in my area, taking the longest odds anyone’d give me FOR an Obama win! Even though the Vegas book was WAY more ‘measured’, let’s say, in their assessment of a Romney win—(Vegas, taking Early Voting results far more seriously than the rest of the citizenry down here–nobody paid any attention to the Vegas Book… they all voted their emotions!

          How Sweet It Is!!! I”m not only going to get my house back–I’m gonna UPGRADE! And if these sore losers try to “Secede” or any other of that stupid BS that they’re always yammering their Civil War stuff over–? I’ll make sure I upgrade, to a State that isn’t politically still mired back in the 18th Century…

          Thank You, Mr. President! YAY!

          • Somebody Said Let Them Leave The Union That Way They Have To Pay For Their Own SS And All The Other Things Government Provides!!! If Texas Ass Catch On Fire Again They Are On Their Own!! Rick Perry Said No He Don’t Want To Leave The Union!!! LOL I Bet He Don’t!!! LOL

      • Landsende

        I live in Texas but am a native of Colorado. Most people in Texas have enough sense to realize it would be disastrous to secede from the United States but unfortunately just as most states do we have a bunch of crazy fanatics that just can’t get over the fact that their side lost the election and this is their version of a childish temper tantrum. They seem to forget that if there were a disastrous tornado, hurricane or another drought there would be no help from FEMA, crop subsidies, college grants, no help from the federal government at all. If you want to travel to another state you would have to obtain a visa and if you didn’t you would be an illegal alien. Some CEO’s are saying they are going to either cut workers hours or fire them, and are being forced to raise their prices because of the Affordable Care Act, this is their way of trying to stick it to the President. All they are doing is showing how petty they are and only care about themselves and not their employees.

        • jvaljon1

          Did you really think that Republicans would ever “play fair”??? Here’s what I think should happen to anyone playing with their peoples’ jobs—I think that (since our Ground Game is still in place) massive BOYCOTTS of these businesses: Papa John’s and Darden Restaurants, (owner of Ihop, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden) should immediately be called. Hey, it worked against Chik-Fil-A!

          Socially responsible companies, such as anything owned by Warren Buffet, could take out FULL PAGE ADS in the local paper offering IMMEDIATE HIRE to anyone who lost their jobs due to an Obama win. The Unemployment Office could target Papa’s and Ihop, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden, for illegally firing their workers. Even in a ‘right-to-work’ state, there’s some things that you just do NOT DO.

          I mean—what is this, the FRICKIN’ MIDDLE AGES????

          No one in their right mind should EVER EVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN.

      • jackiejan

        Here is another hit. No more Social Security.
        Next hurricane, next flood, they are on there own. I live in the North, and we are always helping those when they need extra. We are not bad, we send food, clothing, bottled water, cash.
        Okay, thats all done. I am tired of feeling like we do not have a say in anything, but we can give out time and money to help out.

    • elw

      I actually think this is why we need Single Payer Healthcare. There is a long history in this Country of individual States not wanting to implement health programs for which they get Federal funds. A good example is when Bush 2 was governor of Texas, he took the Children’s Health Insurance Plan money for his State but did not make any effort to enroll children, the Feds threaten to make Texas pay the money back which got them moving to finally enroll children in need into the program. The Southern States all have a tradition of resisting and they will repeat that with Obamacare. One of the reasons SS and Medicare have been so successful is that they are Federal level programs that the States have zero control over.

      • Ed

        elw, you are thinking of medicaid. SS and Medicare are federal programs that they states have no controlover. Cannot even tax.

        • elw

          I was not thinking of Medicaid. I have worked in Healthcare for decades and know the difference. You are right and that is what I thought I said. The point I was trying to make was the reason for the Success of SS and Medicare is that they have been kept at a Federal level where the States cannot mess with them. It is one of the reason why I think we will never get healthcare costs under control until we have a single payer system.

    • CPANewYork

      Mr. Vila:

      South Carolina tried to nullify a federal law early in the nineteenth century and wasn’t successful, so I think that your proposal is a bad one. The overall principle is that federal law trumps state law.

    • and were the fuck is your sheet and hood at to-day at your mother’s or in the back of your car an you pull it out when you need it. you ass-hole Dominick Vila

      • Why in the heck are you asking Dominick where his white sheet is? Dominick is not a racist and has never posted anything to be considered a racist. You need to apologize to him and learn how to read.

    • northroader1775

      Dom…all bowed up on this one….I think we should let women escape if they want but not men….let the women come to states with health care and leave the old angry guys alone with no teeth…it would only be 2-3 generations before we could move back in and bulldoze the abandoned trailer parks, clothe the rag tag bunch of orphans get them back to a real school that teaches ACTUAL math and reclaim the territory for science and advancement of the HUMAN race.

