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Friday, October 28, 2016

“The single biggest job killer is Obamacare,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — the embattled conservative group behind Stand Your Ground and dozens of controversial right-wing bills pushed at the state level — on Thursday.

The crowd leapt to its feet.

Cruz was speaking just hours after a new unemployment claims report showed layoffs falling below 300,000 in the last week, only the second time since May of 2007. The next morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate fell to a five-year low of 7.0 as the economy beat expectations and added 203,000 jobs in November. The percentage of Americans unemployed fell even as more Americans entered the job market and the number of involuntary part-time workers fell by 331,000. The number of hours worked by the average employee was up .5 percent and earnings were up .7 percent. Good news all around.

For 45 straight months the private sector has been growing, creating 8 million jobs. Essentially, when it comes to the employment market, things have not been this good since before the Great Recession. With more than two million jobs already created, 2013 will be the best year for payroll gains since 2005.

This is reality.

You can credit these improvements entirely to the Federal Reserve’s active buying of bonds, fueling a record stock market. You could say that the economy does better when there’s a Republican House. You could even say that the economy likes it when the approval rating of the GOP is near all-time lows. All of these correlations would not necessarily prove causation.

What you can’t do is pretend that jobs are being killed.

As the Obamacare exchanges have been put into place, the job market actually has heated up, with nearly 200,000 jobs created each month.

Cruz would argue that the jobs that could have been created are being killed. This argument makes as much sense as saying that millions of jobs would have been killed if Obamacare hadn’t been passed. It’s an imaginary proposition completely unprovable with facts.

Republicans make these impossible-to-prove-or-debunk assertions because they work. They declared the stimulus and the auto rescue to be failures before they could even begin to work. They argued that Obamacare was resulting in an explosion of part-time jobs. And when they’re completely disproven, they simply move on to the next talking point.

The Republican base loves to be lied to about Obamacare — as Ted Cruz has discovered and perfected.

So don’t expect him to ever stop doing it.

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  • jointerjohn

    I know a man who is a far right-winger who loves to pass along false claims. When I prove that his information is totally wrong he just keeps right on going. Even when he knows something is a flat out lie, he just loves the lie so much he still goes with it. It’s a form of mental illness I believe.

    • neeceoooo

      Look at the lies that Rush Limpdick spreads and thinks nothing of it but with thousands who believe those lies.

    • mwh191

      I have a friend who does the same. When I present facts that prove her wrong, she quickly moves along to her next republican-approved false talking point.

      • idamag

        I have a friend, that when I put the facts out there, she says, “Oh, I don’t argue politics.”

    • idamag

      They are programmed. Since the new education core values is teaching critical thinking, they are against it.

    • ralphkr

      That is the absolute beauty of being a right-winger, jointerjohn. Everything a right-winger knows is the absolute God given truth and any “facts” disproving his truth is a lie concocted by anti-American, Satan worshiping Democrats. When I tell a narrow minded conservative bigot that 8 of the last 9 recessions/depressions were under Republican presidents they reply that it was because of laws passed by Democrats forcing banks to finance homes for unemployed people (absolute & utter falsehood but they know that it is gospel) or when I point out that our economy boomed when Clinton was president it was because of policies put in place by Republicans and the economy crashed during Bush because of policies put in place by Clinton.

      • jointerjohn

        That capacity to always ignore the evidence in favor of a preferred outcome should qualify them to be known as a religion.

  • Vinny Gordon

    They believe in their own reality. With RW media trumpeting and reinforcing their reality. When presented with facts, they dismiss it as lame stream media bias.
    I know if I live in Texas and work with a number of these yokels.

  • No2GOP

    The “extinction burst” of white males (I’m one, but not of the Fox “News” ilk) as they become a minority is what drives this lunacy. They’re scared out of their skivvies at the thought of different colored people, or women, or young people, or non-WASPs taking their place in the societal hierarchy. White males are losing their power and they aren’t willing to accept it without a fight – and destroying things in the process. White males will eventually slink away in defeat but not before they create a toxic environment in which no one thrives.

