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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

In a democracy, nothing is supposed to matter more than the will of the people.

So it was painful to watch last week as the will of the people was overturned and one of Arizona’s duly elected representatives was forced from office. It wasn’t a recall vote or scandal that did it. No, the people’s will was overturned by a gun.

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9 responses to “For Worse Or For Worst, Guns Rule”

  1. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Simply let every state have a “suggested mandate” that the citizens all carry lethal force at all times. Death by violence can only beget death by violence. Let no one fool anyone else, this country was founded by the gun, and will be defended by the gun when the thieves in washington turn the country over to the chinese for the loans our bum representatives have made so they themselves can keep stealing from us, to try to save their own skins. By any and all means, americans, arm yourselves to the hilt. Not just pistols, but any military hardware and supplies you can get. If you read at all, the chinese are coming in force. The one common thread in defense is of course, plenty of ammo. Notice that soon, the chinese currency will be floated on the world market to establish its true value. It will replace the dollar as the reserve currency. We have been enslaved. The slaves will be consumed, or defend themselves. Modern america has become so soft as a “nation of laws, and not of men” that half the npopulation, upon having chinese soldiers at their door, will rush to the phone to call their attorney who can have “papers served on them”, only to have a mandarin-speaking response. Be assured, it will happen a lot sooner than anyone thinks….except our “central planners”. They have it pretty much on schedule. But as they will use the media to a dumbed-down doped-up populace, “this is an opportunity to progressively advance……”. Are americans so numb-minded they can’t back up and look at whole picture????? Vote for ron paul, he will defend america, not bankrupt it. Let the chinese fight in afghanistan. They have rules of engagement that will actually win the war. They will lend them money en masse, have the IMF declare a foreclosure valid, and then massacre all the afghan people.

  2. Totenkatz says:

    In all this you forget there is a thing in this land that is suppose to govern what the government can and cannot do, its call the U.S. Constitution. The problem is there are too many people inside and outside of government who don’t believe in the Constitution, the current president being one of those. The right defends gun ownership because the left just wants to take them away, look what happen in Britain. Without the 2nd Amendment the left would have taken away Americans guns a long time ago. And like Freethinker stated it was a person who pulled the trigger, the gun didn’t go off by itself.

  3. 44438 says:

    I saw this Leonard Pitts article in the paper and his comments on Fully Automatic Weapons is ridiculous. I am not fully aware of the Federal Government steps that one must go through to be legally allowed to own fully automatic weapon but to think a normal private citizen can do this is just ignorant. He makes this statement (and their use in hunting, come on, get real) with no real information on what it takes to even own fully automatic weapons let alone obtain one (I don’t even know where one could even purchase a fully automatic weapon) or any proof that he even knows someone that owns one or can even show anything that illustrates private ownership of fully automatic weapons . A normal sporting goods store with an FFL can’t even own one. A former coworker now owns a sporting goods shop and obtained an M1 Carbine that had model markings indicating it was a fully automatic weapon even though it was not capable of being fired in that manner. He called in the folks from the BATF and the Carbine was confiscated with no compensation for him. And yes he has an FFL. I have seen other articles by Pitts that do the same thing, wild claims that are totally unsubstantiated by any facts. Totally left field irresponsible reporting. He is really a jerk.

  4. Johnnie Dorman says:

    What we need is gun control, not gun confiscation, as these anti-gun control people try to infer. They know as well as we do that guns are easily obtained at gun shows, without even so much as an ID. Making sure criminals and the insane can’t buy guns is in no way gun confiscation from law abiding citizens. We that are sensible on this subject have no desire to ban semi-automatic firearms, what we want is record checks and legitimate sales of guns. The hysteria that comes from those who oppose gun control will be met with the truth, and that is that criminals shouldn’t be able to purchase firearms, and that they do on a daily basis, simply because our laws are insufficient.

  5. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    In a free society, anyone can become a criminal simply by a change of existing law. For you to keep money you have earned is criminal. Maybe food is next. That’s how Russia treated their “peasants”, simply have the soldiers come in and take the food. Many peasants actually died of starvation. Nazies, same thing. Unarm our population in an era of excessive government is a hideous thought. You should bear in mind, the 99% pay only 20% of the cost of government operations, collectively. The 1% pay twice as much as the whole 99% who are bitching about it, having been successfully doctrinated into class warfare. Where do we get the other 40%? The chinese. We cannot have enough guns in america. You could line up a column of chinese soldiers 6-abreast, have them marching over a cliff, the column could continue to infinity. Few people realize that. That’s how many people there are in china.They will take over the whole world, not just the pacifists we have here in america. The best solution is for everyone to have guns, not take away our freedoms to make sure a few bad apples don’t have them. Expand the death penalty, quit listening to the pacifists and wimps when it comes to the” morally right thing to do”. Read the old testament, learn the truth of man, and then accept the truth of man.