  • frharry

    The Tenthers obviously missed the class on Andrew Jackson and the Nullification controversy of the early 19th CE. They also missed the class on the Constitution when the Supremacy Clause (Art. VI, Section 2) was covered. One doesn’t have to approve of the law of the land but the Constitution requires they follow it. The two methods of challenging a law – bringing it before the electorate and challenging its constitutionality in the courts – have both been tried and failed. It’s time to deal with a little reality, boys.

    • TZToronto

      They don’t care about that history stuff. It’s for eggheads.

      • jvaljon1

        Right along with science….Hey! At least they’re consistent!

    • Ed

      Well, our schools have not taught History for a long, long time.

      • jvaljon1

        Nor science either, in some parts of TX, LOL!

  • atc333

    We should all be thankful that this fringe group of the semi fringe Tea Party approach to government is limited to Texas, and a few other states. Sad to say, but sooner or later, Texas and these same states will find themselves in the aftermath of their very own nonexistent “Frankinstorm” intensified by nonexistent global warming. . It will be interesting to watch the change in attitude of Paul, and others towards the Federal Government, 15th largest economy or not.

    • Their third largest industry is healthcare. Imagine that economy with out all the Federal dollars for Medicare and Medicaid. I suggest making a trade with Mexico. Trade oil futures for all of Texas provided they seal the borders immediately and not let any of the rats escape. Make sure none of the goat-ropers get away. Yes I lived there twice in my life.

      • northroader1775

        no let the hot blond girls run north…just leave the cowboys

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    It isn’t the people of Wisconsin who are fighting the ACA. It’s their state government. Most of the people who live in WI already see the benefits of the ACA for their elderly and those with college age children still attending school.

    Rand Paul has to be an idiot. The ACA clearly states that all citizens must have healthcare insurance. It is up to the states whether they want to create a state run healthcare program for those without healthcare insurance or they can choose to allow the federal government to do it for their states.

    No matter what nut jobs like Rand Paul say, if some people in WI are not insured, who is paying for their healthcare if not our mutual federal taxes? Then, these same nutty fruitcake politicians love to say how H U G E the deficit is? When it’s their states eating away the most at our revenues?

    Fine…WI doesn’t want the ACA…Cut off all SSDI and welfare to that state…let them pay for it out of their state taxes which are some of the lowest in the country.

    • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

      You need to read better, 9 legislators do not want Obamacare. Now I am sure they have some backing, but they are a minority in Madison. Second off I am not sure where we rank anymore, but Wisconsin has always been on the high end for taxes. Other than that agree with you. Your first line is right, your last, not so.

  • Annemb

    Tea Partiers, methinks that thou protest too much.

    Grow up!

  • latebloomingrandma

    How can people who have lost their ever loving minds be elected to office? Did they ever take a civics class? In our country we vote, and whoever wins has the duty to govern–you know, pass laws which everyone else must implement and follow. The side that “lost” agrees to be governed by the side that won, while still offering alternate opinions and push-back. The losing side does not prepare for a coup or incite insurrection. We change gov’t with the ballot, not the bullet. We send our troops all over the world to institute democracies. Why are we simultaneously trashing our own? I’m really hoping the ACA contains adequate mental healthcare.

  • shemr

    Tell the Tea Party it is over…. get some coffee. How dare they say they are going to arrest officials of the United States. Who do you think you are! Officials should throw them in jail for Treason.

    • Ed

      Funny thing. They should talk tol the people of Alabama and other southern states about what happens when you resist the lawful authority of a United States Officer. The Republican party is DANGEROUS. The Tea Party is MORE SO!

  • lambypie

    It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I used to work with the mentally ill and to tell the truth I think they all need a good psychiatrist!

  • commserver

    Just hope that there isn’t a president who nominates Supreme Court justices that wil dismantle all the precedents that they don’t like.

    • TZToronto

      That’s why it was so important that President Obama be re-elected. Romney in the White House would result in another 40 years of reactionary decisions that would undo every progressive measure instituted in the past 80 years. I just hope that President Obama gets a chance to nominate two sane justices to the Supreme Court. We already have Scalia and Thomas, the first a wannabe fascist and the second a pure follower.

