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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • billythekidinny

    The cartoon is drawn pretty well, but is there supposed to be some clever message here? I don’t get it. OK, I get that the woman is supposed to be supporting Romney, and that the fireman is there because of the fire; but so what? What does big government have to do with this fireman or with a fire department in general? Pointless!

    • hilandar1000

      Hi Billy, I take it that the man in the window is supposed to be Sununu — a Romney supporter. Romney said recently something to the effect that he would plan to cut back on firemen, teachers, police, etc. Since the republicans have been saying “no” even to the things that are in their own best interests — for both themselves and their constituents, the cartoon is suggesting that Sununu would send the fireman away when his house is on fire — simply to go along with republican ideology. I imagine the woman in the background is supposed to represent his constituents, who Sununu (and republican ideology) is also endangering by sending the fireman away. Hope this helps. Don’t be afraid of asking questions if you don’t understand — that’s the only way to keep up with what’s happening in politics. So ask away.

  • CarlDiederichs

    I guess billy doesn’t keep up with the news.

  • William Deutschlander

    Who needs a FIRE DEPARTMENT, after all in metropolitan areas you have to pay firemen around the clock and oh boy their equipment is expensive.

    There are many more structures than there are fires so statisticaly a fire department is a foolish need! Why do they need these folks and equipment at accidents anyway.

    If they are so dumb as to be involved in a fire or accident, let them die!

    Brought to you by your freindly Republican Committee!

  • Fire departments are critical to the safety and preservation of lives and property. You do not have to be dumb to be in a fire or accident; accidents happen, even to the best people. Mr Deutshlander , ” let them die” Really ? what if it were you in the fire or accident?

    • johninPCFL

      Sometimes sarcasm is hard to recognize. Maybe Deutschlander should have added a friendly “/sarc off” at the end of his post.

    • Hey – he was being sarcastic. He agrees with you.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Speaking of fires……

  • Cairndance

    Does anyone remember a few years ago when a “Private Fire Dept.” allowed a house to burn to the ground because the owner hadn’t paid the dues for fire protection? The firemen stood by and sprayed the areas surrounding the property, so that the fire wouldn’t spread to the property of those who had paid their dues!

  • Ya, tell that to the gulf coast, and New Orleans after Katrina, and the oil spill. Then everyone down there had their hand out. Even if they never filed the 1040 in 20 years.

  • cwendt64

    Private Fire Dept trucks and vehicles could just carry around Credit Card Swipes and make sure that they charge us deductibles before they start putting out the fire. If you maxed your credit or don’t have any then “blame yourself”. Corporatization of the commons would be awesome!