    • Sand_Cat

      They’re terrified the new majority will treat them as badly as they were treated.

      • rothgar

        Yep, just like No2GOP I am planning on my race treachery because these yokels is crazy.

  • RobertSeattle

    Don’t you understand? RWNJ’s think if you see an untruth enough times it becomes true!

    • Independent1

      What’s unfortunate, and something that Pathological liars thrive on, is even if their lie is disproved, many that heard the lie will not hear the truth, and therefore will continue to believe the lie. They plant the seed of a lie knowing that many will take that seed away and often even embellish it. This is why there are still many GOP lovers spewing the lies Faux News spread about the attack on our Benghazi CIA operation which also contained a consulate as cover. (The CIA has totally discredited the Faux News lies but there are still many who have either not heard the truth or refuse to believe the truth when they hear it.)

  • OKsettledown

    I have a friend that was repeating the lie that said that Obamacare would not treat cancer in those over 75 years old. I passed along a link from the government website that told the truth about that. Her reply was “Why should I believe that?” In her thought process, it was right to believe an un-provable lie, but wrong to believe the written fact. That was when I gave up trying to provide the facts.

    • plc97477

      I think a lot of them are probably certifiable. They are so paranoid they assume they are being lied to rather than give up the lie.

    • Independent1

      I would consider the woman you mention as either being a Compulsive or a Pathological liar. Here is a distinction between the two which I think would suggest that most GOP politicians fall into the Pathological classication – they lie to try their best to get their way:

      The terms compulsive and pathological liar are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. According to psychotherapist Dawn Pugh, a compulsive liar lies out of habit, whereas a pathological lies on a constant basis to get their way, with disregard to others.

      Read more:

      • OKsettledown

        I don’t see it quite that way. The person making up the lies fits both those categories, while people who believe them and repeat them are narrow-minded and believe only those things that reinforce their own ideals. I do not believe this woman has the capacity to make up her own lies. She is a believer – not a thinker.

        • Independent1

          Maybe psychologists have a name for what you’re describing too. You certainly know her much better than I do. I’m sure there are all categories of liars, and variations in motives as to why they lie. Lying seems to have become the ‘in thing’ over the past decade or more especially (I think Gingrich and Limbaugh may have started the wave).

        • idamag

          There are people who embellish a story to make it more interesting. They are people who seek to make themselves look better to you. These people are not vicious. There are people who lie to discredit another person. There are people who lie to get your money. There are politicians who lie to sway you. These people are vicious.

  • Spend more than ten seconds browsing my articles on the Examiner and one thing becomes immediately obvious: The right, and especially the far-right, doesn’t give a flying crap about reality.

    Basically, the Tea Party is operating by the same logic as Peter Pan (IE: Say you believe in fairies over and over again and Tinkerbell will live). Ted Cruz and the Tea Party likewise believe that chanting over and over again will magically turn Obamcare into a job-killing socialist death panel and Obama into a Muslim Atheist Socialist Tyrant.

    So no, he won’t stop chanting this lie. If anything, it’ll be just the opposite. He’ll start chanting it more often and even louder.

  • old_blu

    The economy does a lot better when we have a bunch of lazy GOPTP that don’t do anything. Is what they meant to say.
    Could you imagine how well we would be doing if they weren’t obstructing all the way?
    The President is doing great and is going to go down in history as one of the best Presidents ever because of the things he has got done without any help from the GOPTP.
    They all could have been part of this great time in history if they could just eradicate the Tea Party, and listen to the American people instead of the money.

  • Allan Richardson

    The only jobs threatened by Obamacare are in the funeral industry. Children and young adults who would have died of diseases they could not afford to treat will instead live into their 80s or 90s, thus delaying 45,000 funerals a year by many decades each. The child and infant size casket industry will also suffer. And of course insurance company “find-an-excuse-to-deny-care-and-cancel-policies” experts will eventually be laid off, after an initial hiring frenzy to try to stop the new plans. But all these laid off people could be retrained to fill the new medical jobs HELPING to treat illness rather than preventing the treatment.