      • I think the time has come for some changes to the Constitution as far as federal judges are concerned. Change #1, No more lifetime job if you became a Supreme Court justice, 10 years at the most or less. #2 Once you served one ten year term or less you can never be appointed to Supreme Court again, #3- If you are a Supreme Court justice you must be completely neutral no matter the party if the President that appointed you. If appointed by a Democratic President you do not attend private meetings and private parties given by Democratic backers or the Democratic party, same rule if you are appointed by A Republican President you do not attend private meetings or private parties given by Republican backers or the Republican party as Justice Scilia has done for the past several years, there is another Republican Supreme Court Justice that joins Scilia at these Republican gatherings, I can’t remember his name. If caught associating with backers or at Party gatherings, you atomically lose your judgeship. Any federal job where some one is appointed to for a lifetime will be changed to certain number of years and the longest anyone can service in that job is 10 or less years. That is for starters.

    • northroader1775

      you mean like citizens united…it going down…count on it.

      • jvaljon1

        Let me tell you, northroader—-that “citizens united” worked FOR US, not against us like it was designed to do! After all….unlimited funds or not, there’s only so much that the Kochs, Bushes, Adelmans, have on hand! We the American People, on the other hand….raising money instantly over the Internet, 3 bucks per person at a time, TIMES 150,000,000….that’s almost HALF A MILLION BUCKS A POP! YAY FOR CITIZENS’ UNITED! It really DID work! Citizens United and the American People, all citizens united WON THE WHITE HOUSE FOR President Obama, A SECOND TIME AROUND!

        NOW, how do you like Citizens United???

  • tampajim

    The tea party is a dying breed, just like countless groups that preceded them, the John Birch Society, and others of that ilk who just bang their heads against the wall of reality.

    • Ed

      well the way the are talking they may not be convinced until many of them are just plain DEAD!

  • howa4x

    This is great for the Republican party that seeks to change it’s brand and be more in touch with the average person. Obama carried Wisconson, and so did a democratic senator, so I think there are more people there who want this done than not. The Tea party appears to want to derail the republican agenda more than defeat the democrats, now that they comprise a large chunk of the base. This is the glue that the mainstream republican party is stuck in, it’s like fly paper,and they can’t seem to get free. This is going to be the fate of the party for the next 4 years. The national leaders will try to make nice with everyone, and the base in various states will do something that shocks the sensibility of every thinking person. It’s odd that a segment of the Republican party that walks around, and waves the constitution like Mao’s little red book, dosen’t understand any of it. I think the TP needs a course in Government 101. In Rand Paul’s case, the apple hasen’t fallen far from the tree.

  • thedirtydemocrat

    I was stationed in Wisconsin at one time and found the folks up there are indeed a breed in themselves. I nearly got beat up because I voted for Humphrey in 67.

    • TZToronto

      There’s that nasty Minnesota-Wisoncsin rivalry again!

  • geewilly

    Rand Paul is as loony as they come. They “tout” the constitution but don’t actually know what it stands for. These are the duly elected officials of crazy states… maybe they should be able to leave the nation… they would be strung up by their populace after the first natural disaster that they couldn’t afford to pay for.

    • Not all of Wisconsin is crazy. Their Republican Tea party politicians seem to have been dropped on their heads and never recovered and as does the the members of this latest fruitcake groups. They are purposing treason and are to stupid to realize it. Remember Wisconsin voted for the President against home state candidate Ryan and Romney. So there are many people that are not crazy to bad they don’t make the news like this latest fruitcake group has.

  • jvaljon1

    Let me get this straight, you MORON REPUBLIPIGS…you want to DEFY THE LAW OF THE LAND in order to ARREST ANYONE WHO IMPLEMENTS OBAMACARE?

    And turn a UNION-BLUE STATE that pays a decent living wage, into one of your “Right-to-not-get-paid” FIEFDOMS???

    WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU ALL BEEN SMOKING? ARE YOU CRAZY? We’ll have the Federal National Guard up in your faces so fast, you’ll think that you’re the foreign country that you’re trying to turn Wisconsin into, YOU [email protected] SORE-ASS LOSERS!!!!

  • elw

    Crazy is as crazy does. You have to be pretty crazy to believe you can decide which laws you will follow and which one you will not. The Tea Baggers have been telling people who do not like America to leave, it sounds like this group falls into that category. I am sure if they started saving all the money they spend a senseless activities, they will soon have enough to buy an Island that they can move to and make their own laws. I wish them nothing but good luck.

  • Amazing how all these laws from centuries ago are being brought back to life. They must not look at their calendar much. It is 2012. Move forward not backwards.

  • jstsyn

    Time to knock some sense into these people. If they want to start a new country tell them to go find one somewhere else. Do they think we are all stupid? No one is going to accept their race to the vulgar ways of the past.

  • Dol5

    I knew they were sore losers, but their actions are just stupid! Quite wining and face up to the fact you lost!