  6. Faith Martin says:

    The simple FACT is Gabriel Gifford was shot by a MAN. That gun did not grow legs, aim itself, or pull it’s own trigger. She was shot by a deranged MAN. I own guns, and will always own guns. It is my RIGHT as an American to own them. That constitutional guarantee should NEVER be revoked. Criminals acquire guns through criminal activity. They steal them, buy them from others that steal them, have criminals without records buy them and use them, ect. The only thing that will happen if guns are outlawed is that the CRIMINALS will have them, the GOVERNMENT will have them, and law abiding citizens will be at the mercy of the CRIMINAL ELEMENT and the GOVERNMENT. We will have NOTHING to defend ourselves with from either of these elements. Our constitutional right allows us to own firearms to defend ourselves from criminals AND tyranny. And to try and deny, good, law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves from these things is a death knell to our American freedoms, and it opens a door to tyranny, tyranny in the Government, and tyranny in our neighborhoods. My advice is for people to think twice about suspending OUR RIGHT to defend ourselves. That deranged man could just as easily walked right up to Mrs. Gifford and stabbed her, or hit her in the head with a baseball bat or hammer, he could have “gone fool” with a rake or pitchfork, so are we going to outlaw rakes, pitchforks, baseball bats and hammers??? The simple fact is, when someone decides they are going to harm or kill someone, they do it however they can. Outlawing guns will not stop murderers, it will only change their method of killing.

  7. Baron Cormac says:

    As someone who always joked that Gun Control means keeping both eyes open and using both hands, I really have to say that some folks on this list just don’t get it.
    1. Background Checks – the background checks initially required in the aftermath of the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. shootings have been watered down to the point that there is no way a proper check can be done on anyone. If such a check is done, the gun shop is required to destroy the document within something like 72 hours of its return. We need a serious background check on people. Am I concerned that someone has unpaid parking tickets and might go on a rampage? No, I am concerned that someone who has been treated for schizophrenia may listen to the voices, get a gun by lying about his psychiatric treatment (doctor-patient confidientiality prevents most of these from being reported), and go on a shooting rampage.
    2. What type of guns should I be allowed to buy – My Grandfather taught all of us that one shot meant one dead rabbit, pheasant, duck, goose or deer. More than one shot – you better have two things coming home to eat. Outside of law-enforcement or military usage, there is absolutely no need for a private citizen to own a gun that is capable of holding a magazine of 10 or more rounds, or has a rate of fire of more than one round per trigger pull. Weapons like that are only designed for one function – to make a living human being into a dead one. People, there ain’t no zombie apocolypse to worry about.
    3. Types of Ammunition available – Can anyone out there tell me why a private citizen has need of armor-piercing rounds? If not, can everyone else out there tell Wayne LaPierre to please shut up? One thing here, though. A number of my friends are black-powder enthusiasts. They have no problem getting it in Massachusetts or Connecticut, but in New York, they must acquire an explosives permit and are only allowed to buy 16 ounces at a time. When you are firing reproductions of Civil War, Revolutionary War, ECW, or earlier pieces, that pound doesn’t go very far. The rules regarding black powder sales must be made uniform throughout the country.
    4. Training – Everybody who wants to purchase a firearm or ammunition must prove they have attended a firearms safety training course. Also, every weapon sold MUST come with a safety lock.
    There, some intelligent suggestions regarding gun control by a shooter.

  8. Fearfull Ralph says:

    There is one problem with most people who are not familiar with guns and that is their confusion between automatic weapon (one that automatically ejects the spent round and loads a fresh one with no action taken by the user) and fully automatic weapons which fire continuously as long as the trigger is depressed. All too often they think that all automatic weapons should be banned such as the 1911 A1, Glock, .22 caliber target pistols, Browning shotguns (the most venerable of auto loading shotguns and progenitor of numerous copies). As a previous poster stated, it is almost impossible to legally own a fully automatic weapon. I can remember when I was a deputy that even a LEO such as myself was required to pass the federal exam and pay $250 (well over a month’s pay) to legally own a fully automatic weapon so I never had one. Not that I needed one since I had been hunting since the age of 6 with a single shot .22 handgun and had been a member of the one shot, one kill club long before becoming a US Army sniper. On the other hand, it is very easy to acquire a fully automatic weapon illegally and as a civilian I can recall being offered a M3 grease gun (fully automatic WW2 .45) for $18 by a college student friend of one of my daughters in the 1970s. I also know that the easiest way to obtain all sorts of interesting weapons is to stake out a gymnasium where LEOs work out and break into their cars. If you happen to hit a member of a SWAT team car you find all sorts of great weaponry. By the way, as far as I know, the LEO who loses his weapons in this way has never been punished for it other than by his fellow officers ribbing him while his department replace the weapons for him. Did you ever notice that places with strong firearm laws have high crime and murder rates while areas with little or no firearm control laws have low crime and murder rates?

  9. Kingman Guy says:

    Most people who want more gun control don’t even know what gun laws are. All we need to do is enforce the laws we have now and punish criminals with gun violations and I don’t mean lock them i a plush country club prisons. And also if A criminal might think you are carrying he is a lot less apt to approach you and I am 71 and always armed

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