  • Jim Myers

    When you love and worship money and power, then all this Tea Party crap begins to make sense.

  • tax payer

    It seems everyone has a friend in this Forum.

    • Independent1

      We’re only friends to those who have empathy for others and strive to tell the truth. There’s not too much friendship on this forum for narcissistic types, self-centered bigots or those who spew constant lies.

  • idamag

    Of course Ted Cruz will not stop using the lie. It is the tea party programming.

  • Barbara Morgan

    I have come to believe if truth slapped Ted Cruz and his fellow Republican and Tea Party members in Congress upside both sides of their head they still won’t tell the truth. Today Republican and Tea Party politicans are the biggest liars this Country has ever seen and they lie more each day. I hope the Democratic Party leaders are keeping sound bites and the such of these lies to play during the campaigns in 2014 when the House of Representatives liars all with be up for reelection and some of the Senate liars will also be up for reelection so they show the voters what liars they are and how they don’t care about 98% of this Country and do nothing that will improve their lives when it comes to wages and ect.

    • Independent1

      I not only wish they would bring them out in 2014 campaigning, I also wish there were more Democrats and Independents that would work to get on nationally broadcast programs that would refute these GOP lies real time. It seems like there are really only 3 who are willing to stand up to the GOP lies these days, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Angus King.

  • mah101

    To me it seems quite sad that one of the current themes on the right is that “Obama Lied” with regard to keeping your policy under the ACA. Clearly that was a stretch, and certainly he overpromised, but now the right thinks they have another weapon to use and have somehow converted this into a perception that the democrats are all liars.

    And yet on the right, we have a total break from reality and a constant spewing of hate filled and factually vacuous deliberate lies intended to fire up their base and gain support for their own personal agendas. Further that those agendas are not intended to help anyone but themselves, while the democrats are (while not perfect by any means) trying to advance agendas of access to healthcare, job growth and economic development, and immigration reform intended to actually help people.

    And people fall for it because it is what they want to believe…

  • Bryan Blake

    Once again our country is in the choke-hold of the extremely rich and their ubiquitous minions. They have spent over 40 years in their endeavors, which for all intents and purposes is an economic and social revolution. This was all done according to a carefully crafted and implemented plan. All the while the Democratic Party stood by with its knees shaking and toothless mouth chattering. The Democratic Party of my youth definitely went out with whimpers, tears and the sting of the slap of mega money on its blood-drained face! Since the Democratic Party has been much more like the cowardly lion of Oz than its namesake kick-ass donkey the disease of modern conservatism escaped its money-fueled petri dish and infected our entire country. The Republicans must answer for their own lies and habitual lying. It is beyond politics! It is nothing more than ordinary hucksterism and con games. The Republicans had almost 20 years of unfettered ability to build their great right wind propaganda machine and the Democratic Party has been either unable or unwilling to counter it. Or perhaps both!

    It is long past time to draw the political long knives and split their tongues with the truth. Their arrogance is unbearable and they now literally believe that they can LIE WITH IMPUNITY about anything and everything!

    • Independent1

      Bryan, you know why they lie with impunity? It’s because Faux News and even other news outlets will run with the lie without acting like responsible journalists; which means even thought the Dems will come back later and prove what the GOP says is a lie, millions of Americans (a large percent of the population) will pay no heed to the Dems disputing the GOP’s lies and will continue to believe the lie that was 1st published.

      • Bryan Blake

        Yes Independent1 today’s capitalist profit-fueled news industry is much too reminiscent of the most despicable revolutions of both the extreme Left and the extreme Right! Take over information outlets and propaganda can be spread without fear of contradiction. Recent revolutions clearly illustrate the principle at work. Lenin and Stalin. Hitler and several others in the last century alone. Now we are faced with our own capitalist cabal destroying our democracy. Rupert Murdoch allows Roger Ales to run his great disinformation machine. The Koch brothers and other members of the politically active 1% spend untold millions on disinformation which is usually comprised of outright lies. The Tea Party concept financed mostly by the Koch brothers almost blew up the economy. A severe miscalculation by the infamous brothers that could have cost them billions.