    • jstsyn

      quit whining? Darn typos. You’re right though.

  • “Wisconsin Tea Partiers Want To Arrest Officials Who Implement Obamacare”

    I’m sure those officials will be arrested on the grounds of – what was that again, you say, “nullification”?

    It has been extremely cold up there during the past few winters, but sofar never a word about “BRAINFREEZES”, unless Teabaggers suddenly became extremely sensitive to cold temperatures.

    Maybe, we ought to define “Teabagging” as the new UN-AMERICANISM…

    • jvaljon1

      Yeah but it’s more complicated than that. Some guy who mistakenly thought that I was ragging him, explained that “tea baggers” is the name for a sex act. I’m always glad to learn something new—-but until we learn just what kind of a sex act “tea bagging” is maybe we shouldn’t call it unamerican yet. Not until we can separate it from republicans, LOL!

  • William Deutschlander

    More EXTREME BLATANT IGNORANCE from the dysfunctional fringe!

  • Are these people crazy? I hope some agency is watching them,because they are dangerous to the rest of us and to themselves, but they are too hateful to know it. I suggest they all just stop taking Medicare, it would be more for the rest of us. Stop going to any doctor, stop all medications and just give your family or anyone what to do when ou get to sick ot die. You are on your own; just as Paul Ryan wants it, but he his family and people like him will have their medical insurance.

  • These old folks who are by the way on entitlement programs should go back to getting their monthly checks from the government and wheel themselves in front of the TV.

    • Pamela T if you are calling Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs, here is some information for you and others neither are entitlements, People that draw Social Security have worked 50 or more years paying into Social Security for the time they could no longer work and take care of themselves financially. Starting in 1981, they starting paying 2/3 more in Social Security taxes than they were suppose to, which they were told was to go toward their Social Security retirement and would ease the burden on the government when they the baby boomers retired. It is not their fault that every President from Reagan through Bush 2 took money out of the fund and left IOU”s which have never been repaid since Roosevelt stuck the first IOU in the fund. All IOU’s also contain promises of interest being paid on the money taken and not one cent of interest has ever been paid. As for medicare Seniors pay an insurance payment for it every month and it is not entitlement. Seniors have better things to do than watch TV. Who do you think helped get President Obama reelected and who are already working on the 2014 election to change the make up of the House of Representatives. Since there was a law passed in 1990 by Congress and signed into Law by Bush 1, after he put Social Security back in its’s own fund again( Reagan took it out of its own fund and put in the general funds to be used to make his bottom line look better)that money in the Social Security fund could not be used anything but Social Security, we are working on getting Bush 2 prosecuted for taking funds from Social Security two different times that can be proven and for using the Social Security fund as security for the money he borrowed from China to finance his 2 illegal unfinanced wars that he never added to the National Debt.

  • 12pointbuck

    They receive free medical services, start there, let there children suffer, I hope not, do they not under stand it states affordable health care for all, look at the tea states and look at the blue states, county by county,state by state they are the free loaders, they are actually trying to cut off the noses of there own folks, and they are so blind they do not see it

  • these mother-fuckers have all gone crazy and they wonder why they lost if they do not get rid of these’s people they will never win aother election aging.if you keep leting these’s fools run this party you will fine your-self back here aging. I for one hope you keep it up we can show you better then we can tell you.

  • you go boy

  • wow say that shit aging i don’t think all the ass-hole conservatives on here can here you! well said my brother or sister very well said.

  • FredAppell

    Basically the Tea Party and Libertarians are made up of a bunch of Anarchist who dream of an America that never existed.

  • Rick926

    I wish the Tea Party would change the Beverage to Kool Aid, Ala Jim Jones!

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Sen. Rand Paul is sick in his head and mind. He is so inarticulate. Let him wed Michele Bachmann. Both will make a good zoo.

  • Republicans need to “get a grip” and take a long hard look at the message the American people sent them by re-electing Obama. As far as Wisconsin goes, its a shame its been taken over by Radical Righties……Anyone (state officials) who try to arrest Federal employees for implementing ObamaCare should be arrested themselves.

  • What a group of ‘above-the-law’ lunatics!!…..
    Obamacare in Massachusetts…A friend of mine pays $145 a month for coverage.
    Affordable for most Americans instead of the $450 Cobra payment that I may need to pay in a few months.
    Time for all Americans to wake up and realize that the real evil force behind the Tea Party is corporate America. They may not want government to pay for some things but they want corporations to pay for absolutely zilch! Sounds like a bit of money hoarding is going around Mr. Ryan. We will take our buying dollars elsewhere or quit buying completely!!

