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Monday, October 24, 2016

My, that was quite the spectacle in Tampa.

All those Republicans acting as if they’d just punched a time clock and showered at the plant before rushing to the stage at their national convention.

Having come from the working class, I just love it when my people are trendy.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley boasted that she is “the proud daughter of Indian immigrants” who “started a business out of the living room” of their home, “and 30-plus years later, it was a multimillion-dollar company.” There’s your typical immigrant story

Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, talked about how her parents immigrated to the U.S. “with $10 in their pocket.” Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is the child of “working-class Hispanic Americans who has lived the American dream.”

Rep. Tim Scott was a “poor kid … in a single-parent household.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s dad grew up in poverty, served in the Army and then worked at the Breyers ice cream plant while using the GI bill — big government! — to put himself through college.

He described watching his daughters march in a Labor Day parade and then went on to brag about how he took on the public-sector unions and dared to “speak the truth to the teachers union.”

“Teachers,” he said, “don’t need to become rich and famous.” Quite the news flash for all those rich and famous teachers I’ve never met.

I almost felt sorry for Rick Santorum. Poor guy. His parents worked in the medical profession — and lived on the grounds — at the Veterans Administration hospital in Butler, Pa. Again: big government! So off-message for this year’s convention. Fortunately — for Rick Santorum, anyway — his grandfather “mined coal till he was 72 years old.” Whew.

The Republican Party itself offers quite a different narrative from the one the parade of speakers touting their blue-collar roots offer. No amnesty for immigrants. No woman’s right to control her own body. No affordable health care for millions of Americans. No collective bargaining for workers. Lest they appear to be the party of “no,” they are totally yes-yes-yes when it comes to more tax breaks for the wealthy.

So, here’s the thing about all those Republicans bragging about their working-class roots: Either they’re exaggerating about their meager beginnings or, worse, they’re betraying the people they come from.

If you want to destroy unions, you are not a champion of the working class.

If you won’t stand up to China, you aren’t fighting for American workers.

If you support cuts to education that make it impossible for poor and middle-class kids to go to college, you’re defiling the America that changed your life.

If you want to force women to have babies they cannot afford to raise, you are condemning another generation of children to a life of poverty.

  • nanc35

    Eric Cantor doesn’t know what he is talking about. The people he is honoring did not do their own work. They hired others to do the necessary labor to build the product, or do the service. There are many small business owners who do their own labor, the self-employed photographers, plumbers, car mechanics, and such who do their own labor but Cantor isn’t talking about them. I’ve been there, done that. My father farmed and did his own laboring, no hired hands. He later bought and operated a hardware store, with the unpaid help of only my mother and sister. Small business is the owner-operator type, not the absentee owner type or the owner controlled type.

  • makes you wonder how many of their anchestors came on the convict ships as these “proud” immigrants. lol

  • The difference between the RNC and the DNC could be easily discerned by comparing the speakers to those in the audience. The RNC showcased a handful of tokens that did not remotely look like the audience in front of them to project an illusion of inclusiveness, the DNC speakers looked – and were – members of an audience that personified our diversity and who we are.
    I wonder what the GOP is going to say when they hear former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist, who was among those vetted to be McCain’s running mate, delivering a speech at the DNC tomorrow, this time as a Democrat disgusted with what is happening to the GOP!

  • bcarreiro

    see when your born in wealth you dont have an understanding of working from the ground up, only a leg up…but one thing for sure your #2 stinks too!!!

  • Did’nt they spend a year or more in WI. and elsewhere saying Labor was the problem? I remember hearing over and over that school teachers made too much money and that firefighters and policeman were the enemy of our econmic recovery?

    This author got it right the GOP has no respect for the American worker.

  • lil miss cantor would get ‘the vapors’ if s/he ever lifter her dainty hand…. she wants to go to the cotillion so bad.

  • Honest Voter

    The difference between the DNC and RNC is the Democratic speakers are self-made and know what it is to struggle first hand. The RNC is full of people who grew up rich but whose PARENTS struggled.

    RNC = Out of Touch

  • sisterH

    “where is my free shit?” I wonder how many times the dems said this over the past two days.
    I want a free obama phone!

  • The only way the Republicans know how to appeal to anyone besides their wealthy donors anymore is to pretend they are one of them. Which is why we have Mitt Romney telling Hispanics about his Mexican heritage and telling Southerners he started his morning with some cheesy grits, along with all of this nonsense about them having blue-collar roots. They know we won’t vote for their policies, so instead they’re hoping to dupe us into thinking we’re voting for someone just like us.

  • Dave_dido

    I have often said that the GOP has nothing to offer the working class/ middle class or the poor. But I don’t want to be entirely negative about the GOP.
    In Tampa they bespoke tremendous patriotism. They got me to believe that they love mom, baseball and apple pie. They have an unbounded devotion to our service men and women.
    At least that’s what I thought until I heard that the Ryan Budget would cut $9 billion from veteran’s benefits, while at the same time giving more to the Pentagon than the Pentagon has asked for. So here we go again- the GOP showing it’s support for the big boys at the top and turning its back on the service men and women returning from active duty with all kinds of physical and mental injuries. Score one for the generals, zero for the plebes.
    Maybe there are two kinds of patriotism: one that involves shared sacrifice and another that is just words. Which kind does the GOP have?

  • rustacus21

    The problems w/Republicans are that they truly are out of touch w/normalcy & reality. A rich, famous teacher?! Oppressing Unions, who only have themselves to depend on against arbitrary corporations & bureaucracy’s? Cutting education to the Middle Class & poor, when the science proves it is the SUREST way out of poverty?! The planet Romney & Ryan are from is far from here & obviously not inhabited by human beings…