        But, if these extremists policies continue, tens of millions upon tens of millions of unemployed and hungry men, women and their children will explode in their hands and that genie cannot, despite the illusions of their power, be put back in the bottle. Koch brothers take note: you have awaken the poor and we are the great sleeping giant. If poor fast food workers have had enough and are protesting, demanding higher wages, and even, your gods forbid, talking about forming unions you have already lost. Keep on keeping on and eventually We The People shall use your political and economic ideas as toilet paper. And WE WILL FLUSH and NOT RECYCLE!

        • Independent1

          You’re so right. But what’s sad, is that even news sources like CNN, which in the past seemed to be more balanced, are increasingly becoming right-wing biased. Here are some excerpts from a DailyKos article on CNN bias displayed in their reporting of the VA Governors Race:

          VA-Gov: CNN is either lazy, stupid, or just likes parroting anti-Obamacare Tea Party talking points.

          Virginia was the first swing state to hold an election after the Affordable Care Act website’s troublesome rollout, a controversy that has permeated national news coverage for weeks. Almost 30% of Virginia voters said health care was the most important issue in the race.

          (snip) Among all Virginia voters, 53% said they oppose the president’s health care law, while 45% said they support it, according to CNN exit polls. A huge majority of those Obamacare opponents — 80% — voted for Cuccinelli.

          You don’t have to be a whiz at statistics to see a problem here. The first section talks about the voters who saw health care as the most important issue in the race, but the second section talks about attitudes toward Obamacare held by ALL Virginia voters. Two different groups, yet the four reporters (does it really take four?) who wrote this article breezily conflated them. The last sentence has absolutely no bearing on whether health care helped Cuccinelli. Of course most Obamacare opponents voted for Cooch. So did most of those who opposed abortion rights. And gay rights. And a hike in the minimum wage. In other words, most conservatives supported Cuccinelli. Duh.

          And also this:

          A proper analysis of the impact of Obamacare on the election would have discussed the attitude toward the law of the voters who said that health care was the most important issue in the race, i.e., those who voted on that issue. Also, a proper analysis would have noted that around 10% of Americans say they oppose Obamacare because they don’t think it goes far enough, i.e., they are liberals who wanted a greater role for government in our health insurance/health care system.

          Did CNN do either of these things? Nope. Instead, the article’s section on health care quoted its own pundit (John King), and a partisan Republican:

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Since liberty enables the freedom to fail, it is rather common that the results from our own use of liberty leave us unsatisfied.

  • Merle Burbaugh Jr

    Do you have any idea what you are talking about? No? It was pretty obvious. If you can’t tell the truth at least quit the obvious lies…The truth ALWAYS hurts the Leftists…

    ‘The jobs report for December 2013 released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning marks six years since the official start of the Great Recession in December 2007 and four-and-a-half years since its official end in June 2009.

    The unemployment rate dropped from 7.0 percent to 6.7 percent in December, but as has been a constant refrain throughout this recovery, most of the decrease was not for “good” reasons. Rather, it was due to potential workers dropping out of, or never entering, the labor force because job opportunities are weak. The share of the working-age population with a job did not increase in December, and the labor force participation rate dropped back down to its lowest point in more than 35 years. Additionally, the number of “missing workers” increased from 5.6 million to 6.0 million. (Missing workers are jobless workers who are not actively seeking work, but who would be either employed or looking for work if job opportunities were stronger, after accounting for longer-run demographic trends.) If these workers were in the labor force looking for work—and thus counted as unemployed—the unemployment rate would be 10.2 percent instead of 6.7 percent.

    Just 74,000 payroll jobs were added in December. It is unlikely that the underlying growth rate is this low, but the weak December showing does highlight that the excessive optimism in recent weeks about strong acceleration in the labor market is likely misplaced. The average monthly growth rate in 2013 was 182,000, just under the average monthly growth rate in 2012, which was 183,000. At the average growth rate of the last three months—172,000 jobs per month—it would take nearly six more years to regain pre-recession labor market conditions, given our gap of 7.9 million jobs.’