  • If anyone is arrested in Wisconsin for starting the Affordable Health Act in Wisconsin because of nine tea party state congress members getting such a law passed, the people of Wisconsin especially that ones that want the Affordable act impended should turn around and swore out warrants against the ones that did the arresting for unlawful arrest and kidnapping and do the same to the people that passed the bill. Then charge this group with obstructing the Constitutional rights of the majority of the people of Wisconsin and for treason because they are advocating treason. Isn’t also against the law to tell a private business that they can not be completely union if they want to? It is in my right to work state. Remember this is the state that Paul Ryan is from, wonder how much does he have with this Champion the Liberty Group? And isn’t it strange that they just crawled out of the woodwork after the elections and before the dateline for states Governor to decide about the Affordable health Act? Wonder how much Ryan has to do with that?

    • jvaljon1

      You are seeing the death throes of the Republican machine, Hillbilly….rejoice!

  • FedupBadger

    I have e-mailed two of these fools to remind them of the oath of office they took to “uphold the Constitution of the United States”. I also challenged them(dared them) to physically attempt to try and stop a federal official from enforcing the law. After they are arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and Sedition, and spend some time in lockup maybe they will appreciate the laws of this country, which they so cavalierly choose to not uphold. Most likely they are blowhards and useless little vermin.

  • These tea-party people are either insane or pure wicked or both. They are useless to humanity despite their wealth. Let them eat their dollars!

  • Just think what his response would have been if the decision went in his favor.

  • When I talked like that in school I was called a radical, a liberal; now the worm has turned. How does it feel to be on the outside looking in.
    Doesn’t really matter though. Congress is Congress and they won’t get a thing done, and I am looking at both sides of the aisle. Their all part of the 1%; they have got theirs gauranteed and in their pockets.
    The Tea Party sold out; they backed a condidate that they didn’t believe in, but they will be accepted by the people running the game.

  • They need to take a page form Christie. What would have happened if New jersey had to depend on itself to rebuild after Sandy?

  • We already sorted out the nullification issue back in the 1820s. It’s as illegal as secession. Read the laws Tea Partiers

  • Rand Paul when did you get dropped on the top of your head? There were 5 on the Supreme Court that said it constitutional not just 2. If you were educated in the state of Kentucky and not in Texas then you should know this country had a war back in 1861-1865 that showed states could not ignore Federal Laws and that Federal Law trumps state law every time. If you want to live in 1861-1865 go ahead after you resign your seat in the House of Representatives, move to some deserted island along with the rest of the people that believe like you and set up a 1861-1865 Southern state, Kentucky didn’t join the Confederacy, have to different type state than Tennessee since it had as many Union if not more soldiers as it did Confederate soldiers, can’t be the like the Western part of Virginia, that became a whole new state, you could set your state up like Texas, specially certain parts of today’s Texas. Be sure and take all your tea party people with you we don’t need them or their politics in this Country.

  • starofthesea

    Look my friends, the Tea Party, if there ever really was one, was hijacked almost immediately by the likes of the Koch brothers. I read somewhere recently that every single member of the Tea party caucus in the US House was a millionaire. Hmmmmm… what a true blue “grass roots movement” it is. Just a bunch of your common ol millionaires leading a citizen’s earnest movement. Aren’t you glad the occupy movement refused to be co-opted by the DNC. The rich and powerful never really want we the people to have any —power, that is. Not saying I agree at all with the partiers—just that their frustration with the bailout of the banks got hijacked and then they got very confused. Not the brightest bulbs on the tree but I don’t judge them for that. Just wish they weren’t so easy to exploit.

  • takeaguess

    Remember, tea parties are for little girls and their imaginary friends.

  • These people are very dangerous

  • “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.” Charles Evans Hughes

  • this is what happens when you vote racist and fascist into
    elected positions.,they cant help being asses,its in their

  • When Romney put this same plan together in his state as Gov. no one had a problem, it got prase from Repubs as well as Dems, but as soon as it came from the President, it became a BAD program. This country is being lead into a new race war, lead by the repubs, while to save our Country, we need to stand as “ONE” to rebuild from all the damage the Bush comand did to our Country.

  • Sierra111

    I believe it is treason which is a crime in itself.

  • Salleyanne, I would agree with you that Rand Paul is a right wing nutjob bent on grandstanding for the teabaggers that put him in office. However, I wouldn’t lump Ron Paul in with him. I disagree with much of Ron Paul’s positions, but he does have some good ideas such as legalization of marijuana and reduced military spending. Also, if you check his record you will find that his voting record and his rhetoric match – a refreshing change from most of the GOP.